Insane Apple Glass Leaks! Exclusive AR Glasses Features

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Exclusive Apple Glass Feature Leaks (feat. Max Weinbach), Apple's AR Glasses coming 2021 for $499! Apple Glass + LiDAR concept, all leaked features, iOS 13.5 jailbreak & more!
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Jon Prosser Apple Glass Leaks
Max Weinbach (Apple Glass features source)
Concept Creator (Apple Glass modeling)

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22. 05. 2020





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Santosh Bannur
Santosh Bannur Před dnem
After Steve jobs...I guess innovation has stopped innovating
Just Chaos
Just Chaos Před dnem
Finally i can watch porn in the public
Tae fan :3
Tae fan :3 Před dnem
I did not know they made apple glasses until now (I need to get out more.)
BdashRain Před 2 dny
i Glasses
Josh Campbell
Josh Campbell Před 3 dny
What kind of nose support will it have (nose pads or plastic flaps)
Patty D
Patty D Před 3 dny
I wonder what kind of AR apps it will have?
Ramon Gepigon
Ramon Gepigon Před 4 dny
I’m wondering how are tech reviewers gon be reviewing this glass.. like will there be any screen recording or will this even be called screen recording??
Tomas Neshoba.holba
So without camera most of these are stupid not smart at all! Can't use translation software, QR scan or even google lenses, etc. Boring, so close but yet so far away. Privacy every house in my neighborhood has 20 cameras facing the street, walk 6 blocks in Manhattan and your on over 800 video surveillance cameras! Privacy as an excuse is moronic
Vishnu Seshadri
Vishnu Seshadri Před 8 dny
Imagine if you have prescription and the glasses stopped working at 0%
Nathan A.
Nathan A. Před 8 dny
I never really understood how smart glasses are supposed to work
Zain Muzaffar
Zain Muzaffar Před 8 dny
Iphone 11 pro entry done ✅ why becaise want to upgrade
Alex Hügel
Alex Hügel Před 9 dny
Blah Blah Glasses blah blah Can I get my 5 minutes back?
Salinas Angel
Salinas Angel Před 10 dny
“iPhone 11 Pro Entry” “Done” Why: I’ve had a 7plus for a while and have had the screen replaced twice because of my dog and would love an upgrade from this phone
CHIGGA Před 10 dny
i can only trust swiss glasses
Dieter Horvat
Dieter Horvat Před 10 dny
Imagine an AR Apple glasses and Apple Watch that could display a full phone type screen on your arm
Eric Zhang
Eric Zhang Před 11 dny
So they are copying Huawei now? consumer.huawei.com/en/wearables/gentle-monster-eyewear/
Gupt Tura
Gupt Tura Před 11 dny
why there is always 'leaked' info comes out before a big Apple, Samsung events?
Keyser Söze
Keyser Söze Před 12 dny
Google glass. Did they buy Google’s tech and repackage it.
London Vibez Vlogs and More
iPhone 11 pro entry Why:I have a iPod and I want to be able to take a small device somewhere without having to connect to WiFi or bing my iPad
Lea Před 13 dny
Iphone 11 entry!!❤️ Why: To replace my iPhone 6
Siege Villegas
Siege Villegas Před 14 dny
Been using my glassess for five years now. Gunna need that upgrade
*hotslut.ru?v=r5J_6oMMG7Y* 1:59
Ernesto Parada
Ernesto Parada Před 14 dny
I have placed an order for a phone case on 4/18/20 and received them last week order #6212 but they sent me the wrong size. I had to resend those cases and still no update on my cases. I’ve emailed and no response. This is horrible !
King Boo
King Boo Před 14 dny
Four eyes
j - k
j - k Před 15 dny
“iPhone 11 pro entry” “Done” Why: my Samsung S9 is way too slow and glitchy
Morgan Janae
Morgan Janae Před 15 dny
okay? but what does it DO
elwingy Před 15 dny
i am not sure i get the logic behind this product. I am not negative about it, but it seems like it is so dependent on so many things that it really will make it feel like a "hassle" maybe? If I understand this correctly, you will need your iphone to offload computing, you will need your airpods to have sound and you will probably need to wear an apple watch in order to control the glasses easily and effectively... all in all you will need to carry around 4 apple products in order to make this work as intended... I am not sure this is functional... let alone for people who never wear glasses and it will feel weird to wear them just to get notifications and AR stuff... I must admit, being an owner of all things apple, this one needs to do some crazy shit in order for me to consider getting one, as well as putting up with all this hassle of wearing/carrying 4 apple products simultaneously...
Cosmin Trica
Cosmin Trica Před 16 dny
Man, nothing about apple WWDC? Are you ok? something happened? Where are you? I'm scared.
Luiz Aleixo
Luiz Aleixo Před 17 dny
It is just me or the glasses Tim Cook wear at 2020 WWDC keynote look a lot like these Apple Glasses?
HomegrownTyrone Před 16 dny
It does look like it, except I don’t see the lidar sensor on his
Daniel Aguirre
Daniel Aguirre Před 17 dny
Apple isn’t capable of being innovative that’s why they 2022... they are always last to come threw... Samsung may beat it or just see we’re they goof to make something better... the tec has bin around since 2018... honestly I dont expect Apple to wow any real tec enthusiasts... IBM was to launch in 2018 and even gave programmers an early axes to have more soft ware options... budget and price $2000 a pair got in the way... there are several companies that already have the and near what Apple is hopping for there’s an $800 pair on amazon to go with a drone.... Really I can see 3 pairs come out after Apple all way better than Apple can make... but it will be a short 5 minutes of fame for Apple
sabrefury icon
sabrefury icon Před 18 dny
Wow.. anyone else old fashion and think that this is just rediculess?? Pls somebody
Shawme Před 18 dny
“iPhone 11 pro entry” “Done” Why: my iPhone 7Plus is slow and unreliable
Zang Gaming
Zang Gaming Před 17 dny
Shawme the giveaway is done
Lilcoolcat A
Lilcoolcat A Před 20 dny
For someone who needs glasses to se this would make it really easy to cheat on tests
Tom Před 20 dny
Apple Glass maybe teased in Q4 this year* MyWallet: Hmmm I dont like that.
antoombom Před 20 dny
Untill now I have never wanted to wear glasses even though I need one. This will definitely be something I will consider buying.
Hew W
Hew W Před 20 dny
No camera? Then they are pretty pointless. That is at least for me like 90% of the reason to buy a ar glasses.
CoryWithaY No E
CoryWithaY No E Před 20 dny
Bluetooth comes out: Is that person schitzo or are they talking on the phone? Apple Glass comes out: Is that person swiping in midair because they are mentally challenged or do they have Apple Glasses? 🤓
DeAndre Před 21 dnem
Can these to detect racism?
Ankit Kafle
Ankit Kafle Před 21 dnem
Amazing apple glass
Toure Taylor
Toure Taylor Před 21 dnem
Introducing Apple Shoe-Lace that cost $399 with tripping detection!
Sodium Před 21 dnem
I don't really want to charge my glasses to be able to see
Eddie Sutton
Eddie Sutton Před 22 dny
When will Apple start making cars and airplanes
Angel Galvez
Angel Galvez Před 22 dny
Can I get a Appel I’m hungry🍎
Ziad Hussein
Ziad Hussein Před 22 dny
You know what is funny this video was made on my birthday and I have very bad vision and I love apple products If these glasses can enhance my glasses I would be so happy
Zero Zerg
Zero Zerg Před 22 dny
Boy just waiting for Elon musk to disrupt everything like he always does with neuralink and we won’t even need a computer nor a phone
Samuel Taylor
Samuel Taylor Před 22 dny
Imagine saying I need to update my glasses 😂😆
Rick O' Dean
Rick O' Dean Před 22 dny
Oh dear lord I hate Apple products! But I thought I would watch this about the Apple glass. Never again. Channel has way too many ads.
Fist 35
Fist 35 Před 22 dny
apple shoes is coming
tehlor TL
tehlor TL Před 22 dny
These gonna go crazy
Jem Little
Jem Little Před 22 dny
Did I miss it but did you mention if these can work with prescription lenses?
Fifty Plus
Fifty Plus Před 23 dny
“iPhone 11 pro entry” “Done” Why: my iPhone 7 from 2016 is so slow, cracked and small
Nick Allen
Nick Allen Před 23 dny
Needs different styles
abyisheik Reddy
abyisheik Reddy Před 23 dny
肉烂 Před 23 dny
i spent 7k on Lasik, I'm not spending another couple hundred on these glasses.
Luis Tapia
Luis Tapia Před 23 dny
....as if anyone would choose to wear glasses, what a fucking stupid idea lol
Mystery Man
Mystery Man Před 24 dny
Mystery Man
Mystery Man Před 24 dny
"IPhone 11 Pro Entry" Why:Hmmm at least you can me iphone 10/or Iphone 11 XR....No need to Pro because I need huge GB internal storage😁😁😁😁😁
TopStuffBro Před 24 dny
Nice Star Wars shirt!
Frankie.S Před 24 dny
Thank you for the very informative video. As for these glasses being non-tinted, it is not a challenge if the actual lenses are really transparent LCD displays. If so, they can be darkened on demand like the lenses in active 3D glasses that are included with many 3D television sets. Each LCD lens in these glasses works as a shutter, tinting in sync with one of the two pictures on the TV screen to give the picture depth. The same tinting function can be used to convert the set instantly to sunglasses.
Akshay Před 25 dny
Dave Resuello
Dave Resuello Před 25 dny
iPhone entry. I'm still hoping and praying that you'd pick me as one of your iPhone 11 Pro winners. I really want it so bad cause I can't afford one. Please pick me. Thanks for the opportunity! Iloveyou and God bless you! 😇🙏👼
Watches Sneakers
Watches Sneakers Před 25 dny
Remind me again why I would need this?
Rimsha Haider
Rimsha Haider Před 25 dny
There was a time when advancements in gadgets was exciting now its getting scary as if we are slowly being nudged to rely on technology for no apparent reason , all the conspiracy theories make sense , we are turning into tech zombies
Umar Qazi
Umar Qazi Před 25 dny
"iPhone 11 pro entry" "Done" "Why: Cause I have been using s6 for over 4 years now and really one a new phone badly plus never owned an apple product"
Aly Shaaban
Aly Shaaban Před 25 dny
Danny Leal
Danny Leal Před 25 dny
if they made it so they would tint when they got in the sun that would be awesome lol
Chirag Shah
Chirag Shah Před 25 dny
Giveaway announcement tmrw for youtube entriee... Hoping i get selected
Molly Khemani
Molly Khemani Před 25 dny
Can i win
Lerato Gumede
Lerato Gumede Před 25 dny
iPhone 11 pro giveaway entry Peace out
Edd A Garvik
Edd A Garvik Před 25 dny
“iPhone 11 pro entry” “Done” Why: my iPhone 7 from 2016 is so slow, cracked and small
Miss Aero
Miss Aero Před 26 dny
Samuel Brown
Samuel Brown Před 26 dny
Sorry to everyone that is annoyed by iphone 11 pro entries tho - i feel your pain :/
Samuel Brown
Samuel Brown Před 26 dny
but would be cool if i did
Samuel Brown
Samuel Brown Před 26 dny
probably wont
Samuel Brown
Samuel Brown Před 26 dny
I hope i win the iphone 11
codycast Před 26 dny
Wish CSvid offered an option to filter out all the “entry” moron comments. Some of you are giant tools
Sammylicious Před 26 dny
Nothing like Apple 📱
precious usoroh
precious usoroh Před 26 dny
Shrayanth SS
Shrayanth SS Před 26 dny
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