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To preorder IMMUNE click here: kgs.link/ImmuneBook -- It’s available in English and German and at online retailers it should be available in pretty much all countries too.

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The human immune system is the most complex biological system we know, after the human brain, and yet, most of us never learn how it works. Or what it is. Your immune System consists of hundreds of tiny and two large organs, it has its own transport network spread throughout your body. Every day it makes hundreds of billions of fresh cells.

It is not some sort of abstract entity. Your immune system is YOU. Your biology protecting you from the billions of microorganisms that want to consume you and from your own perverted cells that turn into cancer. It's so manifold that it is impossible to cover in one video, so we’ll make a series looking at different aspects of it.

Today, what happens when your body is invaded and your first lines of defenses are engaged in a fight for life and death?

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Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell
To get IMMUNE click here: kgs.link/ImmuneBook -- It’s available in English and German and at online retailers it should be available in pretty much all countries too. Ohai! I’m Philipp, the founder and head writer of Kurzgesagt and author of IMMUNE! Let me say a few words about it: IMMUNE is older than Kurzgesagt and I began working on it about a decade ago in university. The idea was to explore a super important but also extremely misunderstood and complicated topic and “translate” it into a language everybody could understand. I’ve done my best to basically write a super long Kurzgesagt video but with less of the limitations of a ten minute video. IMMUNE is a fascinating and fun journey through your own body, together we’ll be exploring mystery organs, murder universities, your enemies from viruses, bacteria and cancer (and how your immune system might have killed a cancer cell while you were reading the last few sentences) and the incredibly beautiful and amazing parts, cells and systems that keep you alive. After reading it you should not only gain a new appreciation for your own body but also experience disease differently. A flu or something more serious will not be this abstract thing but something you can sort of witness and imagine which mechanisms are active and which cells are doing what. At least personally, knowing how the immune system works always has given me great comfort when I felt unwell. Also 45 illustrated pages by the Kurzgesagt team make the book very pretty. Preorders are incredibly important in the world of books so if you are considering getting it, it would mean a lot if you could do that. Because preorders determine if a publisher will try to get the book into bookstores, so a lot of the book’s success depends on it. I’m incredibly grateful that so many of you have watched these videos in the last few years. And I hope you will give my first book a chance too. - Philipp
Helena Bolickova
Helena Bolickova Před měsícem
KAUSTAV SAHU Před měsícem
For Immune Book - I love that You Included Taiwan, Hong Kong And China in category of different countries and websites.
TheTrainStation2Helpee Před měsícem
siddhant sinha
siddhant sinha Před 2 měsíci
Hey bro I have a serious request for u please if u can post ur video in hindi (Indian Languages). Because ur video can go into anyone's head easily and Indian need such information
Pedro Pina
Pedro Pina Před 2 měsíci
Hello. Will it also be available in Portuguese?
{Nightmare} Před 6 hodinami
my older brother got this book yesterday and we're already reading it together
Bear Turtle
Bear Turtle Před 7 hodinami
I just realized from reading the comments that the Helper T Cells giving Macrophages the motivation, and power boost they needed to fight the powerful forces of outnumbering Bacteria sounds like it came straight from an shounen anime. It's like the Helper T Cell says"We can't give up! This world is counting on us! I have a plan, here's what you need to do..." And then the Macrophages suddenly gain new super-saiyan forms that turn the tide almost instantaneously.
TheUndisputed Před 7 hodinami
8:27 saddest shit I have known yet 😢💔
Yamin Před dnem
Human immune system? Being a vet I'm offended. The immune system of all mammals functions the same way, it isn't just our species that are bestowed with an immune system.
Lalu Rami
Lalu Rami Před 8 hodinami
I'm sorry... you're offended just because they only talked about HUMAN immune system ? yet you already knew that they functions the same way
Ēpīç •Ëdīt müßīç•
HAHAHAHAHHAHA not today germs
Zaineb Hidoussi
Zaineb Hidoussi Před 2 dny
I absolutely qdore this channel
yoriichi tsugikuni
yoriichi tsugikuni Před 2 dny
Who is reading the immune book? 👇
Michael Manley
Michael Manley Před 2 dny
Why did I get that weird feeling in my neck when watching this
Jamos -
Jamos - Před 2 dny
8:03 is so cursed He's using the left joy-con with his right thumb
Philippa Van Der hoven
Thank you for a wonderful video. I have just contracted COVID and was lying in bed wondering what my immune system was doing to fight the virus. I'm a nursing sister and have always been fascinated about the wonder of our amazing immune systems that sadly get very little limelight. Apsolutely excellent!!!! I have so much hope and peace now. I will sleep peacefully while my wonderful immune system fights the battle. God bless you.
Jawara TV
Jawara TV Před 3 dny
Where is cell t killer and is the white Cell eating the bacteria?
Neli Sage
Neli Sage Před 3 dny
Please make Greek subtitles ❤️ I love your channel
أنس بدران
أنس بدران Před 3 dny
سبحان الخالق Glory of the Creator
disturbadAngel1 Před 4 dny
Macrophage: "I'm tired T Cell" T-Cell : "Well that's just to damn bad!"
brawl boi
brawl boi Před 4 dny
PhYcOpAtHs •
PhYcOpAtHs • Před 4 dny
would would happen if lets say you cut yourself on a stick and you DIDNT have a immune system. What would the bacteria on the stick do to you after a certain amount of time without a immune system
rickson pat
rickson pat Před 4 dny
Ayo this is pre dope
C. M.
C. M. Před 4 dny
We Want a metaverse with the same graphics of Kurzgesagt videos
domingo munar
domingo munar Před 4 dny
that one thing is sus
Anahita Před 4 dny
You should make one for medical students I loved it
Annabella Patton
Annabella Patton Před 4 dny
It confuses me why Kurzgesagt doesnt heart some of the compliments from some comments :,)
DL comix
DL comix Před 5 dny
Also, on your app, why is the macrophage different than the macrophages in this video?
DL comix
DL comix Před 5 dny
I’ve got an idea: you should make a mega video with all the different videos and information you have uploaded!
NeoduinoVlogs Před 5 dny
I'd totally watch a movie made by kurzgesagt
Kimiwws1 Před 5 dny
Shout-out to all of my immune army that fight to keep me alive.
이준혁 Před 5 dny
Bib Bib
Bib Bib Před 5 dny
Which one does the COVID vaccine trigger
sakurafan771 Před 5 dny
Macrophage: *dying* T-Cell: Come soldier, this is no place to die. Macrophage: *fights once again*
VidaSingul Před 5 dny
Inmune Is available in spanish? Or other languages?
yigithan.kilinc Před 5 dny
Yes, it is available in multiple languages.
R Home
R Home Před 5 dny
Macrophages Are my favourite ones
Max Infinite
Max Infinite Před 5 dny
Why is it that those cells look like among us people?
Trencito Před 6 dny
Nobody: Me when ill: "Go T-Cells!! Find those B-Cells!!!"
Aseartes ANIMZZ
Aseartes ANIMZZ Před 6 dny
1:13 ur so original!
子小闹 Před 6 dny
Cant believe theres noone spamming Amogus meme
Tume Před 6 dny
man now I feel sorry for my immune system at the time when I bought that balisong knife...
Tume Před 6 dny
wish I could spectate these epic fights man
ÀBHÅY RÂJÄK. Před 6 dny
Wow 🤯
ḭṁḀḠḕ ṖṙḭṆḉḕ
" Justice League IMMUNE System "
AucaTheBruhMoment Před 6 dny
The macrophages look like uh… someone one on a spaceship?
Ahmad Almokhtar
Ahmad Almokhtar Před 6 dny
i got the hardcover book, i am so far enjoying it, Cant wait to read more!
Robin Chesterfield
Robin Chesterfield Před 20 hodinami
I just saw it at my local bookstore and was like "WHAT THAT'S THE KURZGESAGT BOOK NO WAY." So I asked for it for Christmas. :)
Afton corp files
Afton corp files Před 6 dny
Anyone notice in the beginning when he was saying suicide bombers and soldiers I noticed something ⛽
Overseas Teitories of rhe british union (Reaper99)
Nahuel Barceló
Nahuel Barceló Před 7 dny
among us
Aziq Azman
Aziq Azman Před 8 dny
Am I the only one that sees Mrwhosetheboss? 😅
yigithan.kilinc Před 4 dny
He (character in the video) is Philipp Dettmer (Kurzgesagt's owner).
I Exist
I Exist Před 8 dny
I asked for your guys' book for Christmas :p I think you guys do an incredible job and I'm very interested in the immune system!
Moe Mo
Moe Mo Před 8 dny
Blue Jay Guy
Blue Jay Guy Před 8 dny
there is a war going on in my cut all because i rubbed my thumb against paper
shiny.r Soman
shiny.r Soman Před 8 dny
Keep up the good work!
it's awsome!!
martanek10 Před 9 dny
Day one patch 😂
cursed heavy
cursed heavy Před 9 dny
Me: Eats a single peanut My Immune System: “Lock and Load, boys!”
Zriwidjaya Villanueva
If studying Immunology seems daunting, start with these videos. They're really great at showing you how beautiful our immune system really is.
Ranger Před 9 dny
So I’m a macrophage irl
Ranger Před 9 dny
I grab stuff with my hands to eat most of the time since i always go to macdonalds
Aariish Singhi
Aariish Singhi Před 10 dny
Big fan sir
Vuyo Sidinile
Vuyo Sidinile Před 10 dny
Psalm 139:14a "I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made" :D
MrCheese Před 10 dny
Machintosh Před 10 dny
Me: *gets a small cut on my finger* Eh that's nothing Immune system: *Dark souls music*
YouTuber Před 11 dny
We have no idea what life in reality is....
Trent Stacy
Trent Stacy Před 11 dny
I love these videos. Making science fun and accessible for everyone. The animation is funny too
Zab GarciA
Zab GarciA Před 11 dny
So what if you pour alcohol into the wound. Is it like a flame thrower?
Apple Solon
Apple Solon Před 11 dny
I got my Immune book today! Thank you @kurzgesagt!
Deven Williams
Deven Williams Před 11 dny
Goku: I'm sorry King Kai, but I'm all out of energy... I can't beat him .. King Kai: Come on Goku, show them what I taught you!! Goku: Fine.... Grrrrr!!! Kioken 100x!!!
le trash can
le trash can Před 11 dny
My health teacher lied. WHERES THE WHITE BLOOD CELLS😩
le trash can
le trash can Před 11 dny
Oop I'm dumb
ຶSATYAM SAGARˆּ‧̣̜︠ :}
all t-cells , b-cells and other defensive cells are come in category of white blood cells
Ben Dickinson
Ben Dickinson Před 12 dny
Or do the spleen
Ben Dickinson
Ben Dickinson Před 12 dny
Ben Dickinson
Ben Dickinson Před 12 dny
Do the Eosinophil,basophil,and mast cell
MrPwner911 Před 12 dny
T cell to Macrophage: hey, the bacteria called you a bundle of sticks and a meatball. Macrophage: *KAR EN TUK*
ハイト Před 13 dny
If you look at 'working cells' it will be easier to understand.
Marius Myhre
Marius Myhre Před 13 dny
Just finished the book. Damn, that was a good and insightful read! Great stuff :)
Kelvin Liu-Huang
Kelvin Liu-Huang Před 13 dny
What's the difference between this video and Immune System Explained I - Bacteria Infection? I noticed there's a lot of overlap but the main difference is this one doesn't show many roles of the individual cells. Was some of that video inaccurate?
Lucy Triggle
Lucy Triggle Před 14 dny
RocketsTape Před 14 dny
Yo the B cell kinda look like among us
SkeletonwithAGun Před 14 dny
God cells are fucking metal
Ioska Bojan
Ioska Bojan Před 15 dny
Cântece taganest
monika godara
monika godara Před 15 dny
Hey there I always watch your videos and one question always comes in my mind that how do you animate so nicely??
this is like world war 2
gixxerboy555 Před 15 dny
And I thought I was alone in my body..
Adam Hsu
Adam Hsu Před 16 dny
just realized the beardy guy is Phillip Dettmer
redman443 Před 16 dny
here after the covid vac
Sydajax Před 16 dny
bought the book
Tinashe Sadazi
Tinashe Sadazi Před 17 dny
0:16 forgot the bone marrow
John Nathan
John Nathan Před 17 dny
A Gaming Tin Pot?
A Gaming Tin Pot? Před 17 dny
2:01 Cell: AHHHHHHHHH!! Neighbour cells: AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! Other neighbour cells: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! Other nei- ok you get you the point
James Scarlet
James Scarlet Před 17 dny
I must recommend you sir dr.akpamu for curing me with your natural roots and herbs am now totally free from genital herpes you are a hero to humanity dr akpamu god bless you till eternity.
James Scarlet
James Scarlet Před 17 dny
I must recommend you sir dr.akpamu for curing me with your natural roots and herbs am now totally free from genital herpes you are a hero to humanity dr akpamu god bless you till eternity.
frits germs
frits germs Před 17 dny
Bought the book. It arrived 3 days ago and I have already completed it. Very humorous. Decided to watch the videos for a comparison. Nicely done.
Sky Aster
Sky Aster Před 18 dny
I use to get a lot of cuts when I was a kid and constantly got sick, I thought it was just annoying (as kids do) little did I knew my body was fighting against enemies who were literally trying to eat me alive. 😅
Zoomer 30
Zoomer 30 Před 18 dny
The world was invaded by No Man Sky logos.
Razi Bazi
Razi Bazi Před 18 dny
this is like a compromised advertisment you see on interdimensional cable
Karl Marx
Karl Marx Před 18 dny
Bill Gates FUNDED
케람 Před 18 dny
생명 시간에 배웠던게 기억나네요.....외운다고 생고생했었는데....
Someone Před 18 dny
Your first lair of protection is right on you
Mik G
Mik G Před 18 dny
I’m enjoying the book so far. Well done on the first edition.
Princess Hollywood
Princess Hollywood Před 18 dny
Just realized the human animated in this video is philipp Dettmer, the creator himself!! I knew he looked familiar! If I didn’t have a copy of IMMUNE I would’ve never known!
JKamagie Před 19 dny
this is narratively so exciting
rockjockchick Před 19 dny
This was a fabulous video! I will love to get the book too! Thank you! Edit: I am constantly shocked these days of how many people don’t even understand the basics of the immune system.
Hatim Elzubair
Hatim Elzubair Před 19 dny
Why did he make all the cells look like amongusses
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