Juice WRLD & benny blanco - Real Shit (Official Lyric Video)

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1. 12. 2020





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Aiden Whaley
Aiden Whaley Před hodinou
Where's my ally 💞
라면 Před 2 hodinami
I miss him
Viper Vlogs
Viper Vlogs Před 3 hodinami
Miss you man 😢
Everlasting Pro
Everlasting Pro Před 5 hodinami
Me: listening to this in my room Dad: walks in Dad: stops Dad: Turn that off Me: Why?? Dad: I have a better speaker downstairs Us: turns on song downstairs Neighbors: walking by Neighbors: looks at us Neighbors: Pause it Us: why..? Neighbors: We have bigger speakers at our house All of us: listening to the song Police: knocks on door Police: I got some noise complaints All of us: What? Police: Yeah, 13 calls saying it’s not loud enough
Sparta Před 6 hodinami
TTV CamerianメSavage ツ
TTV CamerianメSavage ツ Před 7 hodinami
J U I C E W R L D ✓
Juvxnile Před 7 hodinami
man he was so happy 🥲
Jarrett Tapp
Jarrett Tapp Před 8 hodinami
anyone els have depression and cry that these rappers died XXXTENTACON JUICE WRLD LIL PEEP 2 PAC LIL PEEP BIGGI SMALLS
Giovanni Rivera
Giovanni Rivera Před 11 hodinami
he will always be a legend forever.✌
AKA Connor
AKA Connor Před 12 hodinami
Dear 2040 he was the goat 🐐
M. B
M. B Před 18 hodinami
Disrespect to people who disliked
Fozzy Před dnem
The 'pop it like a zit' line at 1.30 on Roses and the 'cut it like a razor blade' line at 1.46 in Real Shit are soo similar. Both song's with Benny
Top 10 changes
Top 10 changes Před dnem
The next 10 years i'll be back 2020:✅ 2021:✅ 2022: 2023: 2024: 2025: 2026: 2027: 2028: 2029: 2030: Love you brother :Copied:
Samuel Perkins
Samuel Perkins Před dnem
999 999 999 999 999 999 999 999 999 999 999 999 999 999 999 999 999 999 999 999 999 999 999 “999!” “999!” “999!” Like if agree: (December 2 1998 - December 8 2019!) Juice WRLD’s Last words: “I Love y’all more than life itself.” “If u want more facts just tell me I know everything!”
delpell Před dnem
No Name
No Name Před dnem
Jasonlee Ford
Jasonlee Ford Před dnem
Joanne Edgeler
Joanne Edgeler Před dnem
Love this song, Rest in piece, Juice Wrld. You are loved and missed every day❤️
razorsharkgaming Před dnem
Am I the only one who thinks there the most savage person in the world
Red_ Panda
Red_ Panda Před dnem
@erona_hobblos ime do the same thing i allready did 2020 and 2021 2020: ✅ 2021: ✅ 2022: 2023: 2024: 2025: 2026: 2027: 2028: 2029: 2030: we all hope to se you in heaven one day R.I.P Juice WRLD
Aubrey.FortniteBot Bot
Rip juice WRLD!!! We all miss you!!!! : ) 💔💔❤️❤️❤️❤️😭😭😭 I miss u!!!
Luke Před dnem
tiktok ruined this song :(
SynX ϟ
SynX ϟ Před dnem
999 🖤🖤
CNTRLDstringyBTW Před dnem
Pov: ur laying down in bed w ur ear buds in and ur vibing to juice w volume all the way up
Bigg Nugg
Bigg Nugg Před dnem
F**k man got a fool almost crying to every song. you were great Juice 🥤 godly🙏 we miss you everyday 😞🙏
TheOnlyViper Před 2 dny
RIP Juice your music help a lot of people and we all miss you Juice RIP 999
Vanity Wrld
Vanity Wrld Před 2 dny
Even if life aint good... I swear juice make it better 🙏#LLJW
Dk Chillin
Dk Chillin Před 2 dny
Real Shit
Gavin Schwalb
Gavin Schwalb Před 2 dny
What’s juice wrld favorite store btw don’t read if ur a ❄️ Forever 21
Theresa Williams
Theresa Williams Před 2 dny
Rip juice wrld...🙁 If i had one wish it would be to bring juice wrld back alive.
Broheeem 6995
Broheeem 6995 Před 2 dny
“RIP juice wrld but your music sucked”
Jayden Musgrave
Jayden Musgrave Před 2 dny
Hahahahah I like him but respect
Confras Před 2 dny
Dear 2040, please remember me the this guy right here was my favorite rapper and always will🐐🤞
Yunky Před 2 dny
Revrse FN
Revrse FN Před 2 dny
John Batistis
John Batistis Před 2 dny
Alex Před 2 dny
Claim your "here before the tiktokers" here
Vintage gaming
Vintage gaming Před 2 dny
Ryan Rad
Ryan Rad Před 2 dny
CloutplayZ Před 2 dny
Legends never die
Thejaywalker 123
Thejaywalker 123 Před 3 dny
Who’s waiting for bad boy?
eduardo lemus
eduardo lemus Před 3 dny
Greatest Legend that Existed
Carie Nadeau
Carie Nadeau Před 3 dny
JUICE wrld is one of the rare soulz of the world. He had a euphoric way with words and music and will forever touch the earz and soulz of many. RIP to a legend of his own. 👑🌹💜🖤🌃
Conner Před 2 dny
this made me cry
TAKEN RAPZ Před 3 dny
I rather woke up on December 8 2019 (juice wrld arrested) or (juice wrld shot only because he basically committed sucid* and getting killed is where u don’t go to he** but sucid* is. We miss u juice rip the king
Billy Parker
Billy Parker Před 3 dny
Is he really alive just laying low
samouhh Před 3 dny
Thunder Před 3 dny
Hasn’t posted in a month... I....think There out.. Of Songs🥺😭😭
Thunder Před dnem
@Sausage ya I see
Sausage Před 2 dny
@Thunder bruh it came out check
Thunder Před 2 dny
@Sausage how do u now
Sausage Před 3 dny
there’s one coming out in 45 minutes
Ethan Argueta
Ethan Argueta Před 3 dny
To anyone listening to this from 2050+ y’all missed out💯🙌🏼
FTBTeak21 Před 3 dny
Life's not since you aren't here we miss u juice WRLD you will never be forgotten because legends never die #999Forever
CrunchWorks Před 3 dny
how did he post if he was dead?
Sausage Před 3 dny
@CrunchWorks nah but it’s coming out january 15 and pretty sure right when it hits 12 am so in about 30 minutes
CrunchWorks Před 3 dny
@Sausage really? is it here? as a premiere
Sausage Před 3 dny
@CrunchWorks yup there’s a new one coming out in 30 minutes with a music video
CrunchWorks Před 3 dny
@Sausage ok i was like what
Sausage Před 3 dny
his team
Tessica Callihan
Tessica Callihan Před 3 dny
RIP 😖😟😓😢😍😥😣😏😪😓😖😞
Patrick Show Official
This is the first Juice WRLD and Benny Blanco song made
Patrick Show Official
@Uprising Rival Benny blanco literally said on his Instagram that this was the first song they made
Uprising Rival
Uprising Rival Před 3 dny
No, “Graduation” is the first
leland Před 3 dny
Who is ready for Bad Boy 😒
Skittles 3410
Skittles 3410 Před 3 dny
Stars Před 3 dny
Real shit real shit Never tell a lie 🔥🔥
Mulberries •
Mulberries • Před 3 dny
Chorus] Real shit, real shit, never tell a lie Real shit, never tell a lie (Yeah, ayy, what?) Real shit, real shit, never tell a lie Real shit, never tell a lie (Yeah, ayy) [Post-Chorus] Life’s good so I'm living great (Great) I hit up my lady, we should take a vacay ('Cay) Eatin’ good (Ayy), see it on our plate (Yeah) I know that they hate me (Yeah, yeah, yeah), I see it on their face (Hey) [Verse 1] You see I'm livin' great (Yeah) Big crib, need a new estate (Yeah) Money goin' into real estate (Yeah) Life's good, life's great (Yeah, yeah) Stomach big, I already ate (Yeah, yeah) I'm a stingy nigga, won't pass the plate (Yeah, yeah) Try to ball while they’re playin’ keep away (Yeah, yeah) Try to ball while they're playin’ keep away, yeah (Yeah, yeah) [Bridge] Life's good Life's good, life's good, life’s good Life's good, life's good, life's good Chorus] Real shit, real shit, never tell a lie Real shit, never tell a lie (Yeah, ayy, what?) Real shit, real shit, never tell a lie Real shit, never tell a lie (Yeah, ayy) [Post-Chorus] Life's good so I'm living great (Great) I hit up my lady, we should take a vacay ('Cay) Eatin' good (Ayy), see it on our plate (Yeah) I know that they hate me (Yeah, yeah, yeah), I see it on their face (Hey) [Verse 2] I'm eatin' too damn good Goddamn, tryna gain weight (Uh, ayy) Workin' out my demons, they in better shape (Yeah, ayy) Demons on my back, get them away from me (Uh, ayy) Cut it like a razor blade, hey (Uh) Turned on like a light switch Havin' black hoes snortin' up the white bitch (Uh, ayy) Main ho found out 'bout my mistress Gotta flip the script like a kickflip I'ma make her bawl her eyes out While these niggas out of bounds One, two, three million, had to stop countin' In the club, ballin' hard Think I need a bouncer She look like a trampoline From the way she bouncin' (Yeah, uh, yeah) From the way she bouncin' Labels want my music, tell the studio to bounce it This shit isn't out yet I'ma need like three M's, put that shit on my desk (Ha, ayy) Chorus] Real shit, real shit, never tell a lie Real shit, never tell a lie (Yeah, ayy, what?) Real shit, real shit, never tell a lie Real shit, never tell a lie (Yeah, ayy) [Post-Chorus] Life's good so I'm living great (Great) I hit up my lady, we should take a vacay Eatin' good (Ayy), see it on our plate (Yeah) I know that they hate me, I see it on their face
snowy fortnite
snowy fortnite Před 3 dny
real shi never tell a lie is a jam😼🎸🎸
Sdsj Před 3 dny
No rapper is better then juice wrld
issac lopez
issac lopez Před 3 dny
rip 999
Juan Martinez
Juan Martinez Před 3 dny
Long live juice only fans are here for him
Epic ARTEZ Před 3 dny
Fuck life man juice why u decide clock out on me brah 😭💯💪🏾 u was my idol yo music was helping me threw a lot of shit bro threw every situation u spoke of I can’t believe u going man😔damn bro why.I was hoping to even see u one day before I turn 21.
carlos Před 3 dny
lol pop
lol pop Před 3 dny
Dear future self....I was here at 14
Kaylee Abbruzzi
Kaylee Abbruzzi Před 3 dny
happy birthday
Are elias Ose gausen
Dont stop with music in the heaven
Are elias Ose gausen
This song i so 🔥🔥🔥
Heavy Downpaw
Heavy Downpaw Před 3 dny
I'll always Love you Kim 143244
NIGHTMARE Před 3 dny
This song is fireeeee but theirs alottt better unreleased songs in the vault bro plz make a album soon for us 🥺
Di Dalley
Di Dalley Před 3 dny
Were not here for any reason other than a friend we lost
Startex Před 3 dny
yeet mcyeeter
yeet mcyeeter Před 3 dny
Another banger!!!!
George Wright
George Wright Před 3 dny
a year without u juice can’t handle a other minute
Crimson Slayer
Crimson Slayer Před 4 dny
You no what they all say legends never Die
Alfie Keast
Alfie Keast Před 4 dny
Who's here in 2021
Denver Gageby
Denver Gageby Před 4 dny
I really miss u juice❤️😔❤️😔❤️😔❤️
x Před 4 dny
999 forevea
Noah Menage
Noah Menage Před 4 dny
I vibe to this
Dragonslayer TV
Dragonslayer TV Před 4 dny
Idk everytime the beat sets out and its just the piano in the background it hits me that he isnt here anymore. Miss you Juice 999
Mr. youtubeguy
Mr. youtubeguy Před 4 dny
is juice is dead how is this posting? God:because legends never die Me: fair enough
Dereck Overman
Dereck Overman Před 4 dny
He said he felt "empty" He saw everything in "black and white" He was "wasted" He said "lean wit me" We didn't listen He was numb from "feeling" He wanted to "hide" from all the pain His favorite moment was his "graduation" He told us that "life's a mess" He had many "conversations" He was "righteous" He thought us that "all girls are the same" He is the "man of the year" He had "lucid dreams" He felt like he "can't die" So he decided to "stay high" Then he went "up up and away" We cannot say "screw juice" Or keep the "bad energy" So he told us to "hear me calling" We have to " makebelieve" Work through a "maze" And forget his "flaws and sins" We think he is "long gone" But he said "I'm still" here He has a "desire" to "make it back" I know I "wont let go" So I will "smile" and see him in the "afterlife" RIP I guess his songs had meanings,
Pyro Editz
Pyro Editz Před 3 dny
In conclusion, he was just telling us “real shit” ..... he never told a lie
Siterko _X
Siterko _X Před 4 dny
😫😖😭R.I.P Juice WRLD nie mogę się z tym pogodzić 😭😭😭
givenchy Sit
givenchy Sit Před 4 dny
life's good but not without you 😥😥
NotMxd Před 4 dny
lil R0SE
lil R0SE Před 4 dny
tenesaca marlon
tenesaca marlon Před 4 dny
This is so Underrated
rstilw872 Před 4 dny
if juice wrld is dead how are these videos uploaded to his channel?
Alyaa Emad
Alyaa Emad Před 4 dny
I know that's awkward but I've lost my friend in among us his or her name was dum dum he or she likes juice wrld a lot Lol so if u r reading this dum dum it's me Alyaa my color was pink.😂
Samantha hovell
Samantha hovell Před 4 dny
And kobi
Samantha hovell
Samantha hovell Před 4 dny
This is my boi I miss him hope he is good with x
Xander Garridigan
Xander Garridigan Před 4 dny
R.I.P my friend keep well
Dareal Khingsley
Dareal Khingsley Před 4 dny
Rest in peace brother..lljw
Noah DeLeon
Noah DeLeon Před 4 dny
Here every year 2020✅ 2021✅ 2022 2023 2024
Mikku FF
Mikku FF Před 4 dny
Really miss you 💔💔
Bates Willie
Bates Willie Před 4 dny
I'm tearing up just looking at his music
AIGOD Před 4 dny
Wazzup happy bday late bro luv u
Sparrow Fart
Sparrow Fart Před 5 dny
Gabriel Watts
Gabriel Watts Před 5 dny
We will never forget you R.I.P
Tim Flavin
Tim Flavin Před 5 dny
I hit up my layday🤪
Spencer Daniel
Spencer Daniel Před 5 dny
stay safe out there , people 🙌🏻
Kellie Beaudry
Kellie Beaudry Před 5 dny
Love u dawg we miss u 9994L
Tanner Etherington
Tanner Etherington Před 5 dny
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