Inside Anfield: Liverpool 4-0 Barcelona | THE GREATEST EVER CHAMPIONS LEAGUE COMEBACK

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Watch the unseen footage from Liverpool's greatest ever Anfield comeback. Get up-close to the players and the fans as the the Reds put four past Lionel Messi's Barcelona in the Champions League semi-final second leg. This is the Inside Anfield you've all been waiting for.
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10. 05. 2019

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Komentáře 9 506
Jon _
Jon _ Před 10 hodinami
Barca still waiting for the corner
LIVE THAILAND Před 13 hodinami
Stanlee lian
Stanlee lian Před 15 hodinami
Still give me Goosebumps YNWA 4L ♥️
nice day
nice day Před 16 hodinami
Idk how many times I've watched highlights of this game. Oh what a night
Александр Лазарев
I am from Belarus and always root for liverpool!
Michael Aggrey-Ampiah
Michael Aggrey-Ampiah Před 20 hodinami
This is the best video in the world
the king Mo Salah
بحب هاي المباراة جدا جدا💜💜
Rahase futsum Hagos
It's a dream for Barcelona fans Messi is still watching this
k k
k k Před dnem
11:32 name chant?
Aaron03 Před dnem
Oi anyone know that song at the end with Brewster?
good !!
good !! Před dnem
Yonnah Mugumya
Yonnah Mugumya Před dnem
Book Worm
Book Worm Před dnem
Greatest club in the world
Sofe R
Sofe R Před dnem
Oh hey I’m back here again after 3 months 🤣🤣🤣🤩 who else is ?
please subscribe
please subscribe Před dnem
Becker allison 😍😍
roblox story mode
this is not the best comeback in the champions league ever its barcelona vs psg they were lossing by 4 goals and a crucial away goal but barca still won 6-5
Vitaliy Honcharov
You are not true. There is difference between 1/8 and 1/2.
yaqub hussaini
yaqub hussaini Před dnem
4:27 - Robertson should be ashamed of it.
Disconnected Roamer
don't mean to speculate but Sturridge didn't look happy the entire time :/
Disconnected Roamer
Who has came back for your weekly watch?
mfomfo dlamini
mfomfo dlamini Před dnem
salah is better than messi
Fvdcd Hcd
Fvdcd Hcd Před dnem
Cotiniho: I when to Barca to win the champions leauge
Luis Contla Sevilla
I still shiver watching this today.
Ollie Oliver
Ollie Oliver Před dnem
best match i have been to
Айбек Саит
Я балелшик ЛИВЕРПУЛЯ и я знаю што послетаво углавова в энфилде против барсы они досехпор ждуд углавое
Я я
Я я Před 2 dny
Ммм...Я один тут Русский.
พ.อ. ประหยัด จันทร์อังคารพุธ
กูอยากไปร้องเพลงด้วยคนดูเป็น20-30รอบอยากไปกระโกนร้องเพลงด้วยจัง ดูจนร้องได้เเต่เเปลกันเอาเอง5555
James Choa
James Choa Před 2 dny
Best f*cking Liverpool team I've ever seen..pure passion. Glad to be able to witness this in my life time! COYR!!
Mamz Khan
Mamz Khan Před 2 dny
I used to watch 2005 every night and never thought it would be replaced , this replaced it. I know they have their own values but this night was something just special. Ain't seen Anfield like that since when it was standing.
tilted. Před 2 dny
i am actually from germany and still crying tears of happiness 3 months later. This was so beatiful. Congratulation for Liverpool THIS was Football!
FRNKY Před 2 dny
Even as an german LFC / Klopp „Fan“, i can watch this on and on and on... This was the most spectacular Game i’ve seen in 35 years me watching ⚽️
Marwan Al-Waadh
Marwan Al-Waadh Před 2 dny
From Spurs fan. I have a massive respect for Liverpool and they deserved the champions league last season Best team in England's History
Rocket Gaming IK-24
Rocket Gaming IK-24 Před 13 hodinami
Best team in England's history and hasn't even won a premier league... lol
AleX Gaming
AleX Gaming Před 2 dny
Klopp is the best football manager
Jack Naga
Jack Naga Před 2 dny
Stories we will be telling our grandchildren with pride.
Shaikh Kasim
Shaikh Kasim Před 2 dny
Greatest comeback is 6-1 noob liverpool
The Nascar Draft
The Nascar Draft Před 3 dny
The Nascar Draft
The Nascar Draft Před 3 dny
Who’s here after we won Always puts a smile in ma face
david fortuin
david fortuin Před 3 dny
People forget that Anfield becomes a slaughter house when Liverpool are on the backfoot.
Lutfi Meinaky
Lutfi Meinaky Před 3 dny
Its lucky match from bangopool
saman saman
saman saman Před 3 dny
We love Liverpool wowwwwwww
Rahmat Sutrisno
Rahmat Sutrisno Před 3 dny
I never never forget this Match....almost everyday I'm watching this Match...its what a great .......👍👍👍👍👍
Blake Purcell
Blake Purcell Před 3 dny
:40 is he saying hello traitor
Mætti Mætti
Mætti Mætti Před 3 dny
Day 78 of watching this before I go to sleep
Mathilde Wesendonck
1.04 You can hear Klopp laughing in the background 😆😆😆
Nicolas Aguilar
Nicolas Aguilar Před 3 dny
Liverpool is a family team they deserved the champions league cup❤️🙏⚽️⚽️
Rayhaan Redfire
Rayhaan Redfire Před 3 dny
Won the Supercup too
Josué Mazaba
Josué Mazaba Před 3 dny
Walk on walk on with Klopp in our heart, and we'll never walk alone, WE'LL NEVER WALK ALONE!
finest yatchman
finest yatchman Před 3 dny
A quater of this views are mine😂
anaci paulina
anaci paulina Před 4 dny
One day I will watch one of the game here..at Anfield. Die hard lfc fan from Indonesia.
Jasper Brown
Jasper Brown Před 4 dny
Who here after dat super cup win
Osazuwa Iyamu
Osazuwa Iyamu Před 4 dny
8:06 lmaoo look at his face
sharul khaziz
sharul khaziz Před 4 dny
Who watched this after Liverpool won Super cup..??😊😊
Rapper Jackson Smith
Grande jogo
Salvador Fuentes
Salvador Fuentes Před 4 dny
Mentality of giants, what a team
Mozzer Magic
Mozzer Magic Před 4 dny
Goosebumps everytime
Ibrahim Optimistic
Ibrahim Optimistic Před 4 dny
بالنسبة للثلاثة الاف برشلوني الي ضاغطين دس لايك للفيديو هذا أكلهم كيف حالكم وسط نيرانكم😛
Ashu Ashenafi
Ashu Ashenafi Před 5 dny
ባየው ባየው አልጠግበውም
hector collado
hector collado Před 5 dny
Solo puedo imaginar lo que es estar en vivo en un ambiente asi debe ser maravilloso
Masih 505
Masih 505 Před 5 dny
Lol barca lost again
Ricky Taylor
Ricky Taylor Před 5 dny
Best night ever
Bon3slayer 1234
Bon3slayer 1234 Před 5 dny
10:46 that gave me goosebumps love this club ynwa
Honeybee.14 89085544
3k dislikes .. awwh this game still hurting somebody : D
Kripesh Poudel
Kripesh Poudel Před 3 dny
They might be Coutinho Fans😂😂😂😂
shifa shifa
shifa shifa Před 5 dny
Thax to Allison...he save liverpool alot on CL
R F Před 6 dny
I have to watch this once a day to keep me happy
سليمان عبدالله
12:50 name the song?
سليمان عبدالله
who watched this after Liverpool won the UEFA super cup ?
BasedVerb Před 6 dny
4:26 soo satisfying
Adip Padzil
Adip Padzil Před 6 dny
I still watch this😭😭😭😘.
they still waiting for that corner to be taken
Gamer Omar
Gamer Omar Před 6 dny
2:16 does anyone notice that the lfc fans put there hands away when Suarez came out
DORDAIN Emmanuel
DORDAIN Emmanuel Před 6 dny
Géant, que de frissons à chaque fois... Club Unique !!!
AMAR MINZ Před 6 dny
Don Divock
Don Divock Před 6 dny
Van Dijk knew what was gonna happen 3:21
Getroy Před 6 dny
Whos here after Uefa Super Cup?
si on S
si on S Před 6 dny
Tobiaz Tobiaz
Tobiaz Tobiaz Před 6 dny
loveren we love u, don't go.
Ngọc Phương Đạt Lê
Who watched this after Liverpool won the Super Cup?
KOVA Před 7 dny
Who watched this after Liverpool won the Super Cup?
cuong nguyen khac
cuong nguyen khac Před 7 dny
Ragnarök 7088
Ragnarök 7088 Před 7 dny
Please 1 gol saja
Peter Horand
Peter Horand Před 7 dny
Trent you are a awesome
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