How Ferrari Got Better without Cheating

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Bryan King
Bryan King Před dnem
Car still sucks lol
abhimawa1 Před 2 dny
Cheating is in the eyes of the beholders. When Merc developed the turbocharged engine 2 years before they lobbied FIA, that wasn’t considered cheating. Politics is the name
Santiago Vera
Santiago Vera Před 2 dny
Horner did what he had to, to give his team a chance, who tf cares who’s “snitching” bruh this ain’t the streets this is the highest level of racing where millions are on the line every race 😂.....”snitching” y’all got me rolling
Lubin Před 3 dny
How the fuck a manufacturer can show its talents if basically there is a fucking rule for everything....
Top Gun
Top Gun Před 3 dny
FIA = Ferrari Insiders Associates ( Jean Todt, Ross Brawn..and on) Ferrari and Redbull have no chance against the German Giant Mercedes... they cheat to win. I miss BMW in F1.
An idiot in a racing car
Come on, it's perfectly normal for a Ferrari to leak and burn oil
Daniyar Sadykov
Daniyar Sadykov Před 5 dny
Charles: OI Ham Sandwich. *I H A V E A F E R R A R I*
Gromran Před 6 dny
Mercheates cheating since years... but no one cares because Mercheates gave enought money to FIA.
Varun Agrawal
Varun Agrawal Před 9 dny
2:22 "pool" positions 😂
Srinidhi joshi
Srinidhi joshi Před 9 dny
If mercedes car was to be checked...there would be a different story!
bassplayer2011ify Před 10 dny
It's a Ferrari! It's a shitbox!
Al Před 11 dny
Its really refreshing to see an American Channel answering the deep questions of Formula 1. Very impressive work Sir.
The Table
The Table Před 12 dny
Yeah Ferrari cheated but what about Mercedes in the last 7-8 years and their illegal tests like the 2013 Pirelli Monaco test? And also did you know that Ferrari had the best engine on the grid with 1000 HP even more powerful than Mercedes engine so it's obvious that in fast speed tracks with a lot of straights and less corners like SPA and Monza that Ferrari was the fastest car since it's the engine that makes you win there and not the aerodynamics like in other tracks.... And also Ferrari got pole and would have won in Canada if it wasn't for the maFIA that gave the win to Hamilton and one last thing in Singapore where the engine and straight line speed is not what matters the most Ferrari still won the race so.......
Kerstin Herb
Kerstin Herb Před 15 dny
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Steve Hnatko
Steve Hnatko Před 16 dny
"on par with the honda-powered red bull" or not
Guilherme B
Guilherme B Před 20 dny
93 / 5000 Red Bull was smarter, just changed the engine oil and gained almost 100 hp... much clever
Robert Beatz
Robert Beatz Před 20 dny
Sooo vtec ?
G A Před 20 dny
Me: head gasket failure Ford after having sold me a focus RS with the head gasket from a mustang: engineered oil leak
Rr Tee
Rr Tee Před 21 dnem
Err, Ferrari still suck in 2021.
pradyumna 162
pradyumna 162 Před 19 hodinami
Nope they don’t..they are in the fight for p3 which is a hugeee improvement
AdamTheJester Před 21 dnem
9:07 an estimated power loss that is the same as my tiny ford ka (almost, it was 68 when new, upgrade to an mx-5 planned in a few years)
Stryker 34
Stryker 34 Před 22 dny
Ferrari stated that their engine changes will put them on par with the Red Bull Honda engines. Lmfao. How'd that turn out?
abhi2349 Před 23 dny
2 minute into the video and all I get is some BS about the sponsor and two advertisements.. the new world order !!
footballcoreano Před 26 dny
lol these english speaking japan fan boys...Honda always lose to Ferrari in F1... that Japanese car copied ferrari design and is c class engineering, slow, unreliable(not your fake reputation from economy car, never won le mans 24 against german and italian), bad handling, bad braking, unstable at high speed. ferrari has the best engineering in the world with best performance, best reliability(in terms of engineering not in their production car which is only made to celebrare their f1 win and focus on design), best handling, best braking, best stability at high speed.
J R Před 27 dny
Joshua Maynard
Joshua Maynard Před 27 dny
I would just like to say, my business’ experience with constant contact (which existed before this video) was absolutely awful. They have terrible customer service, and their programs features are incredibly limited.
Crysthalia B
Crysthalia B Před 29 dny
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Giancarlo Franchini
Giancarlo Franchini Před měsícem
Came for F1. Stayed for Jeremiah Burton 🐊
Skippy 4077
Skippy 4077 Před měsícem
I'd say there up to something again , another " loop hole" perhaps ????
Bouke van Zinderen
Bouke van Zinderen Před měsícem
Watching this video after they finished 11th and 16th in France 😂🤣😂
art FAZIL Před měsícem
dev ravi
dev ravi Před měsícem
the french gp would seuggest otherwise
Arda Berg
Arda Berg Před měsícem
PS: They didn't
Sir Realist of the Paranoiac Shore
Excellent breakdown. Thanks for this.
Dennis Před měsícem
It was not a loophole, they were cheating and everybody knew it. Red Bull did not snitch, but forced the FIA to acknowledge that Ferrari was cheating without snitching. It was a pro move on a team that was cheating in the most dirty way possible. After this was fixed, they haven't won any race!
Grant Schulz
Grant Schulz Před měsícem
Please do the best car chases from the 2010s
Dr Naveen Gopal
Dr Naveen Gopal Před měsícem
Dude you need need to be on F1 teams strategy boards... Good video, finally I understood the finer points... Cheers
SubAtomic Před měsícem
Ferrari, the super elitist's cesspit that gets their ass kicked by everyone they challenge.
Abir Bansal
Abir Bansal Před 25 dny
Everyone they challenge? How long have you been watching F1? XD
Moses Před měsícem
well its june 2021 and Ferrari is 3rd so not bad
Alasdair Whyte
Alasdair Whyte Před měsícem
just fix the amount of fuel and oil and measure the remains
Jacquie Miller
Jacquie Miller Před měsícem
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17AN Před měsícem
Pool positions lmao
Patrik Nessbo
Patrik Nessbo Před měsícem
The ferrari PU is the 2022 power Unit not the 2020 pu
Diego Abad
Diego Abad Před měsícem
pool positions hahaha...
Bảo pubg
Bảo pubg Před měsícem
When Red Bull and Mercedes were great, they didnt say anythin but then Ferrari was good, they reported it.
dian santoso
dian santoso Před měsícem
So cheat means clever?
Jacquie Miller
Jacquie Miller Před měsícem
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sanidhya kumar
sanidhya kumar Před měsícem
ferrari the best
Justice Clum
Justice Clum Před měsícem
Donut: What F1 videos do you wanna see? Me: ...yes
Paolo De Angelis
Paolo De Angelis Před měsícem
Ferrari (Italians): Find a grey spot ----> Cheaters! Red Bull, Mercedes, McLaren, etc... (English): Find a grey spot ----> Genius!
hendeeze Před měsícem
They got their former CEO to be President of the FIA. It's not cheating if it's sanctioned.
sanjinred Před měsícem
Or you can alter the fuel density it self to trick the meter as they are calibrated at one density ;) Remember Ferrari has been working with the worlds best fuel maker for decades.
Ralph Melis
Ralph Melis Před měsícem
Your video is super informative. wow
Grant Ruddy
Grant Ruddy Před měsícem
Lol "Alpha Tuuuuurrrri"
Gerard Duarte
Gerard Duarte Před měsícem
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Rune Gravengaard
Rune Gravengaard Před měsícem
Pool positions. LOL
fetuso fetuso
fetuso fetuso Před měsícem
they improved just enough to not look like fools, but not enough to compete for the championship.
etotheroc43 Před měsícem
@2:20 POOL positions???? lol
Co Alpha
Co Alpha Před měsícem
Did he just nail the monaco standings 2nd and Dns 🤯🤯🤯🤯
Home Electrics
Home Electrics Před měsícem
If Ferrari had put this much amount of R&D and their brains in making their overall package better, I am sure then they would have been automatically much faster and reliable. Put the damn effort on the car itself, instead of looking for unethical gains. Its that simple.
Frank Nicholas Dale
Frank Nicholas Dale Před měsícem
I was unaware that the details of the cheating scandal was made public! Where can one find the details from the FIA?
Howard Man
Howard Man Před měsícem
Ferrari Numero Uno
Abdul Fattah
Abdul Fattah Před měsícem
Ale Před měsícem
Pool position
Undergroundkid Před měsícem
🤣🤣🤣 the car got slower
MrCongosquare Před měsícem
Just one thing. The definition of cheating: there is a rule, you measure the car, it exceeds the limits. If you can't measure it, there's no cheating. When Mercedes wing flexes, so they can't be measured exactly at a stop, they are smart. When the suspensions changes the car clearance during the race, they are smart. And I could quote hundreds of examples in the history of F1 When Ferrari finds a way to deliver more fuel, they are cheating. I mean, this is F1: you try to find loopholes in the rule. It's ok to then change the rule if you find it's dangerous or it wasn't intended to give that result, but why calling names when Ferrari outsmarts the Anglo-Saxon team at their own game?
Eduardo Morgado
Eduardo Morgado Před měsícem
alternative title: how mercedes lost 2021 Championship cheating
Rackneh Před měsícem
Main thing I learned here, HOLY SHIT THOSE THINGS USE A LOT OF GAS
Paul Před měsícem
Ondřej Nejeschleba
Ondřej Nejeschleba Před měsícem
i just hate all f1 based donut media videos.
opampopamp Před měsícem
Nice video my friend.. But you could avoid to say that being an Italian car.. For sure is leaking oil...
Astro Kid
Astro Kid Před měsícem
Last two races: Two Ferrari poles.
Dee Jay
Dee Jay Před měsícem
please explain why jaguar R3 was so shit in the begining of the season 2002 (+4.3sec off the leading pace) and got so much better later in the season (+1.3 off the pace, podium in Italy, points in spa etc..) would love to see that one, thank you
cinegraphics Před měsícem
Sorry, but you're lying. Ferrari didn't violate any rule. At the time they had their special fuel pump running, there was no FIA rule prohibiting such a pump. So, they didn't violate the rule, because that rule didn't exist. If you say they cheated, then what about Mercedes burning oil as fuel for 4 years in a row (starting from 2014)? Did you make a video about that? Of course you didn't. It would be dangerous for you to mention Mercedes in bad light, wouldn't it?
Jungle Train
Jungle Train Před měsícem
its funny as you spent an entire video trying to convince us thst ferrari cheated also if ferrari didnt win in the last almost 10 years, nothing about mercedes that won also whe was impossible, famous plan C. or hamilton with the tyres broken that dont stop to the pit stop and win the race... Nice idea for a click bait using ferrari name, nothing against you but as american your race experience is nothing so stop to talk about thing that you dont know...
David Wong
David Wong Před měsícem
Mercedes is better than Ferrari hahaha!! 😄😄
Solomon Mffikoe
Solomon Mffikoe Před měsícem
Your animated character looks like he's on crack
gallahant Před měsícem
Well lets see. Back to back poles so far. Hoping for a chaotic race today elsewise Ferrari cant hope for a victory.
Elbert Cuenca
Elbert Cuenca Před měsícem
What's a POOL position?
mayjalook Před měsícem
Haas and Williams, “Write that down! write that down!” This was someone else’s comment idea but i forgot whos it was so i don’t take credit
Fu Fu
Fu Fu Před měsícem
They couldn't create a great engine from 2014 to 2020. But in just 1 year, after discovering the cheat, they did. And entitled to Covid limiting people's work. I believe in it as I believe in Santa Claus.
orio_ Před měsícem
it's not a great engine, because it's still slower then Mercedes engine. They were always second fastest in the engine. So nothings changed. So take off the tinfoil hat.
TLR Eclipse
TLR Eclipse Před měsícem
back to back Poles for Leclerc something must be working =O
Holmquist008 Před měsícem
Am I the only one who hears "rear ring" 🤔 13:50 14:15
Angga Aditama
Angga Aditama Před měsícem
Oh the irony when the car in thumbnail was Vettel's number 5
Michael Angelo
Michael Angelo Před měsícem
It worked!!!
Mark Domke
Mark Domke Před měsícem
This script is amazing. Complex, understable and fun 👏 👏
yz yz
yz yz Před měsícem
High tech Fuel pump theory is for super efficient on supercharge v6 engine, its so brilliant. Whitout this v6 engine is insane for drinking fuel.
Andre Cava
Andre Cava Před měsícem
Redbull must really be fun at f1 team parties
Ole Dahl
Ole Dahl Před měsícem
Wow man, I have been a passionate Formula1 (and especially Ferrari) fan for around 30 years, and never have I seen a video or heard any commentators knowing so much about the technical side of F1 as you my good man! It's amazing how deep your technical knowledge is!! Can't understand why I haven't seen this channel before! I'm seriously impressed and can't wait to see your next episode! Thx so much for all the time you must spend to make such an awesome channel. Bravo!👏👏👏
it should #unkill and #unracism brazilians
Marilyns Glovery
Marilyns Glovery Před měsícem
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Justin Harper
Justin Harper Před měsícem
You race the rule book not just the other racers. Its not cheating if its not stated in the rules.
TonyO1206 Před měsícem
6:41 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Umi Makawa
Umi Makawa Před měsícem
Well Explained you're good.
Afiq Azhar
Afiq Azhar Před měsícem
And yet they never investigate when Mercedes were dominating F1. Just when we got some fight, maFIA intervened lol
Monetum 1
Monetum 1 Před 6 dny
@Afiq Azhar nope. Red Bull is currently faster and I doubt they are cheating.
Afiq Azhar
Afiq Azhar Před 6 dny
@Monetum 1 so when some team is faster than Mercedes, automatically they are cheating?
Monetum 1
Monetum 1 Před 6 dny
Probably because German engineering doesn't require cheating
Sazid _
Sazid _ Před 12 dny
FIA is owned by Ferrari tho lmao what They literally have special veto powers and the FIA didn't even divulge the details of what Ferrari did wrong If Ferrari don't like a rule they can literally veto it, no other team has that power
Una Unauna
Una Unauna Před měsícem
omg moron pool position ha ha ha
Emanuel Almeida
Emanuel Almeida Před měsícem
Its 2021 and ferrari still kinda sucks...
orio_ Před měsícem
they don't at all. 3rd in the championship is not them sucking. There was limited development from last year to this year and they made significant gains in almost every area.
mali Před měsícem
Ferrari: (finds a trick to trick the sensor) Fia:Nooooo you can't do that Redbull: (finds a trick to have bendy wings yet pass the tests) Fia: nooooo you can't do that Mercedes: (creates a trick suspension) Fia: okay guys you can keep it for a year 😍
Kruemel Před 22 dny
@mali i realy dont understand you Mercedes haters just because they won championship for 4 years and now RB leads. Ferrari and Red Bull simply cheated in tests to get their car to be better and Mercedes invented something and didnt cheat it/didnt hide it, they communicated openly. Cheating and being innovative isnt the same. If you dont get it, and thats why hate Mercedes for protesting against those things ure all simply stupid. RB and Ferrari Mercedes and every fuckin Team plays the Regulations out if its to their advantage- Welcome to competetive sport!
Snowtrooper 8
Snowtrooper 8 Před měsícem
@mali but it’s how you play the game. Say what you want about the FIA but they have rules. RBR and Ferrari cheated a test to do something blatantly illegal. That’s dodgy. When you exploit a grey area it’s something that is technically legal. Tricking tests is not innovating it’s cheating. Grey areas are innovative. E.G: Brawn: Double diffuser, RBR: Blown diffuser, McLaren: F-Duct. These are grey area innovations. Not cheating tests.
mali Před měsícem
@Snowtrooper 8 I view this situation from an intent perspective. Fia didn't intend to have a dual axis steering when they wrote the rules yet mercedes got one and they were given permission. Similarly, fia didn't intend to have ferrari and redbull come up with shady ideas and I would agree that ferraris idea was the "darkest" grey out of all, but nevertheless fia immediately took action against rb and ferrari. I believe they should have taken the same stance against all three teams if they are determined to kill innovation and "grey" ideas. It is not that ferrari and rb introduced cars with 6 wheels and two engines or smth
Snowtrooper 8
Snowtrooper 8 Před měsícem
You don’t really get the technical regulations do you. Ferrari: cheating sensor, illegal system. Red Bull: cheating sensor, illegal system. Mercedes: DAS, unspecified in the rules, Grey area. These new rules are specifically designed to slow Mercedes down. If you want corruption, look at Ferrari’s ‘special’ relationship with the FIA throughout F1 history. I’ll give u a taste: They have a veto. No other team has one. Ferrari has one because they’re Ferrari.
TricIMightBe Před měsícem
Animated Jeremiah is the stuff of nightmares...
Jackson Pickhardt
Jackson Pickhardt Před měsícem
Changing the gear box was a great idea . Probably not what they where thinking 2 weekends ago
Daniel Uccheddu
Daniel Uccheddu Před měsícem
Who said they were cheating. Just found a loop hole, yet Merc and RB can get away with anything!
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