Imagine Dragons - Wrecked (Official Music Video)

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Directed by Matt Eastin
Special thank you to Caesars Palace

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Komentáře 14 944
Anton Ottueh
Anton Ottueh Před minutou
The tearful pillow concurringly bake because beech endosonographically fax minus a ignorant potato. ethereal, juvenile anthropology
Julia Blue
Julia Blue Před 2 hodinami
No longer wrecked. I feel your spirit son. I am feeling the joy of your soul now. Wow you are awesome.
danielfeliciano85 Před 2 hodinami
I dont know why, but it looks like with system of down's sounds :)
Sel Agabeyli
Sel Agabeyli Před 3 hodinami
Alexandre CHARLIER
Alexandre CHARLIER Před 3 hodinami
thanks / merci. your song help me to keep in my mind my best friend
Rodarvark Mat
Rodarvark Mat Před 3 hodinami
I'm very sorry, I send my condolences from Poland, hold on 😔
Helio Zandamela
Helio Zandamela Před 4 hodinami
🔥🔥🔥 just a normal stuff from them You awesome 👌
Jordi Hermsen
Jordi Hermsen Před 5 hodinami
I will never see you again :'(
BootCamp Před 5 hodinami
Это охуено . Этот голос просто нет слов. Я закрываю глаза в припеве и просто лечу. Это трэк меня окунает в ефарию, я хочу летать, хочу отключиться. Это божественные чувства, ощущения. Красота.
ThatGuyArsh Před 5 hodinami
Love u dad.
nerdsman567 Před 6 hodinami
My Grandma just passed away. She lived 19 years after my Grandpa passed away. I pray that they're both together again. I love you, Grandma. Rest In Peace.
Frutsi de manzana
Frutsi de manzana Před 6 hodinami
Todo lo que hacen es arte!! 💖💖💖
IBRAGIMOFF KH Před 7 hodinami
I lost my father when I was 1 year old. My mother solely brought Up me. When I was 13 she passed away. She gave me all she had and more. Listening this song gives me opportunity to be alone with her, in her warm embrace. Thank you Dan, Wayne, Ben, Daniel! As Muslim I wish may Allah bless you and your folks🤲🤲🤲.
Алексей Буряк
Алексей Буряк Před 7 hodinami
Оксана Демина
Оксана Демина Před 7 hodinami
Очень красивая песня,прекрасный голос, я в восторге, спасибо.
Evan Short
Evan Short Před 7 hodinami
This one hurts to listen to
Michael Falsetti
Michael Falsetti Před 8 hodinami
Great Job. Close the Mustang Door next time Lol
Rayane Cavalcante
Rayane Cavalcante Před 8 hodinami
Nunca erra 😍😍
Marcel Marcelo
Marcel Marcelo Před 10 hodinami
Im so sorry for him to lose such a loved person.....I belive that this song will reach her.
Nishad Nazar
Nishad Nazar Před 10 hodinami
Those ppl who has put dislikes have some serious problem with Imagine dragons.. This is one of the best piece of art !
Ayush Gautam
Ayush Gautam Před 11 hodinami
When I first heard this song, I was like, "wow!!". And now I saw the video and I am like, "this video song sets my soul on fire!" it's perfect, a masterpiece!
Esperança Cunha
Esperança Cunha Před 14 hodinami
Como seguir sem ti? Nunca mais te ver? Porque já não é possível... A dor nunca mais vai passar. É isso que fica... as coisas, as lembranças...e a dor. Me identifico e por isso choro. Adoro a música e o vídeo. Tudo de bom para esta banda e para este ser humano sensível que é o Dan.
Anjali Mishra
Anjali Mishra Před 16 hodinami
0809sweetypie Před 16 hodinami
sooo good!
SHERBie Před 17 hodinami
I needed this thank you so much this goes out to Whitney Bass, I love you so much and I miss you so much. I am here to make you proud.
ashtian9 Před 19 hodinami
This expresses grief of losing someone so well....and I hate that I can relate to it
Shane Raine
Shane Raine Před 20 hodinami
Koala Tyrant
Koala Tyrant Před 20 hodinami
Oh, I'm errect without you here Yeah, I'm errect since you've been gone I've tried to put this all behind me I think I was wrecked all along Yeah, I'm errect
Vik Seemungal
Vik Seemungal Před 22 hodinami
Sheesh 0:25... the falsetto into THAT , amazing production
Joyce Brasil
Joyce Brasil Před dnem
Tiff Baxter
Tiff Baxter Před dnem
Another great song!
mis condolencias :(
Sasha Shy
Sasha Shy Před dnem
Нет... Не!Этого не может быть...
Лариса Полеха
Гений. From Russia with LOVE!
Annabel Dlr
Annabel Dlr Před dnem
Imagine Dragons are one of the greatest bands of all times!!! I love their songs, the lyrics, their videos I mean everything is AMAZING!! they are truly great musicians and Dan is an oustanding singer, they deserve their success, RESPECT!
Holger Gerds
Holger Gerds Před dnem
Geile Nummer.
Oliwier Myśliński
I love you guys I'm Polish but I'm your biggest fan
Vanêssa Před dnem
I love this song I love this band! Brasil
uraaj gurung
uraaj gurung Před dnem
Sometime i wish i could see you one more day 😔😔Gone but not forgotton my Dad❤️❤️
Luco Před dnem
I'm french, but i have feelings when I listen it. Just awesome 👏
Donatella Barbagallo
Pawlinek Před dnem
Diksha Před dnem
It's good that it has only 20 m views . Some time songs relates to your life so much that it's good when you see the number is small . Less people related to such a feeling . Thats good for them . Unlike us .
맹코 Před dnem
번개장터 광고땜에 오신분 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Albert Sabate
Albert Sabate Před dnem
Incredible... They did it again... Another FANTASTIC SONG.... I'm just praying to watch them again in a live concert here in Europe!!!!
you made believer we are waiting for more great songs
Anyone with a soul can connect to this song! We’ve all lost someone and we all heal in our own way! My 7yr old loves this song, she doesn’t understand I lost the love of my life to suicide, she was too young. I went through all the bad emotions, guilt, sad, hate, jealous, survivors guilt, angry, etc., etc! I finally came to grips with the fact depression/bipolar can’t be fixed by someone else, it has to come from inside. I love you Jennifer and I’m sorry I couldn’t help you help yourself! I will see you one day and we can laugh again together like we did every night. P.S. I’m only not with you because of my little girl, she’s kept me grounded and I wish we could’ve had that together
Bojack Horseman
Bojack Horseman Před dnem
no matter how hard we try, existence will never make sense.
Riley Hawkins
Riley Hawkins Před dnem
I am going through this right now and I can relate to this song in more ways than I can count.
OK_GAMER_702 Před dnem
I lost my husband 3 weeks ago..I heard this today in the car and cried the whole way home. Definitely explains exactly how I feel. Miss you babe.
rhbb87 Před dnem
Awakes memories of grandma... 1924-05-21 to 1999-09-06. Only person in my family completely matching my wavelength. Spent every weekend with her in childhood. It's been 22 years but you're not forgotten
jr Před 2 dny
Brian Lozano
Brian Lozano Před 2 dny
I lost my best friend, lover, partner and I'm trying to hold on.
Leonardo Gomes
Leonardo Gomes Před 2 dny
Imagine dragons com o passar dos anos só fica melhor ❤️
Exit Enter
Exit Enter Před 2 dny
My father left me an family year ago this song just summarize s it all thanks man it puts it in a really good perspective …😔
Español-Inglés-Francés Clases
How saddddddddddddd!!!!!!!!!!!! but beautiful song!!!!
Various Artists - Topic
Michaiah Hollows
Michaiah Hollows Před 2 dny
one of them had a past and i feel so sorry for the guy
MUSIC Promo Před 2 dny
Music with COOL, CHILL VIBES: csvid.net/show-UC6LbA7Q1T4oOiYe5xLky_0A SUBSCRIBE, LIKE, SHARE,please! More to come!
daniel vallejo martinez
This song made me cry 😭
Łukasz Wysocki
Łukasz Wysocki Před 2 dny
The dragon showed claws
exte deathe
exte deathe Před 2 dny
I hope he went back to get that mustang
Hoodie boy
Hoodie boy Před 2 dny
This songs reminds me of my life
Tammy Sharp
Tammy Sharp Před 2 dny
Amen!! I am a cancer survivor of 16 years and believe me when I say… take nothing for granted and remember every breathe is a gift and never promised! So live in the moment and take in the beauty around you daily🙏🌻☀️⭐️🌧👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨
Crazy Ban
Crazy Ban Před 2 dny
Sasha Shy
Sasha Shy Před 2 dny
Будущее "знают" только те, кто его придумал...для себя. А ПУТИ ГОСПОДНИ - НЕ ИСПОВЕДИМЫ!
Dicas do naruto
Dicas do naruto Před 2 dny
This music its a trash
Matthew Emerson
Matthew Emerson Před 2 dny
Not only is this an amazing song that conveys so well what it is like to be grieving for someone, but I love what they did with the video too. The way Dan starts singing to the camera for one line and then can't bring himself to do so again for the rest of the video. Brilliant. I know how that feels.
Rossana Gemelli Roncato Carloto
I really love the band! This music is amazing! I feel the emotion in every word you spell! Truly beautiful! Keep going guys you are amazing and one of my favority bands!
Caterina ricci
Caterina ricci Před 2 dny
Stupenda sempre fortissimi mi piacete tantissimo uno dei miei preferiti
Sasha Shy
Sasha Shy Před 2 dny
Идолам - должно быть сокрушенными...
Gospodin Pablčuk
Gospodin Pablčuk Před 2 dny
csvid.net/video/video-6QmN7RXWJeQ.html the best
Isaac Sparkman
Isaac Sparkman Před 2 dny
you'll be the ghost that haunts my mind, and soul, till my last breath... it doesn't matter to you though does it.
Chris R
Chris R Před 2 dny
This is exactly what I needed right now. Thank you IG.
Кымбат Пиримжанова
Я вас очень люблю....
Meshal Alajmi
Meshal Alajmi Před 2 dny
I’ve never seen a singer without some bad songs. Except him ♥️
Оксана Осипова
Как можно такой песне поставить дизлайк?!
Salome Před 2 dny
Each song is perfect! I am in love.
raven ray
raven ray Před 2 dny
this is the saddest, beautiful song i've ever heard.
Bob Sloppy
Bob Sloppy Před 2 dny
He looks like if Ninja didn't become South Africa's gangsta Numba #1 rappa.
Blanka Buzás
Blanka Buzás Před 2 dny
it's possible that I am 1 million of the 20 millions viewers.
David Buchler
David Buchler Před 2 dny
"Sometimes I wish, that I could wish it all away." My favourite line
Emre Büyükçolak
Emre Büyükçolak Před 2 dny
It will tell me something in every area of ​​my life.
Hằng Lê
Hằng Lê Před 2 dny
I’m crying my eyes out. I lost my brother yesterday suddenly. Cannot even say goodbye or see him for the last time. This song hits too hard.
виктор середенко
спасибо что любишь
Ehsanul Islam
Ehsanul Islam Před 2 dny
oh my oh my oh my this is amazing
Я обожаю вас
E T Před 2 dny
19 milions wow Imagine dragons literal imagine
tiktak tiktak
tiktak tiktak Před 2 dny
omg this is legend
SKILI NERED Před 2 dny
Estas clases de música me quita la depresión
Dionadair Před 2 dny
Truly great music has an intended meaning, but can be reinterpreted to what is meaningful to the listener. This is great music.
гурт "Червень"
гурт "Червень" Před 15 hodinami
Well put.
Sandra Moll
Sandra Moll Před 2 dny
Thanks for Wrecked! Even if it's not a pleasant memory, it reminded me of how i felt loosing my best friend and love of my life... for me time was actually slowed and i hated the world for turning anyway. Thank you for sharing!
Daniel Almeida
Daniel Almeida Před 2 dny
Simplesmente demais essa música! ❤
King Fisher
King Fisher Před 2 dny
My brother-in-law committed suicide on June 30 ‘21. I just heard this song last Wednesday and it brought me to tears because it’s exactly how I’ve been feeling. It does come in waves.
Leoqualcosa99 Před 2 dny
What a touching, desperate and beautiful song... Her pic and sunny smile at the end of this video really wrecks me every time.
sid Před 3 dny
all english people, plz you have to go to listen "aimer à mort" the singer is Louanne
Gianluca Blois
Gianluca Blois Před 3 dny
“But everything reminds me of you and it comes in waves”…it’s been a few weeks you and dad unexpectedly left us and still feels so surreal. You guys are in my heart and soul.
Gianluca Blois
Gianluca Blois Před 3 hodinami
@JonesBonesE46 I’m sorry for your loss. It’s a slow and sad emotional rollercoaster and nights tend to be the worse…keep strong my dear and open up to friends and family…and even strangers sometimes, it helps to bring it out..
JonesBonesE46 Před 4 hodinami
My father just passed away and I know how this feels. This song hits hard
wickedapplepie19 Před 12 hodinami
@Gianluca Blois I am so sorry to hear that.. I can’t even imagine. You’re absolutely right about that person not being well. I’m thinking of ya today, hang in there. You’re not alone. If you ever need someone to talk with shoot me a message!
Gianluca Blois
Gianluca Blois Před 23 hodinami
@wickedapplepie19 my parents actually died but it’s very difficult to say that word…none is looking for attention. I should have been more explicit I suppose. It’s just sick to think that people who share here things about their loved ones passing may be looking for attention. This person is not well.
Chris Gray
Chris Gray Před dnem
Just lay it straight. He is an ass. Prob can't get over something on his own
ReptileWings Před 3 dny
I haven’t wanted to sing out in such a long time.
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