PS5 Release Date, New Controller & Hardware Details Surface

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Sony has revealed new official details about PlayStation 5, much to our surprise. Let's break it down!
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8. 10. 2019





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DysonRyan1 Před 8 hodinami
Cross play
Dibowac123414 Před 9 hodinami
i got PS2. PS3 and PS4!. [17-10-2019_16_32.]
Darrin Hunt
Darrin Hunt Před 9 hodinami
That thang look like a fax machine..........
SizzleGeek Před 11 hodinami
Same ol Same ol ..
adrien diamond
adrien diamond Před 12 hodinami
Glad i never bought the ps4 yet. That would piss me off since they're making a new one -_-
wikked girl
wikked girl Před 12 hodinami
Sorry but that ps5 design is ugly. It isn’t year 2039 yet... chill. Switch that
D GL Před 13 hodinami
There is nothing Sony has created that is as powerful as the XB X.
Delmance Francis
Delmance Francis Před 13 hodinami
J.M.ヘススメヂナ Před 14 hodinami
Donald Trump: All these are fake news, as anything that gameranx says
Sibel pektaş
Sibel pektaş Před 14 hodinami
The big thing they are working on is the launch of GTA6 with ps5.
Deeez ANO
Deeez ANO Před 15 hodinami
Please make it that the ps4’s Cds work on the ps5
Funk SC
Funk SC Před 15 hodinami
PC gaming, no vibration needed since, well since gaming on pc was a thing... GTFO with those slow consoles. Overprices shitty gaming stations..
Sloe Bone
Sloe Bone Před 17 hodinami
Aren’t they crowdfunding? I thought all the real gaming consoles used crowdfunding.
Nedjean Před 17 hodinami
$2,300 nooo way.
Darren Spohn
Darren Spohn Před 17 hodinami
I still don't understand why they haven't switched the controller buttons with the analog stick . Do games even use use the direction buttons? This is something that should have been changed with the ps2.
JustSomeRandomAnimeDude !
JustSomeRandomAnimeDude ! Před 17 hodinami
My parents: No
e rivera
e rivera Před 18 hodinami
Hey Sony how about bigger controllers for bigger hands
GTA Online
GTA Online Před 20 hodinami
Its going to come out sometime between sep and nov 2020..
Lucas Hampton
Lucas Hampton Před 22 hodinami
I love games!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tai Guy
Tai Guy Před 22 hodinami
*7 years ago Me: Mom? Can I get a PS4? It just released yesterday! :) Mom: Next time son, when I get my pay :) *7 years later Me: Mom, there are so many games out there! Can I get a PS4 now? :)) *Finally gets the PS4 only to notice that the PS5 comes the year after
NERO KNIGHT Před 23 hodinami
Wont get it till a year later after release date because most lilely like previous console release, there wasnt good games early on
Thabang Sibanda
Thabang Sibanda Před 23 hodinami
You forgot to mention that the ps5 will use less power than the ps4 and it will be environmentally friendly(whatever that means)
King of the Desert
King of the Desert Před 23 hodinami
PS5 is coming?Now i can finally get rid of my ps vita and get a psp
Jaeden’s Wrld
Jaeden’s Wrld Před dnem
I’ll buy it once I get my pc
Antonio Valenzuela
Hopefully it’s resident evil 🤞🏼
MITCH Před dnem
Kelvin Buff Mann
Kelvin Buff Mann Před dnem
I'm so getting one
יותם ביתן מלול
Wait... so ps4 discs will work on ps5?
Existing User
Existing User Před dnem
5 steps closer to PS100
1-in-Billion Před dnem
Google stadia is on the way.... 5 or 6 doesnt matter anymore
Console players excited to finally get 13 year PC tech, enjoy those SSDs.
sWill05 Před dnem
Dude, PS5 - JC5 (just cause 5) project illapa in the USA?
Theo van Mierlo
Theo van Mierlo Před dnem
Maybe a big rehash of Black...their original FPS from PS1. I know there's so many other newer & superior games out there but the 1 game that's left such an indelible tattoo on my mind is Black. Nothing was as much fun as this.
BTS! Got7 Twice Blckpink Kpop!!
I mean I wanted to be able to control the games with my mind but it's whatever.
Supa Savage
Supa Savage Před dnem
What’s the point of vibration I turn that off in all games
Supa Savage
Supa Savage Před dnem
I want a ps5 elite controller
Wrongler Live
Wrongler Live Před dnem
Personally as a casual gamer I'm not too interested in getting the PS5 yet.
True Story
True Story Před dnem
They need to bring socom back
Untold Brande
Untold Brande Před dnem
Backwards compatible with only PS4 or all PlayStation games
Meraki_DM _YT
Meraki_DM _YT Před dnem
This is random but who freaks out when they see a fruit fly in there room
Syhy Ronica
Syhy Ronica Před dnem
november 2020? or november 2019?
Beary Barrington
Beary Barrington Před dnem
I am hoping for a remastered version of Metal Gear Solid.
deangelo taylor
deangelo taylor Před dnem
i would pay about $30 for the pos 5.
Heart Breakers Garage
Backwards compatibility all the way to PS1 games and plays all regional coding.
Tyrone Kelly
Tyrone Kelly Před dnem
It's the same damn system people
alyas qasim
alyas qasim Před dnem
Which is the best Xbox 2 or PS5 Like for PS5 or comment for Xbox
Jiggity Jake
Jiggity Jake Před dnem
I would be happy with more game titles for the ps4. I don't want a ps5.
Shijin Mukundhan
Shijin Mukundhan Před dnem
Caution :- Controller will control you
10CENT GAMING Před dnem
time to buy ps3
ItsBRUH.69 Před dnem
Fucking hate this how should I afford ps5 everyone will buy ps5 now imma be alone 😔😞😑
Legend 5823123
Legend 5823123 Před dnem
*who else waiting 4 years to get the ps5*
Ginormus Soldier
Ginormus Soldier Před dnem
Me:Cant Wait!!!! My Wallet:Yes But Actually No
Jesmus Před dnem
I heard big things about ps4 just before it came out and was complete shit and I sold it. Let's see if the history repeats itself.
Peroroncino Před dnem
Sony knows how to count and that's all they need to win over other companies
Naraj 85
Naraj 85 Před dnem
I hope that not the real game
Dave Mackie
Dave Mackie Před dnem
the ** main ** thing ,any controller ( p or x ) ..should be updating is the L3 & R3 ,sticks ,both companies need to fix this ,it has been a real pain for years .But , will either firm make them better ,highly doubtful ,they both want hi turnover ,so they can grab our $$$`s .Agree or disagree ?
Kakacarrot Cake
Kakacarrot Cake Před dnem
People that complain about the PS4 sounding like an airplane still live with their parents and have quiet time at 9 pm.
Raul Alvarez Jr.
Raul Alvarez Jr. Před dnem
Revamped VR Ninja Gaiden... Maybe??
jackuboy 154
jackuboy 154 Před dnem
God of war
Lucas G
Lucas G Před dnem
Why PlayStation 5
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