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Deleted Scenes (0:00)
BTS (3:02)
Bloopers (3:56)
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21. 09. 2020





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Vedant Chavan
Vedant Chavan Před 3 hodinami
Now these clips makes me love them even more!
P Před 3 hodinami
whoever this house belongs to.... I hate you.
Ipzee Animations
Ipzee Animations Před 3 hodinami
Does anyone know why they didn't plug this channel into their main channel? Just wondering
logan Před 3 hodinami
My Friend said i would never hit 100 subscribers 😓😞
EVA Ang Před 3 hodinami
Sheeesh! We all need the 😆 laughs during this time. Thank you guys!!!
Dan M.
Dan M. Před 3 hodinami
This is the best secret channel.
Chantell Dsouza
Chantell Dsouza Před 3 hodinami
Little extra dude perfect content...count me in..💯 love you guys so much!💖
Jennifer Kachabe
Jennifer Kachabe Před 3 hodinami
Best second channel on CSvid
elite_tricera Před 3 hodinami
Hope to see it hit one mil soom
Home Experiments
Home Experiments Před 3 hodinami
Sarthak Kumar
Sarthak Kumar Před 3 hodinami
Rename the channel to DUDE NOT PERFECT
Lily Leman
Lily Leman Před 3 hodinami
DP plus I like it have y'all seen overtime 18
Hoppity hopeful
Hoppity hopeful Před 3 hodinami
ATTENTION: You are in dire need of a savior whether you believe this or not it’s true. Jesus is the only way to Heaven. He lived a perfectly sinless life we can’t live ourselves because we’re infected with sin, thanks to Adam and Eve, and he died on the cross, shedding his pure blood that washes away our sins, and then he rose again on Easter. When you believe on Him alone to save you from hell, you will be saved and have eternal life. Don’t wait. This is your eternity we’re talking about. You can die any second and can’t go back to this life. Please! God doesn’t want anyone to go to hell. He wants all to turn away from sinful living and to surrender to him. God is with you. He’s listening. He’s waiting for you to talk to him. He is gracious and full of mercy.
باسم البصراوي
باسم البصراوي Před 3 hodinami
Videos Ka Nazara
Videos Ka Nazara Před 3 hodinami
TIK TOK VIDEO😄 csvid.net/video/video-PhCQeQT2RSA.html
Kevin Zuniga Harrizon
Kevin Zuniga Harrizon Před 3 hodinami
DoLo? Před 3 hodinami
DoLo? Před 3 hodinami
DoLo? Před 3 hodinami
DoLo? Před 3 hodinami
DoLo? Před 3 hodinami
DoLo? Před 3 hodinami
Samuel Mark
Samuel Mark Před 4 hodinami
I can say I was here before one million.
Noah Wolstencroft
Noah Wolstencroft Před 4 hodinami
vpatel40 Před 4 hodinami
LOOOK I FINALLY FOUND IT !!! csvid.net/video/video-kVmqgtmtGOQ.html
Muhammad Umar Khan
Muhammad Umar Khan Před 4 hodinami
I got weak at "u got 119 followers" lol 1:08
Ahmad Ahmad
Ahmad Ahmad Před 4 hodinami
Can I get a like
Moody Beast
Moody Beast Před 4 hodinami
Here at 200k
Moody Beast
Moody Beast Před 4 hodinami
Here before 1 mil
50,000 Subscribers with no videos challeng e
We all had this secret channel to ourselves but then trending ruined it all.
Claire Louise
Claire Louise Před 4 hodinami
Guide to Motivation
Guide to Motivation Před 4 hodinami
Wow, the secret channel
Andrés Liang
Andrés Liang Před 4 hodinami
“Stop crying. Get in the pool” Lmfao
Wabbit Season
Wabbit Season Před 3 hodinami
csvid.net/video/video-lWQTG8QgRb8.html v
Bluesamaurai Před 4 hodinami
omfg i remember when they made a behind the scenes thing agesss ago.
Salami Před 4 hodinami
Petition for them to change the channel name to "Dude NOT Perfect"
Wabbit Season
Wabbit Season Před 3 hodinami
csvid.net/video/video-lWQTG8QgRb8.html hhf
Daniel Perlov
Daniel Perlov Před 4 hodinami
School stereotypes please
FahVorsi Před 4 hodinami
Dude Perfect Mr Beast Collab?
Pingyu Před 4 hodinami
its 2020, you forgot about the "I have COVID but I dont give a fk" guy.
Subbing to everyone who subs to me.
CSvid is getting real comfortable with these double 15 second no skip ads .
Wabbit Season
Wabbit Season Před 3 hodinami
csvid.net/video/video-lWQTG8QgRb8.html Fi
Subbing to everyone who subs to me.
Fun fact: The word "long" is shorter then the word "Short":-)
Wabbit Season
Wabbit Season Před 3 hodinami
csvid.net/video/video-lWQTG8QgRb8.html hh
Subbing to everyone who subs to me.
Fun fact: The word "long" is shorter then the word "Short"
Wabbit Season
Wabbit Season Před 3 hodinami
csvid.net/video/video-lWQTG8QgRb8.html bb
Henry Rosenberg
Henry Rosenberg Před 4 hodinami
they missed the chance to call it dude not perfect
Matth Loera
Matth Loera Před 4 hodinami
Who else's graphics are broken
Java • Hace 10 Años
Java • Hace 10 Años Před 4 hodinami
El que se detenga a ver este comentario es una gran persona ojala nunca le agarre el C0VlD- 19 y bendiga a mi proximo suscriptor
Chubbinatorr Před 4 hodinami
umair kinda fat
Einar Kári Loftsson
Einar Kári Loftsson Před 4 hodinami
You should do jet ski battle
Jason Yang Gang
Jason Yang Gang Před 4 hodinami
Dude, his pool is so nice wth
Justguy in realmyt
Justguy in realmyt Před 4 hodinami
Now this is dude imperfect
i am death
i am death Před 4 hodinami
am i the only one here who doesn’t even know who these people are? 😂
Seattle Drone Pilot
Seattle Drone Pilot Před 4 hodinami
Video shows why The Rioting is Trump's Fault csvid.net/video/video-Gopp8Brzp_Q.html
keth erbin
keth erbin Před 4 hodinami
LOL THIS VIDEO KILLS ME csvid.net/video/video-ctMrcFiw7-s.html
Shahla Foods
Shahla Foods Před 4 hodinami
FoxyTheFox 845
FoxyTheFox 845 Před 4 hodinami
20K subs without any videos challenge
Who randomly found this channel and has felt like it is a secret
Rockstar Riff
Rockstar Riff Před 4 hodinami
Two words “best ever”
Bill Mavrakis
Bill Mavrakis Před 4 hodinami
What can I say here before 1 mil
peanutzArGr8 Persson
peanutzArGr8 Persson Před 4 hodinami
No joke like these videos more than the main chanel stuff...
Salami Před 4 hodinami
Here before 1 million views
vera hourani
vera hourani Před 4 hodinami
I mean cody
vera hourani
vera hourani Před 4 hodinami
is kobe a maverick fan and is he sad
20K subs without any videos challenge
- Wait, I'm watching this video because it's trending - Always has been
Wabbit Season
Wabbit Season Před 3 hodinami
csvid.net/video/video-lWQTG8QgRb8.html gg
20K subs without any videos challenge
This is the best secret channel
Jaden Lee
Jaden Lee Před 4 hodinami
The fact that the second channel can get higher trending than the main channel
Caleb Petty
Caleb Petty Před 4 hodinami
Qutub Kothari
Qutub Kothari Před 4 hodinami
Why were these deleted
Faith Selah
Faith Selah Před 4 hodinami
Nooo it should have been “Dude Imperfect”😢
G.E.E. Před 4 hodinami
Challenge to get 10,000 subs with videos
Dear stranger who ever likes this comment: may your mother live 100 years
prod. boozie
prod. boozie Před 4 hodinami
If you're a rapper and like Playboi Carti you will like my beats check them out
Indus Journey
Indus Journey Před 4 hodinami
🤣 Your videos always feel freshness, Love you 💓
YourHighwayInTheSky Před 4 hodinami
who is guy at 0:36
10K Subscribers For No Reason Challenge
Someone said caillou’s dad looks like david dobrik and now I can’t unsee it
Music Car
Music Car Před 5 hodinami
*Thanks for helping us collect likes*
Vernon Aun
Vernon Aun Před 5 hodinami
Ahh I thought there would be a Rage Monster scene
Derpy Pikachu
Derpy Pikachu Před 5 hodinami
I have never forgot about this channel
Irving Latiku
Irving Latiku Před 5 hodinami
This is #1 Trending? How?
Wolf Pack
Wolf Pack Před 5 hodinami
Love You Dp
World Achiever xD
World Achiever xD Před 5 hodinami
If u know this channel exists...... We can say that we're op
Me Me
Me Me Před 5 hodinami
What does Galveston have to do with this
One In a Million
One In a Million Před 5 hodinami
Dude perfect always trending on youtube? -Totally deserved it
Wabbit Season
Wabbit Season Před 3 hodinami
csvid.net/video/video-lWQTG8QgRb8.html rn
Matthew Yousif
Matthew Yousif Před 5 hodinami
Claim your here before 300K subs ticket
Rab J
Rab J Před 5 hodinami
Claim your *‘Here before 1 million subscribers’* ticket here 🎫
letitbe withyou
letitbe withyou Před 5 hodinami
I was wondering if is it corona in USA cuz they look like so damn comfort.
Man EatsPants
Man EatsPants Před 5 hodinami
I am honored to be learning from a public speaking genius such as you.
IMPERIAL - ROBLOX Před 5 hodinami
Hey whos here from overtime .
Abbas Faraz Malik 5 purple
Why did you delete prank bros
Breezy Scissors
Breezy Scissors Před 5 hodinami
Who else came here from Overtime 18?
Josiah Taru
Josiah Taru Před 5 hodinami
life is beautiful
life is beautiful Před 5 hodinami
Early gang?
Landen! Před 5 hodinami
i just shat myself
lbbeatss Před 5 hodinami
Austin Platt
Austin Platt Před 5 hodinami
This channel should upload the Monday's that the regular DP channel doesn't so there's content every week
Xx_ YEET_xX Před 5 hodinami
1 trending
Mr.WolffV1 _
Mr.WolffV1 _ Před 5 hodinami
Here at 260k, oh boy
Shirani Kathriarachchi
Shirani Kathriarachchi Před 5 hodinami
3 videos 231k subs Respect DP❤💯
Crib Hernandez
Crib Hernandez Před 5 hodinami
Who thinks this should be on the jimmy fallen show
Kids English Corner
Kids English Corner Před 5 hodinami
I’m here to check the views, who else?
samuela lalhruaizela
samuela lalhruaizela Před 5 hodinami
Why are you deleting
jman415 Před 5 hodinami
everyone's favorite content
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