My Cardboard Boat Racing Experience

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Hahaha! Boats?!? Neopets?!? My mom telling me to kick off my shoes so I don't drown as fast?!!?!?!? Boy do I have a video for you!
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22. 07. 2017

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Jinryu is Cool
Jinryu is Cool Před 8 minutami
0:25, it said rice... OFF THE WALL!!!
Can I 50 subs with 4 videos
Emily Palm
Emily Palm Před 2 hodinami
Eli G.
Eli G. Před 3 hodinami
Hey, Mr. James? Do me a favour: stay awesome.
Foxy Gaming
Foxy Gaming Před 8 hodinami
I’m a dog
Sophia Lambert
Sophia Lambert Před 9 hodinami
WHATS IN THE BOX???? James in The future getting a C+
elizabeth munoz
elizabeth munoz Před 10 hodinami
Jams how do you make a boat out of codbod
babie khellie
babie khellie Před 13 hodinami
20k subscribers with no videos
James: “call me old fashioned” Me:Hi old fashioned........
Train Maniacs
Train Maniacs Před 14 hodinami
And I thought my childhood was odd
MOHAMMAD QIZE XIO/Unknown pp. alabbadi alabbadi
James do you know that 10+ min help make money off CSvid im not just like telling you so you make 10 min vids it's not like that
Mohamed FreeFire
Mohamed FreeFire Před 15 hodinami
You said etore and said rice instead of race
Patato_ J.C
Patato_ J.C Před 16 hodinami
I read the fake discription
witey Lewis
witey Lewis Před 17 hodinami
Maria Ramos
Maria Ramos Před 18 hodinami
Me sisters name is Priscilla
Betsy Fish
Betsy Fish Před 21 hodinou
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa card board aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Desti Před 21 hodinou
🌑 🌘 🌗 🌖 🌕 🌔 🌓 🌒 🌑
MINETAR GAMING Před 21 hodinou
Today was the hit of me watching you for 2 years
magical760fly Fortnite
2:22 savage
RySav31 Před dnem
Yeah at school we had this thing called GATE and we hated those kids. Like everyone thought that they thought they were soooo cool and better then us, and most of the boys seemed to act that way too.
Genevieve Morciglio
2+2=4 dud
Blessing Animation
Shoots box with gun box slides open one is unharmed
Katelyn dawley
Katelyn dawley Před dnem
Isn't Styrofoam just as cheap and easier to get access to?
Lazar Beam
Lazar Beam Před dnem
I was in dogs
comic tv Solo
comic tv Solo Před dnem
Am 7
comic tv Solo
comic tv Solo Před dnem
Am just a kid
Emi_Pin Před dnem
Did anyone else went to download Neopets after this video? | | |
Mester Pizza
Mester Pizza Před dnem
Not Nubsackguest
Not Nubsackguest Před dnem
Sooo b and c then whats 64 + x = is 164
Game _Grinder
Game _Grinder Před dnem
James: She didn’t give me permission to tell that story. Priscilla slaps James again!
Game _Grinder
Game _Grinder Před dnem
James: MOOOOM, LUKE CALLED ME A BUTTHOLE! Mom: That’s 50 cents James: YEaH, WoO, IM RiCh! Me: That’s only enough to buy like 2 blow pops James: Weird face in the captions
WolfieShadowWolf Před dnem
0:25 it said cardbood boet rice no cardboard boat race and I am bad a spelling so BOY WERE THEY WRONG
The entrainment Boy
There's no president in the photo
Kari Gonzales
Kari Gonzales Před 2 dny
1:41 tho
Jacob Jaimes
Jacob Jaimes Před 2 dny
Also your funny 😂😂😂😂😂
Fishy Tacos
Fishy Tacos Před 2 dny
Hey jamez check my new vid ow my eye i was hit in my moms car on my way to the therapist
Agent I
Agent I Před 2 dny
J: just A: a M: mad E: elementary S: school
Gloria Curtis
Gloria Curtis Před 2 dny
Guy almost kills kids juts by pushing them in a boat Well shit
Gloria Curtis
Gloria Curtis Před 2 dny
At it
Gloria Curtis
Gloria Curtis Před 2 dny
In 1st I won that and my friends suck
David Gardner
David Gardner Před 2 dny
I subbed
It’s muffin Time
It’s muffin Time Před 2 dny
Jack Mooney
Jack Mooney Před 2 dny
Ewa Před 2 dny
My name is Priscilla!!!!
Kari Gonzales
Kari Gonzales Před 2 dny
My team name is D.aaaaaang O.riginal G.angster S.tudent
GamingWithBella Před 2 dny
We have an “honors” class in my school. We call it GT (gifted and talented). My home room teacher said, and I quote, “None of you are smarter than anyone else. You are most likely in this class because you are not very good in gym class and you are probably socially awkward. Also you’re all autistic” I know this sounds made up, but it’s not.
yassin shaheen
yassin shaheen Před 2 dny
Rusty’s Legion
Rusty’s Legion Před 2 dny
2:22 Crap u got me
Connorplays Burkitt
I didn’t do cardboard boat racing
Cristina Villarias
Cristina Villarias Před 2 dny
what slap!!!!!!!!!!!!
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