How the Relationship has been so far.. *UPDATED COUPLES Q&A*

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26. 03. 2020





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will & mari
will & mari Před 14 hodinami
morals k cute
Demetria Chavez
Demetria Chavez Před dnem
Awe my baby girls name is Mia Isabella 💜❤ ... Hope yall one day have a baby together.... Hella cute. ❤
Demetria Chavez
Demetria Chavez Před dnem
Lol i love her "your sick"! Lol
Mia Ortiz
Mia Ortiz Před 4 dny
My name is Mia
Julissa Anaya
Julissa Anaya Před 4 dny
My name is julissa>shulissa 😭😭
deleted Před 5 dny
Yall are perfect together
Morgan L. Sayer
Morgan L. Sayer Před 11 dny
I love I names too. My nephew's name is Izaiah and my neice's name is Iladelle (nickname Ila). ❤
Alize Rocha
Alize Rocha Před 13 dny
May God Bless your relationship and protect you from all the ”Karen’s” Your every is amazing!!! Blessing!
Wick Ehh
Wick Ehh Před 15 dny
10:33 got me deaddd
phoenix Az
phoenix Az Před 15 dny
For sure they forever ! Bet !
BeauTeeFour Family
BeauTeeFour Family Před 17 dny
I love her ahhhhh! Lol. It looks like it's sticking to him 😂😂
Ninjalina 1416
Ninjalina 1416 Před 19 dny
Lmfao y’all hilarious 😂
alyssa pineda
alyssa pineda Před 20 dny
alo taking 5 minutes on one shrimp tail is MEEEE
123msverito Před 21 dnem
“That usually never happens tho” “well not with that attitude” 🤣🤣 ayo y’all crack me up😭
Zara Nawaz
Zara Nawaz Před 21 dnem
I feel bad for tre
Bianca Antoinette
Bianca Antoinette Před 21 dnem
I’ve never been into watching CSvid couples but you guys are my favorite. You guys make your videos so funny to watch. 😂❤️ please don’t start pranking each other because the vlogs are the best.
pamela d
pamela d Před 22 dny
You can see the energy on camera, but I bet it is even better off camera 😍😍
vianca ruiz
vianca ruiz Před 22 dny
I love how she said “ I love how he treats me like a queen this is all new to me being treated so good “ 🥺🥺
Vcky John
Vcky John Před 23 dny
Ya'll vibe soooo well. Caaauuuute!
Tania Gonzalez
Tania Gonzalez Před 23 dny
Lmao my bf doesn’t let me dress how I like cause he gets mad for going out like that in public
Jenae Jackson
Jenae Jackson Před 23 dny
Ayeeee his editing is hilarious and perfect!!😂
Cristy0629 Před 25 dny
Denise Před 26 dny
Bennys face at 15:57 had me dead 😂
Zoe Cardenas
Zoe Cardenas Před 27 dny
Y’all need to have a baby with the letter c so you can be “ a b c “
Anahi Juarez
Anahi Juarez Před 27 dny
Challenge or pause challenge
Alexandra Ruvalcaba
Alexandra Ruvalcaba Před 29 dny
Do a 24 hour hand cuffed to each other ! :)
Vanessa Cruz
Vanessa Cruz Před 29 dny
awww i love yall so much
Chanet Fiorina-Trujillo
Waaah! I love them... their relationship is so pure! 💕 Thanks for being so authentic guys!
Gloria Gloria
Gloria Gloria Před měsícem
These 2 together...Anyone can see they were made for each other! Beautiful Smiles, Styles & Sense of humor..I love y'all together!
Jorge Chavez
Jorge Chavez Před měsícem
No mames😂
It’s Somai
It’s Somai Před měsícem
Alondra: ur sickkkk I love yalllll😭😭😂💙💙
Sabrina Garcia
Sabrina Garcia Před měsícem
I think y’all should name your baby Nia in the future
Gesela Laguan
Gesela Laguan Před měsícem
Omg what girl doesn’t like to baby they manz😩They looooove that shit but not infront of them boys😭🤣🤣
Erica Palacios
Erica Palacios Před měsícem
Ya are my fav CSvid couple ❤️🤍❤️🤍...
Erica Palacios
Erica Palacios Před měsícem
Lmao on the part Alo is talking about her knowing how to cook
Ruat dick
Ruat dick Před měsícem
diana villalta
diana villalta Před měsícem
Man y’all so cute so happy for y’all seriously!!😭😍😍
Yesenia Bautista
Yesenia Bautista Před měsícem
I be w all the thotivities 😂😂😂
TaylortheNative Před měsícem
watching these thoroughly makes me feel like im you're friends and I really appreciate that lol
Yesenia Bautista
Yesenia Bautista Před měsícem
When youre watching a video of benny and alo and a tre and alo video pops up🤢
Moon Seng
Moon Seng Před měsícem
I love the fact that Alo didn’t even take long to say that she loves a lot of things about him and literally started counting what she loves about him and did not even hesitate a bit
Llasmin Marin
Llasmin Marin Před měsícem
Bennyy. he just eating . eating. Eating hahababa. ( SAME ) !!! Yall sooo Cute. 💞
johanna zaldivar
johanna zaldivar Před měsícem
Why are they so funny omg 😂😂 I miss out I feel like I’m like third person match their energy. I get all the joke I can’t 😂😂
G G Před měsícem
This guy has way higher vibration then that other dude. My god! Glad they’re happy lol idk why hahahahahah 😭🙌🤣. I’m really curious about both of their astrology charts. They have such good energy together. She’s a Scorpio and he’s and Aquarius. I Wannsee what their moon signs and rising.... anybody lol
Jeni Diaz
Jeni Diaz Před měsícem
Juan martin Jimenez
Juan martin Jimenez Před měsícem
Bro I wish u guys the best and yep ur girl is hella fine but no hate here bro y'all dope tbh
William Romo
William Romo Před měsícem
Saludos a toda la familia de benny y suerte con su nueva relacion desde acuña .
DANK BLOGS Před měsícem
Benny still trying to hard to get at her
Cristina Jimenez
Cristina Jimenez Před měsícem
Alondra’s glow is DIFFERENT WITH BENNY! Se tubo que decir y se dijo!! I LOVE YOU GUYS. ♥️
The Brianna’s Show
The Brianna’s Show Před měsícem
cattle on camera??? 🤣
Marissa Torres
Marissa Torres Před měsícem
Hi Benny! My name is Marissa and my biggest dream is to meet you before I have my big open heart surgery coming up in June. I saw you were in stockton, I’m from Stockton too. I’m currently a highschool senior at lincoln highschool, I’m 17!! Me and my cousins love you & alo so much! Or if you reply it will make me happy too! Thankyou for continually putting a smile on my face. You have truly impacted my life, both you and alo! ❤️ when I am feeling down I go straight to CSvid and watch your guys videos. ❤️ Thankyou for taking your time and reading this message! I truly appreciate it! Love you! 🤍🤍
TattooShortie Před měsícem
Y’all are legit my favorite! Always making me laugh! Much love!!✨💕
Evelyne Gomez
Evelyne Gomez Před měsícem
I love you guys so much like wtf y’all are the definition of a perfect couple🥺
Htx. flakka
Htx. flakka Před měsícem
I love how she looks way happier and their relationship is so cute cause they always goofy 🥰
Gloria G
Gloria G Před měsícem
I never liked watching CSvid couples. But yall cute 🥰
Carson and Sophia
Carson and Sophia Před měsícem
OMG, Great video! Watching this made me get so inspired!
carson dyke
carson dyke Před měsícem
Your content is amazing! Love the idea!
Messiah Wilson
Messiah Wilson Před měsícem
The fact that she doesn't cook is not bad. But it can become tiring and unhealthy to always have to eat out. On the flip side they can look at this as an opportunity to learn how to cook TOGETHER and grow romantically. ☺️
Ashley arceo
Ashley arceo Před měsícem
You guys should paint together that would be something nice to do together
jess Před měsícem
you guys are hilariousssss omg i cant
Aireona Thompson
Aireona Thompson Před měsícem
I love y’all together Benny you make Alondra so more more happier. Y’all should do trunk twister.
Virginia Bb
Virginia Bb Před měsícem
This couple is sooo funny 😂😂 i was dying at 3:45
marie Gonzales
marie Gonzales Před měsícem
Scorpio and aquarius 🤩
Stfannie Před měsícem
I love the fact he took the cascara off the shrimp for her 😂
Audrey Escutia
Audrey Escutia Před měsícem
Morning or night routine as a couple
iitzramii Před měsícem
Hold up: 15:38 “after you”?
Manuela Alvarado
Manuela Alvarado Před měsícem
Singing contests between both.
amy lin
amy lin Před měsícem
amy lin
amy lin Před měsícem
She looks crazy
amy lin
amy lin Před měsícem
She really skidding about seafood lmao makes sense smg
vanessa ramos
vanessa ramos Před měsícem
I love yall 🖤
O Espinoza
O Espinoza Před měsícem
15:35 so disappointed in you Benny. How anyone after you is a down grade. I'm sure everyone who passed your love life had a special place at the time. I know your momma raised you right not to down grade anyone after some special relationship. It kinda makes me feel you just said that because you had to and others don't feel confident.
Mayela Gonzalez
Mayela Gonzalez Před měsícem
This is how me and my ex used to be 😢
Adriana Life
Adriana Life Před měsícem
Omg when he said not with that attitude I was gone 😂😂😂
Monse Aguado
Monse Aguado Před měsícem
I love Alo and Benny together. You can tell they really get each other.
Onajourney Před měsícem
She looks sooo sooo happy , I'm so happy for them ❤
Vivian Torres
Vivian Torres Před měsícem
So cute ..
Mimi Dominguez
Mimi Dominguez Před měsícem
Alondra is so beautiful and hilarious 😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️ she’s perfect ! BENNY YOUR ONE LUCKY MAN YOUR BOTH BLESSED
Ruth Kwizera
Ruth Kwizera Před měsícem
Just recently subscribed and this couple is one of the few couple where i actually watch the video till the end. They are just so intertaining and the jokes NEVER end!❤️❤️
The Get Fit Family Gallegos's
Yesss I love that girl name it's my favorite name ever my daughters name is meiah that's how I spelt it not the traditional way of Mia that's boring lol jkjk
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