I Tried Japan's PIG Cafe

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7. 04. 2021





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Komentáře 98
Alex Requiem
Alex Requiem Před 4 hodinami
Hehehe.. one of them will be my dinner one day, and I'm looking forward to it.😋
happy muffin
happy muffin Před 20 hodinami
Hello! The size of the pig also depends on their diet. Apparently when you gets one the breeder will tell you how to restrict their food 🙂 One of the reasons my friend didn't get one later on. Not sure if that's good or bad for the pig but in case someone wants to get them from the video!
AziMocha Před 23 hodinami
If y'all know the woman from My Strange Addiction who's obsessed with pigs, she'll lose her shit there
GenericName Před 2 dny
{psycho anime}
{psycho anime} Před 2 dny
my pig jumped next to me on my bed when i was watching this lol
Abel Před 4 dny
I don't like pigs but they're cute here🥺
Nenna Konkon
Nenna Konkon Před 5 dny
I hope they don't serve meat there.
Dr Mouad's Garage
Dr Mouad's Garage Před 5 dny
wow what a beautiful woman
Itisme Niki
Itisme Niki Před 7 dny
It's like they've got one of those Adventure Dates charts and are checking things off on CSvid.
The pigs can't get dirty... okay I'm interested.
Sylvia Soh
Sylvia Soh Před 8 dny
me: *enters the pig cafe* " I FOUND MA PEOPLEEEE ;w;"
Stephanie .-.
Stephanie .-. Před 9 dny
Watch them blacklist Connor
aonevfx Před 9 dny
5:11 guess pigs love monkeys
PandaGod Před 9 dny
My mom offered to help you steal a pig, Connor. 🤣
Alex Lucas
Alex Lucas Před 10 dny
Awww so cute and I'm half Walsh too. If i go i wanna visit this cafe. When I first saw the title I was like oh no its a meat cafe and I'm vegetarian and thought I couldn't visit it.
Sonicboom44 Před 10 dny
Is it me or does it look like Connor's hand is a little fake hand here the perspective is really messed up 9:20
Adarable Kitten
Adarable Kitten Před 10 dny
I want kaho's (hope thats how islts spelled) shirt. Its so pretty.
kpgirl1000 Před 11 dny
that big pig was a female.........
Limi Před 12 dny
I didn't even know "micro pigs" existed until now, are they like teacup puppies where they're bred to be smaller?
plugup! ! 2.2
plugup! ! 2.2 Před 12 dny
Eren be free -pigs: lets gooooo
Blitzkreig 47
Blitzkreig 47 Před 14 dny
Dang, they make a good couple...
Dylan Meyer
Dylan Meyer Před 15 dny
I’m watching this while having a pig on my lap... honest...
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Maxzz Před 16 dny
one important question is the owner vegetarian??
KITSUNE狐 Před 16 dny
Was more focused on the other kind of fat pigs if u know u know hehe
Elizabeth Lauren
Elizabeth Lauren Před 16 dny
Life is so good when you have baby animals fall asleep in you lap 🥰
Dani Ella
Dani Ella Před 16 dny
Can we all take a second to just appreciate Kaho’s Promised Neverland mask 🌟
Baguette Před 16 dny
Purboyy Před 17 dny
I never wanted to be a pig so bad
sir Aris alot
sir Aris alot Před 17 dny
Is pig a jojo reference?
gothcat Před 17 dny
i would let kaho step on me
lii lulll
lii lulll Před 17 dny
Did the twitch chat start their micro pig fund yet?
purplefoir Před 17 dny
"dont just get a pet, get something you could also bench"
Lolitaskullz Před 18 dny
Omg!!! That little tail wiggling 💗💗😍🥺🥺🥺
RemeC mole
RemeC mole Před 18 dny
The duality of me Awww the piggies are so cute Mmmm, bacon 🥓 🥓🥓
Unknown Z
Unknown Z Před 18 dny
Plot twist:- Those pigs are brought from that Indian hotel shown in JoJo part 3.
LatinaKamilla Před 18 dny
It’s weird that the animals you Love, you usually end up looking like them a little bit. The owner looks like a cute piggy a little bit like a micro pig! For example, my marine biology teacher looked a LOT like a fish. No lie haha
Cicero the Neko knight
Makaila-Maye Robinson
Connor should do an owl cafe !
NotTimmy Před 19 dny
My eyes got controlled for some reason
Labtoad Před 20 dny
Connor has gone on a date with kaho to the pig cafe and to the Welsh town with abroadinjapan
Labtoad Před 20 dny
If Connor wants a cat to like him he should go visit a family of only like female gendered living things in it and the cats will most likely love him
peoplers Před 20 dny
I think Connor might want a pig, just a guess
E T Před 20 dny
This reminds me of Attack on titan *cough cough* You know why if you do
Corsair Carl
Corsair Carl Před 20 dny
I could *NOT* go there XD
Comb Před 20 dny
The Pigs Knew Connor was Welsh, they felt at home with him, considering they came from Wales. To Begin with they were spooked.
Tim White
Tim White Před 21 dnem
do they serve food with pork in it?
K Před 21 dnem
You know how when you hover your mouse over a video, you can see some preview of what's inside. And you know how most people watch the whole video but skips the ads and sponsors. I saw the sponsor, and got curious. I didn't care about the video so I only watched the sponsor ;-;
Elle L
Elle L Před 22 dny
Kaho is popular because of her big...squishy...personality. Lol
yj sb
yj sb Před 22 dny
I love piggyssss
Abie Pratama
Abie Pratama Před 23 dny
Kaho looks...well fed
Raven Black
Raven Black Před 23 dny
I would 100% visit a pig cafe! I LOVE PIGS!!!!!!!!!!
Eckuss Před 23 dny
Sorry but you look disgusted because you touch them only with your fingertips and not with your whole hand like kaho.
XpMiner Před 23 dny
Who else thinks that they should get together 🤔
Sensei Před 23 dny
She said woman don’t fart? She hasn’t met my mother 😂
Sensei Před 23 dny
I thought you were going to eat the pigs 😂
Alexander Soto
Alexander Soto Před 23 dny
Glad to see Kaho as one of the bois
Mute-Static Před 23 dny
Okay this was super cute, but I can't get over how Connor looks like that one skin from phasmophobia. Can't unsee it.
Yumiko Před 24 dny
the pig guy sounds exactly like misty chronexia, hes gotta be from canada lol
Aceman 91
Aceman 91 Před 24 dny
Kaho is best girl.
SK G4M3R Před 24 dny
Connor should go to a monkey cafe
Avicenna M
Avicenna M Před 24 dny
Welsh men with pig
SynTaco Před 25 dny
I dont remember Uzaki-chan got a live action adaptation
savion burnette
savion burnette Před 5 dny
Evan Dickerson
Evan Dickerson Před 25 dny
fitting for a man from wales. next is sheep.
Myron Venero
Myron Venero Před 25 dny
So it’s a petting zoo with drinks. 👍
gasterrific Před 25 dny
at this point kaho is connor's jobro
Uwalani Před 26 dny
Yul Kwon
Yul Kwon Před 26 dny
me after seeing this video maybe I am a pig
XRockItUpX Před 26 dny
10:03 I actually had a hedgehog for 4 years who passed away last summer. He was a good little pet and friend. Miss ya little buddy!
Mo san
Mo san Před 27 dny
Couldn't wait to try this! In Persona 6
Mo san
Mo san Před 27 dny
"I Tried Japan's MONKE Cafe" when?
AririMarcheCXVII Před 27 dny
8:03 Ten-chan aka the one pig that menacingly walks to you for cuddles and food while being built strong enuf to knock you off balance
Cassandra Vee
Cassandra Vee Před 27 dny
I have a fear of pigs. I used to live with our grandparents and it was near a slaughter house. They basically butcher the pigs first then roast them. Ever since I was a kid, I could hear all the noises the pig made while they were being butchered. It was horrifying. I also developed a fear of blood since they had open canals and if you pass by, you would see all the blood. So every time I pass by at the slaughter house and visit my grandparents I would always cover my ears and close my eyes.
Sebastian Allemore
Sebastian Allemore Před 27 dny
connor your voice over is the most relatable, depressing, and adorable talking
xenodorian Před 27 dny
I know Connor and Kaho are just good friends, but they make such a cute couple in this video. Then again, I'm biased, anyone would look like a cute couple holding baby pigs together.
Milky Way
Milky Way Před 27 dny
Marcos Mora
Marcos Mora Před 27 dny
0:14 Is Kaho also regular on this cafe?
Nekomancer FTW
Nekomancer FTW Před 28 dny
Is nobody gonna talk about how the owner sounds like misty?
Maydragon Před 28 dny
“How do I escape?” Now he knows the feeling when a cat lays on your lap and you do t want to disturb that rare paradise.
Maydragon Před 28 dny
Can’t believe Connor doesn’t see the craze around pigs nowadays
Rei Zak
Rei Zak Před 28 dny
Don't use the fork on the donut, use it on the pigs! They LOVE being scratched with forks. You haven't truly lived until you've forked a pig.
Timotius Před 28 dny
This is certified halal desu
kurumiara Před 29 dny
piggs are cute
EpicToastBread Před 29 dny
Sound Stop
Sound Stop Před 29 dny
Everyone asks that CDawgVA
hell-o Před 29 dny
Plzzz I can't get over kaho's "Irresistible"😭😭❤️ 0:23
MAB3L0 Před 29 dny
I noticed the Kars shirt
Nic Boles
Nic Boles Před 29 dny
micro pigs don't exist
YAG SIPCC Před 29 dny
Do you get to pick your own bacon?
Guichabanaano Před 29 dny
I need this cafe in my life. I didn't know it existed but that's the beauty of the internet: you can always learn something new
Fabulous Brit
Fabulous Brit Před 29 dny
It's cursed as shit, but before I clicked on this video I thought it was going to be a maid cafe but with pig-girls
Michelle Ocean
Michelle Ocean Před 29 dny
Connors videos with his voiceovers are top tier ✨💕
Cicero the Neko knight
Cdawg va nah cpig va
Cicero the Neko knight
Welp another cafe i need to add to the list of locations i need to visit before i die so adorable
phoenix Před 29 dny
Connor and kaho look sooo kawaii!!❤️
Aliza Chazin
Aliza Chazin Před měsícem
Kaho, where do you get your outfits?? I'm your...well....size and shape, I need tips!!
Sharon Bacani
Sharon Bacani Před měsícem
Cdawg why did you go to your mom's cafe?
Dino Catport
Dino Catport Před měsícem
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