i found my wife biggest secret

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23. 03. 2020





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UnChosenMatt animations
UnChosenMatt animations Před 2 hodinami
Are you gonna SUE her?
estela perez
estela perez Před 5 hodinami
Yeah 😡😡
Carolina Martinez
Carolina Martinez Před 11 hodinami
Mine it's not fun tho bc I loved seeing my favorite teacher from school now am in froth grade
DuhITZyerBoi Před 18 hodinami
My friends: Let's go to Beijing for no reason. Me: Lets not. My friends: Suit yourself. 3 weeks later... News Report: BREAKING NEWS, we have a report of 5 men stabbed and left while people just walked past him. Nobody here cares though so why should we?
Limar Safadi
Limar Safadi Před dnem
I am now sosososososososo happy for you 😥😢😢
Mohammed Elghawail
you should divorce that sick lady and do not let your children to see her ever again
Ashley Payz Msp Linin
that's such a cs that the doctor is his wife cheater lol
Lupita Barrera Bautista
Am I trippen or does the storyteller kinda Lund like David dobrik 😂😂😟
Alana Broughton
Alana Broughton Před dnem
I was trying to call the police 999 idiot it’s 911
Daksh Kharbanda
Daksh Kharbanda Před dnem
You’re not they only one I’m too addicted
Dylan Amling
Dylan Amling Před dnem
Isn’t it 911 not 999?
Anna-Leigh T
Anna-Leigh T Před dnem
This should be a movie!
Cesar Lopez
Cesar Lopez Před 2 dny
For a second I thought it was going to be a bad ending but at least it was a good ending 🤠
Molly Richardson
Molly Richardson Před 3 dny
Jimmy Neutron
Jimmy Neutron Před 4 dny
I would commit suicide
Chanveasna So
Chanveasna So Před 5 dny
Nathan Agnello
Nathan Agnello Před 5 dny
I’m in lockdown
Tashea Douglass
Tashea Douglass Před 6 dny
Get far away from her
Hocog Brothers
Hocog Brothers Před 6 dny
Chloe Weathersby
Chloe Weathersby Před 6 dny
Ginika Anagor
Ginika Anagor Před 6 dny
He accidentally ezdrop on the phone call lol
Brian Bjornson
Brian Bjornson Před 6 dny
you can't go to her take yor kids away for you
Katlen Molefhi
Katlen Molefhi Před 6 dny
These stories are addictive.
X Æ A-12 Musk
X Æ A-12 Musk Před 7 dny
How tf can you kidnap your own children?? 😂😂
Nathalie Waworuntu
Nathalie Waworuntu Před 7 dny
more like I can't contact su tart
Nicole Millner
Nicole Millner Před 7 dny
person: british Accent: american Words: american
Owusuaa Kumi boateng
So when he fell the woman just stood there smiling and watching 🤨🤨🤔
yoblix !
yoblix ! Před 7 dny
Uian is a jerk. Such is good tho
Ida_Bursic1 !
Ida_Bursic1 ! Před 7 dny
dont show your kids to her and don't meet her,
GachaCell Před 8 dny
Why is Big Ben in China
Jas Saleem
Jas Saleem Před 8 dny
D way he sed lena😂😂
Art Plays
Art Plays Před 8 dny
foxy kid
foxy kid Před 8 dny
why is it 999 2:28
Sedyj6jcbno Delgado
Michaela Torre
Michaela Torre Před 8 dny
The fact that all of these stories invovle men and girls cheating or getting to become a couple is Absourd also when sue was on t.v and he started talking what he said made no scens
Niesha Amerson
Niesha Amerson Před 8 dny
The store is kind of weird but like why would your wife do that to you if she know she is crazy and then ditch you for someone else and they kidnap your kids and make you blame for all of it
XxGalaxyxX TwT
XxGalaxyxX TwT Před 9 dny
I love when he said "Leeeeena" XD
jaden baecht
jaden baecht Před 9 dny
People around*oh hey guys he just got stabbed let’s just do nothing when he runs around into people Dad*ahhhh *gets knocked out*
Saaj Dhindsa
Saaj Dhindsa Před 9 dny
Next title: my wife betrayed me when I found her secret
Val Nikqi
Val Nikqi Před 9 dny
My brother’s name is dean
The gaming Alvarez
The gaming Alvarez Před 10 dny
British people be like: oh this is wonderful spot of tea, this is brilliant I tell you, who cuts your grass?
Rvrs Leafi
Rvrs Leafi Před 10 dny
Anyone notice that he is from Ik and doesn’t have a accent
aless and the gamers
the dada- GETS YEETED TO THE FLOOR people there- i did not see some yeet on the floor ^_^
SnowySnows !Lol
SnowySnows !Lol Před 11 dny
This is most likely a lie police don’t help until 48 hours have passed of a person being missing.
Elijah Ide
Elijah Ide Před 11 dny
Whaaaaaaaaaat the fuk
Gabriela Espinoza
Gabriela Espinoza Před 11 dny
Him: gets stabbed 2 times kids get kidnapped and wife blames him Me: tsk this is not your lucky day WAIT HOW ARE YOU STILL ALIVE!?
Gigi teaches stuff
Gigi teaches stuff Před 11 dny
I hate corona
The Man behind the slaughter
Why you can’t trust china
Aylayia and Devonaha Mafia
JohannaPlaysAdoptMe Před 11 dny
thisis the 2nd story i have watched that is actually something that happens lmao
they folow me every where
First he gets stabbed in the back then someone almost murders him by slamming him to the floor and no one cares i don't think so r/that just happened 😂😂
Molly None of your biz
Where’s the British accent?
Ted Elsas
Ted Elsas Před 12 dny
Ted Elsas
Ted Elsas Před 12 dny
How did you go home when you were IN YOUR FRICKING HONE?!
Crazy man Of pros
Crazy man Of pros Před 12 dny
Hi !
Hi ! Před 12 dny
Did anyone notice that the man said he was from the UK. But he had a British accent...
Sabrena Yt
Sabrena Yt Před 12 dny
SolidRat Gaming
SolidRat Gaming Před 13 dny
I want those pancakes 🥞
Herndon8 Před 13 dny
11:28 : Sue has gone crazy! Me: um how did she get the kids if she wasn’t there at the time ._.
Dave Wood
Dave Wood Před 13 dny
Either way you have to keep the kids away from that evil side of her
Sophie Byers
Sophie Byers Před 14 dny
Try and talk to your wife the alternative personality is to blame not her what matters is if she tries to get help
Irene Olebara
Irene Olebara Před 14 dny
He dialed 999 not 911
elvt_melo Před 14 dny
I have hallucinations too your not the only one :)
R&r Fistler
R&r Fistler Před 14 dny
I’m just watching random stuff on youtube
jack jordan
jack jordan Před 14 dny
He is a good guy
Mary Patterson
Mary Patterson Před 14 dny
how many times did they call the police tho?
Angela Li
Angela Li Před 15 dny
Danielle Maaka
Danielle Maaka Před 15 dny
No You are not
D'andra Bowes
D'andra Bowes Před 15 dny
I am so happy you have your children back so sad😢😢😢😢❤💓
dina solmon
dina solmon Před 15 dny
He got stabbed and did not tell the police
Abbigal Cogill
Abbigal Cogill Před 15 dny
Petra Tutui
Petra Tutui Před 16 dny
Jim Terry
Jim Terry Před 16 dny
And did you all get Coronavirus
Veve mau Download game
I don't know why this video started this video 🙁🙁
bbbapple -Gianna
bbbapple -Gianna Před 16 dny
The China police Number is 110
Steven Murphy
Steven Murphy Před 16 dny
If I Was In This Situation I Probably Do The Same Thing
P a m i f o r n i a
P a m i f o r n i a Před 16 dny
*I* When "I" is by itself it's capitalized!! This happend in the title and it triggered me!!
Bech Před 16 dny
When I heard "Beijing" and looked at the date of this story my brain just thought "Corona!!"
ARMY BTSSS Před 17 dny
Who watches this stories just to pass time in quarantine.
Haryezn Pye
Haryezn Pye Před 17 dny
U should let your kids go see her so that thay will not for get her
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