Heart - Stairway to Heaven Led Zeppelin - Kennedy Center Honors HD

Mark Pakula
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Please keep the politics out of the comments and enjoy the music.
Heart w/ Jason Bonham - Stairway to Heaven Led Zeppelin - Kennedy Center in HD


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29. 12. 2012





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Randy Fleming
Randy Fleming Před 3 hodinami
Was great till you showed Obama !!!!
Trespasser Před 3 hodinami
Well, they gave it a good try, I guess.
Anita Thompson
Anita Thompson Před 5 hodinami
It's the 1st tour heart opened for I believe, and Robert is like Jason's godparent, the tears are 4 more than 1 reason notice the choirs wearing derby hats as well, no matter what heart nailed it and Shane playing that solo pretty darn good a couple of chords off not bad I mean no pressure lol truely is a work of art jack black said it well they were the whole package and I'm sorry but there hasn't been many others most had so many changes in group members that it be a surprise any given week, of course Zeppelin didn't sell out it's fans like most for top 40 they were and always will be #1
Nick Moriarty
Nick Moriarty Před 5 hodinami
Imagine playing a song in front of the originals that turn out so good, there’s nothing but smiles and tears coming from them.
Daniel Michalson
Daniel Michalson Před 5 hodinami
..This was Beautiful..close 2nd to being better than ORIGINAL..TEARS>could not have done it better myself> they saying!
Julio Salinas
Julio Salinas Před 5 hodinami
Qué increíble... qué tremendo... qué grandes que son... Y éste tema debería ser declarado patrimonio de la humanidad... GRACIAS Led Zep
David Yeo
David Yeo Před 5 hodinami
Interview with Ann Wilson csvid.net/video/video-4aj2wX1kxbo.html
mcs1981 Před 5 hodinami
You know you're doing ok when Jimmy Page smiles. What an absolute EPIC performance!!!
Mona 56
Mona 56 Před 6 hodinami
I, as all of you do, have the original album that I’m waking everyone up with in the morning!!
sam hopins
sam hopins Před 6 hodinami
Mark Před 6 hodinami
Still damn awesome in 2020
Chrollo Lucifer
Chrollo Lucifer Před 7 hodinami
Mano, até chorei aqui, pqp, que música! Esse é o melhor cover que já vi, as irmãs Wilson são as melhores cantoras que já vi em performances ao vivo!
Ivax 81
Ivax 81 Před 7 hodinami
Eternal !
Brian Munson
Brian Munson Před 8 hodinami
America is LED ZEPPLIN America loves LED ZEPPLIN
Jacob Mowat
Jacob Mowat Před 8 hodinami
I imagine that'd be something to have those guys learn forward in anticipation of you belting you the last line of Stairway to Heaven. Phenomenal performance.
prpjustice Před 8 hodinami
And if you listen very hard. Or just softly. You can't hear Trump at all. Hope not another WAR coming.
zhan cheng
zhan cheng Před 8 hodinami
the jump
don mccormick
don mccormick Před 8 hodinami
Robert Plant! Nancy did great, but it took all the extra backups to make it good . You did it. Alone!
camelCase Před 8 hodinami
Jesus fucking christ are you kidding me with this? I've watched this on and off so many times now and it still has such a huge impact. This is a legendary rendition to be played as a salute to the Led. I think the most profound thing is just thinking how the band must be feeling seeing _their_ song played to this degree. Like, "holy shit boys, we made this thing." Must be just incredible.
David Roseman
David Roseman Před 10 hodinami
5000 thumbs down??? These people are just unhappy with life in general.
Julio César Yáñez Santander
4:52 Right there, the roots, the heart and soul of LZ, glowing beautifully in this and most of their songs...
J Silva
J Silva Před 11 hodinami
Uma boa música
Michele Crum
Michele Crum Před 12 hodinami
🎼 Dam ❤ mad3 that shyt h3r own, tor3 that song UP 😘🔥🔥✌🏽
Trepid Před 12 hodinami
I can't believe they forced everyone to wear homosexual necklaces. Rofl. hilarious.
Adam Tak
Adam Tak Před 12 hodinami
This is by far the best Cover and Live performance I have ever seen. How I wish I were there to listen in person. The audience are truly lucky.
Edna Alves
Edna Alves Před 13 hodinami
I watch this presentation 50 thousand times and I always get emotional. It's wonderful.
Bruno Oliveira
Bruno Oliveira Před 13 hodinami
Não é atoa que o Led Zeppelin foi eleito a melhor banda de rock and roll de todos os tempos!🎼🍻👋👋👋
Ian Beith
Ian Beith Před 14 hodinami
Jack black at the end look like a proud father lol
Jesús Álvarez
Jesús Álvarez Před 14 hodinami
lukas lukAS
lukas lukAS Před 14 hodinami
bom demais
THE NINJACAT Před 14 hodinami
Heart just accomplished the unthinkable and unbelievable...Stairway to Heaven was performed as good as if not (GASP!!!) better than the original. Everything came together (and everyone -Heart, the drummer, the choir) hit every note. Their practices paid off and it shows! Wish I was in the audience for this historic performance. The legends themselves were visibly moved!
Pano Rama
Pano Rama Před 16 hodinami
Bah! Obama! Coitus musicus interuptus! Damm!
Don Ron
Don Ron Před 16 hodinami
President of the free world in the audience✅. Performing one of the most iconic songs in the history of rock and music✅ Performing that song infront of the master creators.✅ Making John, Robert and Jimmy cry/smile✅. Bucket list Complete. ✅✅
Jahe Gepuk
Jahe Gepuk Před 17 hodinami
Jancuk tenan. Enak pop cuk.
Felipe de la Puente
Felipe de la Puente Před 17 hodinami
To many emotions together.This song is for ever!!
Shiba Před 18 hodinami
she sounds like a female robert plant holy
Kung Fu Master
Kung Fu Master Před 18 hodinami
renzo gaggioli
renzo gaggioli Před 18 hodinami
FANTASTICHE DONNE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Meitei Deplorable
Meitei Deplorable Před 18 hodinami
We all wiped our tears when Robert Plant did. Rest in Peace Bonzo, you beloved amazing person.
JoJo Před 19 hodinami
WOW I cant think of anything to describe it except WOW
Dusty Newman
Dusty Newman Před 19 hodinami
Just imagine. Playing Stairway to Heaven in front of Led Zeppelin.... No preasure......
Antonio Siena
Antonio Siena Před 19 hodinami
That seemes like another America
Před 19 hodinami
Gabriel Pelaez
Gabriel Pelaez Před 20 hodinami
Didn't know Ricky Gervais played the drums
Roxy Valenti
Roxy Valenti Před 20 hodinami
Zeppelin is my Band!
Roxy Valenti
Roxy Valenti Před 20 hodinami
The guitar solo? Yes!
ciroemilio68 Před 20 hodinami
Gli occhi lucidi di Robert Plant sono la scala al Paradiso...
Lynne Loftis
Lynne Loftis Před 20 hodinami
When you take Stairway To Heaven and crank it up to an 11.
Jumpinjackflash Před 21 hodinou
Who are the guitar players?
Stam Eloi
Stam Eloi Před 21 hodinou
Yes yes yes
drumsport Před 21 hodinou
Great musicians like these are one of the few things which can bring this world together! Bravo!
Nuno Lima
Nuno Lima Před 22 hodinami
Are this the times that you understand that you are eternal.
Justin Just a busker
Justin Just a busker Před 23 hodinami
Awesome!! That this ONLY gets 17million views while Taylor Swift and Cardi B get 200million is an indictment to our culture and its fall
Shane Cormier
Shane Cormier Před 23 hodinami
Missed a word at the absolute worst point.
Claus Bakker
Claus Bakker Před 23 hodinami
Nice coat!
Steve Dhi
Steve Dhi Před dnem
Kimmel's back stage dropping trowsers
JOPI MOTO Před dnem
Gavin Blackshear
Gavin Blackshear Před dnem
*Stairway starts playing Everyone in Led Zeppelin: Oh God, not this song again
Wingston Johnson
Wingston Johnson Před dnem
Kapan Indonesia bisa begini?? Tokoh penting negara duduk bareng musisi legend rock menikmati musik rock dengan hati tanpa ada kepentingan politik???? Setau saya di Indonesia dimana ada event musik yg sponsornya tokoh politik ujung ujungnya pasti kampanye nyet hahahahah
Mitch Před dnem
What I woulda gave to be there
Susan Park
Susan Park Před dnem
Makes me emotional too!☹️
Michael L
Michael L Před dnem
Ruined by Obama's appearance
Kaz Bad
Kaz Bad Před dnem
Watched this every day this year
Francois De Melo e gouveia
A melhor música de rock !
Maidenrules29 Před dnem
I didn't know Sheldon from "The Big Bang Theory" played guitar.
serge brisebois
serge brisebois Před dnem
Merci messieurs pour ce chef d oeuvre
Doc Mirror
Doc Mirror Před dnem
If you came here for a great tribute, mosey over to the honors for George Harrison and My guitar gently weeps with Prince.
Edward Call
Edward Call Před dnem
I love that they love the performance💪
Kathleen Kitcher
Kathleen Kitcher Před dnem
Absolutely amazing ❤️🎸🎼
Jefferson Young
Jefferson Young Před dnem
🤘😎 fantastic
Travis Pertson
Travis Pertson Před dnem
I tear up every damn time!! 😥 💖✌🏼
Levi Wooten
Levi Wooten Před dnem
Darwin Risdon
Darwin Risdon Před dnem
Loved it! Absolutely loved it 💕 ...amazing. I remember where I was (and how old) the first time I heard this song!
Conheci um rapaz de 20 anos que era motoqueiro, e falou que se ele morresse era pra por tocar esta música no velório dele. Jovem de mais ou menos 20 anos, pai de um filhinho, caiu da moto em frente um caminhão e foi atropelado. No velório o padre mandou colocar esta música que ele tanto gostava. (Curitiba/Pr)
Charlene Keats
Charlene Keats Před dnem
I love Dave’s wife’s reaction when the full choir joins in.
debbie maslanka
debbie maslanka Před dnem
A master piece done by another master piece
Joe Workman
Joe Workman Před dnem
Jimmy Page’s reaction at the 4:30 mark is priceless. Amazing
Mario Hinsche
Mario Hinsche Před dnem
Rob should have sing this for supprise , just say'en
Les McCracken
Les McCracken Před dnem
Great rendition. Woulda loved for her to sing the full version. Missed out a couple of my fav verses. But brilliant. Page, Plant & JPJ looked mood in awe. Must’ve been surreal for them.
BelfastBomber Před dnem
And on Guitar ladies and Gentlemen, Sheldon Cooper!!!!
Mamoon Qureshi
Mamoon Qureshi Před dnem
Karolina Giesko
Karolina Giesko Před dnem
Tears in his eyes says everything... Watching over and over... I'm impress ❤️❤️❤️
arwel jones
arwel jones Před dnem
Neal Fry
Neal Fry Před dnem
“ I Really Love ‘ you ‘ Hayden Panettiere “ “ Little Miss Sunshine “
Stephen Lepore
Stephen Lepore Před dnem
damn son. that was radical.
Isaias Dinley
Isaias Dinley Před dnem
Truly amazing video 🖤❤️
Mike Greer
Mike Greer Před dnem
Obama Bin Lying
Steve U
Steve U Před dnem
Best version ever.
Sérgio Reitor
Sérgio Reitor Před dnem
Broke me.
Haha they couldn’t gee a girl guitarist badass enough for that lead!! Nobody plays better than men no doubt lol
Fantom Phalcon
Fantom Phalcon Před dnem
Nenad Kovacevic
Nenad Kovacevic Před dnem
Chloe Rodgers
Chloe Rodgers Před dnem
Perfection. I’ve watched too many times to count. Perfection.
XXTheXXBoss Před dnem
This is phenomenal performance. I really wonder what if it was Slash on the guitar
Kenneth Arul
Kenneth Arul Před 14 hodinami
He would've ruined it. He's not cut out for covers. I don't like his covers as much as I love his original work.
Reinaldo Perez
Reinaldo Perez Před dnem
Me asuste al ver obomba y companiaa.
Cory Hawthorne
Cory Hawthorne Před dnem
God damn it. Now I'm crying.
majic 44
majic 44 Před dnem
I didn't know Sheldon Cooper knew how to play the guitar... Wow!!
Anna Lyon
Anna Lyon Před dnem
Oh my god. To have been there for that performance!
emwu86 Před dnem
cry Robert cry, dont try to hide it or stop it :)
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