I Restored This 2$ Ebay Junk Game Boy Color - Retro Console Restoration & Repair

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After a while of searching I was able to find bad enough Game Boy for my restoration videos only for $2. Usually I have to pay a little extra for the worst items. The console was sold as junk and for spares but pretty much everything except the speaker is broken. The mother board doesn’t power on. The shell is badly yellowed. Stickers are in terrible condition and the screen is badly burned. I will try to restore this fully rather than use it as spares for easier projects because I’d still have to fix most of the parts. The Gameboy T-shirt is no longer available. It was limited time only.
I started the restoration by trying to get the power on. First I tried to clean corroded the contacts but that was no use. The power switch was working fine which meant the board was bad. Luckily I was able to find the broken part with a second GB color I have. The connection from one battery terminal had broken quite near the terminal I soldered a wire between the spots that were supposed to have a connection and it worked. This might not always work because it might leave something out of the circuit.
The corroded terminal was hard to clean while it was on the board so I desoldered it and removed the corrosion with rust remover, after which it was plated with nickel. Nickel will protect it from corrosion to certain extent. Nickel plating tutorial: csvid.net/video/video-O3DCexCLoGQ.html
Now that I had power I could fix the screen. To fix “screen burn” I need to remove the burn polarizing filter and replace It with a new one. A sharp blade can be used to get the start but after that the filter will peel off by hand. Some of the glue will stay on the screen. I removed it with Isopropyl alcohol. All glue must be removed or the new polarizing filter will have bubbles. When putting a new polarizing filter on one must figure out which way the polarizing filter works best on the screen. It will only work at a certain angle.
I also removed the yellowing from the plastic shell which was supposed to be colorless. For this I used the same retrobrighting method as always. H2O2 and UV-light. Full tutorial here: csvid.net/video/video-jdWRsjnVD3s.html
Thanks for watching my video!
The bellow links to amazon are affiliate link. I get a small fee of anything you buy after clicking them, but you pay no more than without clicking. This is a great way to support my channel.
Check out my Instagram: instagram.com/odd.tinkering/
T-Shirts: teespring.com/stores/odd-tinkering-2
Support me on Patreon: www.patreon.com/oddtinkering
RUBBER PADS: amzn.to/2S8ybI2
POLARIZER: ebay.to/2vf110s
RUST REMOVER: www.mc-51thebestrustremover.com/?ref=YbUD-0E4NKfV
UV LED STRIP: amzn.to/2IqLmOA
99.9% ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL: amzn.to/34Po8dX
NICKEL ANODE: amzn.to/2ro0cAo
POWER SOURCE: amzn.to/35zDBzT
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breeta Long
breeta Long Před 6 hodinami
Watching these makes me wanna try this
Oddy Nuff
Oddy Nuff Před 7 hodinami
Mm vidya gamez
Lola Incarnate
Lola Incarnate Před 7 hodinami
Aha! I wasnt expecting that Ducktor teeth brushing!!
Shaun Price
Shaun Price Před 12 hodinami
Do you know what could be wrong? I have a GBC that won't display even with another screen which is fine. It gets power, seems to boot games I can hear the volume no problem, only screens won't work. It is an atomic purple GBC that is in very decent condition overall. I'd like to use it if I can fix it.
Gavin Sawyer
Gavin Sawyer Před 12 hodinami
I wanna know what type of air compressor he has
asyari si
asyari si Před 16 hodinami
Dafid Id
Dafid Id Před 16 hodinami
Dafid Id
Dafid Id Před 16 hodinami
Andrea _
Andrea _ Před 17 hodinami
I advice everyone watching this video at 3/4 am. It's really relaxing.
Rizki Ana
Rizki Ana Před 17 hodinami
ani ananta
ani ananta Před 17 hodinami
Saiful Men
Saiful Men Před 17 hodinami
Jay Dom
Jay Dom Před 17 hodinami
Domertrox_YT Před 21 hodinou
I dunt spik ingles
RublUkIUTU Před 21 hodinou
Apostaría Y apuesto 1.000 dólares a que usted señor es alguien joven y probablemente con bigote o barba
Prez Pikle
Prez Pikle Před dnem
Omg I just love these vids
nunja business
nunja business Před dnem
U should do a giveaway of some of the stuff u restored . That would be awesome
Azula Před dnem
why am i watching this at 4am i-
Mike Jime
Mike Jime Před dnem
Do you resell the fixed items?
Rooster Cogburn
Rooster Cogburn Před dnem
I assume the duck is a rehab too...
Yourself_2010 Před dnem
1:46: the suppressed screwdriver
Kenneth Van de Velde
I’m gonna try & restore mine
はらいます Před dnem
2005年生まれですが、初めてやったゲームがゲームボーイのポケモンの緑でした。 あと同じ頃にファミコンでマリオしてました。
Zumix Před 2 dny
It's not that old! I also have only green and blue and I played it in Pikachu 😊💙
Mastro Před 2 dny
I find this to be creepy. The whole asmr lane of youtube is fucking weird. No talking, super focused on every sound. Just be a normal person.
aiden burchat
aiden burchat Před 2 dny
he needs more ducks
JOM EUGENE Před 2 dny
I subscribed, like, comment and shared. Because of the Pokemon subliminal messaging.
Poseidonjd Před 2 dny
This is hitting all the pleasure points in my brain.
YilCH Před 2 dny
Aaah me dio cáncer ver algunas técnicas de reparación y mantenimiento xD
Noel Arce
Noel Arce Před 2 dny
Do you sell any of the restored items?
Cockroacher 69
Cockroacher 69 Před 2 dny
I love how you take out the buttons carefully, I've seen people just flip over the case
Josh Randal
Josh Randal Před 2 dny
Chris b
Chris b Před 2 dny
You could have bought a new one and save your time.
trak trak
trak trak Před 2 dny
I give you credit for creativity. Made me "Go subscribe" so I did ^_^ . Bring back my child hood days . Thank you
UnDead_dova_111 Před 2 dny
No music and no commentary (only when sponsoring video) this is why this channel is golden
Boba Squid
Boba Squid Před 2 dny
Before: trump administration After: Biden/Harris Democrat administration clean everything up as usual. lol! Yes, I did make this political. You're welcome!
Boba Squid
Boba Squid Před dnem
@- Infernos Wouldn't know. I don't do Facebook. But thanks anyway! 😎🤙
- Infernos
- Infernos Před dnem
This is the most facebook comment I’ve ever seen lmfao
Boba Squid
Boba Squid Před 2 dny
Amazing! Beautiful work!
Cheerios Gaming
Cheerios Gaming Před 2 dny
Meanwhile I can't find a broken gameboy for under $40
Teon White
Teon White Před 2 dny
And that has...A clean-bill- of health
AunyxTM Před 2 dny
20:00 Your Pokémoooon! 😭😭😭 That's so goshdarn clever.
Al N
Al N Před 2 dny
Just an FYI that works for me with glue residue, rinse a paper towel with water, and then stick it and form it to the surface with the residue, give it 25-40 minutes and then remove the paper towel, whatever residue is there will come off a lot more easier. It works really well for old, dried up residue, but you can use alcohol after and it'll work great for sticky wet residue as well. Will save you a bunch of effort.
davichost 1
davichost 1 Před 2 dny
Its like an old veteran getting in shape again
Cårnage HD
Cårnage HD Před 2 dny
where have you Got the sticker
Bianca Tinsley
Bianca Tinsley Před 2 dny
see face
Robert Glavotsky
Robert Glavotsky Před 2 dny
The yummy caption bacteriologically scream because smoke additonally sprout excluding a old trumpet. uninterested, woozy vessel
DAK Před 2 dny
him: frequent viewers know this is hydrogen peroxidE me, who did not know it was hydrogen peroxide: im a failurE
That guy mint
That guy mint Před 2 dny
13:24 How do you get glue on your screen they had to intentionally do that
Lewis Brisen
Lewis Brisen Před 2 dny
Lil dro Thompson
Lil dro Thompson Před 2 dny
These where the oh games😊
BunnaySango Před 2 dny
Screen works * soft excited noise * 🤣
Dr_ memz
Dr_ memz Před 2 dny
fahiaz tanjil
fahiaz tanjil Před 3 dny
can you fix my xbox one controller
12-Mojo Před 3 dny
My question is : when are you taking on Brock? 🥸
MandiMal Games
MandiMal Games Před 3 dny
This was so fun to watch! Every time I heard the lil "ding!" from it turning on I expected to hear the opening music to Link's Awakening because I played it so much on my old Gameboy.
EDM GAMER Před 3 dny
Iiiiiisawarasenai🥰 no 😎wa 👌shoujo😌 na 🤧?
Smoke Stack
Smoke Stack Před 3 dny
i would’ve used cotton balls instead of swabs for the old polarizer glue to make the process a tad little teensy weensy quicker.
B*tch It's Me
B*tch It's Me Před 3 dny
Cant believe you still got the sticker
rkr tv
rkr tv Před 3 dny
グリンピース Před 3 dny
SpagootHoops MLG
SpagootHoops MLG Před 3 dny
20:20 ya got me... I’ll do it
Milan Djukic
Milan Djukic Před 3 dny
blueprint design on a white oversized hoodie and i would buy it definitely. Nice job man !!
-*KGB*- Před 3 dny
@13:43 goo gone?
Lucas Před 3 dny
Heyo Zup
Heyo Zup Před 3 dny
This is so cool and calming... ♥ Just found your video today
night owl
night owl Před 3 dny
I like watching this content but like it makes me so tired I fell asleep or took a nap what are six times during it 🤣
Jason jason
Jason jason Před 3 dny
I like how the Pikachu is named
ky saiyin
ky saiyin Před 3 dny
This made me very happy
panda ninja
panda ninja Před 3 dny
omg can i get the gameboy
John Wick
John Wick Před 3 dny
Very Nice Work. if everyone could act like you. There will be less wasting.
Zip Uup
Zip Uup Před 3 dny
Wow I remember when I had my first game boy.. Know they come with Ps5.. Time is running 🏃
Waza Taukuro
Waza Taukuro Před 3 dny
How did he get to put the word subscribe in the game
423RapTuneZ Před 3 dny
What a well executed video! Thanks for being so thorough, and listing all the links and such! New sub! :D
franko saenz
franko saenz Před 3 dny
I feel relaxed watching this =)
VibxingSunxset Před 3 dny
I’m amazed.
EdgyShooter Před 3 dny
If I hadn't already, I think I would subscribe just for that sneaky subscribe message 😅
EdgyShooter Před 3 dny
How long would that polariser have to be in sunlight to get that bad? 😅
My guy loves him self some isopropyl alcohol
Lakeplaysadoptme Před 3 dny
who watches his videos than wants to go get a cheap electronic then fix it bc i do lol
joshua hand
joshua hand Před 3 dny
Why the bolts?
Lakeplaysadoptme Před 3 dny
so they dont float in stuff yeah i got confused too lol
Stephen Ch
Stephen Ch Před 3 dny
What are the tools called that he used?
The Animation Girl
The Animation Girl Před 3 dny
Is that a Pokemon game cartridge? 0:56
YTW2015 Před 3 dny
I bet you make a fortune between fixing these up and the videos.
AlphaWolf Před 3 dny
When u peel or try to unstick things it’s oddly satisfying
Zahraa Khalifeh
Zahraa Khalifeh Před 4 dny
you really work good really and the result so amazing That so safest to watched like this I lik to watch like this
Writing Forums
Writing Forums Před 4 dny
When you used the soldering gun to loosen the first battery terminal, you then came right behind the soldering gun with another device that made a clicking sound. I thought at first it was nipping something from the tip of the terminal end that comes through the board, but maybe not? What was that second device?
malldavid16601 Před 4 dny
Solution: A H L C O A L
Godmachine 999
Godmachine 999 Před 4 dny
I'm addicted to these videos! haha
yannitt schniel
yannitt schniel Před 4 dny
Dude, thats fucking awesome!
7 1 2 5
7 1 2 5 Před 4 dny
Can anyone explain what he's doing at 7:31? Not the soldering, but the bit after it with the red tool.
Chris Baines
Chris Baines Před 4 dny
13:22 You might try wax spray can furniture polish
Auther Fleck
Auther Fleck Před 4 dny
Omg childhood... Mine is not even color version
Alexander Cress
Alexander Cress Před 4 dny
The relaxing end of restoration
Minecraft Gamer209
Minecraft Gamer209 Před 4 dny
I love these types of videos, they're satisfying
flamin cheetos
flamin cheetos Před 4 dny
Personally, as someone who likes to get a bargain on consoles even if it needs repair, I think this gives good insight into how to repairing consoles and handhelds
flamin cheetos
flamin cheetos Před 3 dny
@Resident and Consumer that's where you're wrong bub, I'm not a youtuber, I just watch the videos
Fantasy R&R
Fantasy R&R Před 4 dny
quit crying you little twerp
Resident and Consumer
@flamin cheetos shut up dweeb, he's right, this is a waste of money and pointless for anyone who doesn't run a repair shop. Trust me you don't even have the brain capacity to learn how to do this the amount of math you need to know just to work a multimeter outweighs any chance the average idiot youtuber would ever have of doing this from watching a video
flamin cheetos
flamin cheetos Před 4 dny
@Fantasy R&R but not every one has that much damage or require that much repair and it doesn't have to look perfect as he makes it look but you also get the satisfaction of fixing it, so thanks for the comment but I don't need it, you could've just kept your ugly orifice closed
Fantasy R&R
Fantasy R&R Před 4 dny
Then what’s the point? I work with electronics all the time, he used more than $40 of parts and more than $90 of equipment to do this, you could just buy a used Gameboy that works for $40-$90, this is literally the opposite of a bargain lol
942 942
942 942 Před 4 dny
TOO much over exageration
Lori Yagami
Lori Yagami Před 4 dny
He really like irosopht alcohol sorry for the spelling
Daniel Monteiro 【ツ】
Em 2021 vou arrumar um amor pra vida toda! 👫💑
Aaron Kinney
Aaron Kinney Před 4 dny
My friends: Yo why aren’t you hanging out with us , winter break is almost over Me: ummm I can’t explain
Owen Carter
Owen Carter Před 4 dny
I wonder what mic this guy uses to make everything sound so satisfying
Chris Holub
Chris Holub Před 4 dny
The sound of the ice cube tray sliding gets me every time
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