How many Chrome tabs can you open with 2TB RAM?

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11. 02. 2020





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Komentáře 11 008
Иван Фейгин
Иван Фейгин Před 8 minutami
Ok, you sold it to me, after your video I'm definetely will buy a ticket for Jumanji
Seratina Před 19 minutami
The real RAM test is bloons tower defense 5 if you go to insane levels of waves
Mystic Thunder
Mystic Thunder Před 51 minutou
True shit, anytime my computer starts slowing down, no matter what I'm doing, I'll just close some Chrome tabs (I'll admit... I have a few too many open at any given time...) and things will just speed right back up
Anirudh Parvatikar
Anirudh Parvatikar Před hodinou
2TB of RAM Chrome: Finally someone worthy opponent...
Ayyerr Před hodinou
before i'll watch the video i'm gonna guess it's 3 tabs maybe 4 if he's lucky
Acckent Před 2 hodinami
5:48 what you came for
World Peace
World Peace Před 3 hodinami
Useless test... Testing on 4GB (it's still a thing on low-end laptop) vs 8GB vs 16GB vs 32GB will actually useful for many people.
Jari Sipilainen
Jari Sipilainen Před 3 hodinami
answer based on content of tab
Big blue Button man
Big blue Button man Před 3 hodinami
Here I am unable to open more than 5 tabs lest I risk losing one or more at some point...and this big brain is opening a couple thousand without that issue, lol.
bearfishddd Před 3 hodinami
weird flex but ok
JamesDaBest Před 5 hodinami
SplicidNate Před 7 hodinami
Chrome: *I'll take your entire stock*
Vipely Gaming
Vipely Gaming Před 8 hodinami
why tho
Toool Před 9 hodinami
Linus: 2 terabyte of ram Me: pff I bet he drops it or smth Linus: sponsored by hynix Me: *jaw drops*
SM - games
SM - games Před 10 hodinami
*He have more ram than my HD*
He Knows
He Knows Před 11 hodinami
Fuck you 4:21 music scared the shit out of me
Colin Thibault
Colin Thibault Před 11 hodinami
5 tabs
James Mcsorley
James Mcsorley Před 12 hodinami
How did he open all those tabs so quickly? Can you select all tabs and duplicate them repeatedly?
James Mcsorley
James Mcsorley Před 12 hodinami
That's more RAM than a field of sheep 🐑 🐏
Tej Wael
Tej Wael Před 12 hodinami
yeh amazing now try it on 2 gb of ram
Mikkel Andersen
Mikkel Andersen Před 12 hodinami
I could use one of those... I have 8gb, and it sucks
VeryClamyMan Před 12 hodinami
But how well does it run minecraft?
Benji Frater
Benji Frater Před 13 hodinami
No ram disk benchmarks? weak sauce
Jacob Thompson
Jacob Thompson Před 14 hodinami
Should we write a script to open tabs? Nah just have Linus open them manually.
di nou dinou
di nou dinou Před 14 hodinami
While i'm using a PC with 8gb ram ...
Nicola_ Noobb
Nicola_ Noobb Před 15 hodinami
30 sec to right click? Is'nt that normal?
Nicola_ Noobb
Nicola_ Noobb Před 15 hodinami
Does open tabs effect ping?
shreks memelab
shreks memelab Před 17 hodinami
My Laptop Lags just by Looking at this video
disabled submarine vet
disabled submarine vet Před 17 hodinami
try opera it can open a ton and uses more memory.
outiSTAR Před 19 hodinami
finally... minecraft and chrome at the same time, thx LTT
VisiCZ Před 19 hodinami
Three, take it or leave it.
Daja Mihai
Daja Mihai Před 20 hodinami
you absolute buffon, i have 129 ram on my pc
MardiGamer 2.0
MardiGamer 2.0 Před 21 hodinou
Minecraft server owners want to know your location
MardiGamer 2.0
MardiGamer 2.0 Před 21 hodinou
I dont need sleep i need answers
Ramdev Jangid
Ramdev Jangid Před 23 hodinami
I have researched so drastically that I've crossed 100+ Chrome tabs on my cell..and instead of no.100, tabs shows " :D " lol , I thought I'm the first one to cross 100+ but this guy....😂😂
Haisha Wang
Haisha Wang Před dnem
I have 5000 chrome tabs opened on my computer with 16GB ram, and most of the tabs just say cannot open due to not enough memory.
Yosie poter
Yosie poter Před dnem
He probably never heard about downloading RAM
BjdoL22 Před dnem
Ayyyyy it's the meme guy
PandaGamer Zone
PandaGamer Zone Před dnem
Can someone who watched the video tell me the amount? I won't waste my time watching a 12:50 minutes video that can be done in less than one.
venky rocks 25
venky rocks 25 Před dnem
Me says proudly: i have 8 gb ram Linus: im four parallel universes ahead of you
kingcrimson234 Před dnem
That's weird, a few years ago I had more than 1000 tabs open in Firefox on a 16 GB system with an i7-4930k. It ran fine. Sounds like I'll keep using Firefox.
P3nGu4L1fe Před dnem
I finally play minecraft with mods
Scott Wales
Scott Wales Před dnem
Can it Run Crysis?
Василий Сапронов
check on linux and firefox)
P3nGu4L1fe Před dnem
This is why i use brave
MrTurtle Před dnem
This video will be irrelevant in 20 years
Communist Trash
Communist Trash Před dnem
Yeah the ram is cool and all but there’s no rgb so is it really that good
SpongeBob SquarePants
How many Chrome tabs can you open with 2TB RAM? Chrome: 3 take it or leave it
godsdisciple23 Před dnem
Chrome: How is your experience Linus:Yes
Joven Rata
Joven Rata Před dnem
Lowering the brightness level on a screen makes it easier to record from a camera
Mehmood Khan
Mehmood Khan Před dnem
tbh i've got shocked when i see that 2tb ram omg thats huge mann i have 8gb :D
Connor Před dnem
This is every Escape From Tarkov players wet dream
Johnlongears Před dnem
next video: How many Chrome tabs can you open with 10PB RAM?
pinquinsam Před dnem
W8 neopets is still in the air?
YurBoi PJ
YurBoi PJ Před dnem
" This has way more storage than your system" me: I have 2T
Nedim Mehinagic
Nedim Mehinagic Před dnem
your wrong my memory right now is 258gb
Harrison Cushing
Harrison Cushing Před dnem
You better have loaded up coolmathsgames.com
Sigurd Aaes
Sigurd Aaes Před dnem
I dont need sleep i need answers
DeNIs_DPY) Před dnem
I have 4 GB RAM and I am satisfied with them, you have 2 TB and as if I do not see that thanks ... I can help you, I read somewhere on the internet that if you give a gift to another person you will feel better ... let's see if it's true =]] I'm kidding, but if you want to help me, below you will find my email =]]] dogarudenis14@gmail.com
عبود Před dnem
اكو عرب بالطيارة
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