Popbob's FINAL Secret on 2b2t

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A 6 month journey comes to an end as we uncover one of the last secrets of the server's most notorious griefer.
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Additiona Footage/Images:
IronException (Render)
Homieonice (Instagram) - instagram.com/homieonice
Hyrule Warriors - Age of Calamity (Meditative Training, Lost Woods)
FFX - (Phantoms, Auron's Theme)
SMRPG - (Sewers)


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28. 11. 2020





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Komentáře 100
Vlad Peterson
Vlad Peterson Před 3 minutami
It’s not about the Freud it’s about sending a message
Nidas Nidas
Nidas Nidas Před 3 hodinami
“Popbob you son of a b*itch” -fitmc
Abhraneel Dhar
Abhraneel Dhar Před 5 hodinami
Imagine stepping on a paper which contains the word " PopBob" -Ew I stepped on shit
Renan Abrazaldo
Renan Abrazaldo Před 6 hodinami
Dude if popbob trolls and kill me I'm gonna get all the strongest hacks to kill and destroy him (:
BigToast420 Před 7 minutami
sorry to burst your bubble bud, but popbob doesnt play on the server anymore...
Liza Basmayor
Liza Basmayor Před 11 hodinami
or exploded by a biggest nuke
Liza Basmayor
Liza Basmayor Před 11 hodinami
I thought that 2b2t's world is hited by a comet
IbeTedlebob Před 15 hodinami
Kent Guiller
Kent Guiller Před 16 hodinami
Everybody gangsta until Popbob opens the End Dimension
GrimReaperKing Před 20 hodinami
3 seconds 3 SECONDS until he said the line.
Sharon Creed
Sharon Creed Před 21 hodinou
9:37 fit i thought you where supposed to be family friendly?
BigToast420 Před 6 minutami
It's 2b2t, of course its not family friendly
Mayte Martinez
Mayte Martinez Před 21 hodinou
Its not a bout winning, its about sending a message -Alpharad
filipgamer1241 Před dnem
9:35 never head him swear before
Henry Metcalfe
Henry Metcalfe Před dnem
6:59 is nobody going to talk about the fact that that is smooth stone, and it doesn’t exist in 1.12.2. Only existing in beta versions of the game
pablo Před dnem
currently going super saiyan while taking a shit watching this
Loose3Cannon Před dnem
I just turned around in-game cuz of the thunder. Bruh
H A Z Y Před dnem
What a server huh guys. The server with so much history you can literally make a history book about a Minecraft Server
Toby Carr
Toby Carr Před dnem
Loud MCBE Před dnem
Yo stop spamming
Toby Carr
Toby Carr Před dnem
Toby Carr
Toby Carr Před dnem
Vermillion Pengu
Vermillion Pengu Před dnem
Popbob is the closest we will ever get to real Herobrine.
Christian Johnson
8:56 this platform looks like a cross
HDC Gamer
HDC Gamer Před dnem
popbob bread
Philidor Před dnem
Bad Ideas
Bad Ideas Před 2 dny
Are we just gonna glide by the fact that popbob was so dedicated to griefing that he literally triangulated a man's location with in game lightning strikes just to burn down a little shack?
Samuel Walker
Samuel Walker Před 2 dny
I love the FFX music man respect
BlueEngland Před 2 dny
How could "Alex" know that? Maybe they are popbob? That's just a theory, a 2b2t theory! Thanks for reading.
Kdogg 194
Kdogg 194 Před 2 dny
How is it illegal
Mr Beaver
Mr Beaver Před 2 dny
Donald Trump2020
Donald Trump2020 Před 2 dny
This is all staged and it pisses me off
guardian of the toasters
"last secrets of popbob" Popbob in the corner: oh fit.... 15 thousand years had past and yet your still as naive as u are.
terabyte Blockman Go
I'll give 1k ems for some popbob bread
Muhammad Abdullah Atif
haha my friend helped building popbobs base lol
alex Claveria
alex Claveria Před 2 dny
Now people know this place nooooooo
BigToast420 Před 4 minutami
I greifed the portal months ago it is no more
shuckle king
shuckle king Před 2 dny
The lost woods music in the back round just fits so well
Damn Nigga.
Damn Nigga. Před 2 dny
The year is 2030.....**Ender portal opening sounds** *”OHHHHH SHITTTT HERE WE GO AGAIN”*
wheedler Před 2 dny
Al Gore Rhythm, please tell this story to people like me.
Evan and Charles Films
I can see it now: *2b2t the movie*
Andy luzan
Andy luzan Před 2 dny
I remember there was this fake popbob except the o was 0 and he was saying he was gonna hack me and what not then the REAL ONE came and killed him XD
BigToast420 Před 3 minutami
Exept that didn't happen because popbob hasnt playes 2b2t for 6 years
Tortillian Před 2 dny
i heard popbob is still out there TO THIS DAY!
Matyáš Trpišovský
PopBob: returns Everyone: we're in the endgame now
BLucky Před 3 dny
Wait how did popbob triangulate a player's position from the thunder audio?
Cloudy Před 3 dny
popbob = The Closest Player To Herobrine
BigToast420 Před 3 minutami
actually just a regular player tho
Fathir MUH Channel
Fathir MUH Channel Před 3 dny
PopBob ist hacker I met her like 10 times and he destroys my house 10 time
Fitrimanan8 Před 3 dny
Plot twist: alex is actually popbob
Jezus Chrystus
Jezus Chrystus Před 3 dny
Popbob is the villan of old story one day he Will come back like madara in naruto
Brendan Wynne
Brendan Wynne Před 3 dny
this reminds me of the story behind the oak island treasure
Eugene Hong
Eugene Hong Před 3 dny
Fun fact popbob is a girl
Simon U
Simon U Před 3 dny
oh, im so sorry for your base 🥺😕
Catso -Roblox
Catso -Roblox Před 3 dny
maybe alex is popbob?
Gage Johnathan
Gage Johnathan Před 3 dny
This has One piece gold Roger written off.
Wow Dude
Wow Dude Před 3 dny
This was the saddest anime back story ever :(
Mateo Před 4 dny
Who else got griefed by popbob? I did...
BigToast420 Před 2 minutami
nope, you didnt.
SHEN MENG JIE Moe Před 4 dny
FitMC : Popbot you son of a b!sh Me : My goodness
dsnty chi
dsnty chi Před 4 dny
*GASP* fit sed son of you know or i will get in trouble
Algonquin Llama
Algonquin Llama Před 4 dny
“He triangulated my position based on lightning strikes.” We’re just gonna ignore this?
Doug Loremaster
Doug Loremaster Před dnem
It's an incredible exploit. And the reason lightning is no longer permitted on 2b2t. Highly recommend you check out fit's video on it.
Jericho Butler-Steele
Pushpa Chettiar
Pushpa Chettiar Před 5 dny
How is it June 1st of 2020 Today's date is 15th January
TheGamingOptimism Před 5 dny
5:44 noone gonna talk about his flint and steel name?
PERKE Před 5 dny
2b2t server can make for an amazing anime stories
Hamish McPhee
Hamish McPhee Před 5 dny
Sharki YT
Sharki YT Před 5 dny
lol imagine if this guy is popbob and "Alex"
Holy Kirby
Holy Kirby Před 5 dny
Just imagine if pop on randomly logged on and destroyed everything
BigToast420 Před 2 minutami
and how would he do that, he isnt a god, just a regular player
Leila Frazier
Leila Frazier Před 5 dny
BGamer 45
BGamer 45 Před 5 dny
That story was like: He broke my toy when I was little and I will never forgive him and get revenge for that
BGamer 45
BGamer 45 Před 5 dny
Wow, that someone gets the name Alex or Steve without a number or _ or X or something just Alex or Steve is probably the Rarest name
The TRITON Před 5 dny
Pop bob has made some legit impossible traps
BigToast420 Před minutou
no she hasnt
George Clarke
George Clarke Před 5 dny
It’s not about greifing, it’s about sending a message -joker
HaVok_Games Před 6 dny
The best backstory in minecraft
Seth Orr
Seth Orr Před 6 dny
Any one else watch bruhify along with fit
Tao j3rt
Tao j3rt Před 6 dny
Popbob is french !
percyvael Před 6 dny
alex being the one to place the eye to activate the end portal noise is lowkey some anime plot-twist type shit
Kenny Mccormick
Kenny Mccormick Před 6 dny
monitization go brrrrrr
Skyler Raemhild
Skyler Raemhild Před 6 dny
Archeologist FitMc
Paragon Deku
Paragon Deku Před 6 dny
Popbob is a woman bro why are you calling her a man lmfao
Clayton Před 7 dny
So funny knowing the real guy only played for a couple months in total
BigToast420 Před minutou
the real girl*
Diego Martinez
Diego Martinez Před 7 dny
MMm fit you found my base mate
maesep Před 7 dny
A friend and I were playing on this shitty 2b2t clone when Jared2013 and Fit joined. I was hesitant to believe it was actually them but I went to spawn and saw them. Jared eventually started shit with us but it was actually funny, anyway I eventually left the server and my friend still played. If I recall correctly I was joking around about popbob before I left and while I was gone my friend sent me a screenshot that showed that a player named popbob had joined then left as soon as he joined. Not sure if it was actually him or if it was maybe somehow using a hack client to log into his account but pretty cool anyway
Joggie Před 7 dny
Popbob killed dream
BigToast420 Před 47 vteřinami
what is this supposed to mean..
CedThev Gaming
CedThev Gaming Před 7 dny
galacticcentercore Před 7 dny
Fit is Popbob ;P
CF VanGuard
CF VanGuard Před 7 dny
9:35 I swear that sounds so fking dope
Dark Side &
Dark Side & Před 7 dny
He changed his skin and seems to be trans ? XD
Dog Před 7 dny
I like how my dude opens an ender chest and is like woah look at these items that totally aren’t mine
UnPoissonRouge_ Před 7 dny
popbob is a real legend in 2b2t dude
ABrxgeAlot _
ABrxgeAlot _ Před 8 dny
Ngl this looks kinda staged
BigToast420 Před 2 vteřinami
I went to the portals myself, it isn't staged they are there, well not anymore cos i removed them xddd
OfirWasHere Před 8 dny
I know that block, see you soon
Super fruity
Super fruity Před 8 dny
Imagine eating eight year old bread
Train X
Train X Před 8 dny
I doubt it’s his last
Amelia the Ninetales
Imagine just selling PopBob bread as an actual product.
Crusader Pig
Crusader Pig Před 9 dny
You're story just make it personal.
Dayby-Playz Před 9 dny
this is my personal opinion but to hide as big of a secret as 2 end portals popbob was pretty smart probably the smartest player to date until dream came along
Brodin Roo
Brodin Roo Před 9 dny
I can easily become the most notorious griever
Zeta Fish
Zeta Fish Před 9 dny
Hey Fit I've heard that Popbob is a trans women so it would probably be best to refer to her as she now
moldycheese99 Před 9 dny
this video was a month ago he probably doesn’t care
robert ebert
robert ebert Před 9 dny
I demand "The Ballad Of PopBob" to be made in a series of albums dedicated to powerful players of the early days on 2b2t. Or at least a tribute to them. I think Warriors from imagine dragons might fit idk.
GreenLeopard Před 9 dny
9:35 best quote ever
X Tominy
X Tominy Před 9 dny
Aha, popbob is a girl who joined from 4chan
pass boof
pass boof Před 9 dny
Sir you have earned my respect! Im liking your videos and subscribing now!
Christina Hennessy
Christina Hennessy Před 9 dny
Someone tell the the 2b2t nether update ip
Nancy Silec
Nancy Silec Před 9 dny
Is a troller
Nancy Silec
Nancy Silec Před 9 dny
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