I only have $10k to build a house in The Sims 4...

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Trying to make a 10k tiny house that sleeps 4 Sims!

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This video is family friendly, but The Sims 4 is rated T for Teen and this video is intended for an audience aged 13 and up.

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4. 05. 2021





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LemonEZ Před 3 dny
THIS IS THE HOUSE I USE IN ONE OF MY PLAYTHROUGHS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Madi Minard
Madi Minard Před 21 dnem
this looks like a cheap texas home and i relate
LissyBuilds Před 23 dny
Oooo this is soo cute 🥰 I did the same thing by my tiny home was only 4K simoleons 😇
Brittany Williams
Brittany Williams Před 23 dny
I can't believe she did not do the first comment!
Ixelia Ixelia
Ixelia Ixelia Před 25 dny
Number generator to choose how many tile to build in each room
Dorissa Claire
Dorissa Claire Před měsícem
Simsie straight up built a prison cell for the kids room😂
Andrew Zuppardi
Andrew Zuppardi Před měsícem
Next Build: Confidence Challenge-you are not allowed to say "I'm sorry" or "that's fine" while you build. Every time you do, you have to delete the lot and start from scratch. Good luck!!!
Natalia Almeida
Natalia Almeida Před měsícem
Tiny houses are the most fun to build.
Amy Elizabeth
Amy Elizabeth Před měsícem
Can Sims 4 just bring back those custom swatches we were able to make in Sims 3?? I'm WAITING
FH Jordan
FH Jordan Před měsícem
I did this EXACT same thing and I didn't even know YOU did it!
Triscuit 907
Triscuit 907 Před měsícem
I'm sort of glad little sims doesn't know what a trailer looks like
Ginny Weasley
Ginny Weasley Před měsícem
Me: **uses dresser as night stand** All Sims CSvidrs: No! We need a separate night stand and dresser!! 🤣🤣
Linkforlife199 Před měsícem
Kayla getting depressed at only getting a teddy bear for the kids, the struggle is real.
Steph Woods
Steph Woods Před měsícem
@lisimsie plese do reaction to fakegamergirl video I’d much rather die!!! (It’s a song)
Chris Emptage
Chris Emptage Před měsícem
I am playing short lifespan right I thought hay I will have a single girl and then find her an npc man and we can have babies she is now about to become an adult and still single.
Shine N. Hatfield
Shine N. Hatfield Před měsícem
I made a tiny victorian that has 2 bedrooms lol unfortunately, the deck had to count as tiles :/
Ceci Edits
Ceci Edits Před měsícem
I have the sims 4 digital deluxe it dose not let me see everything on the gallory or show anything
J Ericson
J Ericson Před měsícem
Tiny living probably should have included a door with a functional mirror on one side of it. I mean that's one of the most common space saving measures in real life.
Cupcakex Heart
Cupcakex Heart Před měsícem
Pls do this challenge again but make it a ,,no mistake challenge’’ :D
Witch Echeveria
Witch Echeveria Před měsícem
oh my god i've been binge watching you for a week now, mostly catching up, this is the most On Time i have been. i love that the budget builds keep coming, they're my favorite!
Emily Marvin
Emily Marvin Před měsícem
I do not understand the decision to use siding when eco lifestyle wall paint is right there
Siim Vuht
Siim Vuht Před měsícem
Can u tour my house the name is warm home it has eco lifestyle wallpaper outside and eco lifestyle windows too
Alex Agustin
Alex Agustin Před měsícem
"Ugh, but it's a nice touch!"
Chloe Porter
Chloe Porter Před měsícem
I would love to see a mod for the sims that makes the build catalog have realistic costs to irl renovations. So if you decide to knock out a wall or rearrange a bathroom or kitchen it would have costs incurred for the structural changes.
Julia Rønningsen
Julia Rønningsen Před měsícem
Can sims get rich by doing comedy.. in space??
Aria Evans
Aria Evans Před měsícem
my irl bedroom is the same size as the kids room accept the window is in the middle and i have a bunk bed with a desk underneath
im bored
im bored Před měsícem
What about a 10k 10 minute challenge Kayla? Could you do that?
Rhonja Bäckfors
Rhonja Bäckfors Před měsícem
I like it
Dxn‽‽ Elixhx‽‽
Dxn‽‽ Elixhx‽‽ Před měsícem
Sims4 should add Paint tool like for pets so u can paint the hair any colour and ecspecily the customizable wheel for each colour
badwabbit Před měsícem
How'd you change the simoleons back down to $218?
Holly Thibodeau
Holly Thibodeau Před měsícem
question for the community.. how do you move objects around the house in build mode so that they aren't snapping to a tile grid? I use moveobjects but they still snap to a tile?
AjaminAntic Před měsícem
Do you know if she has ever made her dream house in the Sims I haven't been able to find such video.
Karolina Tomczak
Karolina Tomczak Před měsícem
Double skill gain what--
Валерия Кошарная
I have yet met any legacy challenge where you can use debug. Like, it's cheating. You have stuff for free, so it's banned in most classic challenges. I don't understand...
Willian Iverson
Willian Iverson Před měsícem
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Karen Mortier
Karen Mortier Před měsícem
you could built a house but every room needs to be symmetrical
David Před měsícem
auuauau i just heard abou TRASH PLANTS on tiktok
yesitsglasha Před měsícem
* ”I’m fine” twerking *
Mr Simmer
Mr Simmer Před měsícem
Lilsimsie you make me smile
Venus Před měsícem
I really appreciate the daily uploads and streams! Thank you Kayla :)
C.S.K. Před měsícem
Let's get rid of the violin, we don't have the money. Yes U do, just get rid of the rug, the plant on the table and the lamp in the kids room. I'm crying inside...
FolieAGabs Před měsícem
Hi, I feel the need to tell you that I find your videos soothing so I put them on when I’m having trouble falling asleep, and it works like magic. My boyfriend and I even have a on going joke in which if he ever sees me watching your videos he’s like, oh no, be careful to fall asleep! It’s not that it’s boring, not at all, yours are the only videos I watch on CSvid at this point and I enjoy them. It’s just that, I have been dealing with insomnia and your videos help a lot. It is also very nice that you upload every day haha.
Will Safran
Will Safran Před měsícem
The garbage shoot it $0
Percivial Cradduck-Walker
Challenge Time, Simsie! I dare you to make a tiny home for a 4-sim all adult household with a starter budget Kids take up a small amount of space, but adults? 👀
Ali Graham
Ali Graham Před měsícem
Been watching Kayla for years and this video is absolutely awesome
Tawney Graves
Tawney Graves Před měsícem
Anyone else thinking about how she hasn’t painted the rest of the walls before she started adding toys lol
Travis Best
Travis Best Před měsícem
You're not alone. I love doing this stuff. Starting from nothing and actually building from the ground up. The only cheat I use is my sim doesn't age. At least until I get married and have kids. I turn on aging at that point.
Steven Sims play's games🎮☕
I dare u to make a house for 6 Sims with only 1000 money😈 hehehe
\l Stella l\
\l Stella l\ Před měsícem
Kayla always makes such cute houses!
spookyara Před měsícem
Where is a good place to go for people to give me some feedback on some of my builds? Been trying to get better. I always end up building them wrong on the gallery so the house isn’t oriented right. Guess my sense of the front of a property like is always off lol.
Paige Brandschwei
Paige Brandschwei Před měsícem
you should make a grandparents house
TNWaltz1983 Před měsícem
I’d love to see you build a Shotgun house. New Orleans has some beautiful examples!
Hannah Taylor
Hannah Taylor Před měsícem
Okay.. Now maybe renovate the inside with no budget! Would love to see what vision you had.🥰
Rachael Baca
Rachael Baca Před měsícem
not sure if its ok to ask this here but how can I get the mods to work? They aren't working for me :(
Videogame Mania
Videogame Mania Před měsícem
Hey Kayla, have you ever heard of CDKeys?
Анастасия Белова
5:40 Kayla: we're just putting things to see if it fits also Kayla: keeps them
Alexis Northup
Alexis Northup Před měsícem
i wish this house was out when i decided to move my sims-
Ana Beatriz Henrique de Oliveira
Ok, hear me out- There was this one time I saw that a family I didn't play with, but that was heavily intertwined with and influenced by the family I was playing, anyways, I saw that this family of 2 parents, 1 older sister and 2 twins (all of the kids were teens or young adults by that time) was living in a 1 bedroom house. I was horrified. I had to fix that. But, you see, I liked the house structure. I didn't want to change it, at least not a lot. It was a two floor house, so the ground floor had the kitchen, dining and living room, and the staircase, and the second floor had the bedroom and the bathroom. I changed the staircase position, and then I split that minimum, one bedroom space into two bedrooms, and managed to get a desk with a computer and a very weirdly shaped hallway. But what about the young adult older sister (actually, she was a half-sister - the couple was 2 women who each had one child before getting married, and then had the twins together - and a step daughter)? She had a very alternative, witchy party enjoyer girl vibe, and my head canon was that she actually had a better relationship with her step mom than with her actual mom, because her actual mom was kinda conservative about these stuff, but her step mom was fine as long as she didn't do anything *too* bad (there was also some mermaid culture stuff I made up, but anyways, you don't want to know that). So, what I ended up going for? You see, the house was in the get together world (can't remember names), and the roof was just covering a whole piece of space that could be better used. So, I removed the roof? No, absolutely no; I built a room inside of it. Pirated game, so no laders yet, therefore I just put a simple looking staircase leading to the room and that was it. She got her own space (I think I even gave her her own bathroom), inside of the roof, with her witchy bed and photo covered walls. It was a lot of fun, actually. What wasn't fun was getting the roof to fully cover the room. Still need to learn.
Doglover j7
Doglover j7 Před měsícem
I love it!
Lærke Helth Hansen
Lærke Helth Hansen Před měsícem
Starterhomes is always sad
BigBlueOctopus Před měsícem
I would use tiny homes a lot more if we had smaller lots. I just can't ignore the big empty space on the lot.
Kate McKeown
Kate McKeown Před měsícem
Could you please use a bit more packs
Nature Girl
Nature Girl Před měsícem
SIMSIE toy boxes are not too expensive and they come with multiple toys "for free"
Chloe Jones
Chloe Jones Před měsícem
Can someone please help me, on my sims 4 game I can’t change the angle of the camera, like make it aerial or flat like on the sims 3. Is this fixable?
Marcia Estrella
Marcia Estrella Před měsícem
You can change it in the settings, apparently there's also an camera icon in the top right corner (right one sims 3)
Lucy M
Lucy M Před měsícem
U can change the camera settings to sims 3 camera idk how bc I don’t have the sims but I think it’s one of the buttons in live mode on the top right corner
Alexi Flores
Alexi Flores Před měsícem
Can someone please tell me if it costs anything to play sims 4?? And I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Lori B
Lori B Před měsícem
why am I suddenly seeing sparkles in her build videos?
annoyingly tired
annoyingly tired Před měsícem
Me seeing her struggle with bedrooms: Me who used to live in a house of 10+ with 3 bedrooms: :)
annoyingly tired
annoyingly tired Před měsícem
@Stacey G ya with all these people it would be realy tuff- and ya how more came-
Stacey G
Stacey G Před měsícem
@annoyingly tired I know! I can't understand how they all fit in lol. And how more kept coming along 🙈🙈🤣
annoyingly tired
annoyingly tired Před měsícem
@Stacey G wow it must been hard to figure were they were going to sleep-😯
Stacey G
Stacey G Před měsícem
Haha my grandma had 13 brother n sisters, so 14 kids n 2 parents in a 2 bedroom place! 😳 I can't figure out how!
๓คг๒ɭє ๓๏๏ภ
I can't be the only person that read it as 100k and thought she had gone crazy
Percival Gray
Percival Gray Před měsícem
Challege: build a house with only premade rooms.
Cat Henning
Cat Henning Před měsícem
"this is just placement furniture!!!" *doesn't change the furniture*
User Name
User Name Před měsícem
Video idea: *Can I get rich from throwing parties?* Parties are big money in this game, the reward for a gold toddler party is a 5000 simoleon play item..
Ellen Harman
Ellen Harman Před měsícem
Mother and teen micro starter home?
Tazreen Tasnim
Tazreen Tasnim Před měsícem
“Maybe I don’t know what I’m doing. Maybe that’s the problem” this hits hard
AlexAlexAlex Před měsícem
Low budgets are good and all, but what about the cheapest possible house? HOW CHEAP CAN WE GO???
Abbie Morley
Abbie Morley Před měsícem
Guys everybody share this idea simsie build her anch island on a 64x64 plot This was not my orignal idea this is the person who made it @Gillian
puppy love
puppy love Před měsícem
I'm on gen 3 of a legacy in Sulani and they've been living in a tiny house (the smallest tier) since the beginning. It's also completely off the gird. The most sims that lived there at once was 5 and I made them all fit lol, granted, a lot of the activities they do are outdoorsy ones but still. It can all fit haha
TheEmiser Před měsícem
You made me see the light and by the tiny living pack. I have so much fun making exclusively tiny homes now.
Victoria Woah
Victoria Woah Před měsícem
I did this once because my sim was kicked out by her mom for being 16 and pregnant and she ended up livening in a shed
Chaz Cosplay
Chaz Cosplay Před měsícem
The fact that this is 54/64, there’s still room to grow 👀
Stacey G
Stacey G Před měsícem
Luv your hair!!!
Jen 96
Jen 96 Před měsícem
Episode idea! Build a house but any item you would like to place must be the cheapest of the item type available.
lxrissxoe Před měsícem
hey simsie, you often complain that the EA buildings are always so empty. I wanted to tell you why the buildings always look so boring. So EA makes the buildings so that other players who don't have a good PC can play with it too without glitching etc. Maybe you already knew, but I just wanted to tell you again ^^
Killing in Cult
Killing in Cult Před měsícem
I don't usually dislike a video but when she said I'm giving myself 10k and then ""I'm allowed to give myself money" I just..
Designs By Ally
Designs By Ally Před měsícem
Here's an idea... make a tier 2 tiny home, and a budget of 85k, you have to spend it all.
ohnoitsabunny 2
ohnoitsabunny 2 Před měsícem
When I have more then 1 sim I have to cheat to get a bigger house
Lottaaa Před měsícem
Kayla is not Kayla anymore without tiny homes. but tbh I also LOVE tiny homes. Everything is just so comfortable. I LOVE IT
Nat Santa
Nat Santa Před měsícem
Were you not supposed to post Vlad's house but tiny ??.......
Grand theft auto V
Grand theft auto V Před měsícem
Hallo im aneq subscriber love your vids
Cameron Jones
Cameron Jones Před měsícem
What about a no budget exterior (including landscaping) and a small budget interior? Can already see you stressing about the contrast between how full the outside would be compared to the inside hahaha!
Julia Nilsson
Julia Nilsson Před měsícem
Simsie: debating money and costs. 3 seconds later: "I´m gonna give myself a porch because I wanna be fancy"
Lilly Marie Kårtveit
Lilly Marie Kårtveit Před měsícem
Could you play more sims 3 let’s plays 😅❤️❤️
TheDirewolf 1234
TheDirewolf 1234 Před měsícem
I like the idea of a tiny home but I would probably lose my santiy after year 4.
steve buscemi's mother
steve buscemi's mother Před měsícem
can you try building on the HUUUGGE apartment in san myshuno I'm curious to see what you do with it!
Victor Helberg
Victor Helberg Před měsícem
Hi Kayla I am a very big fan so can you pls do a new challenge
dillon jay
dillon jay Před měsícem
kayla that foundation thing didn't used to bother me till you just pointed it out which tends to happen a lot
Laura Carthew
Laura Carthew Před měsícem
The Spencer-Kim-Lewis family when they see this: our fridge is more expensive that this house.
Antonia B
Antonia B Před měsícem
Guys i startet a # on the Sims 4 Gallery named: wewantbetterbabys. Please use it when you do a Thing with baby things in it and post it on the gallery. Thanks
Lucy Vasquez
Lucy Vasquez Před měsícem
I think this might be the first time she’s finished the house without extending the budget 😂 I’m so proud
Ryan Jay Animas
Ryan Jay Animas Před měsícem
I really enjoyed listening to you. Even if im not watching the video haha. Cool videos 😊
Fóranzó Před měsícem
I bet it would be way cheaper with Eco Lifestyle furniture ;o;
willcreech Před měsícem
I feel like she Kayla always starts out with grand ambitions to build something challenging, half way through realises its too difficult, and then just ends up building the same thing.
Vaccine Magnetic Powers #Shorts
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Guess the sound challenge🎵 #shorts