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back in my day,,,

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17. 09. 2017





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Ryan Landucci
Ryan Landucci Před 3 minutami
Jaidens mom: we don’t want yo to be playing late with your pajamas. Jaiden: ..... Jaidens mom: your grounded tomorrow. Jaiden: what the fu!?!?....
Abdullah Olushi
Abdullah Olushi Před hodinou
im really bout to say that to my bsf/crush tomorrow
Nathanya McAdam
Nathanya McAdam Před 2 hodinami
Jaiden : _I was a child once_ Me : _so so true_
Benji B
Benji B Před 4 hodinami
Mable Mable Mable Mable Mable
Kayla Ryder
Kayla Ryder Před 5 hodinami
That little Twilight Zone segment makes me so scared & uncomfortable and I have no idea why
The Easy Channel
The Easy Channel Před 5 hodinami
2:32 what I say when I'm in trouble for no reason
x xXOliveCoconut64Xx
x xXOliveCoconut64Xx Před 6 hodinami
..hmm the "little boy"...I think its...James.......I'm sorry XD
LaTeO Před 10 hodinami
Salty Waffles
Salty Waffles Před 14 hodinami
Damn a 13 year old kid flirting with a teenage girl so hard that she nearly falls over and looks like she’s having a seizure? He’s going places lol
BoablesO Před 15 hodinami
Hehe I love this! I just discovered your Chanel like a week ago. I’ve been watching through a load of your videos and oh man your cute as hell! We’d be good friends if we knew each other irl. I just get that impression. Keep the content coming!
Pizza Man
Pizza Man Před 16 hodinami
When i was you're age i was 8
Ducky Doodle
Ducky Doodle Před 17 hodinami
Boy: would you hold something for me? Jaden: uhh... sure, what is it? Boy: DEEZNUT!
CH24S Před 18 hodinami
My hand....
Fireee Před 18 hodinami
Lori Batletta
Lori Batletta Před 22 hodinami
Duck eats jaidens arm
Lori Batletta
Lori Batletta Před 22 hodinami
Babysitter comes in falcon punch them next day mom fuck’s up
Benjamin Tsethlikai
Benjamin Tsethlikai Před 22 hodinami
Can you hold something for me. My hand🥰🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Long Ly
Long Ly Před 23 hodinami
4:34 oh crap thats mabel from gravity falls
A smart guy Sorta
A smart guy Sorta Před 23 hodinami
Mable gravity falls anyone no oh ok
stone rock
stone rock Před 23 hodinami
At around 5:50 that part made me turn off my tablet and laugh for a good 1 min
Abigail Fisher
Abigail Fisher Před dnem
Gravity falls!!!!!!!!!!!!😃😃😃 I love that show!!!!😁😁😁
Leslie Ramirez
Leslie Ramirez Před dnem
Mason Fortnite Mj
Kid:Can u hold something for me Jaiden:Yeah what Kid:my hand
Bird Lover
Bird Lover Před dnem
I remeber one of my friends told me to say f#$k & I said it they were surprised & said " Ooo IM GaNnA TeLL THe TeACHEr" & I said " reverse card " & pull out a piece of paper a drew a reverse symbol & that was the day I used the reverse card
Erin Gee
Erin Gee Před dnem
Solomon Smart
Solomon Smart Před dnem
Jaiden you are inspirering yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet boi😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏
Amos Sutherland
Amos Sutherland Před dnem
I haven’t been to skool and it cuz meh is sick
Dost Před dnem
I guess you could say that situation got out of hand.
Sir Games Alot
Sir Games Alot Před dnem
I named my dog after your borther
Mathew Ferguson
Mathew Ferguson Před dnem
I think that kid was me I don’t know????
Strong Wolf
Strong Wolf Před dnem
I’m also like, ultra obedient
ToraFrost Před dnem
press f in the chat for that kids smoothness
Morgan Gibson
Morgan Gibson Před dnem
Jaden ya gatta bee rubelius wunc amd a wiwl
Ilir Dervishi
Ilir Dervishi Před dnem
Boy: My HAND Jaden:NANIII!!
Adam Frydrychowicz
What if the lady was shouting Mabel to a duck?
Nita Valenciana
Nita Valenciana Před dnem
One time i went to a ice rick there was so much pepole i couldn't sckate
info games
info games Před dnem
13 yo: why can't I get a girl like this Pic = *jaiden* Mabel: hey 13 yo: no That lady: she is literally the girl in the pic
Anton Mayböck
Anton Mayböck Před dnem
i love you
Hoàng Minh
Hoàng Minh Před dnem
I heard Mabel as "My ball" :/
Jhan Rhobe Columna
Jhan Rhobe Columna
me:okay i love
Jhan Rhobe Columna
boy:say i love
Lefty Před dnem
“Your grounded” “WHAT THE FU-“
hipernice 123
hipernice 123 Před dnem
XD can you hold something for me ok what is it my hand *smoke Wyeth every day*😎😎😎😎
Panda Gaming
Panda Gaming Před dnem
parents: we don’t want you to play outside in your pyjamas. jayden:what thE FU- me: *wheeze*
Amiel Villasis
Amiel Villasis Před dnem
Tch pathetic i dont even get grounded
YaBoi Ashton
YaBoi Ashton Před dnem
Jaiden: **tries to swear** *wait that's illegal*
Eric Assiga
Eric Assiga Před dnem
I’m going back
Eric Assiga
Eric Assiga Před dnem
oh hi jatin
Gnsmith pf
Gnsmith pf Před dnem
will you hold something for me, my hand fbi open up
TheGuyWith34subs YEABOI
WELL MY GRANDMA LETS ME HAVE 6 OREOS! no seriously though, my grandma actually does give me 6 oreos.
Toxic Weird Gurl101
I live in a philipino family and I never get grounded I just get slapped and then about 2 minutes later my mom's like Wanna go get ice cream?
Omar Viney
Omar Viney Před dnem
good kids be like: oh "TK" yeah mom always lets us have 3 oreos its ok 'sniffs" dont worry, "tk" normally we only get to have 2 oreos, 'tk" giggles haha, were so sneaky
Frank Burnsed
Frank Burnsed Před 2 dny
At 2:33 I cracked up laughing
Okuyasu Nijimura
Okuyasu Nijimura Před 2 dny
Anything’s The Topic
If I were you I would have laughed and said yes for fun to that kid
Btschild Curemycaffeineadiction
2:55 I dont feed wild ducks bread I feed them tortillas tho
Ross Rieger
Ross Rieger Před 2 dny
Everyone says “mable” but I think it’s maple
Samurai X152
Samurai X152 Před 2 dny
Boy:Can you hold something for me. Jaiden:Sure what is it Boy:My hand Me:STRATEGY IDENTIFIED
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