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It's a small line from this clip, but "Never apologize, it's a sign of weakness." Will be remembered as one of the Duke's best quotes.


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1. 10. 2014





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Raymond Cook
Raymond Cook Před 6 dny
No one can have an opinion under the Democratic Agenda. John spoke what he felt was true to him and no one has to agree or disagree with what he said. Now the California Democrat's want to change John Wayne International Airport to Martin Luther King, Jr. International Airport all because the Duke had an opinion 40 years ago. No one has the right to their opinion now except Democrat/Socialist/Communists. True Americans will NEVER take a knee to Democrats. Please VOTE for America in November.
Winston Churchill's Ghost
"Because you are boys and I'm a man". That should have been his rationale.
Yes Sir!
Yes Sir! Před 2 měsíci
Great actor and great man. No pussy hat or h😮m😮 manners.
Chango Chilemba
Chango Chilemba Před 3 měsíci
Don't apologise son it's a sign of weakness...
Eee Dog
Eee Dog Před 3 měsíci
Apology can lead to compensation (as in money or other reward againest you) that you cant afford. Be careful.
U Cannot Defeat My Shmeet
U Cannot Defeat My Shmeet Před 3 měsíci
“It’s a sign of weakness” Jesus Christ how outdated
gondor532 Před měsícem
Nah, not really. Atleast no in most cases.
Doogie Carpit Burger
Doogie Carpit Burger Před 5 měsíci
*"Don't apologise son, sign a weakness..."*
marie demastes
marie demastes Před 5 měsíci
The Shadow Knows ! New Sub
Flying Solo
Flying Solo Před 7 měsíci
The coolest cat in the west.
copsuicide Před 8 měsíci
never apologize, it's a sign of respecting other people
strattuner Před 8 měsíci
a fool speaks all on his mind,a wise man saves a little for later,this adverts apologizing,think before you speak,esp if he's bigger
TheLoneRideR Před 9 měsíci
"Never apologize its a sign of weakness" -- now I know where that Gibbs guy on NCIS stole that line from! Wayne has quite a few good lines though.
Melanie Groves
Melanie Groves Před 10 měsíci
The sign of a true man/woman is accepting responsibility for his own actions and decisions, good and bad. Apologizing when you have made a mistake is a sign of moral strength and character, two things that everyone admires and respects. It builds confidence in the people around you. When something has clearly gone wrong, not apologizing when you have made the mistake, shifts blame onto others, destroys morale and lowers confidence. On the 3rd day at Gettysburg, after the foolish and disastrous charge of Picketts division, resulting in horrendous casualties and loss of morale, General Robert E. Lee rode up and down the route of retreat, trying to apologize to every single man lucky enough to return from that killing floor. "I'm sorry, boys!" "It was my fault, not yours!" "Forgive me, men!" Even though he had just sent many of them to their deaths, the men loved hm even more. Trump is the perfect example of the unapologetic weakling. He has apologized only once since taking office: when he was caught on an open mic bragging he "just grabs 'em by the pussies." He tries to appear brave and powerful by never admitting wrong, but instead comes off as juvenile, petty, small and mean, NOT what the President of the USA should represent. He has made too many wrong mistakes to practically count, including the "Alabama shall be hit by the hurricane," debacle, where he followed lie after obvious lie with more lies.If he would have just admitted he made a mistake, the media and public would have just moved on. Instead the continued to lie, doubling down and using falsified weather info to continue his hilarious falsehoods and appearing to the country as a conniving fool. Here is the clip from the John Wayne movie, "She Wore A Ywllow Ribbon," that has helped to morally destroy many young, impressionable boys, keeping them always boys and never becoming men. The Duke's character had it dead wrong, but too many males have wrongly taken it to heart. It's a good movie, though. csvid.net/video/video-0hY4iqMfGU4.html
brandoneiger Před měsícem
Hit all the nails in a row, each one on the head. Tuco the vermin dosen't have a clue. R.L.T.W./A.T.W.
Tuco The Rat
Tuco The Rat Před 2 měsíci
Melanie, you rabid idiot, you are just pissed because The President has never grabbed you by the pussy and has no intention.
green koko
green koko Před 10 měsíci
What's the name of the movie?
J450N Před 11 měsíci
Imagine no technology... the only fun to be had was hazing ur buddies and competing over women
gil avalos
gil avalos Před 11 měsíci
Never apologize it's a sign a weakness then in that case I'm the strongest motherfucker alive.
Francelee Paris
Francelee Paris Před 11 měsíci
Don’t cha love cowboy movies.. no special effects, no phoney muscle bound heros, no unbelievable feats.. just plain, simple fun..🤔😂
TheCoolProfessor Před rokem
"Honey, I didn't do anything, but I apologize." -Bill Cosby
Mad Man Webster
Mad Man Webster Před rokem
This line should still hold up in this current day and age. But everybody is too God damn sensitive to the point where they literally force you to apologize. If John Wayne was still alive he probably would have shot himself by now with how ridiculously soft the country has become.
Thomas Aitken
Thomas Aitken Před rokem
That is funny!.... Pick-nick Go by your self. screw apologize.
Dave Martin
Dave Martin Před rokem
"Manners maketh man". Motto of Winchester and often quoted by Churchill.
Kelly14UK Před rokem
I will NEVER apologise for finding the way they say "pick-nick-ing" funny. NEVER.
Bob Thenob
Bob Thenob Před 11 měsíci
"Yes Sir. She's gonna pick it, an I'm gonna nick it"
Edinburgh lad
Edinburgh lad Před rokem
Lt Pinell defected right after
Robert Johns James
Robert Johns James Před rokem
the power of media... i believe in apologizing... how human mind work... a quote from a movie... and people just believe it...
svjim1 Před rokem
Must be talking to Beto O'Rourke.
Not Afool
Not Afool Před rokem
Bub !
Jonathan Bartron
Jonathan Bartron Před rokem
Quite possibly the dumbest line in any movie ever. Obviously, neither the writers nor the people supporting that foolish line of dialogue have ever been in a successful, long term relationship.
Aayush Gujjar
Aayush Gujjar Před rokem
It is Mr. Steal your girl..
johnny lee
johnny lee Před rokem
zutrue Před rokem
John Wayne was phony RACIST trash. The old salts from the U.S.M.C. will know what a john wayne was back in the day. It was worth more than the original.
Worrywart Před rokem
I'm afraid that Donald Trump took the advice rather too much to heart.
Jocelyn cams
Jocelyn cams Před rokem
What do you know the first comment I read is a Trump post, y’all are obsessed with him more than his supporters
George Před rokem
Freakin' A. Donnie Trump don't apologize. Ole Donnie is the closest thang we got to the Duke since he died. If only we could make Donnie King instead of President, the right people would be in charge and we could stop the inferiors from trying to take what is ours.
Jocelyn cams
Jocelyn cams Před rokem
George how’s I know I would see a post about Trump. You libtards are obsessed and literally talk about him on every video. Holy fuck
Gary Kirby
Gary Kirby Před rokem
Worst acting ever
MrB1923 Před rokem
Another qoute from this movie. 'Give a woman an acorn and you'll be up to your ass in oak trees in no time'.
splo1nger Před rokem
Debo Datta
Debo Datta Před rokem
All the canadians watching are triggered
Jay Z
Jay Z Před rokem
in this matter at hand the officer did not have to apologize for doing something that didnt offend or hurt anybody. He simply didnt think it through and other then apologizing he should've owned up to it and take what was comin and be a man. " " you give them an inch they will take a mile"
Mario Cisneros
Mario Cisneros Před 2 lety
Anyone says this has a fat head and skirts responsibility , because no one is infallable.(perfect).
Brian Meyrick
Brian Meyrick Před 2 lety
As much as I agree with The Man ... I disagree with this 'most stupid' line, for a man who can not appologise is but a Trump!
freakyflow Před 2 lety
Cock blocking ...Circa 1860
Gary Kirby
Gary Kirby Před 2 lety
Wow John Wayne sure is a lousy actor.
Charlie Brown
Charlie Brown Před 2 lety
My ex-wife could never apologise. She lives on her own now.
Harley Harding
Harley Harding Před 2 lety
Never apologizing is a sign of weakness.
Tuco The Rat
Tuco The Rat Před 2 měsíci
That's idiotic.
Rick Salab
Rick Salab Před 2 lety
Here is why i dont like apologizing. Its honestly useless. If i really am sorry, then ill show it by improving and learning from my mistake. Saying it is useless. And if you dont know me/like me, then the apology is useless anyways cause you dont care. Apologizing is just for people that arent really sorry in my opinion.
The Geezer
The Geezer Před 2 lety
Proving its not what you know but who you know!
Andrew Sharpe
Andrew Sharpe Před 2 lety
That was brutal.
Adel Adel
Adel Adel Před 2 lety
Movie name please.
John Hattabaugh
John Hattabaugh Před 2 lety
perchance, the apologizing part makes a semi-bold man look weak(er) in front of the fairer sex...chivalry was still in effect during the depicted time period...
Michael Delaware
Michael Delaware Před 2 lety
That line was borrowed by the writers of NCIS, used by the character Jethro Gibbs.
Melanie Groves
Melanie Groves Před 2 lety
This is a great movie quote! Emphasis on "movie" quote. In real life it, of course, couldn't be more wrong. General Robert E. Lee believed that when a man made a mistake and tried to hide it behind silence, that was the true weakness and no one could trust them. No soldiers in the history of warfare loved their commander more, (except perhaps, for Alexander the Great's men,) than the Army of Northern Virginia loved Lee. They almost literally marched into Hell for him. They loved him because he never stopped believing in them and he never lied to them, not once, even in the bad times. At the Battle of Gettysburg, on that terrible 3rd day, he threw Pickett's division across that long, open field against the Union rifles and artillery and they were cut down by the thousands. It was a horrendous tactical mistake, his worst, one that crippled his army and marked the beginning of the end of the Rebel Cause. General Lee met them as they retreated, calling to groups of them, talking to individual soldiers, telling them: "This all my fault, Boys! This is my mistake! You did all anyone could ever ask of you!" over and over and over till the last wounded man had crawled in. And even though he had almost ordered them to total destruction, they loved him even more for his apologizes. THAT'S true strength. Lee was a great man. My Father was strong that way. When he made a mistake to us kids, to Mom, with his business, he would apologize understanding that all people make mistakes and that making things right again had to start by acknowledging the mistake in the first place. My Father was revered in our town, at our church. He was successful in business because people knew they could trust him. But most of all Mom and us kids loved him even more. My Father was a great man. It is well known that President Trump, no matter what blunder he may have committed, no matter how big a mistake, will never, ever apologize. (Well, once, after the Access Hollywood tape came out and it was revealed that he had admitted to sexually assaulting women. But even now after 20 months he has made sounds to hint that the tape "is a fake.") Some men, weak, foolish men, believe that, especially if they make a lot of mistakes, if they say they're sorry even once, then they will have to say it again and again, and show that they are either weak or foolish. President Trump has show himself to be both, time and again. Trump will never be a great man, will never be trusted, as long as he does nothing to either acknowledge his mistakes or to clean up his messes/repair the damage. As long as Trump never apologizes but just keeps sweeping his mistakes "under the rug," he will stay, (in the lines of another great movie quote, "Lawrence of Arabia,") "greedy, barbarous and cruel." That's true weakness.
Zorro9129 Před 8 měsíci
Quite true and any decent individual deserves an apology for a wrong done. Unfortunately, there are hardly any decent people these days; people in power will claw for an apology from their enemies but never give one in return for ruining others' lives. Rather, apologies are blood in the water and backtracking after giving "offense" will lead to constant evisceration until you're a nobody. They are not people but animals, and rabid ones at that. In the words of a more modern actor, "When we win, do not forget that these people want you broke, dead, your kids raped and brainwashed, and they think it's funny."
Allen Roath
Allen Roath Před 2 lety
Melanie Groves he is still better than obama and clinton he brought the econamy back the miniute he was elected obama nearly destroyed it on purpouse then shifted the blame clinton did nothing but lie her ass off and got our soldiers killed from her neglegence trump maybe alot of things but at least he stands his ground look at his platforms every time he tried to become president
J W Před 2 lety
Beautiful northern Arizona, monument valley.
the walkin dude
the walkin dude Před 2 lety
So many people missed the point of this. John was saying that you have a responsibility to think things through BEFORE you speak or act. If you are clearly mistaken, you have an obligation to apologize, but if you are righteous in your position, OWN THAT SHIT! thats why he was THE DUKE.
Kelly KitKat
Kelly KitKat Před 2 lety
I guess he was afraid they were going to engage in act of fornication - "sex without love". .. Mmm, that's good picnic !
Kelly KitKat
Kelly KitKat Před 2 lety
I know what you're thinking. Is fornication that bad? For it is called the perfect law of liberty. As long as love is present.. see, ga 5 : 15 , kjv. .. Mmm, you so, sacrilicious! .. csvid.net/video/video-X5OkfEIkOUM.html
s mc
s mc Před 2 lety
...a sign of weakness. ??? I always thought it was a sign of Strength. Are you strong enough to admit you're wrong? Or will you hide in the Hubris of your Pride? That is Arrogance. And Arrogance is Weakness.
Carl Malone
Carl Malone Před 2 lety
Sounds very douchy to me !
justafanintexas Před 2 lety
Fuck John Wayne who made millions on the backs of dead soldiers while never serving his country. He had the gall to once state it was one of his biggest regrets not to serve.
bisquitnspanky Před 2 lety
And while you're not apologizing, be sure and not do your time in the military like Wayne didn't in WWII while all the other Hollywood actors did their part. Yes, be a coward like Trump and never fight, never serve, never apologize, never ask for forgiveness and above all, never tell the truth.
vincent parisi
vincent parisi Před 2 lety
There's 46, count them 46 butt hurt butt pluggs!😢🤣
oldschoolgreentube Před 2 lety
Its a stupid quote.
Edward J. Powell
Edward J. Powell Před 2 lety
Captain Brittles said to NEVER APOLOGIZE in the movie....Captain Brittles is a FICTIONAL CHARACTER in a Screenplay....that specific character was played by a Hollywood Superstar named John Wayne......the Duke's personal feelings about Apologizing aren't in this movie..... Someone mentioned once what a great Western Cowboy Hero the Duke was.....his oldest son overheard that and pointed out that his dad was far from being a Cowboy.....he WAS THOUGH A HIGHLY PAID MOVIE STAR who frequently PLAYED A COWBOY......his dad understood the difference even IF his fans didn't & don't...
rantingcurmudgeon Před 2 lety
John Wayne never apologized for being a draft dodger when the bullets were flying during WW II.
Tuco The Rat
Tuco The Rat Před 2 měsíci
Your commie loving grandaddy helped his Uncle Joe Stalin conquer half of Europe, and kill 60 million, give or take a couple of millions.
Andrew j wheeler jr
Andrew j wheeler jr Před 2 lety
never apologize pilgrims it's a sign of weakness yes sir captain carry on then love you brother John😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭.
the king
the king Před 2 lety
I wouldn't apologize to anyone. Its a sign of weakness.
Főfasírozó Před 2 lety
Dodge the draft and never apologize!
Joe Před 2 lety
says the stupid twat that never served either. for your info, idiot....he wasn't allowed to join the military. now piss off you moron.
Mike Davis
Mike Davis Před 2 lety
never apologize , choose your words and actions carefully beforehand
Jerry Baskerville
Jerry Baskerville Před 2 lety
A man who will not apologize when he is wrong is not a man but a fool!
Dede Tori
Dede Tori Před 2 lety
Half a movie.......
prestonbarr Před 2 lety
Used to have a teacher that was kinda like this in a way. If someone said sorry, she would always say God doesn’t make sorry children, if your sorry then don’t do it again.
ConspiracyBear Před 2 lety
Fighting over a skank
a54109 Před rokem
She is the only women there, that's how man behave.
Mr Blue
Mr Blue Před 2 lety
He doesn't call anyone a 'pilgrim' in this scene.
GamerKat'71 Před 2 lety
I think a lot of people are taking this a little too serious. The character is saying "Don't apologize." You know, the character? Since its a movie? No need to get your knickers twisted over something a character says in a movie.
Sandy openchosky
Sandy openchosky Před 2 lety
Too many apologize today to Islam to lgbt to feminist to the sjws. Screw them all.
Nagoragama Před rokem
lol ok buddy
jpavlvs Před 2 lety
Nathen Brittles.
Tom Henderson
Tom Henderson Před 2 lety
Ya, The Duke was a real Republican. Never admit you are wrong and never apologize.
running287 Před 6 měsíci
Thats rich coming from a leftist.
Riley McLellan
Riley McLellan Před 2 lety
Her name is Olivia? Wow, that’s an uncommon name in movies (and on tv in general). I applaud them!
breffnipark Před 2 lety
What Movie??
Malcy Lyndsell
Malcy Lyndsell Před 2 lety
not admitting anything and never apologising has got me out of a lot of scrapes ha ha
cqtaylor Před 2 lety
Yeah, better to be an asshole. Dude, what the hell. :-/
Walkertongdee Před 2 lety
Sorry Marion, a man who will not apologize is not a man.
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