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6. 09. 2019





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Komentáře 174 357
Xx_Galaxy_ xX
Xx_Galaxy_ xX Před 24 minutami
Cuss warning?
yas ai did
yas ai did Před 25 minutami
I need a 3 hrs version of this movie uwu
Galaxy Violet
Galaxy Violet Před 28 minutami
Melanie talkin 8:49
Oni Před 28 minutami
I didn’t ask to see this in my recommendations, watched the first 2 mins and immediately regretted it lol
Lena Bachmann
Lena Bachmann Před 29 minutami
You are the best😍😍😍😍😍
Fłöõfïî Před 32 minutami
omg adds XD
Jesus Nuno
Jesus Nuno Před 32 minutami
Lunchbox friends make me want relive everything.
Lily Ha
Lily Ha Před 34 minutami
Ashleyღ nicole
Ashleyღ nicole Před 38 minutami
I had finish completing the movie and it was AWESOME! But there is just one thing I don’t get, the ending. What does she mean by “Are you coming?”
T Riley
T Riley Před 39 minutami
1:06:14 “we don’t deserve her” My exact thoughts when I saw this video
Uni Mear
Uni Mear Před 41 minutou
26:30 The dude at the back: F*ck this sh*t
que en
que en Před 43 minutami
I grew up in the 90's and I think that most of the music now is bad. But this one is an exception. I'm very impressed and I appreciate that there's no ad.
•suga cube•
•suga cube• Před 45 minutami
1:27:45 WTF! 😂 please say sike please say it right now!!
DrearySleep Před 45 minutami
Hablemos del hecho que publicó tremenda obra de arte en la que invirtió millones de dólares, y podemos verlo gratis. Esos 28k de dislikes ni si quiera deberían existir
LoopyLuis Před 45 minutami
all the 28k people that disliked undislike and leave it be, this masterpiece should have none of that
Dj & Vicky
Dj & Vicky Před 46 minutami
Yes. Just YES
sexydanny21awesome Před 46 minutami
This is art! 10/10.
Blackfury Před 47 minutami
To all those who disliked the video can you please put on your gps location, i just want to 'talk'
someone 735
someone 735 Před 49 minutami
izzy B
izzy B Před 50 minutami
lmao this makes me want to dye my hair half black half pink when i get to her age
Tojikato - san
Tojikato - san Před 50 minutami
OMG. i love this soooo much No word with this
rigoberto rodriguez
rigoberto rodriguez Před 51 minutou
Screw Kelly and screw everyone who disliked this video she's amazing and forever will be
•itz Karen•
•itz Karen• Před 53 minutami
Adrian Guerrero
Adrian Guerrero Před 57 minutami
We don’t deserve her this is amazing
Panayiota Penni Adamou
Panayiota Penni Adamou Před 58 minutami
Please tell me people realized that the movie had things from her past songs
The Side Project
The Side Project Před hodinou
just ended watching it and i loved it
Bored MSP
Bored MSP Před hodinou
Lauryn Winn
Lauryn Winn Před hodinou
54:27 the best advice you will ever hear
xPeachy__ Před hodinou
*_I respect you._*
William Scott
William Scott Před hodinou
My heart would explode if her an billie did a collab
_salma_ rock_
_salma_ rock_ Před hodinou
She deserves more attention 😭❤️
Yangyang more like ganggang 1
As a Pisces we don’t claim kelly
Ashley A
Ashley A Před hodinou
OMG I'm so happy it's free and how much effort they put into this movie took 4 years!
jeremiah fisilau
jeremiah fisilau Před hodinou
Lmao this is Melanie's 69th video
ThePotatoFromHeaven Před hodinou
Ppl: I'vE bEeN liSteNinG tO MelaniE MaRtineZ sinCe foReVer anD noW sHeS fAmoUs nOw??? Me: I mean like look at the amount of effort she put into this video with NO ADS, on CSvid and spent a lot of money
Jad Abou Saleh
Jad Abou Saleh Před hodinou
god she is such a good human being, representing trans women, queer women, and women of colour, AND highlighting so many important social issues harming our society and youth and spreading awareness about them WHILE STILL making it a musical masterpiece and performance.
• koala kream •
• koala kream • Před hodinou
*okay just oneeee last time watching it-*
aki yato
aki yato Před hodinou
This is literally masterpiece
Yvonne Austad
Yvonne Austad Před hodinou
I know you belong, that song is on tik tok
Helga Helga
Helga Helga Před hodinou
Why did the 3rd grade class look dyslexic 😂
S3V3N S4N Před hodinou
Bethany Gibson
Bethany Gibson Před hodinou
“i don’t wanna be an actor” (is in a movie)
BECKTORIA Před hodinou
what's the song from the playground scene where she chokes the girl with her hair?
sal sa
sal sa Před 36 minutami
BECKTORIA class fight
Cookiesrmine !!
Cookiesrmine !! Před hodinou
This is like the 100,000 time I've watched this Cause it's awesome!
Candes Rose
Candes Rose Před hodinou
Ally McMahon
Ally McMahon Před hodinou
When the guy who liked her heard another guy ask her to go to the dance😭
Newalla Renteria
Newalla Renteria Před hodinou
This is the best thing ever,I'm so amazed on how much time and money she spent on this!Just for us!! I feel like I'm flying...I feel awesome not sad,or depressed...shes making me feel like im everything!!To anyone reading this have a good day! And Love You Melanie!
Newalla Renteria
Newalla Renteria Před hodinou
Nadine SanMiguel
Nadine SanMiguel Před hodinou
I literally watch this everyday after I get off of work. The visuals and the music are just 😫❤️
livvy pinkside
livvy pinkside Před hodinou
33:48 , does anyone else see jack (from titanic) ? 💀💀
Chiyuaa Před hodinou
I feel like this refernaces her other songs well
Jeo Nonesco
Jeo Nonesco Před hodinou
every song is a different grade 😆 u can actually tell by crybaby's hair
Cailin Dawn
Cailin Dawn Před hodinou
I feel like I'm tripping as I watch this...but damn its a good one
꧁ɑՏɑԵմɾղɑ꧁ 013
- vc conhece Melanie Martinez? - Conheço - E vc é fã dela? - Não - E vc conhece Melanie Martinez? 🇧🇷🇧🇷
Aureliano Fordring
Aureliano Fordring Před hodinou
22:53 衝撃的なシーン
can't relate
can't relate Před hodinou
Literally cares about her fans soo much. It took like 3 years to make this,so much money and yet she puts it on youtube for free . I love her.😍
Eliza Souza
Eliza Souza Před hodinou
Ava Dragneel
Ava Dragneel Před hodinou
Why does everyone not care of how much she spent just to make this i mean 7MIL man this is just to much 🤨
C a r a m e l  L o v e
C a r a m e l L o v e Před hodinou
Much love to those who did a very good job covering her tattoos 😂❤️
Skkrt Skkrt
Skkrt Skkrt Před hodinou
28k dislikes are probably all from kelly
Andrea Ceballos
Andrea Ceballos Před hodinou
so bad. I did'nt like it.
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