Plot twist: She wasn't blind

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8. 04. 2021





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Komentáře 100
I love loona and I forever will
I would like the power to genderbend and send myself to Isekai
Viquie Tentakelliebe
Viquie Tentakelliebe Před 7 hodinami
#TheGame Před 19 hodinami
I feel like everytime i order a hoodie online that says it's xxxl it's like a s or m because i where XXL shirts everyday.
Caleb Okpaleke
Caleb Okpaleke Před dnem
MxR don't know HxH 😟
Kscott McCauslin
Kscott McCauslin Před 2 dny
5:09 yall lose respect points for not know who Gon is from hunter x hunter in his ultimate form.
J Bean
J Bean Před 3 dny
15:40 XD and what was that sound effect tho lmao.
J Bean
J Bean Před 3 dny
5:08 that’s gon from HunterxHunter
Maxwell Eckenrode
Maxwell Eckenrode Před 3 dny
Name Vorname
Name Vorname Před 3 dny
As a german: i don’t think it is normal here to bathe with your friends✋🏻
The WinterWolf
The WinterWolf Před 4 dny
The men will wear kilts for the next crusade. last two games I played was gta v multi-player mode and fallout 4.
Deku Izuku Midoriya
Tiny Demi
Tiny Demi Před 5 dny
15:58 is what your looking for from the title
Savage cabbage v.2
Savage cabbage v.2 Před 6 dny
@2:30 I know what it's from
RangerMan13 Před 6 dny
Why did Jeannie look like WeirdChamp in the Noah get the boat
wairvox gaming
wairvox gaming Před 6 dny
5:14 ...is that an actual anime character ? .....hunter X hunter fans am i a joke to you
William peck
William peck Před 6 dny
15:44 WTF!!!!
Morningstar's Will
Morningstar's Will Před 7 dny
Jeanie at 16:31 just before the video ends: *lewds* Me: (ಠ_ಠ)
Jamie Clarke
Jamie Clarke Před 7 dny
You had to justify £69? How could it be any other figure??
brianher67 Před 7 dny
Sorry but 9:07 is the best part. Worse though is the "uh uh uh" and then the "quick before the hyenas c***" XD
Boomhauer dang
Boomhauer dang Před 7 dny
"Some girls are messed up bruh." Bit of an understatement.
Jayvee dela cruz
Jayvee dela cruz Před 8 dny
It's Gon from Hunter Hunter 5:15
Pupernickel Před 8 dny
da fock? im from germany and never heard about that bathing shit.... wtf
Daniel Becerril
Daniel Becerril Před 8 dny
...monster hunter cosplay and he says, "yeah this swords are enchanted." I never been so offended in my life.
TheDCAUgothic Před 8 dny
Brandon apparently experienced something he didn't expect that now makes him hate women to say something unrelated to light up keyboards and monitors. 👀😶
Agent wolf
Agent wolf Před 9 dny
*me only has female friends* good thing im not in germany
Tank Holmes
Tank Holmes Před 9 dny
8:27 made me want to watch gate never got to see it yet but it was recommended by my friend
Putra Baroto
Putra Baroto Před 10 dny
8:21 ROBLOX shaped among us characters holy cow
pendraggon Před 10 dny
9:22 Jeanie, how do we properly spell that word? Jeannie: It’s CUME.
scalyraptor 1944
scalyraptor 1944 Před 11 dny
8:19 mario bowsers fury and plants vs zombies 1
Paladin Před 11 dny
"I literally said no and you kept going" Call the FBI?
Felair1310 Před 13 dny
"In Germany its normal to bath with you friends" Me a German:"I don't really know about this one tbh but time to try ".............she said no and hit me ;(
China man With a gun
Drew durnil - the history = MxR plays
Peter Horn
Peter Horn Před 13 dny
You did not recognized GON ?
Germankitty_x3 Před 13 dny
I can't remember that it is normal to bathe with friends here in Germany-
shirokun_exe Před 13 dny
5:12 he's Gon from HUNTERxHUNTER
The Tiefling Fox
The Tiefling Fox Před 15 dny
16:16 you'd be surprised how fucked up and mean girls can get.
Ben W.
Ben W. Před 15 dny
Love your vocal effects, Jeannie! Y'all are adorable together.
Teshlerond Před 15 dny
League of Legends + Diablo 3.... The world is not ready...
Redeson Před 15 dny
The first video that’s an armor set from monster hunter rise you uncultured swine lmao
やro乃ot G
やro乃ot G Před 15 dny
0:47 she's looking like legend warrior duh!!!!!!
AЯtai0S Před 15 dny
as a german let me assure you ... not normal to bathe with friends
Shandelle Giantatass
can i get a hoyea
The Lone Spooner
The Lone Spooner Před 17 dny
Good to see the likes are back to normal here. More likes just encase youtube decides to take some more away.
Willow Nightmare
Willow Nightmare Před 17 dny
The humans, cats and bats thing. I just want to clarify bats can actually see better than humans they just choose to use echolocation and also that can also be a way of finding "pray" To eat by tricking them
Go10ski47 Před 17 dny
I think Doom and DMC is actually the best combo. Maybe ever.
Deon Joyner
Deon Joyner Před 17 dny
She doesn't have to be able to "see" to stop when she notices she's being penetrated by a foreign object.
claudy FOLAOU
claudy FOLAOU Před 18 dny
.....why the voice of your GF are soo cute ?!!! . . . . am i a degenerate or something ???
Keith Benson
Keith Benson Před 18 dny
post snob
Lego Yoda
Lego Yoda Před 18 dny
8:18 fallout 4 and fallout New Vegas, so it's just better fallout 4 or worse fallout New Vegas
Clover Před 18 dny
5:10 *insert killua screaming Gon in a sad way*
SquidwardKng Před 18 dny
Caught in 4k ultra HD watching realistic hentai🤭😳😏 14:22
Drake Kay
Drake Kay Před 18 dny
8:41 Fighting a Dragon in a Plane. Now that sounds like fun mechanics.
Brad Munro
Brad Munro Před 19 dny
Videos wont be as good if Jeanie wasnt in them. When she gives him that "u said effing what" face priceless everytime
Hanazo12owo 1
Hanazo12owo 1 Před 19 dny
Kevin Avila
Kevin Avila Před 19 dny
does anybody know the name of the manga on 15:30?
ElixrPlays Před 19 dny
QIBLYZ 163 Před 19 dny
lol War THunder needs to have an April fools event where they do that XD lmao
lala tirta
lala tirta Před 20 dny
NAH......yaeh i need that images on 16 :01 for my drawing model someone where i can get thats images
felix renthlei
felix renthlei Před 20 dny
5:12 That was Gon's rage form from HunterxHunter, or maybe you knew ?? And pretend that you guys didn't knew!!!🤔
random random
random random Před 20 dny
5:13 "is that a actual anime character" have you not seen hunter x hunter
Viraknuth Soklun
Viraknuth Soklun Před 20 dny
The last one don't forget the condom
Zeelan Williams
Zeelan Williams Před 20 dny
Wait hol up I'm new here are they dating or...
ButterMeUtters 10
ButterMeUtters 10 Před 20 dny
I didn’t do it 😅
Gabriel Watson
Gabriel Watson Před 20 dny
5:05.... dude... it's Gon from HunterxHunter
Garrett Dyches
Garrett Dyches Před 20 dny
Ah, adult gon. I wish it lasted longer.
KMP mortensen
KMP mortensen Před 20 dny
I've seen this one
Stanley Schlosser
Stanley Schlosser Před 20 dny
from jeanie at the end.
Stanley Schlosser
Stanley Schlosser Před 20 dny
so much mixed messages
Badthaught Před 20 dny
6:20 Jeannie: *melts in the presence of the smol* Henry: What level of degenerecy is this on??
Jadian Radiator
Jadian Radiator Před 20 dny
5:12 That's Gon Freecs from Hunter x Hunter in his "adult" nen form. No clue what the form is called though.
Javier Martínez
Javier Martínez Před 21 dnem
4:48 That's the manliest NO I have heard coming from a women's mouth. xD
ShikamaruXT Před 21 dnem
Fun fact: No, it is not normal to bathe with friends in one tub.
Player 0
Player 0 Před 21 dnem
6:06 this look like bahubali in the movie bahubali
Manga readers: If she's Mikasa.... Bro run!
T O A D I E Před 19 dny
So henry becomes brib
Nē Rirī
Nē Rirī Před 21 dnem
"In hentai no one dies" Y-you sure about that...
Quintessential Teenager
So she is blind sighted
Sierra Kilmer
Sierra Kilmer Před 21 dnem
8:20 minecraft and among us
Ian De Claro
Ian De Claro Před 21 dnem
Hahaha he made himself gon
jat Před 22 dny
Wow. I don't know this Channel exist. Me: *Explore some youtube's recommended Video* Also me: *Find this title* Also Also me: "Oooh, i never see this" Also Also Also me: *tap/click the Video* Also Also Also Also me: *Regret it*
Killshotphycoboy999 Unknown
Umm 8:50 tho
Killshotphycoboy999 Unknown
Henryyy Henry:* touches bobs*
Weston Mercer
Weston Mercer Před 22 dny
my last two games far cry 5 and subnautica. Ps is that cup still sold out?
Rafid Mushfique
Rafid Mushfique Před 22 dny
Henry : is that an actual anime me : :O thats hunter x hunter how do you not know that anime!!!!!!!
hi Před 22 dny
The action figure is gon from Hunter x Hunter
Andrew Drum
Andrew Drum Před 22 dny
5:08 is gon from hunter x hunter
Rin Sudarium
Rin Sudarium Před 22 dny
thot slayer reporting for destruction
Cyberswolfy Před 23 dny
I don't know that you are japanese 日本人だったのが知らなかった
Grimm Wolf
Grimm Wolf Před 23 dny
Jeannie is getting more and more used to “Hot” moments. To the point that she look let’s things happen to joining into the fun, mmm I like this change in Jeannie.
Issei Diablos Dragon God Emperor Of Domination
Is nobody going to acknowledge the hentai sound she made in the last frame??? Lmao
Shaney Adkins
Shaney Adkins Před 23 dny
I'm new to the channel back to the point why is her voice so high piched
THE META Před 23 dny
my cat has ZERO body heat so she sticks her paws under my chest when we're in bed so my weight is on her little feet then bites me because i crush her paws, BUT then i'll flip her around so her back is against my chest and she'll be like NO too cold
some name
some name Před 23 dny
anzly is the bob ross of cooking
Dandy1x Landings
Dandy1x Landings Před 23 dny
*cough cough* can someone put a link of that cup in this chat plz
ianjerome bueno
ianjerome bueno Před 23 dny
When Henry says "is that an actual anime character?" Me who's a solid HXH fan: Damn Henry its Gonnnnn! Its one of the best Anime for me I can't imagine that Henry hasn't watched it yet
Ronan Walker
Ronan Walker Před 23 dny
“Are you having subconscious thoughts in your head?” “No.” *sad crusader noises*
krb663 Před 23 dny
OK at 5:10 The guy with the small shirt and the short pants and the really really long hair that is gon from Hunter X Hunter and or hxh but that’s him all grown up
Jessica Hare
Jessica Hare Před 23 dny
I was having a bad day until I watched MxRplays and they brighten my day
cathowl blep
cathowl blep Před 23 dny
8:19 Minecraft and cat bird..... YES
JJR junior
JJR junior Před 23 dny
The wort part is that before I stoped to really listen to the music, i though it was, "quick vore the hyens c*m"
Numoru WE3
Numoru WE3 Před 23 dny
that ending tho
Is it wrong to like this?
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