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22. 03. 2020





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THIS IS L&S Před 2 měsíci
Aman Jeet
Aman Jeet Před 20 dny
Maya Diys
Maya Diys Před měsícem
Nella 5555
Nella 5555 Před měsícem
Hiiiiiiiii from Australia
Taylor Jenkins
Taylor Jenkins Před 2 měsíci
Shyla probably thinking my baby is on crack why is she smile
Taylor Jenkins
Taylor Jenkins Před 2 měsíci
FaZe Rug heyyy how is life
sophia murphy
sophia murphy Před 9 hodinami
Yous r the best parents yous wouldn’t leave your baby girl alone x
Taylor Osborne
Taylor Osborne Před 3 dny
I've noticed ur very skinny lately u gud bro?
Reshma Ramesar
Reshma Ramesar Před 4 dny
I love this prank it was a really good reaction from Shyla
aarushi aggarwal
aarushi aggarwal Před 5 dny
Oh my my!! Shyla freaked outt haha! Love from INDIA ♥️❤️🙏🏻🇮🇳
chrisabshire82 Před 5 dny
So fake . They just both guna pretend they don't see their own camera propped up and just randomly recording them ?? Come on now
Strawberry hair
Strawberry hair Před 8 dny
I dont blame her id be freaking too and for Landon to be so cool about it made her even more pissed.
Syeda Nazia
Syeda Nazia Před 10 dny
Shayla calm down ur baby was smiling , Landon is so ill and weak u were so insensitive how can u even kick him even if it's light. You'd call it abuse and cry about it and leave even if he did that to you. Women up shyla u got caught on camera it's not nice. Baby was fine!🙄
Sophie Lennon
Sophie Lennon Před 21 dnem
Shyla did over react a little bit tho I felt bad for Landon
Sophie Lennon
Sophie Lennon Před 21 dnem
Get well soon Landon 💞💞
OLIVIA CHEN Před 24 dny
The baby is ADORABLE!!! LIKE=Agree
Adriana Lomeli
Adriana Lomeli Před 25 dny
Has anyone notice how he says “everybody” or is it just me.
shirley Rodriguez
shirley Rodriguez Před 25 dny
Lol... It's that momma lion instinct ... Ur lucky she didn't devour u like that momma lion did to the lion , from the zoo... lol 😜🥰 😍...it's just a mommy thing. Tc. And hope for a fast recuperation .... My prayers goes to your family... positive vibes your way ♥️
BLGaming Dynasty
BLGaming Dynasty Před 27 dny
😂😂😂😂😂 the baby smiling when she supposed to be crying or something is hilarious. It’s like she know Issa prank and can’t keep her composure.
Angela Stefanova
Angela Stefanova Před 27 dny
Souline was born to be an actress!!
Jena Kim Mean
Jena Kim Mean Před 27 dny
what a beautiful name
🌺LiiNatural🌺 Před 28 dny
I uploaded this prank on my husband his reaction was priceless 😂😂😂
Lourdes Kennedy Garcia
It’s low key annoying how she reacted 😂
Sound Stop
Sound Stop Před 28 dny
The smile 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂🤣
Antonia Hdz
Antonia Hdz Před 28 dny
Landon: what made you kick me?? Me: Her mommy instinct made her kick you!!!❣ Soul: smiles😁
Laurenah Ambroise
Laurenah Ambroise Před 29 dny
i adore you guysss!!!!!!!!!
Yt roblox gaming
Yt roblox gaming Před měsícem
When he was nervous I was nervous too I was like omg
🌺LiiNatural🌺 Před měsícem
I just did this prank to my husband and he was not having it 😂😂😂😂 should I upload it ????
Twin Central
Twin Central Před měsícem
Don’t play like this
I am so shyla with my bf and son 😂😩😂 love you shy!
Jasha-rae Martillano
Jasha-rae Martillano Před měsícem
LAMFAO hahah jeez landon and sry for ur probem
Lili Pili
Lili Pili Před měsícem
I hate shyla she always treats him like shit and Joe nott
random Před měsícem
The kick !! 😭😭😭😭😭😭
Shelvia Lynn
Shelvia Lynn Před měsícem
Nail . Costumes
Nail . Costumes Před měsícem
if he would dye for his daughter and wife thats maybe how he got cancer idk
Inspire a Soul Change a life
She is an incredibly gooooood mother! She is protective of her child. Which is what every mother should be be
Bella Tirado
Bella Tirado Před měsícem
I’m sorry bu to used to love this channel but now they do clickbate and in this prank shyla was actually being EXTRA
Bluebutter10k Před měsícem
Is that imjaystation
valentina v
valentina v Před měsícem
"What happend she's freaking smiling" got me😂😂😂😂
Jenesis Hausia
Jenesis Hausia Před měsícem
I would of got the Holy Ghost on him if that was my child bahahahha
Cute candy
Cute candy Před měsícem
Mya Hoyt
Mya Hoyt Před měsícem
God bless u
Angel Amankwanor
Angel Amankwanor Před měsícem
The way she was smiling awwww😂😂😂😂😄😄😄😧
SUNNY LJJHPKK Před měsícem
i think everyone hates shyla after how she kicked landon
Simply Lovely
Simply Lovely Před měsícem
Awwww her reaction is soooo cute
Casi-Ann Hepburn
Casi-Ann Hepburn Před měsícem
This child was in this prank tho she helped her dad... lol look at her pretty self smiling...
Ivy King
Ivy King Před měsícem
Time your looking for is 5:00
samantha bryan
samantha bryan Před měsícem
Hiba Ali
Hiba Ali Před měsícem
Who is here after the news or Landon😔 stay strong Landon
Veronica Dora
Veronica Dora Před měsícem
Hiba Ali yessss
Shay Chadburn
Shay Chadburn Před měsícem
I love landon 🥺🥺❤️ I’m praying for you and your family right now!! I know you’re going thru a tough time w this diagnosis but you will get thru it 🥺❤️
Yashira Cruz
Yashira Cruz Před měsícem
Ismael Castillo
Ismael Castillo Před měsícem
I do not have any school I am working on my computer of school
Shweta Kamble
Shweta Kamble Před měsícem
Shayla you are one idk what to say she is his daughter too, what if you dropped the baby someday and landon kicked you, lol you'd literally beat the shit out of that poor man. Dude behave you are not a small girl anymore act a little bit mature. And what do you mean "don't touch her" she is his baby too. You literally don't have humanity. Secondly don't be so wanna be, be real someday.
Yang Luna
Yang Luna Před měsícem
Get well soon Landon ❤️
Andrew Nick
Andrew Nick Před měsícem
I wonder who is the cameraman? If this is a prank it should be a hidden camera..But how this angels are being filmed?
Eric Manago
Eric Manago Před měsícem
Wait I realize that landon got skinnyer not hating but weird
Love Yourself
Love Yourself Před měsícem
U right
Nounou F
Nounou F Před měsícem
Hhhh I’m libra too .. and once Something my bf said to me it was mean after explaining something for hours with all of my heart he was stubborn cold I turned to bro real quick he was like whaaaaaat !!?????? Bro !!!????? I cAn detach when I’m hurt or angry .. because for me all man are bro I put boundaries with friends or cousin guy only my man is my babe so if you don’t deserve it you go back to being nothing .. if you hurt me or say something mean you’ll go from babe to bro & dude real quick like in one second I can lose my feeling if I do all for you and you treat me wrong or you don’t believe me it understand me ... I responded you see I’m not fake I’m real person what I feel is in my tongue ... when I’m happy Or I’m sad when I’m angry Ot I’m done or detached or you aren’t what I though you are you can tell . Yup we are queens of swords .. ( she loves London I love this familly with cute baby mah god protect you all )
2X-_ -Banzz
2X-_ -Banzz Před měsícem
I swear i saw this like a month ago. Its a funny video, but ik i saw this video more than 3 weeks ago. SMH this COVID-19 and Quarantine stuff got me messed up.
Oku Chipu
Oku Chipu Před měsícem
Jaylene Mariee
Jaylene Mariee Před měsícem
“I would die for you both of you “🥺
mia p3r3z
mia p3r3z Před měsícem
8:39 both of Souls and Shylas face are a mood 😭❤️.
Jessica Martinez
Jessica Martinez Před měsícem
You should of done it with a fake baby. And trip and fall. That would of been a good prank
jessica paiz
jessica paiz Před měsícem
This is how many times he said**she is fineeee**... ⬇
Brianna Daly
Brianna Daly Před měsícem
You guys are the worst actors. Never comes across authentic.
Eliz & Kim's journey
Eliz & Kim's journey Před měsícem
I babies do cry when they fall
MJ Před měsícem
5:47 For some reason, the way he says “I know” and “she’s fine” gets on my nerves. He whines it like a child and I feel like he does this often because he also did it in the video where he pranked Shyla by saying she shaved Soul’s hair off. In every hidden camera prank Shyla does, Landon gets unreasonably pissed off at Shyla and takes his anger out on her. He knows Shyla’s too in love with him to leave him so he treats her however he wants. Idk, but if I had a problem with my partner doing something and he just kept saying that instead of finding a viable solution or apology, I’d get tired of that manchild.
MJ Před měsícem
Tihitina Kifle he was like that during hidden camera pranks Shyla pulled on him.
Tihitina Kifle
Tihitina Kifle Před měsícem
First of all its a prank. If it was for real he would not be like that. And if u don't like it u don't have to watch . Leave them alone there good people and there going through a lot. Love u guys
V __
V __ Před měsícem
Here we go
Mia H
Mia H Před měsícem
Lol souls smile is so beautiful, I’m a new mom too so I def feel u Shyla. $MissImher
Nini Raksap
Nini Raksap Před měsícem
London why don't you use braces your teeth look soo ugly
Mon Rodri
Mon Rodri Před měsícem
You could tel he was so nervous!
Reagan Dorso
Reagan Dorso Před měsícem
She's very protective over her kid that's a good thing
Diana Sanchez
Diana Sanchez Před měsícem
Where’s Fiji?
My fantastic 4s
My fantastic 4s Před měsícem
The kicks came from mother instinct kkkkk
Ângela Bruna
Ângela Bruna Před měsícem
Where is the other dog ?
Tatihana Ventura
Tatihana Ventura Před měsícem
Soul when Shyla picked her up 😂🤣😂 I love her so much ! ❤️🎀
Imari Sampson
Imari Sampson Před měsícem
The kicking wasn't necessary even though it looked like it wasn't meant to hurt. Experienced parents make mistakes but kicking them isn't the answer...
Kikwang K
Kikwang K Před měsícem
landon is so annoying
Monique Lossisironi
Monique Lossisironi Před měsícem
Steven MP
Steven MP Před měsícem
Najah S
Najah S Před měsícem
LMBOOOOOO When Souline was smiling after Shyla picked her up
Alicia Vital
Alicia Vital Před měsícem
Why does Landon obsess over Shyla so much? It’s apparent he “thinks” he’d never score someone prettier but her personality is horrible. She’s toxic as can be. The way she says “don’t touch MY baby” she’s not your property. Please don’t go into having any more kids having this mentality. Smh.
SOME BODY Před měsícem
Plus, shes her mom. Your not. Grow up
SOME BODY Před měsícem
You dont know how they are off camera. Stop judging other women saying "shes toxic" ya know. Maybe your the only one that's toxic. Dont comment if you have nothing nice to say. Shes beautiful
Salice Bayybe
Salice Bayybe Před měsícem
I haven’t been catching up w L&S for almost a year now, and Landon looks a little unhealthily skinny.... Is he dieting or? I’m just curious.... going back & forth w their old videos & I see a big difference...
depaula victoria
depaula victoria Před měsícem
He has cancer so don’t expect perfect health from him..and also if even if u didn’t watch it for almost a year then why are u saying that he looks unhealthy? Some pple change looks over time...
Leila Před měsícem
he has cancer
briana lamas
briana lamas Před měsícem
Salice Bayybe he’s sick
Lara Mirzoyan
Lara Mirzoyan Před měsícem
Sammy Carter
Sammy Carter Před měsícem
Hey shyla can you do a review or how you feel on your manual pump? It would really be great. I just had my third baby she’ll be 7 weeks tomorrow. I just got mine I wanted to give it a chance this time cause when I had my first in 2016 I didn’t really lol I just stuck with the boob.
Maribel Joy
Maribel Joy Před měsícem
I’m not lucky to miss school. This is my senior year and I might not get to graduate. I mean I love y’all but I mean it’s not even that gread
Babygirl Update
Babygirl Update Před měsícem
Did anybody else noticed shylas under black feet 😂😂
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