Love Never Dies: A Magnificent Musical Trashfire Sequel to Phantom of the Opera

Lindsay Ellis
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Let me show you the beauty underneath.

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00:00:00 buy my book
00:03:37 Phantom, a summary
00:05:32 Let’s try to explain Love Never Dies
00:22:50 The Phantom of Manhattan
00:29:27 Why is this
00:34:39 The ending (is masterful)
00:38:38 Love Never Dies never dies
00:42:59 Cat’s in the cradle

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21. 10. 2021





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BadassitudePosterGIrl Před měsícem
“We can’t all be Christine” High school theatre kids at a party would beg to differ.
coffeeavenger Před 18 dny
@Liam Ross 25 virgins and a lot of Sprite at the Crucible cast party
Chris Russo
Chris Russo Před 18 dny
​@neuralmute g i r l
feralnerd5 Před 20 dny
@Sophia Walsh Long theoretically I have that note but I still can't hit it in that specific context for some reason
Kyle Riel
Kyle Riel Před 22 dny
2:18 - Satanic hand signs. Lindsay's soul is bought and paid for
Jaded Wonderland
Jaded Wonderland Před 25 dny
@Sophia Walsh Long (with 18 not quite making it)
tessyb8 Před 3 hodinami
this phantom somehow has both virgin and chad energy
A Tiny Bard
A Tiny Bard Před 17 hodinami
Mercenary7 Před 22 hodinami
15:02 Always gotta have one absolute banger that when you think about the lyrics you go from :) to >:|
A A Před dnem
39:17 :(
Ansreth Před dnem
You think Max Sheffield was jumping for joy when this one flopped?
3A4T 10
3A4T 10 Před dnem
I think "Till I Hear You Sing" is one of Webber's best songs. Maybe he can incorporate that song into the original POTO. That would be cool.
Iranian Voodoo Doctor
Mamul doesn’t mean mother in Persian… Mother is Mahdahr, or Mahmahn
KaletheQuick Před dnem
I've really loved following Lindsay's career and it's great to see her TEN YEARS OOOONNNN!
Lockmonster05 Před dnem
Now if Meg found out that she was the Phantom's daughter, the jealousy about his obsession with Christine and her mother's about inheritance would make a bit more sense.
Daniela Pardo
Daniela Pardo Před dnem
The TEN YEARS OOOOLD and YoU caN TakE IT sections were way too funny I keep coming back for these and these only 😂😂.
Garrett Robinson
Garrett Robinson Před dnem
"Till I Hear You Sing" is the only thing i acknowledge about love never dies and it's only because i sang it really well one time in like 2013 on the way home from what i believe was the very first escape room
R H Před dnem
Next up: The Jesus Christ Superstar sequel.
C.T. Phipps
C.T. Phipps Před dnem
Wow, my God, this is the worst thing ever. I love it.
Grim Sister
Grim Sister Před 2 dny
Andrew Lloyd Webber finds it vital that you know The Phantom f*cks
darkryder5 Před 2 dny
My somewhat prosaic explanation is simply that ALW always liked the Vegas production where Ramin Karimloo and Sierra Boggess had a sexual chemistry that eluded Crawford/Brightman or Butler/Rossum and decided that a sequel that swerved to highlight the attraction between Christine and Erik was plausible, even if it meant trashing - as Lindsay says - the point of the original's ending. In Phantom's final scene, Christine tells Erik that he has become uglier on the inside than outwardly, " . . . it's in your soul the true distortion lies.", and that realization by both characters underlies the finale.
R.i.a Před 2 dny
Wow, this musical sure was something... Though, in defense of the Phantom of Manhattan book Mammon is actually in Binsfeld's classification of demons (one of the 7 princes of hell). Otherwise, the plot sounds like an entertaining trainwreck🤣
libif Před 2 dny
39:22 what movie is this from?
Tony Spike 1984
Tony Spike 1984 Před 2 dny
I would love to see you do a hot take or loose cannon on sweeney todd
Papillon Před 2 dny
Enough of the phantom of the opera…
Tia Glomb
Tia Glomb Před 2 dny
Ok, here's my thoughts: Love the music and the staging of the touring show was really cool. The sets were awesome. This is an amazing show if you look at it as a stand alone thing. As a sequel to Phantom...... yeah, trash fire.
I like the addition of the little person to the show and your commentary. Plus 1 subscriber. ALW should have just left this alone. 2004 movie was and will forever be horrible.
Peter Před 2 dny
As a wrestling fan I deeply appreciate your use of face/heel turn terminology. Makes me glad I'm a patron.
Aaron Litz
Aaron Litz Před 3 dny
This tendency of sequels/remakes to claim that the original work wasn't actually accurate but the sequel/remake is telling the _true_ version of events must be contagious amongst hack writers in a misguided attempt to gain legitimacy. Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson pulled the same trick with their gawdawful sequels to _Dune_ a few years ago, saying that Frank Herbert's original stories were actually just Princess Irulan's biased and inaccurate accounts of events, while all of their horrible retcons are how things _really happened all along._
davor Před 3 dny
where can i find the full version of: "you can feel it?" YES ! "you can take it?" YES ! /metal-guitars
Raffaele Miceli
Raffaele Miceli Před 3 dny
10:40 - "Heaving bosom." - Lois Griffin
dana Před 3 dny
Raoul’s dick got shot off in Phantom of Manhattan 😭 that is the saddest most hysterical thing that has happened in POTO ever
Louie Před 3 dny
i don’t think we talk enough about the fact that erik/mr y sent a music box that played the intro to the song about fucking to christine’s son,
Jessica Dunne
Jessica Dunne Před 3 dny
its bad luck to perform in peacock feathers? maybe thats why shes dressed in them?
quasitonality Před 4 dny
The credit's rollin' to the silver spoon and I'm crackin' up and I like "I ain't heard that song in ages" and I'm hittin' pause and opening my music player to listen and gets to the last stanza and I start bawlin' like a baby, DAM YU LINDSAY TIHS UR FAULT 😭😭😭😭
Krzysztof Olender
Krzysztof Olender Před 4 dny
29:24 what's the name of this song?
Rebecca Klein
Rebecca Klein Před 4 dny
2:16 is that an AO3 mug?
Name Name
Name Name Před 4 dny
currantbun2166 Před 4 dny
Confirmed: Andrew Lloyd Webber only hangs out with Frederick Forsyth to try and make himself look like 'the normal one'.
Maika Clarke
Maika Clarke Před 4 dny
It's as good as the first which I found terrible.
Eric Před 4 dny
Everything would have been forgiven if the songs had been up to scratch. They most decidedly were not.
Katie Marie
Katie Marie Před 4 dny
My Immortal playing softly in the background during the fanfic trope explanation 🤌🏻🤌🏻🤌🏻
Thahnewgrinch Před 5 dny
Are you gonna do a Stephen Sondheim video, that'd be cool af
Xpert PSI Princess
Xpert PSI Princess Před 5 dny
Ok...so my family bought season passes for my local theater to get priority to see Hamilton. I had never seen Phantom somehow, but I watched Love Never Dies because it was there that weekend and it was free for me. It was absolutely incomprehensible to me, and it's good to know I wasn't just ignorant and this show is an actual clusterfuck.
Grace Period
Grace Period Před 5 dny
Lindsay I am DYING for your thoughts on Tick...Tick...Boom! because all I'm hearing is that everyone loved it and I'm not sure I did. I thought the framing device was apologizing for it being a musical; I thought Lin's direction was too profoundly inspired by Jon Chu's direction of In the Heights (which I loved, but I'm not sure works for this story); and I had a hard time reconciling the changes made to Larson's narrative, obviously posthumously. I'm also sure the crazy timing is affecting my perception, but it all seemed more like a Sondheim tribute than a Larson tribute. If you loved it, I love that for you! Just wanted to get some other thoughts
Erica Lindblad deJongh
"I'm losing to a bird!" "See how I glitter..." and now....."Give me the gun, Meg!"
Melissa Matos
Melissa Matos Před 5 dny
Maybe would make sense if Meg Geary was the phantom's daughter too?
Hungry Films
Hungry Films Před 5 dny
Ah yes my favourite city’s Toronto, London… And Australia.
Francesca Pellegrini
Ok, LND is a whole clusterfuck of a musical, but you know what really, REALLY bothers me? Ben Lewis. His goddamn voice, his goddamn atrocious facial expressions, his goddamn demeanor, his goddamn TEENY TINY HANDS attached to the body of Frankenstein. WHY DID THEY CHOOSE HIM???
Lady Kenna
Lady Kenna Před 5 dny
The "phantom sperm" art is the one drawing I didn't know I needed in my life.
Gustav Gnöttgen
Gustav Gnöttgen Před 5 dny
Can't wait for the prequel
A Casual Cactus
A Casual Cactus Před 5 dny
A Coney Island freak show owner invites his love interest and her husband to Coney Island, where he finds out that the child is his, scars the child for life, and then negotiates a hostage crisis where one of his employees is trying to throw a child off a pier.
MisterTwister Před 5 dny
This is like if we got a Spider-Man 4 where Peter decided that actually the symbiote was good and it didn’t matter that he hit Mary Jane with it.
cinquine Před 5 dny
I set a reminder for Oct 21 2031, so I can come back and remind everyone how old this video is.
Karen Holl
Karen Holl Před 6 dny
in my opinion, Till I Hear You Sing is the only good thing to come out of this show. Ramin's version is perfection. But everything else? the same level of characterization assassination as s8 game of thrones
Awkward - Sama
Awkward - Sama Před 6 dny
Yeah, this shits a big oof. I'm gonna be honest tho, I've always loved Phantom of the Opera, because I felt like christine and the phantom were like two halves of Myself, opposites in a completely toxic relationship, like dancing with your demons, and such, but also seeing it as trying to understand the darkness within, as everyone has a shadow, reasoning with it, showing it love when nothing else will, to stop it from not just hurting others but itself. When I found Love Never Dies however, I almost liked it more, because the music was so beautiful, made my soul like WOOSH and I related to alot of the songs in a way separate from the storyline. But yeah, maybe my love for it was also because it says Fanfiction all over it, as if the phantom wrote it, from delusions of grandure. It's tragic, painful, and absolutely misses the whole point of the first production, but despite all of that, it still has a place in my heart because of how much it meant to me at the time of discovering it. It may be a trashfire, but its dear to my heart nontheless. And hey, you gotta admit, the songs hit~
traketso Před 6 dny
Never knew this existed, fortunately.
Zari Belle
Zari Belle Před 6 dny
Since it’s said POTO was nearly a love letter to Sarah Brightman by Webber, when they divorced he may have gone off the rails and tried to put his feelings of sadness and loss into LND. The part of Christine was quite literally written for her. He even referred to her as his muse and Angel of Music in real life. Instead it comes out jumbled and confused, probably reflecting his feelings also. Either way, as POTO is my favorite musical of all time, LND was a disappointment.
coolbanana165 Před 6 dny
Is Meg a femcel?
Amanda G
Amanda G Před 6 dny
15:00 reminds me of repo genetic opera
Nicholas T.
Nicholas T. Před 7 dny
Honestly like the story of this show is excessively terrible but like... The music is still damn good, like Beneath a Moonless Sky is gorgeous if you ignore the meaning.
Talia Fraser
Talia Fraser Před 7 dny
that snippet of I Knew You Were Trouble by Taylor better be (Taylor's version) or SO HELP ME.
Andrew Willoughby
Andrew Willoughby Před 7 dny
Man "Michael Jacksoning a kid" has a COMPLETELY different meaning in my book
Aaron Před 7 dny
why the fuck is your lighting so damn bright holy shit you look like a ghost.
xxmidnight12xx Před 8 dny
I liked Meg in the phantom of the opera, why did they have to ruin her character. Same with the madame
Ray Pat
Ray Pat Před 8 dny
The one thing I can give to this LND is that everyone’s voice is very lovely!
scarylion.roar Před 8 dny
"And, plus, you can't count L. She wanted to go back to the morgue, I helped her." Did Agent J kill Agent L?
Ripley Před 8 dny
what truly destroys me is that all of these performers in love never dies are super talented. fantastic singers and good actors and yet, do they realize that this show is a dumpster fire? their talents could be better used elsewhere in, i don’t know… the original show that was fine where it ended?
Ray Pat
Ray Pat Před 8 dny
Agreed haha. I guess you have to get a paycheck no matter what it is in theater 🥲 The soundtrack is (MOSTLY) amazing just because of the voices alone
Lauren Blosser
Lauren Blosser Před 9 dny
I've never actually looked into this sequel because I knew it'd be bad but I'm so glad I watched this video haha.
MerMer Před 9 dny
Love Never Dies is like an unaware comedy xD
Ian Před 10 dny
When you've created a cultural milestone, you HAVE to be satisfied with that! Making a sequel of a great work of art can ONLY drag it down. Sequels are kind of trashy, to begin with.
Laura Pernas
Laura Pernas Před 10 dny
ok but are u gonna drop the fanfic link 👀
Cotton Candy
Cotton Candy Před 10 dny
Aaaawwwe I loved it. Although the kids pretty cheesy
Joanne Lee
Joanne Lee Před 10 dny
The photoshopped faces of Phantom and the kid at the end tho
Send Pie
Send Pie Před 10 dny
Love Never Dies: but you DO. Notice me, semPhantom! The yandere tame (and lame) route.
Lic021 Před 10 dny
somewhere deep in the depths of private messages to my best friend is my live reactions of the first time I watched LND (or 'Phantom 2:Electric Boogaloo', as we call it), back in early 2020 when it was put up on youtube as part of The Shows Must Go On. about a year-ish later I made them watch it with me and it took twice as long because we were constantly pausing it to scream at what was going on and now the third part in the saga, I've just sent them this video
neckpeck Před 11 dny
credit where it's due, for as shitty as the script is meg's actress makes the most of what she's given. her performance is great honestly
Francine Arcieri
Francine Arcieri Před 11 dny
I love the Phantom Of The Opera the Phantom is my honey bunches indeed
Tareltonlives Před 11 dny
ENK Před 11 dny
"Give me the gun Meg..." (I can't) 😂
ENK Před 11 dny
This cringe of this show, the utter utter cringe, never again... 🤦‍♂️😂
HydrangeaDragon Před 11 dny
Shenorai Před 12 dny
As far as why the Girys were the ones smuggling out The Phantom in the first place, Madame Giry has a habit of helping him flee from murder charges. I'm fuzzy on the details in the novel, but the movie showed that Erik had killed the freak show carnie who kept him in a cage as a child, then Madame Giry - who was also a child on a sort of field trip to see the freak show - led Erik to the catacombs under the opera house to hide him there. With the murders of Piangi and the stage hand known to the public, Erik was, once again, being hunted for murder. I guess Madame Giry thought that she could help him again, but this time for a price. After all, she has a daughter to support. Hence why she's pissed about everything being given to Gustav instead.
nejdalej Před 12 dny
Lmao can't believe the sequel of the most successful musical of all time is Phantom of the Low Rent Cabaret.
Roz W. Brazel
Roz W. Brazel Před 12 dny
🎂 *HAPPY BIRTHDAY LINDSAY!!* 🎂 Congrats on the million views just in time for the day!
Slytundracat Před 12 dny
This made me sad… my favorite musical thrown in THE TRASH
Rachel Adams
Rachel Adams Před 12 dny
Watching the film, I paid attention to the dates, such as when it was supposed to have happened and her birth and death date on her tomb. Turns out, she's 16 when all of the crazy Phantom stuff happened. So he's been teaching her to sing as 'her father' and then, when she's 16 he makes the moves on her. That isn't love, that be grooming. A sequel on the original story of the Phantom grooming Christine is just an extra layer of eugh. It's not the age gap, it's the fact that he holds a position of power (in Christine's head anyway) over her as her tutor. Eugh!!
livia raquel
livia raquel Před 12 dny
judge me but I love the musics in this show
Lobelia Owl
Lobelia Owl Před 12 dny
10:44 "my immortal" playing in the background whilst discussing fan fiction tropes is a stroke of genius
Lalita Limón
Lalita Limón Před 9 dny
I cant believe i did not hear it before! genius indeed
Salomón Anderson
Salomón Anderson Před 12 dny
I think lindsey ellis is kinda hot whos with me
Limbo Bilbo
Limbo Bilbo Před 12 dny
So this is basically just Lloyd Webber explaining how you have to like the phantom because he’s webber’s self insert
Limbo Bilbo
Limbo Bilbo Před 12 dny
15:58 Where…..where did his hair go?
Niko Carcosa
Niko Carcosa Před 13 dny
Does a woman on stage dressed as a male peacock count as drag?
Jessica Hamerle
Jessica Hamerle Před 13 dny
i can’t believe i’m old enough to remember when ALW’s cat stepped on his keyboard and deleted half the score of love never dies as he was working on it, therefore buying us more time before it came out… even THEN fandom knew nothing good would come of it. ANYWAY lmao my favorite “Phanfic” will always be phantom by susan kay, it definitely gets pretty “erik is so smart and sexy” but I feel like she had more respect for the characterization of the actual characters… but it’s also been at least ten years since I’ve read that one either lmao
roial Před 11 dny
oh my god are you kidding?? I cant believe I've never heard this. it explains so much
A_TheatreNerd Před 13 dny
wait peacocks and blue symbolize bad luck in theatre and she dies after that so
Jackson Quinn
Jackson Quinn Před 13 dny
I missed you!!!
Joseph Santi
Joseph Santi Před 13 dny
Kaveh rolling at the ending is great
Jane Před 14 dny
God I hate the phantom of Manhattan part of the video like bro the fuck this guy think he is????
A Sneaky Lawn Gnome
A Sneaky Lawn Gnome Před 14 dny
Her luminous...orbs?
Marie-Lise Couillard
I haven't watched anything of Love Never Dies other than this review, but from what I can gather, the thing that kills be as that there seems to be real talent in this! I downloaded the song Love Never Dies, it's beautiful, and there are clearly some good actors ( I find Meg Giry's actress really charismatic and she has a beautiful voice). Too bad it's in service of that garbagefire of a story...
Debilitator47 Před 14 dny
Oh, silly me, being an asshole again. MOOD.
Amirata Amirzadeh
Amirata Amirzadeh Před 14 dny
Persians really scare westerners apparently
Mark Mark
Mark Mark Před 14 dny
And we end with a version of "Cat's In The Cradle".
KomoMn Před 14 dny
I actually like Meg being the villain and a more important caracther here. Her holding the Phantoms mask at the end of the original somewhat foreshadows her descent into madness
Emma Walcott
Emma Walcott Před 14 dny
Wow, how dare you reawaken my deep, single-cat-parent love of Phantom of the Opera with this one video
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