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In this episode of Out Of Our Comfort Zones we met up with Noah Schnapp, a professional actor who plays the part of WILL on the iconic show 'Stranger Things', to get some insights on what it's like to be an actor on the big screen and to learn out to become professional actors ourselves.
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11. 06. 2019





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sofia pecina
sofia pecina Před 6 hodinami
17:32 “ no yOu yOu cAnt yOu cAnt EAt cUcUmBers “
Juan Aguilar
Juan Aguilar Před 17 hodinami
taking advise from noah schnapp on how to act is like asking a lottery winner how to manage millions, lol just a day ago the lottery winner was broke.
Azul Westpfahl
Azul Westpfahl Před 2 dny
Noah “I LOVE CRYING!” 17:55 😂
Sayesha’s World
Sayesha’s World Před 2 dny
Noah : *after being lost and almost dead in stranger things and Joyce was like “where’s my son”* Now: *WHERED You LEAVE OUR SoN* I’m dead 😂😂😂
Chezca Villota
Chezca Villota Před 3 dny
17:56 OH mY GOD mE To0!
sm88 Před 3 dny
lol i do theatre and for the "1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8" thing i literally got up and did that with them. we call that the "shake out" or the "eights".
R0xess ._.
R0xess ._. Před 4 dny
Noah: I love crying :) 👍 ❤️ Me: Me too :))😭❤️
laurynnn Před 4 dny
noah: "look you're already tearing up" ethan: "I'm tearing up? oh."
Taylor Rose
Taylor Rose Před 4 dny
11:31 gray: it’s a little hard *laughs*
Chicken Nuggetz
Chicken Nuggetz Před 4 dny
16:50 Made me tear up of laughter lol.
Barbara ribeiro
Barbara ribeiro Před 5 dny
I love when Noah talks about Tom OMGGG
Alberto rible jr.
Alberto rible jr. Před 5 dny
Kaitlynkitty Před 6 dny
who else didn't care what the twins had to say and skipped to the part where Noah comes in... cause hes your crush
s o f i l e s c a n o
@strangerthingsenespañol Puedes traducirlo? :V
Chloe Borders
Chloe Borders Před 9 dny
hi I'm a new subscriber
Maya Raja
Maya Raja Před 9 dny
Can we play D&D now?
Natalie B
Natalie B Před 10 dny
Winchester vibes in the improv car scene?
Alicia Luque lara
Alicia Luque lara Před 11 dny
I LOVE CRYING- Noah Schnapp, 2019.
Sarah Finley
Sarah Finley Před 12 dny
When Noah and Grayson pretended to be husband and wife and Grayson says "babe just calm down" 😂😂😂😂💀💀💀💀
marina nikolic
marina nikolic Před 12 dny
Grayson fake crying about pickels was the best thing of all time
Бахо Мухитдинов
4:04 grayson says what up babe-
MOON Is My Name
MOON Is My Name Před 13 dny
IM A BIG FAN OF STRANGER THINGS AND DOLAN TWINS "FRIENDS don't lie" Only stranger things fan knows😍
Danique Před 14 dny
17:56 "I love crying." Same Noah. Same.
Natalia Lesniewska
Natalia Lesniewska Před 14 dny
“ESMERELDA???!!!!” 🤣🤣
Vlog with Harm
Vlog with Harm Před 15 dny
Is it just me or does Noah Suddenly look even more adorable when hes crying!?
Mieke van der Meulen
Noah : “i love crying”
Grace Před 15 dny
1-Use the lights Well Joyce sure did
Kimchiisnw !!!!
Kimchiisnw !!!! Před 15 dny
Am I the only one watching that pillow in the background as it changes colour or what
Shadow- 0623
Shadow- 0623 Před 16 dny
Angelo Tiesenhausen
Angelo Tiesenhausen Před 16 dny
Who is that at 15:18 on the right?
Aabidah Valeed
Aabidah Valeed Před 16 dny
Noah smiling wide: Your Mom died in a car crash and you were there and you watched her die. Noah seriously and very sad: You’re allergic to PiCkLeS
Aabidah Valeed
Aabidah Valeed Před 16 dny
Is it just me or is Noah feeling like an awkward really tiny kid here?
Bree _queen
Bree _queen Před 16 dny
STRANGER THINGS (fans where u at)
Stephanie Gamer
Stephanie Gamer Před 17 dny
14:27 lol Noah should audition for the tiger for a frosted flack comercial
Stephanie Gamer
Stephanie Gamer Před 17 dny
He’s so tall
Daniel Conde
Daniel Conde Před 17 dny
Están teniendo vistas gracias a noha
Meme Danby
Meme Danby Před 17 dny
I laughed at this
Avery Riker
Avery Riker Před 17 dny
I love how Noah mentions Tom Holland 😆 honestly me
hi vat
hi vat Před 17 dny
Still thinkin how scuffed Noah looks with a bauld cut as will
Makenna Hetlinger
Makenna Hetlinger Před 17 dny
17:57 Noah: I love crying! Me: 😂😂😂❤️🥰
Isaac Hinkle
Isaac Hinkle Před 18 dny
Noah: I love crying Depression: yeah u do😜😭
Sophia Frankish
Sophia Frankish Před 18 dny
Karis Ramsey
Karis Ramsey Před 18 dny
When noahs voice went 📈📉i felt that
Annika Lei
Annika Lei Před 18 dny
Dolan Twins: we have no experience in acting Also them: 1:19 - 1:31 and 1:58 - 2:02
SorkeXL Před 19 dny
17:56 you and me both buddy:(
PoseidonHeir Před 19 dny
I literally died when they were all shaking their hands
OoF.Itz_ Edits
OoF.Itz_ Edits Před 19 dny
Can u guys have larri on ur Chanel
Karen proud Mom of 4
CSvids messed up I'm the only comment but there's 3 million views and 247k likes
Makenzi J
Makenzi J Před 19 dny
No one: Literally no one: Not even one single particle that is on the face of the earth: Grayson: Well Esmeralda has voluptuous lips! 😂😂😂😂
Kayla Carter Graphics
But why was Grayson so good at the crying scene.
raptors clubs
raptors clubs Před 20 dny
Dolan? How the fuck did you get in contact with Noah Schnapp
raptors clubs
raptors clubs Před 20 dny
Noah Schnapps? What the fuuuuuck
Gin Freecs
Gin Freecs Před 20 dny
I’m just heart eyes to Noah in the entire video 😍😍 He’s so handsome plus a legit good actor.
Dark Před 20 dny
I think you guys would go great in drake and josh
Isabella ` Bostwick
Isabella ` Bostwick Před 21 dnem
You guys should try to do colorguard for the next video in this series.
Alia R.
Alia R. Před 21 dnem
some of my fav boyz in one video
Margaux 123
Margaux 123 Před 21 dnem
Noah was so cute when he said he was 14😍
saralane lancaster
saralane lancaster Před 21 dnem
“i’m over here getting emotional about pickles”- ethan
Serenity Trisdale
Serenity Trisdale Před 21 dnem
“I love crying!!” ~Noah schnapp 2019
Serenity Trisdale
Serenity Trisdale Před 21 dnem
Noah’s voice-cracks are so cute
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