Minecraft, But Axolotls Drop OP Items...

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Minecraft, But Axolotls Drop OP Items...

Thanks for Watching! :D I appreciate all feedback and support :L!

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This is a Minecraft 1.16 challenge where I am beating Minecraft as fast as possible (Minecraft speedrun) to beat the game! However, the twist is that axolotls are overpowered. This is a "Minecraft, But" challenge, not beating minecraft but my friend tries to stop me AKA Minecraft Speedrunner VS Hunter AKA Minecraft Manhunt, Minecraft UHC, Minecraft PvP, nor Minecraft SMP. :L

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foggy Před 53 minutami
marlon detorres
marlon detorres Před 4 hodinami
The tangible tail electrophoretically suit because mother peroperativly change excluding a witty lunchroom. foamy, possible case
Tiky cute
Tiky cute Před 5 hodinami
3:59 tapl missed a ship bruh
Xx_Jayden_xX Před 17 hodinami
Dark blue Axolotls, Yeah
Wrongboy Animation
Axolotl are my favorite Name one axe
all kids FIT in
all kids FIT in Před dnem
dude stop the castm crat
Krzysztof_ Před dnem
4:00 look left :))
Bharath Bharadwaj k
I wish I had these mods for free 😭😭
Bharath Bharadwaj k
Plzzzzz TapL iam your biggest fan
dneel abed
dneel abed Před 2 dny
who else saw the shipwreck after he caught the first axolotl
2:42 hmm interesting cactus
Ibn Zulkefli
Ibn Zulkefli Před 2 dny
Phew luckily he didnt kill the axolotle
Sadtrol GaminG
Sadtrol GaminG Před 2 dny
When i see the video pic i thought you kill exolotl for op item lol
Teamers in kat sucks
Everyone uses axolotl as a pet Tapl:give me some op item my slave
tanemahuta33 Před 2 dny
did anyone notice the shipwreck he missed
Kinoichi Gaming
Kinoichi Gaming Před 3 dny
you know what i call yellow axolotl when i play the new update ? a pikachu
Lean Carbonel
Lean Carbonel Před 3 dny
fun fact:if children watch this video they will do it also because for them it is true
Lean Carbonel
Lean Carbonel Před 3 dny
i like when he said bang!
Fire caster dude
Fire caster dude Před 3 dny
Před 3 dny
8:11 this is me 😭😭😭
Febrian manuel
Febrian manuel Před 4 dny
19:43 BUG FIRE THE FIRE IS FLYING and he banned Fire screen flying is enabled
Jm Igdalino
Jm Igdalino Před 4 dny
I lit see a word on top on axoltle in 3:52,it saids ''plz hlp"
Arlene Veloz
Arlene Veloz Před 4 dny
My avatar was dream
Před 5 dny
kyjin Castillo
kyjin Castillo Před 5 dny
Před 6 dny
i feel like this is abuse :(
Virginia Padillo
Virginia Padillo Před 6 dny
Your are so bad👹👺😈👿
05:44 its been so looong the man behind the slaughter
Nurcan Aksakal
Nurcan Aksakal Před 6 dny
I’m see axlot love I’m that video
Adreen Iskandar
Adreen Iskandar Před 6 dny
Axolotl : Pls help me TapL : Give me ur OP items first 😏
Wendy 2 Gil
Wendy 2 Gil Před 7 dny
In the title of this video with the rarest actual in the game and it was a blue actual
Vampire_Wolf Před 7 dny
Who else saw ALLLLLL of that exp at the begining
Iya Vasquez
Iya Vasquez Před 7 dny
Me:OMG IS Hae GONNA KILL THE AXOLO Me when watches whole vid:ooh... Phew..
Kevin Terry
Kevin Terry Před 7 dny
1:43 thingz
Kevin Terry
Kevin Terry Před 7 dny
1:42 thingz
Ewelina Bezubik
Ewelina Bezubik Před 7 dny
at 2:43 he said hungy instead of hungry
Hanzalah Amran
Hanzalah Amran Před 7 dny
Tapl:I'm gonna name you Joe Me:Joe mama
Eli Zacharie Edañol
Joe and mama means Joe mama
Adrian Matthew
Adrian Matthew Před 7 dny
101k likes? Dang that’s a lot
D3jr_ Floyd
D3jr_ Floyd Před 8 dny
Princess Leen
Princess Leen Před 8 dny
Why do you always shout it hurts my ears
Insane Gaming HD
Insane Gaming HD Před 8 dny
Joe Mama lol weird nqmes
XxDemmon MellowxX
XxDemmon MellowxX Před 8 dny
Joshua Emanis
Joshua Emanis Před 8 dny
696969 levels? I'm a pretend I didn't see that.
Alyssa Před 9 dny
"Joe and Mama" "Joe mama" Me: JOE MAMA!! **Rock roll song start**
Gacha Plays10
Gacha Plays10 Před 9 dny
I Subscribed lol
Bryan Garcia
Bryan Garcia Před 9 dny
The bizarre pancreas latterly tumble because print industrially surprise among a oafish meal. sophisticated, xenophobic pet
Adi Shah
Adi Shah Před 9 dny
At 2:31 there was pyramid he was standing on 🤣
nekeira burrell
nekeira burrell Před 9 dny
I was just watching smallish beans before I watched you and you beat him
C.Crystal_Evi Před 10 dny
*me named my two dog joe and moma (litaraly got so lucky at ancient debris)*
Joseph Conklin
Joseph Conklin Před 10 dny
After he killed the iron golem he got an achievement called Sweet dreams
Vinny Singh
Vinny Singh Před 10 dny
Vinny Singh
Vinny Singh Před 10 dny
nice nice lol
FLOWER KAY Před 10 dny
FLOWER KAY Před 10 dny
i love TapL vida
god of saiyan
god of saiyan Před 10 dny
i have theory he is giving us a hint with the hoe
Ahmadchehadim2010m Před 10 dny
I love how he named the pink axolotl joe and the yellow one mama wish stands for joe mama
39 Gaurav Suvarna
39 Gaurav Suvarna Před 10 dny
is 69 tapl fav no?
Playstation Sony
Playstation Sony Před 10 dny
Playstation Sony
Playstation Sony Před 10 dny
Shriya Singh
Shriya Singh Před 10 dny
Imagine getting a heart from Tapl love from india
SmileyProfiles Před 11 dny
heh he had 69696969 xp in the into :)
TheM4N1C12 Před 11 dny
Heri pe
Heri pe Před 11 dny
Idea:every time you sleep your everything you have Will be updated. plsssss pick
gulfeshan tabassum
gulfeshan tabassum Před 11 dny
in the end the john wick mode was on
Ava O'Grady
Ava O'Grady Před 11 dny
My dads mane is Joe
Corbin Smith
Corbin Smith Před 12 dny
no axolotls we harmed in the making of this vid at least i think
rage elixir
rage elixir Před 12 dny
if 1lvl is 10% and 20,30,40 do the same why does lvl 5 is 100% and not 50%
rage elixir
rage elixir Před 12 dny
tapl *throws a eye by axident* says dont worry we have another one me:.... my brain:the challenge is over
rage elixir
rage elixir Před 12 dny
if im not mistaking u can get string by fishing and as whell u can fish in the axolotl pond
rage elixir
rage elixir Před 12 dny
why did i even say that...
rage elixir
rage elixir Před 12 dny
Juju Bean
Juju Bean Před 12 dny
Your lvvvvvvvvvvv
Berin Avdievski
Berin Avdievski Před 12 dny
Me: I'm sorry, little one...
Terrez Ferguson
Terrez Ferguson Před 12 dny
Well Joe can survive out the water for 5minutes
JackTheGoose Před 12 dny
Am I the only one who thinks the axolots are overrated Good vid tho
alliyah Před 12 dny
U found dream and goerge
Szilard07 Před 13 dny
Mac&Cheese Před 13 dny
Look in the background at 10:45 it’s hilarious
Gabriela Goldstein
Gabriela Goldstein Před 13 dny
17:24 TapL has completed the challenge!
Cxntrol_ Před 13 dny
If you meant kill them I would unsubscribe
Ferhan Khan
Ferhan Khan Před 13 dny
The first two axolots are jo and mama combined the you get jo mama
Aidan Doyle
Aidan Doyle Před 13 dny
Sometimes I think my axolotls are gonna despawn so I take them in buckets with me whenever I go somewhere in minecraft XD (that shows u how much I care for these cute little guys and if u don’t like axolotls your a psychopath)
the axolotls can live out of the water
SSMeifwa205 Před 13 dny
Joemama is now my new favourite ship
Denikka Green
Denikka Green Před 14 dny
The hay was beside the cactus
Graffiti Cat
Graffiti Cat Před 14 dny
am i the only one that saw his lvl
Vlad Oprisoni
Vlad Oprisoni Před 14 dny
You got blue axolotol is the rarest one
KiMi Official
KiMi Official Před 14 dny
Protection 69? Hmmm
Le Ngoc Hieu
Le Ngoc Hieu Před 14 dny
3:53 Bucket of axlotol: pls help
funi content maker
funi content maker Před 14 dny
Me: watching video Ad: pops up right after TapL says 'lets get some' The ad: Hey!
AriezAziz Ahadain
AriezAziz Ahadain Před 14 dny
Kaie Oaks Noja
Yanetsy Puig
Yanetsy Puig Před 14 dny
Unused texture was here
Real Gamer Girl 2017
When he started breeding the axolotl's children I was like, *SWEET HOME ALABMA*
Yannick Welink
Yannick Welink Před 15 dny
3:59 just completely misses a shipwreck
Soumya Sinha
Soumya Sinha Před 15 dny
a axolotl god
a axolotl god Před 15 dny
Venus Chua
Venus Chua Před 15 dny
R.I.P dog
Brody Viele
Brody Viele Před 16 dny
great video
BisexuL mess
BisexuL mess Před 16 dny
Im sorry littel one. But I really need that netherite ingot
Wolfy! Před 16 dny
I feel really bad for the wolfs and all of them dying :(
Jose Lopez
Jose Lopez Před 16 dny
I love the baby axolotls, they are just so cute 💕
Toca Lilly
Toca Lilly Před 16 dny
send all tapl's face
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