Machine Gun Kelly - Candy feat. Trippie Redd (Official Music Video)

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Machine Gun Kelly - Candy feat. Trippie Redd (Official Music Video)
Listen - smarturl.it/HotelDiabloMGK
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Directed by: Miles & AJ
Produced by: SixTwentySix Productions (SixTwentySix.co)
Executive Producer: Austin Barbera, Jake Krask and Jen Herrera
Line Producer: Kai Yuricich
DP: Geoffrey Taylor
Commissioner: Vincenza Conticchio
#Candy #HotelDiablo #MachineGunKelly #TrippieRedd #MGK
Music video by Machine Gun Kelly, Trippie Redd performing Candy. © 2019 Bad Boy/Interscope Records


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9. 07. 2019






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Komentáře 25 911
Luci Před 15 vteřinami
Bruhhhh mgk looked so sad and stressed out in this video...
elizondog1 Před minutou
Jose Diaz
Jose Diaz Před 2 minutami
yooo I don’t usually listen to MGK but the new album go hard, also I love that Pete Davidson is in the video! This shit slaps :)
Joe Nathan
Joe Nathan Před 3 minutami
Don't do drugs. (:
adam west
adam west Před 9 minutami
so eminem disses his manbun and he cuts it off and dies his hair like 1999 em when is he goina do his own thing?
Moe Lady 35
Moe Lady 35 Před 9 minutami
Only here for Red
Abdo Saleh
Abdo Saleh Před 17 minutami
ووجوه يومئذ عليها غبره
nik bahena
nik bahena Před 23 minutami
🤦🏻‍♂️ the music these rappers put out these days......GARBAGE
Jonathan Carpenter
Jonathan Carpenter Před 26 minutami
Jeremy Jenkins
Jeremy Jenkins Před 29 minutami
Wtf! Goofy ass clown and a stupid ass song.
oh yeah yeah
oh yeah yeah Před 35 minutami
Trippie looking like he bouta get caught be steve irwin(rip)
TRH carlos
TRH carlos Před 38 minutami
wannabe peep
Skylar Oswalt
Skylar Oswalt Před 42 minutami
This motherfucker trying to sound like post Malone LOL nice try little man but you’ll never be as good as him
U dont Know me
U dont Know me Před 47 minutami
Trippe caries this song
6fth Před 51 minutou
Pete Davison LMAO smoking weed haha
russell strongman
russell strongman Před 59 minutami
Everything about this reminds me of lil peep, true homage to the late hellboy🙏
LegendaryAlex Před hodinou
The chorus is excellent, the verse of mgk is nice, Trippie fucked it up but it was short.
BRUENE! Před hodinou
He got a Career after the Eminem disstrack
Virgo_Maho Před hodinou
I didn't like the song in the beginning but damn did it grow on me
Evan Koren
Evan Koren Před hodinou
Omg what a terrible song
Happudh rJegjsokrk
Happudh rJegjsokrk Před hodinou
Use me as a yeah button
Jordan Před hodinou
Trippie has a good ft. But the rest was too repetitive and got annoying
Skylar Mollett
Skylar Mollett Před hodinou
“You kids are actually pretty cool”- Pete’s famous words 😂💀
Abdullah Alqahtani
Abdullah Alqahtani Před hodinou
You still alive after M’s diss ?
tannis59 Před hodinou
Trippie kinda ruined the song for me
rico. grsm
rico. grsm Před hodinou
Man this is 🔥
Sorruhh Před hodinou
Well now trippie will never get a eminem collab lol
stanley sutton
stanley sutton Před 2 hodinami
fire as fuck
let's make a video
let's make a video Před 2 hodinami
Booooooo man you still tryin after eminem destroyed you
hi 187
hi 187 Před 2 hodinami
Mgk new lil peep
Captain Buzzer
Captain Buzzer Před 2 hodinami
It ain’t half bad to be fair
Daniel Burchfield
Daniel Burchfield Před 2 hodinami
MGK sounds depressed from his destruction on Eminems track 😂😂
Aid Yasser
Aid Yasser Před 2 hodinami
داير كي زبي
Mia Leon
Mia Leon Před 2 hodinami
I’ve never in a million years would think this is the best collab
Riplee Silva
Riplee Silva Před 2 hodinami
Pete makes this video💀💀
Vicky Steamboat
Vicky Steamboat Před 2 hodinami
"play with death like I'm billy and mandy" this line wayyyyy too hard
Thebadracoon Před 2 hodinami
And Trippie Redd is a fucking mumble rapper
Thebadracoon Před 2 hodinami
Trash Eminem is better
Moose Knuckle
Moose Knuckle Před 2 hodinami
Vicky Steamboat
Vicky Steamboat Před 2 hodinami
the word 'yeah' was overused in this song
danica gardiner
danica gardiner Před 2 hodinami
kruulz Před 2 hodinami
this is sad
sosaaa 2x
sosaaa 2x Před 2 hodinami
1:00 use me as an replay button to use u must like this comment
DetunedBeats Před 2 hodinami
I made a dope remix of this song🔥 I'd appreciate if you guys can check it out🙏
A-Blitz Před 3 hodinami
Lil peep vibes?
Angel Spears
Angel Spears Před 3 hodinami
“Play with death like I’m billy and Mandy yeah, make a fuck nigga sleep like a xanny yeah....” ....................story of my life.......... 😢
Alivia Hargis
Alivia Hargis Před 3 hodinami
Daaaamnn he looks good in pink
It’s Chace
It’s Chace Před 3 hodinami
MGK Fucking sucks
ghettonativeskater gnsandfriends
Y'all gonna act like we ain't been sleepin on mgk
king6eor6e Před 3 hodinami
Song catchy af but redds verse weak af and mgk didn’t come with at least one banger verse. Would have made this song a classic.
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