iOS 13.4 Beta 3: New OS Recovery feature spotted to recover iPhone without Mac or PC

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Future versions of iOS may include a new OS Recovery feature, which will allow you to recovery iOS software installation without a Mac or PC. This goes along with the rumors of an iPhone with no Lightning Port. Sound off in the comments with your thoughts on the matter. 9to5mac.com/2020/02/26/apple-planning-over-the-air-os-recovery-for-ios-devices-based-on-ios-13-4-beta-code/
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9to5Mac Před měsícem
What do you guys and gals think about OS Recovery? What about the iPhone without a Lightning port? Do you think we'll eventually see both?
Baconface McGee
Baconface McGee Před měsícem
metty 214 That would be different.
Baconface McGee
Baconface McGee Před měsícem
metty 214 That would be different.
metty 214
metty 214 Před měsícem
I hope there is an option to install the iOS version that came with your device.
Baconface McGee
Baconface McGee Před měsícem
9to5Mac The Lightning port needs to stay.
Baconface McGee
Baconface McGee Před měsícem
9to5Mac I would like to see the OS Recovery feature, but how you activate it?
Airbrushkid Před 22 dny
The recovery would be useless if you only got the OS back! How about all the phones number, text messages etc!!! Like everyone now a days has all there phone numbers wrote down and text no way. But don't say the Cloud that's just another money grabbing crap. I store every thing on a Windows system. With back ups not powered or connected the to internet. It's my data not Apples!!
Windooows XP
Windooows XP Před 6 dny
Airbrushkid if you were using this as a recovery function then the phone numbers and text messages and basically anything on the phone would go bye bye and be corrupted
Aziz Videographer
Aziz Videographer Před měsícem
Well then is the world a better place? People really don’t have things to do.
Techonupnow Před měsícem
Nicely done good job thanks for your hard work 💯
Fury Před měsícem
Every time I download the beta three it does not download can someone tell me whats wrong its always stuck at preparing
Ethan Chow
Ethan Chow Před měsícem
They need it for Apple Watch haha
iKmoxstar Před měsícem
This is huge!
Hugo de la Rosa Jimenez
Hugo de la Rosa Jimenez Před měsícem
They are going to eliminate lightning!!!! How am I going to charge the phone and use it at the same time?? !!
Matt Crawford
Matt Crawford Před měsícem
Tony Shi I’ve been wondering why the heck Apple hasn’t done this years ago!
Tony Shi
Tony Shi Před měsícem
What about a cable with a super thin wireless charging pad on one side that magnetically attaches to your phone. So you can still use it when it’s charging
Thiago Martins
Thiago Martins Před měsícem
Hugo de la Rosa Jimenez just buy an Apple wireless charger pad with an Apple cable that chargers wirelessly without having a port! “For just $99.99” (ironic here).
fernand0 Před měsícem
Sounds like a good idea to go port less but very few cars offer wireless CarPlay
Nejad Muhammad
Nejad Muhammad Před měsícem
Yes, definitely it is a great idea.
Sundararaman Venkataramani
Portless iPhone 101 ?
Drew Pershouse
Drew Pershouse Před měsícem
Love iOS ❤️❤️❤️😆😆😆😆😆😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁 can’t wait for ios14 🤣🤣😆😆😆😁😁😁😁😁😁
Une Perceuse
Une Perceuse Před měsícem
I'd love a portless, buttonless iPhone, using a "reset" pinhole behind the SIM card tray for recovery mode, as well as force and touch sensors to replace the volume rockers, the mute switch and the side button. adding those features along with bezel-less, notch-less display to the iPhone could allow for a 100% seamless experience. It would be way better than a folding iPhone, for sure.
Baconface McGee
Baconface McGee Před měsícem
I hope the feature happens. I also want to be able to do iOS updates on LTE as well.
María del Milagro
María del Milagro Před měsícem
Improve battery life once and for all!!!!! And launch updates once a year. Dealing with so Manu updates is so annoying, plus the nother board gets broken and its not fixed in many countries!
Daniel Jeon
Daniel Jeon Před měsícem
iPhone 6s stuck on a boot loop and plugged to a Mac and still doesn’t allow reset. There are errors that won’t fix it. So having that would be 👍.
Windooows XP
Windooows XP Před 6 dny
Daniel Jeon turn the phone off then plug it in while holding the home button thank me later
Manny Suarez
Manny Suarez Před měsícem
I would absolutely love this. This is one of the few things I need to complete be iOS only. I use my iPad Pro for 90% of my computing already.
Lucas R.
Lucas R. Před měsícem
Hm that seems to me like they take action to remove the lightning port completely 🤔
Amadou Aam
Amadou Aam Před měsícem
This confirm the portless iPhone coming soon
grant reisfelt
grant reisfelt Před měsícem
Yes yes love your videos
SomeRandomGuy Před měsícem
O hell no, if Apple ditch usb port, every one else will follow.
Skeella Před měsícem
That's the Airdrop symbol not a network icon this probably means you should be able to connect to a mac wirelessly for the package download which means you might not need a cables for the restoration process.
Windooows XP
Windooows XP Před 6 dny
Skeella or another iPhone
Winston S
Winston S Před měsícem
Getting ready for a portless phone?
Scott Lee
Scott Lee Před měsícem
Hi Jeff. Question for you, which light setup do you use to film with your sony a7 III?
Scott Lee
Scott Lee Před měsícem
@9to5Mac Which canon you using now?
9to5Mac Před měsícem
I use a Canon camera now. But light setup is still the same. A couple of pancake lights, and cheap GoDox LED light with a light dome.
Siphesihle masanabo
Siphesihle masanabo Před měsícem
XxMsrSzprzxX Před měsícem
This has been a MUCH needed feature, ever since Apple said they're selling iPhones to people who don't have computers. Back from when OTA updates just started being a thing for iPhones, this feature should have been included since then. Recovery is still a pain for a lot of people with Windows computers. Even worse when you're dealing with a really old iPhone.
Clifton Parchment
Clifton Parchment Před měsícem
I hope we’ll be able to update iOS over the air using a cellular network , that would be greatly appreciated.
FXRE Savage
FXRE Savage Před měsícem
Clifton Parchment you can do that
Chris R
Chris R Před měsícem
John Fischer
John Fischer Před měsícem
How is CarPlay going to work without a Lightning port? Very few vehicles support wireless CarPlay. Can't imagine they would render CarPlay useless on 99% of the vehicles that currently support it using a Lightning cable.
Martin Weltchek
Martin Weltchek Před měsícem
With the amount of embedded storage they offer these days it wouldn't surprise me if they added this feature. I would like to think they'd dedicate a small amount storage for this.
Kerim Před měsícem
This could be an indicator for a completely portless iPhone maybe.
Sergio Filho
Sergio Filho Před měsícem
What’s the color of your watchface on 3:50 ? It’s kinda gray, but I didn’t find it in my S5...
9to5Mac Před měsícem
It’s unfortunately exclusive to the Apple Watch Edition (Titanium). Wish Apple would just make it available to everyone.
Adnan Ya'acub
Adnan Ya'acub Před měsícem
This beta 2 & 3 of iOS 13.4 is the WORST beta ever i installed in my daily devices (iPhone X), no cellular, take 10-30 sec to open the app, stuck on mobile data settings and mush more... Apple has forget their iPhone X user out there... now back to 13.3.1 and rip my Apple Watch because its currently running 6.2 beta 2... thanks Apple!
FramboosMatroos Před měsícem
9to5 mac: *releases a 5k video Me with a 144p screen: *bold of you to assume i can use that*
Leyo Fernando
Leyo Fernando Před měsícem
How come some videos that are in 8K do not have an option to watch in 5K, yet there are options for 4K, 1440p, 1080p, etc
Petr Dombrovský
Petr Dombrovský Před měsícem
@9to5Mac because we can watch it on Safari with max 1080p :D
9to5Mac Před měsícem
It’s funny, I’ve uploaded several videos lately in 5K, but this is the first time anyone’s even noticed.
Tim Thomason
Tim Thomason Před měsícem
It would be a " about time " moment
ȘȚɄƑƑɎǾɄ1oo Před měsícem
About time
iPhone Fanatic
iPhone Fanatic Před měsícem
They should also let us update any iOS through cellular network instead of having us doing it only through WiFi! 4G and now with 5G should be just fine doing so.. Android already does this years ago..🤷🏻‍♂️
Tony Shi
Tony Shi Před měsícem
Not if you live in Canada 😂 10 gigs of data for $85. No thanks
JP Huwaè
JP Huwaè Před měsícem
This !! So frustrating for my Dad who don’t have home wifi yet he’s got 100gb 4G plan and he can’t update his phone because Apple is stuck in 2013
9to5Mac Před měsícem
This too...
Bernd Kohlstedt
Bernd Kohlstedt Před měsícem
Nice idea !
Radek Olszowy
Radek Olszowy Před měsícem
That information is consistent with what we see in the news about the fully wireless iPhone.
Branden Garcia
Branden Garcia Před měsícem
Also if Apple is trying to go completely wireless and no ports , would require that in order to recover the iPhone since it would be port less
User Před měsícem
Best feature ever
Cultus DJ
Cultus DJ Před měsícem
What about if my iPhone wifi îs broken ? 😔
chidorirasenganz Před měsícem
Cultus DJ you have bigger issues to worry about 😅
Ubong Ekong
Ubong Ekong Před měsícem
Your video’s are so professional ❤️ from 🇳🇬
Lau Před měsícem
Master Hunter
Master Hunter Před měsícem
5K video? WOW.
Nehemiah George
Nehemiah George Před měsícem
Great idea 💡
Kevin Stein
Kevin Stein Před měsícem
Such a recovery method is great, but loosing the Lightning Port? Bad idea.
threepac3 Před měsícem
The EU is making Apple get rid of the lighting port. Its either USB-c or capacitive charging only.
Artur Mavlyuchenko
Artur Mavlyuchenko Před měsícem
Kevin Stein it’ll happen one day
Teresa Brooks
Teresa Brooks Před měsícem
Miguel Mercado
Miguel Mercado Před měsícem
Nice video... [:
Doug W
Doug W Před měsícem
Interesting ideas, thanks.
Trevor Ng
Trevor Ng Před měsícem
9to5Mac Před měsícem
Baconface McGee
Baconface McGee Před měsícem
9to5Mac Ninety-twelve.
Oh Frøstyy
Oh Frøstyy Před měsícem
What you mean
David Emanuel
David Emanuel Před měsícem
9to5Mac huh??
Zhen Wei YT
Zhen Wei YT Před měsícem
V Verk
V Verk Před měsícem
V Verk
V Verk Před měsícem
NlNER GANG Před měsícem
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