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6. 09. 2019





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La doña Peros
La doña Peros Před 16 hodinami
Anyone know what all the songs that were used in the movie are called?
Emma The Boring Person
Emma The Boring Person Před 16 hodinami
Everyone- u can’t make a horror movie with pastel colors Melanie- hold my sippy cup
Madison Cornwall
Madison Cornwall Před 16 hodinami
Who else has seen this like ten times and it never gets old
NV 10a
NV 10a Před 16 hodinami
Horror movie+ love story=Melanie martinez
ツMoth Před 16 hodinami
*"THATS FUCKING DISGUSTING"* Boy eating glue: at this moment he knew *HE FUCKED UP*
Heidi Merchant
Heidi Merchant Před 17 hodinami
*Watch this on tv* ... *Little sister comes in* ..... “Is this about princess and dolls can I watch” ..... Ummmmmmmmmm
Emily Ellis
Emily Ellis Před 17 hodinami
Melaniemartinez is legit the most beautifulest girl I've ever seen
Carmen Deyanira Tobias Zuñiga
Osiosi otra vez la pusieron♡♡♡
Megalodon ice cream Cookies & cream
I mean I like it but it has to many bad words
Jessie Před 17 hodinami
I love Melanie Martinez. It's such an honor watching this amazing film! What a creative idea to write a film to go with an album! Mel is so kind that she let us watch this for free! Comment your fave K-12 song. Mines Strawberry Shortcake and Teacher's Pet
Joselyn The one and only
Joselyn The one and only Před 17 hodinami
Monica Aguilar
Monica Aguilar Před 17 hodinami
Can you please play on the radio
Destiny The Alien
Destiny The Alien Před 17 hodinami
xavier felton
xavier felton Před 17 hodinami
i love you fucking bich
Audrina Pack
Audrina Pack Před 17 hodinami
I kind of wanna see some deleted scenes
Claire Aird
Claire Aird Před 17 hodinami
I love Melanie with orange and black hair in Orange Juice.
•Møøńłîghť Wøłfîè•
It was the best film ever! But please cut out the cussing words
Orca Dork
Orca Dork Před 17 hodinami
Audrina Pack
Audrina Pack Před 17 hodinami
only my 300th time watching this
Love Birds
Love Birds Před 17 hodinami
We don’t deserve her🥺🤗😆🎊
Chunibyo Symptom
Chunibyo Symptom Před 17 hodinami
Why is this availabale for everyone again?
Temporicide Před 17 hodinami
Sereniti Cole
Sereniti Cole Před 17 hodinami
All the dislikes are all the Kellys lol😂😂
Nada Life
Nada Life Před 17 hodinami
It took me two days to finish this
James Welby
James Welby Před 18 hodinami
Why is no one talking bout the nurse that look like James Charles
pryncess nurrah
pryncess nurrah Před 18 hodinami
Love this film, it's free, and just everything I'm asking for ! 💘
Limanf Před 18 hodinami
Dennis Petersen
Dennis Petersen Před 18 hodinami
OMG i love you i almost every littil song 😮😃
Beiidge Před 18 hodinami
So honey, how was your first day at school?
Peyton Riggleman
Peyton Riggleman Před 18 hodinami
idk bout you but does anyone else when melanie gets on the floor in high school sweethearts?
C Smith
C Smith Před 18 hodinami
The principal is actually about Donald trump for being racist,sexist and homophobic
colm farrell
colm farrell Před 18 hodinami
Me: who... How... Melanie you are an angel!!!!! Melanie: thanks oh and hold my Orange juice.
tofumomo Před 18 hodinami
I can’t be the only one who just realised the title mean Kindergarten to Year 12. *please*
Army Forever
Army Forever Před 18 hodinami
the cut moves from her biceps in class fight to her forearm in show and tell, is it on purpose or?
Baquette_ Před 18 hodinami
This is how many people watched it in a day (Including me) ;-; | | \/
Jamal Mills
Jamal Mills Před 18 hodinami
Um. she works with her ex-boyfriend?
Olivia Reynolds
Olivia Reynolds Před 19 hodinami
Yo, hold up, why the fuck is she so damn gorgeous
Abandoned Sadness
Abandoned Sadness Před 19 hodinami
Last week:32M views. 5 days from last week:40M views
skinny latte
skinny latte Před 19 hodinami
does anyone know what kind of snake that is?
Matt Delica
Matt Delica Před 19 hodinami
The nurse got a seizure from cutting hair whattytt
Anthony Petty
Anthony Petty Před 19 hodinami
First off, they fired MISS Harper and as a transgender boy, I died a little. Secondly: Society: you can't make a pastel goth horror movie Melanie: *rolling up sleeves* hold my juice box
arichan x
arichan x Před 19 hodinami
omg she switched the film to public
Gacha Monkey
Gacha Monkey Před 20 hodinami
I am majestic
I am majestic Před 20 hodinami
so um...k-12 sequel?
megido c:
megido c: Před 20 hodinami
i feel so bad for miss harper though. im p glad that the principal got killed bc not only hes a douche hes also a transphobic douche c:
anna_ Chanʕ·ᴥ·ʔ
anna_ Chanʕ·ᴥ·ʔ Před 20 hodinami
Alguém BR? Someone BR(Brazil)?
Richard Doyl
Richard Doyl Před 20 hodinami
Melanie a queen
SophiaRainbow17 Sophia
SophiaRainbow17 Sophia Před 20 hodinami
She is my fav singer, she is one of the few people that enspire me to sing, I hope that one day I can meet her and listen to her live, Melanie you are so good at singing, and who cares if there is a gap in your teeth, it makes you unique and people should open there eyes and see that not everyone if perfectly perfect
Velvet Playz
Velvet Playz Před 20 hodinami
27:06 Ignore this comment lmao
Ishee _playz
Ishee _playz Před 20 hodinami
Ben and Melanie are so perfect and although i really like the movie
생각기대 Před 20 hodinami
i cant wait to see this live in a few days O-O
•AI• Před 20 hodinami
Dear, *Teacher's Pet* On my way to school, I broke the *Wheels on the bus* ,I also went to the *Nurse's Office* because Kelly started a *Class Fight* ,so I wasn't able to do my *Show and Tell* She got sent to *The Principal* and had *Detention* ,When it was *Recess* I had fun with my *Lunchbox Friends* and we drank *Orange Juice* with *Strawberry Shortcake* ,I decided to join the *Drama Club* after that, There was a *Fire Drill* but we still had prom and Brandon became my *Highschool Sweetheart* Sincerely, Crybaby
Soph White
Soph White Před 20 hodinami
I love melanie because she put this on for free on youtube which is not normal since we would have to pay
•Wolfy• Před 21 hodinou
1:03:04 "If i'm so special why i'm secret" Because.. it's illegal lol
Ali Shevki
Ali Shevki Před 21 hodinou
Wow best movie ever well done guys
madison edlin
madison edlin Před 21 hodinou
the ending triggers me ;-;
Im Jax
Im Jax Před 21 hodinou
*While I was watching this I was Impressed with the edits!* *Keep up the good work*
Neon Před 21 hodinou
Wheels on the Bus pretty much was a summary of elementary school for me. It was huge nostalgia. My favorite song in the album.
Caner vidoeos
Caner vidoeos Před 21 hodinou
Caner vidoeos
Caner vidoeos Před 21 hodinou
This is so bad :(
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