MMA Community react to potential KNOCKOUT OF THE YEAR in Dominick Reyes vs Jiri Prochazka,Mike Perry

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Dominick Reyes vs Jiri Prochazka Results,
*Background music beatsbyNeVs - Ridin'
*Intro music beatsbyNeVs - MMA World Intro


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2. 05. 2021





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John Doe
John Doe Před 2 hodinami
After hundreds of videos I am developing a serious allergy to that damn music..
Dusan Mlynek
Dusan Mlynek Před 6 hodinami
Jan vs Jiri in Cieszyn is freaking hilarious if you know Cieszyn.
joey d
joey d Před 12 hodinami
my man looks just like mel gibbson even same fighting spirit, he gives tha mel gibson frown wow a leader! when i look at him i feel like mel gibson is looking back at me : ) ive seen that frown before real twilight shiiiiiiiiaaaaaaat!!!!!!!!!! mel gibbsons very proud : ) oh ohhhhh jone jones is conered, between ninganu and thats some real scary shiiiiiiaaaaaat!!! for jhon jones : ) the mockers are getting dethrowened wow dominic had him wabbled but dominic did not realise it and took him down biiiiiiiiiiiaaaaac mistake : ) dominic could have won and jiri knows that, dom lacked fighter instinct of smelling the blood sort of speak like fighters say, dominic had to learn to get out of his head and into the fighters head, and be on time with live time instinct on conciquences of punches and kicks. thats why jiri keeps mentioning mistakes hes made of being rocked with dominicks punch, and admmiting that in higers levels the sharks would smell that weakness that dominic did not because he was too into his heasd than in live time action and reaction, hes being honest with himself.
mickspawn Před 13 hodinami
how many fucking ads do you want?
hoiy vinosa
hoiy vinosa Před 13 hodinami
Aljo went from 0 to Deontay Wilder real quick...
HOTRODRICO Před 16 hodinami
wait... Perry's new girl aka his baby momma left ? what the hell did I miss ?
HOTRODRICO Před 16 hodinami
Reyes.... CAREER OVER... CHIN GONE... its over he will NEVER be the same... mark it down boyos may be a gatekeeper at best... sad to see
HOTRODRICO Před 16 hodinami
Colares fought like a man possessed.. Dana hook the man up with 50K to help his mom out bro!!!!
Clarkyrock187- Před 18 hodinami
I've always liked #Merab, win or Learn, he would be standing there proud with his Flag always & the traditional hat(I forget) & what not. But always had it, had to have it! & now I don't wanna see him without it, & the way he does it! Respect Merab! Respect!🙏🏼👊🏼💯
hoiy vinosa
hoiy vinosa Před 13 hodinami
My man Jiri looked like Adon from Street fighter alpha ....
Saccitykid Před 20 hodinami
Can't wait for sterling to get beat up again so we can stop hearing about him again.
Miguel Hidalgo
Miguel Hidalgo Před dnem
I thought they were saying "vajeen time" XD
MuMu124 Před dnem
Jiri is what johnny Walker was supposed to be
sean kelly
sean kelly Před dnem
Do avalanches go any other way but down? 🤦‍♂️Geezus Cormier.
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov Před dnem
Mikes GF might have left him but Darren Till will always be there for a Raw Dog
john nakashima
john nakashima Před dnem
Best ending ever. Diaz and Perry should get an apartment and Tv show.
Brian Prophett
Brian Prophett Před dnem
Lmfaooo what a fucking joke. He eye pokes him after getting rocked and wins. But if this was Jon Jones. I can smell the eye poke hate. Jiri is soft and shoulf be disqualified for the eye poke.
Ben Partrick
Ben Partrick Před dnem
That disqualification was terrible, she was obviously faking , she was initially fine then when the ref shouted she fell back and pretended to be hurt! Uptick was illegal but didn’t do that much damage
Theo Lima
Theo Lima Před dnem
After Jan vs Reyes I tought how much in a "comfortable zone" Jones is, comparing both fights. After Jiri is even more significant. Jones is fighting to safety and not lose, exactly how you get there faster, and also what makes me cheer for Francis.
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov Před dnem
Girlfriend? I thought you got engaged on the beach fool. Anyhoo, care factor zero.
Andy H
Andy H Před dnem
I bet he can't do it again, in UFC.
Pro Cams
Pro Cams Před dnem
Every time there’s an illegal strike from now on, I guess Aljo will be compelled to make a hundred more posts in reference to himself 🙄
Veerappan YouTube
The ibrahimovic of MMA 😁
Edward Gamez
Edward Gamez Před dnem
Why is my man Bisping driving home? Lol get my man a damn airplane ticket!
Steven Caesar
Steven Caesar Před dnem
My man Jiri looked like Adon from Street fighter alpha ....
karlos Lowry
karlos Lowry Před dnem
Video has potential to be the one with most filler in
Eric Don
Eric Don Před dnem
"Don't choke me" "Choking noises from Perry" 😊
SvenSianez714 Před dnem
I hope Aljo loses. Every time he tweets it just keeps proving he didn’t deserve to win. They should of made the illegal knee legal just for his case. Anyone else would of took it like a true champ.
Jesse Tragedie
Jesse Tragedie Před dnem
All in all great fight..
Noel Dsylva
Noel Dsylva Před dnem
Give khamzat a match with Jiri, it will be the best fight ever
B-Conn66 Před dnem
Reyes got smoked bro what happen? "Beats" Jones then gets slept twice. 😂😂
Chris Enberg
Chris Enberg Před dnem
Wait would’ve he been an Athenian then not a spartan lol they hated each other
Jesse Castillo
Jesse Castillo Před dnem
That jiri fighter looks scary. Was taking hard shots without even a blink. And dishing out so much damage. I can see that dude fighting for a title soon if he stays focused like this fight. Another big win or 2 and he will be there.
Lolly Bread
Lolly Bread Před dnem
Girlfriend? I thought you got engaged on the beach fool. Anyhoo, care factor zero.
Lolly Bread
Lolly Bread Před dnem
Jiri needs to work on getting hit less. Dom nearly had him outta there and shit he almost broke his fucken neck on that fall.
Lolly Bread
Lolly Bread Před dnem
I really dig the way Strickland fights now. He just stands and bangs (if his opponent cares to as well) and he generates massive power without loading up!
Lolly Bread
Lolly Bread Před dnem
Mehrab you look better with the face fluff. Keep it on pal.
Lolly Bread
Lolly Bread Před dnem
Pinheiro was 100% acting. The little push to the chops was nothing (until she heard the ref make it sound real). However, the push was illegal, so fair result anyway.
tombom5767 !
tombom5767 ! Před dnem
Jiri is fkn scary!!!
through the grapevine
Aljo is totally gonna land an illegal strike in his next fight.
Gregory Vincent
Gregory Vincent Před 2 dny
Jiri is a killer but no chin lasts forever
Niek Lodewijkx
Niek Lodewijkx Před 2 dny
"You think whisky is gonna help you?" Everybody to Mike Perry.
IPokeEyesOut Před 2 dny
Can’t wait for aljo to defend the belt
Takedownccp Před 2 dny
Stipe Radda Radda Radda Miocic
Merab doesnt know when to stop recording 😂
alida flus
alida flus Před 2 dny
The fact that DC, Israel, Kamaru, Jan, Jones & other elite fighters are excited about Jiri shows what an absolute fucking monster he is. He is already my favorite fighter.
Ervin Andallo
Ervin Andallo Před 2 dny
That's my man Tong Po right there!!!...
Greg Dawson
Greg Dawson Před 2 dny
Can't wait till Yan takes Sterlings lunch 🤑💰
Luis Hernanfes
Luis Hernanfes Před 2 dny
12:25 U hv only 1 bruh
Frans Zielinski
Frans Zielinski Před 2 dny
Man jiri is a beast i would like to see him figth next aleksandra rakic that would be a greate match up
alida flus
alida flus Před 2 dny
Funny to see the guy who gets hit with an illegal knee is the bad guy not the guy who threw the illegal knee.
sapper boy98
sapper boy98 Před 2 dny
TJ Brown seems like a cool dude
KingKongBrodie Johnson
The machine reminds me of Khabib lol
Sasquatch Před 2 dny
Peter Yan is going to send Sterling to the shadow realm.
Rohan Před 2 dny
Imo think reyes is overrated. He has the potential to be champ as u can see he had good moments with jiri but i think the jones loss really changed him bc all he can think bout is him winning that fight which is not the case, i was one of the ones who thought jones and so did many others but reailty is he lossed which affected him in the Jan fight and this fight bc contanstly he was talking bout how he beat jones he only on a 1 loss winning streak. Dude needs to let the jon victory go and get out of his comfort zone and train with real coaches and have a real camp. I suggest he should go to Trevor witman and the guys out at team elevation bc he can build up his cardio since thats a issue he lacks too and have plenty of great heavy weight training partners like overeem, blaydes etc
Robin Visser
Robin Visser Před 2 dny
Jiri has found a nice way to combover his bald spot
Nick Před 2 dny
Jan and Jiri would be fight of the year
Johnny Rebellion
Johnny Rebellion Před 2 dny
Mike Perry is a Loser. Once he is out of the UFC you will never hear of him again except for his DUI's, busts for cocaine and illegal weapons possession. Kinda sad actually.
Jrock Az
Jrock Az Před 2 dny
Merab could 9f gone 5 more rounds
George Washington
George Washington Před 2 dny
This video was a whole bunch of WHO?
Vaden85 Před 2 dny
Fkn love bisping
Tyler Packer
Tyler Packer Před 2 dny
Damn Aljamain Sterling is so unlikable.
Martin Adamec
Martin Adamec Před 2 dny
Fun fact to Belal Muhammad comment: Jiří Procházka can be from czech language translated to english also as Johny Walker...so he is not too far from truth :D
Roberto Boucher, Jr
What happen to Reyes Football cardio lol
Ringo Před 2 dny
Funny to see the guy who gets hit with an illegal knee is the bad guy not the guy who threw the illegal knee.
Tommybhoy 1888
Tommybhoy 1888 Před 2 dny
Sean Strikland looks like a young michael bisping
Mike dizzle
Mike dizzle Před 2 dny
Warning: There is a one eyed man doing 120 mph entering California. Defensive driving people lets go.
Del San
Del San Před 2 dny
I wish it was Aljamain Sterling that ate Jiri's elbow. He would cry for a DQ cause it felt like an illegal knee
Taylor Mason
Taylor Mason Před 2 dny
that's the dumbest rule ever. Up kicks should be allowed. these wrestlers have too much of an advantage.
Eugene Kaiwai
Eugene Kaiwai Před 2 dny
That’s what I like to see 2 great mma fighters slugging it out
al Před 2 dny
Jan is going to sleep Jiri
Something Clever
Something Clever Před 2 dny
Never had a fighter turn me into a non fan so fast as Aljo after that shit. The tweets are pathetic
Eveliina Sjöblom
Eveliina Sjöblom Před 2 dny
Next Saturday's Fight night on May 9 has only one fight on the card. Does anybody know if they'll go through with it?
David N
David N Před 2 dny
Lol Mike Perry just happens upon a random Nick Diaz encounter. Why doesn’t that shit ever happen to me?
YaegeristDevotee Před 2 dny
Sterling is the one with the belt and he seems more bitter lol. Sounds like an internal struggle he can't cope with..cause he knows he's a paid actor fake champ 😂
leigh harris
leigh harris Před 2 dny
Oh god, Imagine Felipe Colares and Stipe Miocic talking to each other 🙄
K1NG CHR1S Před 2 dny
Feel bad for Mike Perry
David N
David N Před 2 dny
Really liking this guy
PAlive La
PAlive La Před 2 dny
Brother Aljo the more you tweet the more you sink deep....let it go.
PAlive La
PAlive La Před 2 dny
Looma is an honest & hardworking fighter..I hope she does well in future.
tatman Brown
tatman Brown Před 2 dny
Jiri is good and exciting, but those hands down bad habbit will eat him and catch up to him, can't do thst against the polish power
Andy Blakely
Andy Blakely Před 2 dny
Aljamain Stalling acting like he didn’t stay grounded so Petr couldn’t throw anything.
Upland Knight
Upland Knight Před 2 dny
Funk Master gonna get the beat down of his life soon......#fakechamp
Jesus Sanchez
Jesus Sanchez Před 2 dny
Stfu sterlin damn bro no one likes you fake champ never beat anyone for the belt sad kid
Munroe Renouf
Munroe Renouf Před 2 dny
Mike Perry's new GF kinda looks like Nick Diaz...
Merab vs usman for the belt 💪👑
Krckikg Před 2 dny
You are all sleping on Rakic! shame on you!
Wild Shark
Wild Shark Před 2 dny
Can we just add the “n” at the end of Jiri’s name? He’s clearly just using a human disguise👀
Tony Castle
Tony Castle Před 2 dny
Matt Serra at home cheering like he's one of the boys is oddly pathetic.
Tim Reinier
Tim Reinier Před 2 dny
No good fighter would have been hit with that elbow just saying
palms palmer
palms palmer Před 2 dny
Don't be surprise in few years hearing that Mike Perry is struggling mentally and cognitively. He could end up behind bars unless someone gets a hold of him.
palms palmer
palms palmer Před 2 dny
Was the first guy on this video a batty man? He said husband
Onguard Training
Onguard Training Před 2 dny
I invented the training belt to change mma forever..promise!
SkateboardT508 Před 2 dny
That head kick didn’t really look as crazy as it seemed 🤦🏻‍♂️ she didn’t even kick with her heel which would’ve been way worse! she kicked with the palm of her foot probably the softest part
TheGevarenzone Před 2 dny
Don't forgett glover texaira & jan No quastion it would be the biggest test of piri
Charlie Martin
Charlie Martin Před 2 dny
So glad I didn't bet, i had Reyes. His counters were catching him but he didn't have an answer to Jiris unpredictable style. This jiri dude is the real deal. Reyes should keep his head up, he just got caught.
Edwin Před 2 dny
Mr. Jiri needs to be careful going forward like that. Won’t take long before he gets cracked for good. However good win
RonaldReaganJr Před 2 dny
Ion Cuteloba is the jacked guy I’ve seen in every Russian bar brawl video.
SehMatjoe Před 2 dny
How can that be the knockout of the year when we have the Usman vs Masvidal shadowrealm-K.O.?
jddhdj whhddj
jddhdj whhddj Před 2 dny
Reyes wasnt out?
Tony 2X
Tony 2X Před 2 dny
So Either Reyes peaked in that JJ fight or JJ is really trash now and this heavyweight fight might kill him 🤷🏿‍♂️
TheFinn24 Před 2 dny
Thug rose got the knockout of the year.
Courtney Hallcy
Courtney Hallcy Před 2 dny
If a dude with Jiri haircut asks for your seat nicely you may want to find a new seat
WelsheDragon Před 2 dny
Why is Bisping saying a title shot for Jiri isn't going to be for a while yet? I mean, I see his record and his highlights and I think he could step in with blachwitz tomorrow and be competitive
Shoe Cleaners at the Mall be like
I Survived On $0.01 For 1 Week - Day 2
Jiri Prochazka is a PROBLEM…
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