John Wayne is CANCELLED! John Wayne Airport ERASES His Legacy for Saying Bad Things!

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John Wayne is canceled! John Wayne Airport ERASES his legacy for saying a bad thing!
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28. 06. 2020





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Komentáře 80
Jarome Artley
Jarome Artley Před 11 hodinami
This is how it started in Nazi Germany. Taking away things one thing at time. We are going down the rabbit hole.
1pooltub Před dnem
Somewhere Nearyou
Democrats wrote the white constitution they need to be erased also
E Randco
E Randco Před dnem
Disgusting and spineless. Boycott the airport when possible.
Gus P
Gus P Před dnem
John Wayne married 3 Hispanic woman! Such a racist, NOT!
Dale Henrickson
Dale Henrickson Před dnem
They are not trying to fix anything, they’re trying to burn it down so they can bring in their way of life
Dr. killpatient
Dr. killpatient Před 3 dny
Bro, I've said so many stupid, & ignorant things in my life time, you can build a mountain-range on them
Robbie Kassell
Robbie Kassell Před 3 dny
Oh for heavens sake......I don't know who's worse.....the anti police liberals who hate John Wayne a true American.....or the cowardly officials who gave in to this radical mob.....soon the swastika will be flying proudly across the u.s. ....that's what the evil mob wants.....these goddamn looters ......
Rob Jarvis
Rob Jarvis Před 4 dny
Show the video where john wayne tosses little billy into the river teaching him how to swim
Steve Hewitt Music
Steve Hewitt Music Před 4 dny
You can’t beat a good John Wayne movie! That’ll be the day pilgrim
TheSharmoota Před 4 dny
“Abolish the police and make us leftists the police”. Can you believe this stupidity?
Luci C
Luci C Před 4 dny
John Wayne may have had a halo under his hat, and wings on his back under his shirt, we don't know. But, we do know what he said in that horrible interview.
worldd777 Před 5 dny
Then please, be consistent and cancel Democrat Party because they made KKK and dont use internet, because its an invention of an rich white man.
littlebighorn Před 5 dny
A Yankee from PA named Stephen Duncan 2nd largest owner of slaves in the South, Let’s here it for Stephen or are you as Bigots and hypocrites as John Wayne would say. “ well hell yes “
Pen Drith
Pen Drith Před 5 dny
He wasn’t guilty for slavery because he didn’t have anything to do with it.
godphoenix66x Před 5 dny
Where were these moral warriors in the 60"s when Blacks couldn't vote, couldn't come into certain establishments, had to drink from separate water fountains, and had to sit in the back of buses? Now in 2020 they want to change the world. Unbelievable. And tearing down statutes and changing names of stuff doesn't help anybody.
Vernon Thiede
Vernon Thiede Před 5 dny
So should people who are irresponsible, regardless of color, be in charge of anything? John Wayne was and still is right!
E K Před 5 dny
The cancel culture is a main technique of Maoist communism: destroy the Four Olds, to erase the nation state. Old Customs Old Culture Old Habits Old Ideas It's exactly what the far Left is trying to do.
Stefan Ross
Stefan Ross Před 5 dny
..... In terms of American-based wokeness.... I'm fast asleep! Zzzzzzzzzz! ;-)
Stefan Ross
Stefan Ross Před 5 dny
..... This is just way too much. the politically correct, social justice Warriors choose to be offended by something he said in 1971? Just silly and absurd. He was a right wing, conservative Republican. He was a product of his times.
Pyramid Head
Pyramid Head Před 5 dny
If you try to type in "blacks being racist" or some such on youtube you cant find anything, all the videos and reporting are of white people being racist. Blacks make racist comments all the time but that gets ignored by the media. This is just racism against whites, its not about equality its about hate against whites.I am tired of it. The whole George Floyd crap is ridiculous, there is no evidence to even suggest the cop was racist or acting out of racism.
Pamela's V Log
Pamela's V Log Před 5 dny
Maybe it is time for a change... If you want to hear about the early days in the US... READ IT IN A BOOK... We do not need monuments for PIGS..... John Wayne is now a part of the old days of the country.... If we want to end the hate.. We also need to take the PRESIDENT down too....
Zach Silvester
Zach Silvester Před 5 dny
John Wayne is no cancel when i say is cancel
Don Blazys
Don Blazys Před 5 dny
🤫 Shhh... Let liberal “progressive” Democrats “cancel” themselves, each other, and “Hollywood icons”, many of whom wore... 😱... “blackface”! Let them destroy or remove Confederate statues because virtually all of those are statues of Democrats!
o TOXIC WASTE o Před 5 dny
history will not be kind to 2020.
Joseph Allen jr
Joseph Allen jr Před 5 dny
I listen to several different talk personalities and all leads to what I'm looking at is These same people who's doing the bitching. Are the real racists and bigots of this country
live free
live free Před 5 dny
SixNine6969 airport then... only lefties and dems allowed
Elizabeth Anthony
Elizabeth Anthony Před 5 dny
That will be because toxic masculinity and racism! These people are unhinged! 😂
Counter Balance
Counter Balance Před 5 dny
He said nothing wrong. I agree with every word.
Rob Jones
Rob Jones Před 5 dny
Absofuckinglutely !
Alessandro Casali
Alessandro Casali Před 5 dny
Angel Arch
Angel Arch Před 5 dny
Every human has said something bad at some point-- so ALL humans should be removed. Problem solved!
Angel Arch
Angel Arch Před 5 dny
Countdown until the American flag is targeted to be removed, since it has historical racist connections...
Edward Roberts
Edward Roberts Před 6 dny
Take up arms and kill every stinking sjw you see.
Krixx Set
Krixx Set Před 6 dny
its not because of "racism" its because he is white. They are attacking European culture and white people! wake up!
Jabbar Muhammad
Jabbar Muhammad Před 6 dny
Changing the name isn't going to stop racism it only makes cancel culture and sjws look stupid
Clone Commander Foggy
John Wayne was legendary, even for an American.
The Shadow Man
The Shadow Man Před 6 dny
F. BLM. I will never bend a knee
Muhammad Ali Khan
Muhammad Ali Khan Před 6 dny
John Wayne can*t be cancelled because he*s the legend and yesterday i watched his last movie the shootist which is the great western movie BTW he*s my most favorite actor before Clint Eastwood
Logan 5
Logan 5 Před 6 dny
Wayne would have killed these Soylords in his sleep if he were still alive
Craigypants Před 6 dny
He made those comments in 1971. Remember 1971? I don't. I was even born but I'm old, as in 43. These people are miserable and will never stop. They will never be happy. If they think America is so bad Well, pack your shit up and leave, there's the airport. And don't come back.
Jeremiah Tompkins
Jeremiah Tompkins Před 6 dny
No one but Marx is safe it seems... 😒
jedi knight
jedi knight Před 6 dny
And yet Biden has said many racistthings in the past and yet still hasn't been cancelled
John Blaze
John Blaze Před 6 dny
I love how you dance around the obvious, John Wayne has to go because he's white. Let's start calling it like it is..
Daniele Arturo Nappi
Stupidity, and people who listen to the woke mob, which are worse than them.
drax rdax
drax rdax Před 6 dny
13 years ago, WWE soft-cancelled Chris Benoit after he killed his family and himself. Nowadays, all it takes is a tweet or something you said a long time ago.
The Law
The Law Před 6 dny
They hate John Wayne because he was a Cold War hero who rooted out Communist agents in Hollywood and remained unapologetic to his death. Stalin even tried to have him assassinated. Says more than enough about the heroic patriot he was, and why Stalin's great grandchildren resent him so much.
marty methuselah
marty methuselah Před 6 dny
John Wayne was a white supremacist Change is the future...USA changed the First nation world too..and now it changes back...
marty methuselah
marty methuselah Před 5 dny
@joe bloggs do not shit on first nation legacy.. you have everything to lose on this climate collapse...
joe bloggs
joe bloggs Před 6 dny
Wow. What a dumbass. Big mushy smoothbrain thinks from the lefty
Minecraft Mike
Minecraft Mike Před 6 dny
This was a story a while back, I thought they got rid of him already.
Geo Raatz
Geo Raatz Před 6 dny
The Cowboys... great movie with him.
Geo Raatz
Geo Raatz Před 6 dny
Why don't they take on KKK or Neo Nazi Clan?
Tom Bither
Tom Bither Před 6 dny
I'd say that they could rename the airport the Bonzo Airport, but Bonzo is a known associate of Ronald Reagan, who is probably also someone the Cali Dems want to eliminate mentions of. Maybe Trump can rename a nearby military base after John Wayne just to piss them off.
the saint
the saint Před 6 dny
Was thinking the other day John Wayne would be a target , didn't know he said those things but knew they would find something. Charlton Heston watch out he will be next
Hero of light
Hero of light Před 6 dny
My grandfather loved John Wayne, if he were still here he would put the Hurtin on these SJW's
Charles C' BankZ
Charles C' BankZ Před 11 hodinami
Be sure 2 tell him I said Rest in Hell!!😉😉
Mushroom Classic
Mushroom Classic Před 5 dny
Did they date?
stanfordite Před 6 dny
John Wayne would punch every single one of these SJWs in the face.
William Brown
William Brown Před 6 dny
You do know shit like this will make people who were never racist, racist don't ya.
The Dude
The Dude Před 6 dny
Cancel America...your Cavalry committed genocide and tried to wipe out the Native Indians...you want to cancel a few people...you may as well just cancel ALL America...
Youthful Curmudgeon
So he told the truth and it hurts.
Will G
Will G Před 6 dny
Literally everyone is racis it's only tribal
Mushroom Classic
Mushroom Classic Před 6 dny
Sniper rifle! You must be Stephen Paddock today! Lovely straw man argument from you at the end as well. So well thought out.
dude seriously
dude seriously Před 6 dny
My grandfather, a World War 2 infantry veteran, couldn't stand John Wayne. He said he made war into seeming like a football game. So my grandpa would be cheering if he found this out.
joe bloggs
joe bloggs Před 6 dny
Yea. A lot of vets absolutely despised early war movies for how schlocky and bullshit it made them out to be. It wasnt until crap like saving ryans' penis and band of brothers that the vets actually didnt hate it. Thin red line and platoon etc also got the korea and vietnam vets on board kind of.
Ada Lester
Ada Lester Před 6 dny
I'm gonna start buying some John Wayne movies. I already have Rio Bravo, Fort Apache, She Wore A Yellow Ribbon, & The Searchers. What other movies I order?
RC from the NYC
RC from the NYC Před 6 dny
John Wayne is going to wake up from his resting place and pimp-slap an SJW or two, or three, or all of them.
Charles C' BankZ
Charles C' BankZ Před 11 hodinami
John Wayne isnt about 2 do shit, bc once dead u can get no dead-er!!😉😁
Mushroom Classic
Mushroom Classic Před 6 dny
Marion Michael Morrison?
Doc Brown
Doc Brown Před 6 dny
God, Jesus and Bibles are Next.........These Idiot Democrats have Destroyed America.....The Forget What was said by Jesus...He Who is without Sin let Him Cast the first Stone....All of these protesters Need to Look at their Own Lives for their own Past Actions.
Disneyfan82 Před 6 dny
Its Republicans that have destroyed America and got people killed during the pandemic and they're still doing it now.
Nick White
Nick White Před 6 dny
I hate leftist politics
Mushroom Classic
Mushroom Classic Před 6 dny
Okay, let's say, just for the sake of argument, that Trump isn't lying, & he really did hear nothing of the Russia story until today. He has now been aware of it for hours. Why no criticism of the Russians for targeting American soldiers yet?
Charles Rast
Charles Rast Před 6 dny
The Duke would not approve of the pussy generation
Gilbert Payne
Gilbert Payne Před 6 dny
This is not about what he said it’s about the color of his skin these people want to erase everything white people have accomplished so they can take credit for it and replace it with whatever marginalized victim group of the week if people don’t start clapping back they’ll do this to everything under the excuse it is racist.
Humphrey Bear
Humphrey Bear Před 6 dny
Sjw socialists want to erase America?
Phuc Yu
Phuc Yu Před 6 dny
csvid.net/show-UCIGlVALFPYRROlXk511Cfhw We must separate from the left. It's either that or open war.
Andy Salter
Andy Salter Před 6 dny
This is exactly how Venezuela started with socialism, changing history , Art , speech .... America is done if you don't keep voting Republican
shigsho Před 6 dny
A real fraud: Martin Luther King Jr. He plagiarized his college thesis. He hung out with communists. He was involved with dozens of prostitutes. On the night he died he hit a woman knocking her across his hotel room bed (#metoo). Time to tear his monument in Washington DC down. He was no a fraud.
Nogoodnames07 Před 6 dny
Do you view people you constantly hate on for the good things they’ve said and done? No you don’t, you just constantly bitch about them.
joe bloggs
joe bloggs Před 6 dny
Insane leftist whackjobs never say njce thkngs though. Its constant horribleness.
Jason Michael
Jason Michael Před 6 dny
John Wayne was correct. 95% of black voters support the Communist Democrat candidate. Which means they (in general, not all) are voting inferior-ly.
Sandy Degener
Sandy Degener Před 6 dny
"...and finally WE came for THEM!"
Bacon Egg
Bacon Egg Před 6 dny
I didn’t even know who that was till I heard they wanted John Wayne to be cancelled lol.
Alphonso Frett
Alphonso Frett Před 6 dny
Thanks to the hypocrisy that Tommy Sotomayor and Thomas Sowell points out I painfully agree with John Wayne!
BOONIQUE Před 6 dny
We are going to burn down the airport and then desecrate his burial site. This is what John chose for himself..
db300 db300
db300 db300 Před 6 dny
That's a fact!!!!!
Jam Ajna Soares
Jam Ajna Soares Před 6 dny
That one person said it too.....
Rotten Apple
Rotten Apple Před 6 dny
SOOO... when are they going to rename Yale?
TheHulkbuster13 Před 6 dny
I don't get how SJW Woke writers and actors and so on can say such bullshit and get get hired and get promotions for something they say in the same year they said it, but something that happens years, decades in the pasts can get people fired, ruin what impact they made in life even long after they're dead.
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