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THE SINGLE HAS LANDED! The first track off our new album "Helloween" is now available for streaming and in various CD and vinyl formats! Go check it out! We’re so excited to hear your reactions! Written by Kai Hansen, "Skyfall" is a storming more than 7 minute ride into the Helloween universe (and beyond!) The epic track describes an alien landing on earth and a dramatic chase while Michael Kiske, Andi Deris and Kai Hansen duel each other in a breathtaking manner and create a vocal broadband adventure. Produced by Martin Häusler, it is the most elaborate video clip in the history of the band.

The new album "Helloween“ will be released June 18th, 2021.
Order the single Skyfall here: nblast.de/Helloween-Skyfall
Pre-order the album 'Helloween' here: nblast.de/HELLOWEEN-Helloween
Listen to 'Skyfall here: helloween.bfan.link/skyfall

#helloween #skyfall #video #hansen #kiske #deris #heavymetal

#helloween #skyfall #video #hansen #kiske #deris #heavymetal


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2. 04. 2021





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Leo Pallares
Leo Pallares Před 12 minutami
Te la rifaste Kiske😉
andrewcrawford34 Před 33 minutami
The pumpkins are United once again Helloween forever!!!🎃
Nick Matolytsch
Nick Matolytsch Před hodinou
Just a Little Sign
Aris Makaronas
Aris Makaronas Před hodinou
Wow Kiske's voice hasn't changed one bit since the 80's!
Wilrano Herr Morieden
Wilrano Herr Morieden Před 2 hodinami
Sehr geil
nightspirit 2834
nightspirit 2834 Před 2 hodinami
We need a live in Greece now.... NOW.....
fadzlan basirun
fadzlan basirun Před 2 hodinami
A metal history were created..three singers from three different eras from the same band..now blasting together ...simply epic
Jose Moreno
Jose Moreno Před 2 hodinami
The only bad thing in the video is Sascha's instrument, great solos, great sound but horrible guitar
Muri Jane
Muri Jane Před 3 hodinami
Luispaulo Silva
Luispaulo Silva Před 3 hodinami
great ..nice work guys
Eddie Weaving
Eddie Weaving Před 3 hodinami
Epicnessawesomeness!! Loved the ship and the flying v guitars too! Horns Up!
Cole Stone
Cole Stone Před 3 hodinami
O.K, What's up with the thumbs down, Those people should turn their thumbs up(into their asses)and admit they made a mistake and appreciate they still make good music, Fuckin' haters...!!! HAIL TO HELLOWEEN.
Dreamer Před 4 hodinami
When I see them together like this, my heart is in place, I am now 42 years old, I grew up with them, I became a man with them, now I can slowly grow old with them in peace and send them to the glorious history they wrote a long time ago but have not yet for her :))) because I can give much, much more to all of us ...;)
Messier 84
Messier 84 Před 5 hodinami
The Pink Bubbles Go Ape free poster from the cassette I bought still sticks proudly on my ex bedroom room walls which belongs to my oldest son now..
VIDA DE PRINCESO - PE Před 5 hodinami
Just a little sign
Walace Panda
Walace Panda Před 5 hodinami
Ficou muito perfeito. 😍 Cadê os Br's?
Faizal Izahar
Faizal Izahar Před 6 hodinami
This is what we called 80's power metal
joy01dani Před 10 hodinami
Disturbing video with a mediocre song :(
Sails Of Charon
Sails Of Charon Před 10 hodinami
At the moment I'm watching this it has 666 deslikes (don't know why I like it).
TS Před 10 hodinami
I love this Tobias Sammet metal opera approach
pootuis poot
pootuis poot Před 11 hodinami
thats one cool alien
Nematode Před 12 hodinami
Imagine being such a talented singer and spending your life just nailing the same three notes over and over. Yikes.
Christo Wolaki
Christo Wolaki Před 13 hodinami
TheHeadOfAGoat Před 13 hodinami
Is that the dude from "pawn stars?"
Santiago Arias
Santiago Arias Před 13 hodinami
Pobre bajista, casi ni lo enfocaban :(
darrentg6 Před 13 hodinami
Wow, one of the best Helloween songs ever!!
DentArthurDent Před 14 hodinami
Pumpkin coordinates set!
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu Před 14 hodinami
great frontman and kept Helloween alive (with Weiki and Markus). Anyway, all three singers do a great job and Andi has gotten even better since Michael is back
Marco Antonio
Marco Antonio Před 14 hodinami
Tremendo video por la ctm! Kai, Michael and Andy 🎃
Razin Razisma
Razin Razisma Před 14 hodinami
Love this storytelling
Дядя GAGA Před 15 hodinami
Great song and VERY lame video
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu Před 14 hodinami
omg, its awesome
R A Kautz Photo
R A Kautz Photo Před 15 hodinami
Luis Salazar
Luis Salazar Před 15 hodinami
mala su wea
ひなた日向 Před 15 hodinami
2:30 ジャイアン
CharllySon Of Metal
CharllySon Of Metal Před 16 hodinami
2021 and brazil csvid.net/video/video-ddanI7hz5Tc.html
Christian Hansen
Christian Hansen Před 16 hodinami
More like "The Holy Trinity" has landed; Father Kiske, Son Deris, and Holy Ghost Hansen!...and they make the video Megadeth wanted to for "Hangar 18" 30 years ago to boot!
Gabby Před 16 hodinami
Omg! Amazing song!!!!!
Fernando Silver
Fernando Silver Před 16 hodinami
sometimes... dreams come true...
Maxi Vader
Maxi Vader Před 17 hodinami
Kiske sigue con la misma potencia de voz que hace 35 años atrás. Asombroso
Antonio Eduardo Ortiz
Antonio Eduardo Ortiz Před 18 hodinami
Hermoso, monumental.... Épico....
Edu Dg
Edu Dg Před 19 hodinami
Epico poder do metal. Helloween a melhor banda de power metal do mundo
Der Sterbliche
Der Sterbliche Před 19 hodinami
G. O. A. T.
Mark Lechman
Mark Lechman Před 20 hodinami
Oh hells yeah!
Eric Piña
Eric Piña Před 20 hodinami
Schwen Před 21 hodinou
The video is kinda campy in a fun way. The sound is a solid throwback to their 80s years and is awesome!
Виктор Найденович
omg, its awesome
Viliam Martin
Viliam Martin Před 22 hodinami
Vortex Afternoon Music
Vortex Afternoon Music Před 23 hodinami
Frank Windus
Frank Windus Před dnem
Why ?
Xavi Lúcia
Xavi Lúcia Před dnem
kai hansen is once again the soul of the group without a doubt. as in gamma ray the thunderous riffs, his spectacular voice with those slowdowns and the Martians and aliens theme, ... thanks kai! Helloween is alive again
Vladimír Zeman
Vladimír Zeman Před dnem
Metal Teachers in action... And this is just a lesson number One ;)
polarius14 Před dnem
How can over 600 people dislike this MASTERPIECE!!!!!
Star Rider
Star Rider Před dnem
The unbalanced sound reduces the otherwise great listening pleasure. What went wrong there? A shame ... hopefully the finished album doesn't sound so dull and powerless ...
Star Rider
Star Rider Před 15 hodinami
@Leandro Ejarque With the mp3 version, I really notice a lot of blatant flaws. Therefore I have the hope that the sound quality of the uncompressed cd version will be significantly better. Especially dense productions tend to have undesirable effects in the mp3 version. Compare it with the last unisonic disc, then what I mean may be clearer. I wish Dennis Ward had produced this eagerly awaited CD that I will definitely buy and enjoy very much ... it is criticism of a very high level
Leandro Ejarque
Leandro Ejarque Před 15 hodinami
@Star Rider Mmmm I really don't agree. I think the opposite, that is with such a dense mix (3 guitars, 3 voices besides bass and thundering drums and synths) the mix is pretty well balanced and still conserved the microdynamics pretty good. It's quite a challenge to give each instrument it's own space into that circumstances.
Star Rider
Star Rider Před 15 hodinami
@Leandro Ejarque In my ears the mix and production failed, the dynamics of the individual instruments, especially drums and bass, disturb the coherent overall sound. everything is mixed too dull and spongy .... that's what I meant with unbalanced sound ... unfortunately, Mr. Bauernfeindt has already messed up the last blind guardian album in a similar way .... it reminds me of the kevin shirley effect .... but please don't get me wrong, for me it reduces the listening pleasure but it doesn't ruin it completely. i love helloween and it's just my little criticism of a gift from the gods, it's fantastic that this line-up has found each other ...
Leandro Ejarque
Leandro Ejarque Před 16 hodinami
What are you talking about?
Stephen Dunn
Stephen Dunn Před dnem
Happy they back with. Áll. Singers great band
Giuseppe Falco
Giuseppe Falco Před dnem
This video is so silly.. I think I like Andi Deris voice more than Kiske
Federico Marcucci
Instant Classic. Power Metal will never die
Lukanos Před dnem
Um presente e sonho pra qualquer fã!
itkojecockot Před dnem
upcoming new albums from Helloween, Megadeth, System Of A Down, Iron Maiden...... hey Gene, is RocknRoll still "dead"
Carlos Cruz
Carlos Cruz Před dnem
KAZU兆 Před dnem
Natan Před dnem
Fed Ted
Fed Ted Před dnem
oh my gosh, it’s all so terrible... 😱🤦🏻‍♂️
Bang Ocong
Bang Ocong Před dnem
Is it the prelude to Mission Motherland? 😂
jorge arturo duran vela
Este disco fácil pudo llamarse keeper of the seven keys parte III sin problemas en honor a éstas grandes leyendas,no puedo creer tanta perfección!!!
svidiske Před dnem
Fuck....Takes me right back to the 80^s with walls of... and keeper of... and gamma ray...and.....so on ....sounds great, very nice job guys.... :-)
Pitillos1982 Před dnem
la mejor formacion de power metal de la actualidad sin duda, increibles!!!!!
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui Před dnem
Love you videos???
Star Rider
Star Rider Před dnem
Der unausgewogene Sound schmälert das ansonsten große Hörvergnügen. Was ist da schief gegangen? Mega schade...hoffentlich klingt das fertige Album nicht so dumpf und kraftlos...
Star Rider
Star Rider Před dnem
@bcvbb hyui I love it too, the whole thing...but i´m not happy at all with the sound and production , I´m hoping the finished Album in CD quality will have a superior sound to this and mp3...
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui Před dnem
4:37 is so goddamn Gamma Ray. I freaking love it!!!
Stream Spoart!
Stream Spoart! Před dnem
Destroy all Human! Sequel looked so promising
Владимир Граждан
Helloween на все время!
R2SO Před dnem
Pancadaria Sonora
\m/ Diadema/SP/Brasil
adriano bueno
adriano bueno Před dnem
This is foda👏👏👏
Adriana Oliveira
Adriana Oliveira Před dnem
A song that was born classic. Happy happy Helloween 🎃
Mauricio Lara T.
Mauricio Lara T. Před dnem
Rene Urrutia
Rene Urrutia Před dnem
Min 3:18 sounds to me like a Judas Priest song but I can't remember which one, last part of Rapid fire I guess, but comming from Kai Hansen now I know why
Wesley Rodrigues
Wesley Rodrigues Před dnem
Andi Stark
HTH Před dnem
Keeper of the seven friends... I m feeling so down
Fernando Bevilacqua
Simplismente de arrepiar!
ultratumba 177
ultratumba 177 Před dnem
Andi buzz ligther deris jejejej ameazing
Atropos91 Před dnem
rodrigo silva
rodrigo silva Před dnem
Que banda, que música, ainda bem que existem bandas como helloween, para manter o rock vivo.....música extraordinária...
David Ramirez
David Ramirez Před dnem
4:37 is so goddamn Gamma Ray. I freaking love it!!!
Some dreams have come true. Heroes united! 🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃
Javier Toro Ardiles
gerdokurt Před dnem
It takes a lot of professionalism and mental skills to perform on such a high level for so long. Especially in a scene known for a ..consuming...lifestyle. They still perform (and record new) high end stuff. It`s much easier and less punishing to age for bands like metallica, slayer, kreator etc etc.. E.g. noone cares and ever cared about Hetfields upper vocal range and Metallicas trademark never was the synchron 2 guitars + bass "solo" etc.. Without disrespect to other bands, it`s much more difficult to keep the Helloween-Level after 35 years and there are only very very few legends out there who achieve(d) similiar things!
Matias Gomez
Matias Gomez Před dnem
Pleae more...more...tours, cds...for this line up
Clare Martell
Clare Martell Před dnem
I love!!!!!!!! 💗💗💗💗💋💋💋💋👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻🪐
Klaus T.
Klaus T. Před dnem
The song is musically pretty good composed. But the lyrics are totally silly, especially the hookline, I can't imagine myself singing it at a concert. With some serious and adult lyrics this could have been a classic. This is just childish. Pity
Abigail Mariposa
Abigail Mariposa Před dnem
Love Helloween with all my heart, and this will never change! For exactly 15 years now a part of my life, can't wait to see them live again! I love how they stayed true to their style, oldschool is the best! So proud of you guys! 🧡🤘🎃
Trimé Před dnem
Rogelio Rodriguez
Temazo épico impresionante!
D-Best Way To learn English
Obrigado helloween por eu PODER ouvir essa maravilha de som🇧🇷
jonnymc213 Před 2 dny
... epic!
Pascal Monfort
Pascal Monfort Před 2 dny
3 premières secondes prometteuses !!! Et ... ... ... Flop !!! 🥺🥺🥺
minas pavlakis
minas pavlakis Před 2 dny
One of the most historic heavy metal bands in the world is back with Kiske and Deris . Greetings from Athens.GR
Nelson Serra
Nelson Serra Před 2 dny
Thanks Helloween, see you soon, where ever you go
mariano oro
mariano oro Před 2 dny
De retorno al sonido de los Keepers!!
HickHack Před 2 dny
Lasst den Hansen mal mehr ans Mic. :)
Lucas Lobo
Lucas Lobo Před 2 dny
Saludos metaleros 🤘 Este sentimiento que hermana en la distancia 🍻 ...y que vivan las calabazas!!! 🤘🤘🤘
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