I tried fixing my little sister's builds in The Sims 4

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My sister asked me for help saving her newest house attempt

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This video is family friendly, but The Sims 4 is rated T for Teen and this video is intended for an audience aged 13 and up.

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12. 02. 2021





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Lea Před 5 hodinami
8:40 **struggles with couch** ..**picks a new rug as a solution**
Amalie Buerengen
Amalie Buerengen Před 22 hodinami
I always put desks in the hallway ops
Nessy on the Go
Nessy on the Go Před dnem
Her original house is way better than anything I've made on Sims 4.
Chapers Před 2 dny
The way her build is so much better than any of mine 😬
slate613 Před 2 dny
Totally agree with you about the stair railings from 3. MUCH better
Its Queen Chloe
Its Queen Chloe Před 3 dny
1:51 maybe she did that bc she didnt want a window in the bathroom but she want one outsite?
Gaming4Fun Před 5 dny
For a first sims house it doesn’t look bad. I like your sisters house. When I first building in the sims my houses looked really bad with a lot of lights because I didn’t know about cheats at the time.
nevaeh games
nevaeh games Před 5 dny
why u censor out the name i wanted to get the build
Leoniel Dave Siason
I steel love the the sims 3 Because it's nice
Mallory Nicholson
Mallory Nicholson Před 5 dny
6:44 my sims put the plate in the toddlers room lol
Debbie LeBlanc
Debbie LeBlanc Před 5 dny
Could you give her reaction to it in person
Mushu14 Před 5 dny
My brother atole my Xbox and deleted the Sims off it.
Mushu14 Před 4 dny
@Yaira 2007 He's the type that would stab me if i even walked close to his room😃
Yaira 2007
Yaira 2007 Před 4 dny
Steal it back 😈
madsmads mads
madsmads mads Před 7 dny
me who has two sim packs: 👁👄👁
Hannah Largent
Hannah Largent Před 7 dny
Those orchids are actually calla lilies
Raisin Black
Raisin Black Před 7 dny
She has better taste then I do-
Savannah120 00
Savannah120 00 Před 8 dny
that house nice 👍 before and after
Crazy Bloxbiurg
Crazy Bloxbiurg Před 8 dny
When Kayla removed the bars 😁👍🏽
satunkanava Před 8 dny
watching this video is weird because my little sister's name is Sanna and your little sister's name is pretty similar.I may not have written that correctly because I live in Finland and here nobody speak English but I know enough English that I understand what you speak (:
Mily Loftin
Mily Loftin Před 8 dny
We need non functional music players and non functional bookcases to use for decoration but we dont get annoyed by our sims playing with the music player or reading books and not listening to us
The Games Players
The Games Players Před 8 dny
When I started Sims I was a good builder I'm a child I started Sims 3 on Xbox no cheats few years ago but at about the 1st lockdown I got Sims 4 I didn't really know controls or cheats and i made a decent house but I'm a lot better now I got way better after learning controls
Sage D
Sage D Před 9 dny
Honestly your sister has very similar decorating tastes to me
Lindsey Schulte
Lindsey Schulte Před 9 dny
i legitimately cant do floor plans for the life of me, my entire profile is just cute houses on the outside but an abyss inside because i CANT
Dev K
Dev K Před 9 dny
Your sis actually taught me to use wall lights hidden in/under cabinents to give it that look 😂
Bunny Girl
Bunny Girl Před 9 dny
It’s better than mine mine is just a 12 little boxes with doors and no roof I will find a way too show you lol
Caitspaints Před 9 dny
Lol for real this definitely thumbs up why I need to either watch tutorials to get ideas from or just get houses from the gallery probably because I only care about the game it self and not the builds as much I just kinda see it as a chore sometimes, you should see my worst houses I built sense you like fixing them
Caitspaints Před 9 dny
The before looks like my houses so if you call that bad then all mine are bad lol, I don’t think it’s really much of a fail she did good.
Katie Davis
Katie Davis Před 9 dny
Can we all agree that Kayla is Lilsimsie and Shanna is Littlersimsie?
Niki Lili
Niki Lili Před 10 dny
Victoria Sadler
Victoria Sadler Před 10 dny
i was so much worse when i started she is so good
The A&A Sisters
The A&A Sisters Před 11 dny
Who would dare talk bad about ur sister.🤨
Davey Grimmett
Davey Grimmett Před 11 dny
I mean look, roof wasn’t great but I can’t do them very well either. It’s my weakest point in builds I think. But hey she’s having fun so that’s all that matters really.
SourApple! Před 11 dny
Kayla: “This has problem happens with your sims how they put plates in random places Me:”I don’t feel you” 😂
Cataleya Gomez
Cataleya Gomez Před 12 dny
The truculent deal gratifyingly disarm because couch immediately groan beneath a nervous literature. thirsty, statuesque cemetery
Samya Wellmaker
Samya Wellmaker Před 12 dny
ik im a coupe months late ,but anyway if yo wanted it to line up with the you could have used bb.moveobjects
G R A Y Před 13 dny
U got the talent she got the name.
lil lemon
lil lemon Před 13 dny
Yesterday, I was playing in my Sims 4 Pastel Household. My sim put fruitcake on the floor for no reason and NEVER cleaned it up herself. (Her cat ate it.)
xsarax Před 13 dny
lilsimsie be like im not going to change it that much - some mins later removing almost everything xD
Nyxie The Wolfayfay
Nyxie The Wolfayfay Před 13 dny
Teach me how to do the keyboard commands D';
fun time alexa
fun time alexa Před 13 dny
The upstairs bathroom looks my my bathroom irl
Roni StR
Roni StR Před 13 dny
"Makes the roof not protrude" Me: genius ヽ(°〇°)ノ
Eyeconic Před 13 dny
If it makes her feel any better my first house was a bright blue square with a single gabled roof. She’s doing great.
Grace K
Grace K Před 15 dny
PLS SOMONE HELP!!! Ok please reply ASAP, how do I get upstairs on sims 4 on p Xbox one! I have tried everything if you know pls tell meeeee!
Ariana Lynch
Ariana Lynch Před 15 dny
Kayla: Is incredibly nice about her sister's build and is very aware not to say anything that might upset her even by accident. My siblings and I: calling each other every name under sun completely unprovoked, and possibly inventing a few curses while at it.
Daniela Barabasch
Daniela Barabasch Před 16 dny
I LIKE YOUR VIBES IN THIS VIDEO i seriously havent enjoyed a sims video until now i dont watch sims vids too often tho
Jasmine Tara
Jasmine Tara Před 16 dny
Kayla- ‘okay, I kinda wanna keep this room with the same colour scheme’ Also Kayla- ‘like a blue ish grey instead’
Pizza MozzarEllie
Pizza MozzarEllie Před 16 dny
how do you do that super precise placement thing?
cory robinson
cory robinson Před 18 dny
At 2:40 - Put two triangle roofs and then put a window under each one in the areas where rooms will be, on the second floor.
Ann Před 18 dny
2028-Joslyn Courneen
she is so nice to her sister!
Margaret Korn
Margaret Korn Před 18 dny
I know how crazy this sounds but you are so talented and this is EXACTLY what they look for in architects and house planners!
Kateřina Před 19 dny
Idk how to build the stairs like this???
Georgia Před 19 dny
I thought her build was pretty good. I really like how she furnished the house and the colour scheme.
Gracie C
Gracie C Před 19 dny
I really love this house! I need to download it to my gallery😍
Sorry Před 19 dny
Petition for lilsimsie to start calling her little sister “lilsister”
Danielle Marsh
Danielle Marsh Před 20 dny
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Mark Wilkinson
Mark Wilkinson Před 20 dny
ali fyfe
ali fyfe Před 22 dny
I think its a nice house. Roofs are difficult when building. I struggle with roofs.
MadiP TV
MadiP TV Před 23 dny
This could just be a whole series. She renovates people’s homes, like fans and stuff that they upload to the gallery with something like “for Lilsimsie” or “For Kayla”
Fjfjcme Playz
Fjfjcme Playz Před 24 dny
Uh btw if you lift the tv upwards you can “put it on” the fireplace
b.b Před 25 dny
Can i say how much i love u☺︎︎
Alice King
Alice King Před 26 dny
Kayla: *replaces bar with books while asking why she would need it* Me: sOmE pEoPlE wAnT fAsTeR tRiPs tO tHe BaR :)
Danielle Marsh
Danielle Marsh Před 27 dny
The dead era metabolically buzz because file phylogenitically greet failing a bored territory. bent, aquatic washer
ElfPlaysGames Před 27 dny
my first house: INSTINTLY wants to do the 7 tod challenge cause i love watching them. Me: makes a large 2 story box with the 2nd floor covered in the toddler cushony COLORFUL flooring on the largest lot i could find. Present me: Yeah i was to exited to care....
Arianna Moore
Arianna Moore Před 27 dny
Thanks so much we had a behavioral issue with our new dog he wouldn't listen gets cats
Arianna Moore
Arianna Moore Před 27 dny
Arianna Moore
Arianna Moore Před 27 dny
I'm a fairy
Arianna Moore
Arianna Moore Před 27 dny
I am a human sim Donna turned in a fairy cops gacy is your cops
Arianna Moore
Arianna Moore Před 27 dny
I have menenjitus too 🔥🥵
Lucelli ake
Lucelli ake Před 28 dny
wait her house is good i actualy likes it
reja khayam
reja khayam Před 28 dny
Ryan Peterson
Ryan Peterson Před 28 dny
Good job
Julian Russell
Julian Russell Před 29 dny
Your sister actually seems like she has it in her to build. I'm still terrible at building when I try and it's worse than what she built, and I've been a simmer since 2011 when I was 10! Maybe being good at building runs in your family lol
kara locraft
kara locraft Před měsícem
uh not upsessed in your channal
Isabel Carey
Isabel Carey Před měsícem
You should make a house from fortnite
Robert Manare
Robert Manare Před měsícem
she did a good job
Jasmine Před měsícem
your sister is my soulmate because I always buy the most expensive furniture 💀
Huffle puff Squad
Huffle puff Squad Před měsícem
Me playing sims 4 my sister comes OMG what the heck is that. my sister doing the house me OMG your so good at the sims 4.
Lexington Leach
Lexington Leach Před měsícem
Can you plzzzzzzzz do mine
Finding Happiness
Finding Happiness Před měsícem
As a big sister myself Ibvary much understand and respect the I can make fun of them but you can't rule
sanrihoe ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
sanrihoe ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ Před měsícem
Zach does gaming Walter
Zach does gaming Walter Před měsícem
Can you do my house
matea saraginov
matea saraginov Před měsícem
i love how simsie is so nice about it while i’m here being all gordon ramsey on my sister😭😭
Linkforlife199 Před měsícem
"Sims putting plates in the weirdest places." Graystillplays: "Tell me about it. I've found rotten hot dogs in a bush that my Sims were saving for later."
Bridgit Warren
Bridgit Warren Před měsícem
Once my sim cooked a plate of hot dogs and tried (and failed) to put it down on a table in the living room and it spawned out of the house! I went on for 10 minutes looking for the family meal floating outside the house.
Madison Campbell
Madison Campbell Před měsícem
What do I put in the gallery to find the house
Clash Replay
Clash Replay Před měsícem
This weekend would be my first time playing the Sims, Is there a Money limit? If not THATS AMAZING!
Ashely Diaz
Ashely Diaz Před měsícem
I loved the big tub
Randall Elliott
Randall Elliott Před měsícem
1 WIFE Mor
Randall Elliott
Randall Elliott Před měsícem
Randall Elliott
Randall Elliott Před měsícem
Randall Elliott
Randall Elliott Před měsícem
Veas Benong
Veas Benong Před měsícem
i think there is no toilet bidet
Taniouska Unicorn
Taniouska Unicorn Před měsícem
but without buying it
Taniouska Unicorn
Taniouska Unicorn Před měsícem
nice video! But can sb tell me how to download the sims4? Pleaseeeeeeee
Rebekah Sager
Rebekah Sager Před měsícem
this gave me the biggest urge to build - almost instantly went "Damn i kinda wanna build another house."
Susan O'Keeffe
Susan O'Keeffe Před měsícem
Her first house was way better then my first house the only thing in mine was a couple walls scattered not even connected and a couple different roof styles on the floor so well done to here🤣🤣
JessZ YammD
JessZ YammD Před měsícem
Your little sister did a better work than me, just a cube.
Avaxx Msp
Avaxx Msp Před měsícem
her builds are way better than mine anyways
Amelie Lightningsister
Amelie Lightningsister Před měsícem
Hey from germany I found this Account from a german Account but i like this channel a LOT so here i am
love roblox
love roblox Před měsícem
Can you show here reaction
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