HELLUVA BOSS - The Harvest Moon Festival // S1: Episode 5

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Blitz sees a horse. Things sure do happen!
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WARNING: for horse!
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30. 04. 2021





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Vivziepop Před 5 dny
HELLUVA BOSS MERCH AVAILABLE ► sharkrobot.com/vivziepop Pilot Episode ► csvid.net/video/video-OlahNrlcgS4.html Episode One ► csvid.net/video/video-el_PChGfJN8.html Episode Two ► csvid.net/video/video-kpnwRg268FQ.html Episode Three ► csvid.net/video/video-RghsgkZKedg.html Episode Four ► csvid.net/video/video-1ZFseYPmkAk.html
Carmen Angulo
Carmen Angulo Před 2 dny
0 l Prv^¿*^^
Slyuniform Před 3 dny
Alisha Fox
Alisha Fox Před 3 dny
William Newell
William Newell Před 3 dny
Congrats on number 1 in trending!
Ufb Ifm
Ufb Ifm Před 3 dny
٠٠٠٩٩ انو ٠
JAM Swag
JAM Swag Před 30 vteřinami
I am literally already addicted to this show
caazz _
caazz _ Před minutou
7:51 *how piss would you be if i bet on him dying*
Nick 11
Nick 11 Před 2 minutami
After watchin' this like 5 times, I've just realized that Millie's transexual sister's horns are a mix between male imp horns (white with black lines/stripes) and female imp horns (cuz of the shape of 'em). That's some GOOD fuckin' attention to detail from Vivziepop's team, hats off to 'em.
denvera1g1 Před 3 minutami
Do i hear Johnny Knoxville?
estancia El Silencio
estancia El Silencio Před 7 minutami
This brings so much info for the future videos
XAspect RatioX
XAspect RatioX Před 7 minutami
Great stuff guys!
Sand Serpent
Sand Serpent Před 7 minutami
Love it
insert_funny_name_here0 Před 8 minutami
Who else can’t wait for ep6
Earthium Před 8 minutami
17:24 ooh is that a 3d rotation on the lamp?
jay jay baby
jay jay baby Před 9 minutami
2:47 is that a new fit on loona I see👀
Shell-less Koopa
Shell-less Koopa Před 11 minutami
whats that thing on stolas's neck?
LillyWaffle Před 12 minutami
I love how millie always protects moxxie and she is there for him when he has trouble.
EaterSnake101 Před 12 minutami
everyone is talking about Stolas' wife on the phone, but I'm like... NORMAN REEDUS!!!!
erica animation
erica animation Před 13 minutami
Well his not wrong tho ... [14:33]
Dz. _Solid
Dz. _Solid Před 17 minutami
I feel like the first 4 episodes of a season is more fun based and the last 4 are more story based but that's just my guess
Darko Matter
Darko Matter Před 20 minutami
I feel like I already seen this before
Mad Will
Mad Will Před 24 minutami
So Vivziepop I have a question? I made an OC that melts down Exterminator Angel's weapons into bullets for his guns and I was wondering if that was interesting. ( you don't have to reply )
WeebTrash Před 24 minutami
WeebTrash Před 24 minutami
Mental Hero
Mental Hero Před 25 minutami
i would love to see moxxie and millie's love story maybe a valentine's day special :)
Rolliecel Ann Cabrera
Rolliecel Ann Cabrera Před 26 minutami
Nargiza Sabitova
Nargiza Sabitova Před 27 minutami
cool_ guys8
cool_ guys8 Před 29 minutami
You guys need to partner up with something popular like Netflix
A chicken Strip
A chicken Strip Před 31 minutou
I thought blitzø was exited when horse man rode in because he looked cool, nah blitzø isn't that dumb. It was the horse
Wolfie Bates
Wolfie Bates Před 33 minutami
Norman reedus was perfect for striker
J. Theo
J. Theo Před 34 minutami
I feel like the framerate is lower than normal
Michael Acuff
Michael Acuff Před 35 minutami
They were literally at the freaking table 😤
Mel Rain
Mel Rain Před 36 minutami
my fave episode by far
Grim Před 36 minutami
This episode gets a 100/100 from me because it’s fucking flawless. This is better than all the other episodes and the animation has improved immensely. I feel terrible for anyone that disliked this episode.
Suri Okono Santos
Suri Okono Santos Před 39 minutami
Yo Vi tensión sexual ashi y no pueden negarlo >:v
Samantha Kowalinski
Samantha Kowalinski Před 42 minutami
Is it just me or should Blitz where suspenders with his shirt arms rolled up more often..
Fan tuyo bb 7w7
Fan tuyo bb 7w7 Před 46 minutami
thokira uwu
thokira uwu Před 44 minutami
A eya le gusta lo kiki nancy y aunke sea fancy le gusta kranki que lo haga romantic
Legally_ Iruma
Legally_ Iruma Před 49 minutami
Sally-may is the best new character
Legrand the III
Legrand the III Před 49 minutami
Dude... they got fucking Norman Reedus to voice, 'nuff said.
Eli Says Nah
Eli Says Nah Před 49 minutami
I kind of find it funny how it just doesn't say 18+ in the beginning anymore because vivzie knows that probably half his audience is 14-15+ rather than 18+
Vanessa Heart
Vanessa Heart Před 28 minutami
Sçáttér Ghõst Blúé
Sçáttér Ghõst Blúé Před 51 minutou
Love the voice of striker it took me a minute to realize who it was
Crazy-Cat-Shack Před 53 minutami
*Spoilers* Nobody's saying it, so I guess that i will have to. That attack scene between Striker and Moxxie was was very intense and quite hot, especially with feral Mille at the end. 🔥🔥😳
Yea_boi _
Yea_boi _ Před 56 minutami
When are u gonna make another has in hotel? :)
TheDemolitionMuniciple Před 57 minutami
Striker wanted Stella's money and Stolas' body. Stolas' prophecy has come true!
porknsteak Před 57 minutami
is it just me or is the frame rate choppy?
Craity Před 57 minutami
im loving the dark turn this episode takes compared to the rest of them
Fnaf World
Fnaf World Před 58 minutami
We need more episodes
Mikalnort Uchiha
Mikalnort Uchiha Před 58 minutami
Moxxie: *exists* Shark: so you have chosen death!
Andre Carpenter
Andre Carpenter Před 58 minutami
Stola’s wife calling a hit on him in front of him is perfect even if I would have loved to see an insurrection against the lords Also, glad to get more recurring characters
presofcamelot Před 59 minutami
15:16 Blitz you idiot, you don't whistle, you Shout *"FETCH ME THEIR SOULS!"* and your Hellhound will automatically teleport to you in an enraged state...and zombified but whatever
Salted Před hodinou
There's no way that cowboy is voiced by Norman Reedus sounds close
Anujin Baigalmaa
Anujin Baigalmaa Před hodinou
"It doesn't count if they don't find the body~~"
ziz nator
ziz nator Před hodinou
this is damn phenomenal, though am i the only one that feels there were sections where frames were just... missing? like the animation is smooth AF at times and then it just gets all jumpy and jittery when characters are talking or standing still...
Colten Ralmuto
Colten Ralmuto Před hodinou
Hey you should go check out blitzversion1 rare American video
“That’s what she said” VIVZIE YOU DID NOT JUST.
比格吉姆 Před hodinou
Ryan Montgomery
Ryan Montgomery Před hodinou
Admiral Jim Evans
Admiral Jim Evans Před hodinou
Why do some of the animations just feel, off? in this one? Like at 1:36 and Millie's Mom at 2:11
Red Blood blade
Red Blood blade Před hodinou
Kicksno1fan Před hodinou
To everyone who thinks Stolas heard Stella at the end: He didn't. He was reading a book. Its implied that she screams so much that he just tunes her out. He also looked up at her as if to say "I didn't hear you, what?" at the end of the phone call. I'm surprised more people didn't realize all that.
zuygj bnsv
zuygj bnsv Před hodinou
This would fit in so well to adult swim. And that animation is great.
Khloe Whitmore
Khloe Whitmore Před hodinou
So you can post helluva boss but not episode 2 of hazbin hotel and it’s been almost 2 Years :,)
Khloe Whitmore
Khloe Whitmore Před hodinou
@zuygj bnsv wat
zuygj bnsv
zuygj bnsv Před hodinou
oooh lore
Gabriel Phariss
Gabriel Phariss Před hodinou
Why was the animation amazing at the end?!
deamonslayer5464 Před hodinou
"I'm not good with my hands?"
ruvs turned off mic ALL HAIL SPOOKY MONTH-
Castor Altor
Castor Altor Před hodinou
Episode 6 when?
Corrat Před hodinou
“It’s the same every year.” That one of the most genuine line deliveries I have ever heard.
Christopher Hamilton
Christopher Hamilton Před hodinou
This episode was a little intense
ReknLive Před hodinou
Daryl from Walking dead?
Idkwhattoput,sorry Před hodinou
WAIT WAIT- the voice actor for Striker is Norman Mark Reedus- the actor for Daryl in The Walking Dead
Axo King of the night
Axo King of the night Před hodinou
Why is everything trying to kill moxie
;;Chitar0h Před hodinou
Wn alta tensión sexual en 11:08 💀
Justin Pickral
Justin Pickral Před hodinou
I have to say, the profanity in this show is absolutely exquisite. Whoever writes this shit is a goddamn poet. And the the voice actors completely NAIL the execution. Kudos to everyone involved in this show.
The Meme Lord of lozbtw
I just realized that moxxie's voice actor is Kaos from skylanders (or he just really sounds like him)
Ramsey B
Ramsey B Před hodinou
they all sound like cats why? and stricker sounds and looks like a snake oh nevermind i get it now
jase fisher
jase fisher Před hodinou
moxxie is smart he should have gone for the soft underbelly
nerfmodderguy217 Před hodinou
Striker sounds like Norman Reedus, is that just me orrrr
Pgc freitas
Pgc freitas Před hodinou
oooh lore
Your Official Otaku
Your Official Otaku Před hodinou
That shark is kinda mean huh?
María de los Angeles Carrero Llovera
Moxy, I like you, but you're too good to be in that game.
Earl & Rachel Jenkins
Earl & Rachel Jenkins Před hodinou
Angel Dust should guest star in an episode for Hazbin Hotel propaganda
Dreamly Před hodinou
7:30 Man really said "Based? Based on what?"
ty-ty's meme market
ty-ty's meme market Před hodinou
There better be a fucking dvd for this season and all of the following
Weirdo 362 42
Weirdo 362 42 Před 2 hodinami
Holy shit I just realized Millies dads voice actor is alastors voice actor
TRUMP 2020
TRUMP 2020 Před 2 hodinami
What ever happened to hazbin hotel ?
Joshua Michaud
Joshua Michaud Před 2 hodinami
I heard game games I’m in
ATTAR R. PERMANA Před 2 hodinami
Was that fat nugget's species
BlueFurry21 Před 2 hodinami
5:44 anyone else notice the XD face on the demon bein dragged?
Teen World
Teen World Před 2 hodinami
Can wait to NEW episode ...
Hi I'm Peyton!
Hi I'm Peyton! Před 2 hodinami
You can wait? Wish I could
Letti S
Letti S Před 2 hodinami
Flaming Fury
Flaming Fury Před 2 hodinami
Why are you all sleeping on the fact that at 14:57, when Striker tries to make Blitø shoot Moxxie with his own gun, he not only gets terrified when the shot goes off, but immediately goes berserk and attacks him for it.
Saint Před 2 hodinami
i dont wanna start something hut uh...how are we gonna start helluva boss but not hazbin hotel-?
Hi I'm Peyton!
Hi I'm Peyton! Před 2 hodinami
Hazbin hotel is gonna be hundreds time more quality than this. This is just a side show to keep us entertained while we wait. Like an appetizer at a restaurant while they cook the main meal.
Summer Archer
Summer Archer Před 2 hodinami
I love this series but what happens if someone has split personality disorder, does one soul go to hell or do they separate
Carmen Doran
Carmen Doran Před 2 hodinami
How come yall can keep making these episodes but not the other one. 😭 i wanna see both of them
TheStray Neko
TheStray Neko Před 2 hodinami
Stryker is my new fave, bad or not that snake is awesome
NasugoYT Před 2 hodinami
"No f***ing way they got /Norman Reedus/" - Credits: "YUP"
Myrkr Ormr
Myrkr Ormr Před 2 hodinami
i dont see that anyone asked. if i may ask myself then, why were certain parts of the episode so choppy this time around?
Not enough Memes
Not enough Memes Před hodinou
@Hi I'm Peyton! Nae it's most likely due to having to sacrefice some of the animation for a longer episode with a more complicated plot and whatnot
Hi I'm Peyton!
Hi I'm Peyton! Před 2 hodinami
They are putting less work into this so they can put more work in hazbin hotel
Peyton Barfield
Peyton Barfield Před 2 hodinami
Can we please see more of blitz and Stolas’s relationship grow 🥰
ragequitspartan Před 2 hodinami
he casually eats as his wife yells about his failed assassination
xdarbiangel Před 2 hodinami
This episode was amazingly animated.
Kazie Grand
Kazie Grand Před 2 hodinami
Damnnnn twist
Jose Jiménez
Jose Jiménez Před 2 hodinami
Hay alguien que hable español aquí?
48wi Před 2 hodinami
you guys should make some vinyl stickers want to put them on my car windows
Jhonatan vide vasquez
Jhonatan vide vasquez Před 2 hodinami
We need a part six plzzz
Cooper Davis
Cooper Davis Před 2 hodinami
It's funny how both Verosika and Striker take time to insult the main characters in their songs
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