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Junior Boniface
Junior Boniface Před dnem
i guess now i used to hate him but now damN keep up bro GOD bless u :)
Micheal Singh
Micheal Singh Před dnem
He should have start with this song instead of yummy
Miglay Samedi
Miglay Samedi Před dnem
Love him, Justin has a sweet soul
Vadana Rodriguez
Vadana Rodriguez Před dnem
I love this!
TinkerBill Rellim
Nice Video Idol
Koushik Changmai
Koushik Changmai Před dnem
Justin kai Dari khini ktibo oko.... Kiba bura bura lgisa!!
Jose Babu
Jose Babu Před dnem
JB IS BACK ON MUSIC 🎵🎵🎵 Dear all , I started new youtube channel hit the subscribe button and please support me Thank you All 😊😊😊😊
Moyeon Před dnem
YUMMY by JustinBieber has now sold over ONE MILLION units in the US! Congrats
Alisha L
Alisha L Před dnem
Come to west sac...one of the hoodest places in sac...
Evelyn Lelievre
Evelyn Lelievre Před dnem
justin bieber coming for david dobrik's brand
Jagdish Verma
Jagdish Verma Před dnem
Your very good man BROO AND it's God's gift so keep it on Broo
We Are The Aliens
Humans being negative for a well intended message is a sad thing...I think you did a great thing for all of mankind....keep up the great work Justin!! Bless others as you are
nene matit
nene matit Před dnem
Thank you for sharing good video
赖卿 Před dnem
cool man
Rico Pro
Rico Pro Před dnem
Sijan Dahal
Sijan Dahal Před dnem
Love from 🇳🇵nepal 🇳🇵🔥jb fan 🖤💪🤘🏿
牛智康 Před dnem
I am his one of the smallest fan,i have being so many years didn't noted any of his thing.but the music made me here.when i watch this vedio,i am cried.because he is so up man.fighting!
Mikey Loves Pizza
This song is fire!
bearmeds08 Před dnem
Love it!!! Love it!!!! Love it!!!!! Justin keep up the good work you do in helping people like me who are misfortunate!!!! The riches are stored up for compassionate people like you in Heaven.
Flaming Charge
Flaming Charge Před dnem
W.w.m.m Před dnem
W.w.m.m Před dnem
Amo su voz !!
W.w.m.m Před dnem
Sigamos apoyando este temazo !!!💪🏻💞
Peter russell
Peter russell Před dnem
Jamie Cajayon
Jamie Cajayon Před dnem
So proud of you Justin Bieber keep on doing what you're doing
HaloTeamEnglish Dev
Rachelle Harwell
Rachelle Harwell Před dnem
So awesome! Bieber you have a heart of freaking gold!
hc maclean
hc maclean Před dnem
I’m hearing the 50/ 50 , it’s actually 100/ 100.
Summer Green
Summer Green Před dnem
Why did ppl dislike this video?
Awdum Před dnem
Does this song remind anyone else of Stardew Valley?
Nathan Embrey
Nathan Embrey Před dnem
My other intention is to keep loving sad people
Seham Al-Ibbi
Seham Al-Ibbi Před dnem
Blessed you
Nathan Embrey
Nathan Embrey Před dnem
My only intention is to hear this song over and over
Donald Trump
Donald Trump Před dnem
What , the other president also watch this too
jay dagoat
jay dagoat Před dnem
Eduardo Lampugnani
You have done a great work. All you have to do is something. There is no right or wrong. Time is short. Everything we do matters and is very important.
GOKARi SAIpRASAd Před dnem
which is the best song between care and INTENTIONS Like = care by GOKARI SAIPRASAD csvid.net/video/video-7eJpNP20YUg.html Comment = INTENTIONS by justin bieber
Bebett Buchanan
Bebett Buchanan Před dnem
Samantha Lewis
Samantha Lewis Před dnem
beautiful video
Lisa Lucking
Lisa Lucking Před dnem
Justin Bieber I feel your pain and people stop giving him pictures he need some peace and quiet #LeaveJustinBieberAlone
Too inspirational
I don’t even listen to Justin Bieber’s songs but this one right here. 🔥🔥🔥🔥
kim Sykes
kim Sykes Před dnem
justin you look weird with your stash mustace lol
Sir Trail
Sir Trail Před dnem
Justinnwe have to meet I swear we are like soulmates like best friend soulmates you get my lofe bro....i want to find my version of Haley ......
Kierra Brown
Kierra Brown Před dnem
Top fave videos! Beautiful message❤ Inspire and spread kindness! Peace & Love to you all!
masriah syahril
masriah syahril Před dnem
I need more song as positive as like this one.. So touching, positive and having a Deep lyrics.
Bohdan Tverdokhlib
bb baekho
bb baekho Před dnem
being a fan since one time, i know that he’s always been a good person. i agree that there were some “down” times that i kinda stop listening to him after journals, but now i’m reallyyyyy glad we got our justin back! he’s part of my teenage years and i wish nothing but happiness for him.
Ammrai PC
Ammrai PC Před dnem
I love your sound
canal da mica muniz
Amor. Já. Gata.
canal da mica muniz
Justin. Bieber
Nanfada Keita
Nanfada Keita Před dnem
Amazing song 🔥
Maylene Potenciano Blog
This song makes me love Justin more. 😭💖 I really know you have a good heart. Loving you since 2009 💕
Crook_D.j AA
Crook_D.j AA Před dnem
made me tear eyes too
Crook_D.j AA
Crook_D.j AA Před dnem
Gods children unite!
jeuxtest 83
jeuxtest 83 Před dnem
my wife often tells me that I am not a real man to listen to Justin Bieber's music she tells me that I should listen to rap with only insults ... But I dont care I love this kind of music and Justin is an excellent singer and I love his style
Mc Beh SP
Mc Beh SP Před dnem
Marla Willier
Marla Willier Před dnem
Good Job Justin - It's always more satisfying to give than receive!
Charley Před dnem
Beautiful. The world needs more of this. Thank you Justin 💕💕
Funmi Ayeni
Funmi Ayeni Před dnem
M.j looking down
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