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Hasan talks a lot about his experiences growing up in a desi family in the mid-2000s, but what is it like to grow up as an Indian-American today? Hasan investigated by sitting down with seven desi teenagers to talk about what it's like to grow up in 2019. Watch as Hasan chats with the group about navigating school, friendships, dating, facing parents' expectations, and the lessons Hasan can learn to be a cool brown dad.
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14. 10. 2019





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Komentáře 80
Joseph jo
Joseph jo Před hodinou
Arun Gautam
Arun Gautam Před 3 hodinami
They r no more indian man they r american just past is indian ?
TheSpiderCraft64 Před 5 hodinami
as a british indian this is so similar omg😂
Joy The Indian
Joy The Indian Před 7 hodinami
Indian people Rocking the whole world.
APLHA MALE Před 8 hodinami
Seriously, krish wad really bad
APLHA MALE Před 8 hodinami
satyajit/eng Sautya
satyajit/eng Sautya Před 13 hodinami
Your parents told you the right things about India there is many cool place you would like to see 👀 Don't believes in international media who would like to present India as a cow running around the streets and full of garbage. Before judgemental come here first experience the diversity here about language communities people with diff religious beliefs , it has sea beaches forest in North East everest himalayan beauty in farthest North , dessert 🌵🏜 in West. That's call diversity which is present in very few countries in the world at a same time. It's really amazing if you want to experience it.
Guramrit Singh
Guramrit Singh Před dnem
Are you for real rn. He showed koi mil gya instead of krishh 🙈🙈🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
Truth Hurts
Truth Hurts Před dnem
A 🍺
Kavir Singh
Kavir Singh Před dnem
So true Lol
Floriva Před 2 dny
These people can’t be making fun of how white people talk when they talk super white, why are they trying to be white so badly?
Floriva Před 2 dny
A G all my Hispanic friends have a thick Spanish accent and can pronounce their name correctly and most of them were born here, but for some reason a lot of Asians in America sound white
A G Před 2 dny
I don't think they are trying to be white. They were just born in an English speaking country and have a pretty normal North Eastern American accent.
Bismi George
Bismi George Před 2 dny
Abeer khan
Neal M
Neal M Před 2 dny
0:53 she cant even say her name correct
Vijiyant Tanaji
Vijiyant Tanaji Před 2 dny
Remove perception, live fully have fun
shimael fatima
shimael fatima Před 2 dny
Who disliked this????
Arthur Episodes - Full
Teefa in Trouble is not even Bollywood
Ishaan Kulkarni
Ishaan Kulkarni Před 2 dny
I love this
Antwan Ahmed
Antwan Ahmed Před 2 dny
Do you know what Cancun is? Yeah I know what Cancun is :)
Sowmya B
Sowmya B Před 3 dny
I kinda felt Pavan to be the most genuine and sensible kid!
Abeer is definitely not pronunced as a beer(as in may I hv a beer)...I think its ... A bir (as in.. I c a bee + r) I think
Limited ᛞᚢᛗ
Limited ᛞᚢᛗ Před 3 dny
Shrekislove Shrekislife
hell yeah
Out of this world!
Out of this world! Před 3 dny
I was watching this with my mom then I started doing the floss when he mentioned it so my mom goes like “WHERE DID YOU LEARN THAT?”
nbaballer8227 Před 4 dny
Hassan had some nice kicks on.
Amer Samad
Amer Samad Před 4 dny
Hansan minhaja 😅
infinity Před 4 dny
Isn't it funny though? All these kids irked by how white people pronounce their names wrong. But, to resident Indians lurking in the comment section, we think they're pronouncing their own names wrong. Just politely say how your name is pronounced and go on with your day I guess.
S.v Raman
S.v Raman Před 4 dny
Abeer stole the show.
Clout Elfin
Clout Elfin Před 4 dny
The girl who said “do drugs” is literally me LMAO
Andrew Gan
Andrew Gan Před 4 dny
Almost all of these apply for me as a Chinese American, except for college and degrees is comp science and med/bio-med. I said I wanted to try and study Creative Writing and I probably would’ve gotten a better response if I said I was gay.
sue mee
sue mee Před 5 dny
Good god ...kids of this generation are some e.t product.
Sachit Před 5 dny
That Abeer guy is lit AF
S K Před 5 dny
lecture by 13 year old desi facebook.com/ISGH.ORG/videos/285202036196618/ *ISGH* LIVE FAJR AZAAN & LECTURE BY *ABDURRAHMAN KHAN*
Akshit Rastogi
Akshit Rastogi Před 5 dny
It's cute how all of them pronounce their names as white peeps! None of them have the desi dialect
Limi Bosi
Limi Bosi Před 5 dny
So why is this a thing? I get my name miss pronounced all the time and I don't care or pay attention to it. Do you even figure out you are far from home? They aren't doing it intentionally to hurt anyone that's how they would pronounce an American's name if he had your name. I hate when people get fustrated or make a video over these things. Get over it and appreciate the opportunity you are given. Be appreciative as you should be. I live in a country when we don't have brown skin concept. Why would you even say there is no other brown kid in the school?!! You are a kid not a brown kid. Period. If this happens because of the place then I hate that and I wouldn't never want that to be the case but if it is because of your culture to do those distinguishing then I hate that as well. YOU should stop it. I would do a weird face if someone would say white kid black kid or brown kid or yellow kid in front of me. I would wish not to be around these types of people.
Bunty tv
Bunty tv Před 5 dny
None of them pronounced their name in purely asian desi way. They pronounced it in western desi accent.
Ennaej Eam
Ennaej Eam Před 5 dny
better late than never 😅✌️ stay safe&healthy folks l♥️ve fr 🇵🇭
Mahua Banerjee
Mahua Banerjee Před 5 dny
Never thought I would worshipa boy younger than me!!! #worshipingAbeerKhan
Srajan Gupta
Srajan Gupta Před 5 dny
The way they pronounced their own names, is really westernised.
Rahoul Rai
Rahoul Rai Před 5 dny
They can’t pronounce their own name properly. What do you expect from Americans
MiaMax231 Před 5 dny
I love how he asks them to say their names and them how white people say your name!!!LOL! I'm Latina and teachers never ask me how to say my full name!!! So sad! I'm older generation.
Nandini Tivakaran
Nandini Tivakaran Před 6 dny
Awww Hasan was so sweet and genuine to the kids! Like he actually heard them out! Rare and refreshing to see that.
Reaction Videos
Reaction Videos Před 6 dny
I love teji
Aleyamma Mathew
Aleyamma Mathew Před 6 dny
Hassan u r not desi. U r the white version of Indian folks
Deb Deep
Deb Deep Před 6 dny
Man!! This is fun.. Abeer was definitely a star.
Shabanu Baksoellah
Shabanu Baksoellah Před 6 dny
That's not Krissh, that's Koi Mil Gaya
Mr Beast Lover
Mr Beast Lover Před 6 dny
13:21 Hassan : what is your favorite Bollywood movie? Kid: Teefa in Trouble Pakistan's entertainment 📽 : Am I a joke to you. By this I mean Teefa in trouble was created by Ary Films in Pakistan not india.
S Amin
S Amin Před 6 dny
Abeer Moments : 1:19 , 3:18 , 3:44 , 6:04 , 7:09 , 13:03 , 14:44
sarfaraz ahmad
sarfaraz ahmad Před 6 dny
Even they pronouncing their name wrong
Salaar Khan
Salaar Khan Před 6 dny
2:03 big pp moment
Real 1
Real 1 Před 7 dny
These kids couldn't even pronounce their own name properly and bitching about.... Ah nevermind but don't call yourself desi
rahul banik
rahul banik Před 7 dny
Hardly any Indian kid is that confident at this age. I guess that's some thing american culture teaches you.
rahul banik
rahul banik Před 6 dny
@cat lover oh yeah....try putting them before a national television.
cat lover
cat lover Před 6 dny
Not really. You just have to travel more within our own country. Good job stereotyping all of us.
Boho Girl
Boho Girl Před 7 dny
Abeer is so sweet
butterflytupur21 Před 7 dny
They probably all know how to pronounce their names properly, but its hard to switch to an Indian accented version of saying something in the middle of an American-accented sentence. Plus, we've grown up American; the main language we have been surrounded by outside of our homes is English! When they were talking about white people, they meant how they absolutely BUTCHER names that they don't know during roll call or smth, not speaking the names in an American accent. Ultimately, its up to every individual to decide how their name is being pronounced, and everyone would appreciate it if the Indians from the desh stopped trying to criticize every Desi-American for their shortcomings because we don't have the same identity as you; we have the hyphenated American as well. We're either not Indian enough, or not American enough, and at the one place where we can relate to other people, theres still issues with us. While I respect your opinions, please let us have our moment and don't make conclusions about every single Desi-American based on what you view in this video, thanks 🙃
shah Jafar
shah Jafar Před 7 dny
"Hating Muslims is a classic" Gawwdd laughed so hard 😂😂 Boi come to India once. LOL
shah Jafar
shah Jafar Před 4 dny
@William Shakespeare You know it's Italian for strength And sorry nope:))
William Shakespeare
@shah Jafar No, but you into Forza?
shah Jafar
shah Jafar Před 4 dny
@William Shakespeare aye let's celebrate then!!!😙 You into K-pop?
William Shakespeare
shah Jafar No, Bish ;)
shah Jafar
shah Jafar Před 4 dny
@William Shakespeare weren't you suppose to be dead!??
HorizonGaming791 Před 8 dny
That twelve year old was pure cringe
fearless Před 8 dny
Suhani Biryani was hilarious! All these kids were so fun, this is one of the best episodes!
Shravan A.S.
Shravan A.S. Před 8 dny
You guys should do this again in a quarantine version with the cast of 'Never have I ever'
Megacon Před 8 dny
DESI more like PEPSI
M F Před 8 dny
abeer is such a cute brown bby, all of them are precious
William Shakespeare
@M F well, they still have it better than their relatives living back home.
M F Před 6 dny
@William Shakespeare I guess lol they are just so precious and so relatable. They must be protected at all costs
William Shakespeare
that's lowkey creepy
Manchester United
Manchester United Před 8 dny
I can understand the language barrier but Desis get the first part of their identity wrong. If pronouncing your name isso hard just call yourselves Jack or Pamela. Buthering your name sounds such an identity crisis to me.
William Shakespeare
Om Vedant Chimmalgi
Dude Indian parents in India are more evolved than the us
Zinneera Dawood
Zinneera Dawood Před 9 dny
Can we just take a moment and address the fact that teefa in trouble is not a Bollywood movie, it’s Pakistani.
cat lover
cat lover Před 6 dny
Also India has more film industries(some better than Bollywood) & it all gets cut off
Shashwat Jha
Shashwat Jha Před 9 dny
The reason they are pronouncing their names this way is because they're NRIs. They haven't probably set foot in India.
wizard 1
wizard 1 Před 9 dny
Desi in america 🤨🤨🤔🤔🤔🤔
Shashwat Jha
Shashwat Jha Před 9 dny
They're NRIs.
Islam Dib
Islam Dib Před 10 dny
You won't expect people in other country to pronounce your name like they do in your owns, this is impossible for many reasons and the kids there are not representing their culture and their country, and if they don't they'll be melted in other cultures and when they grow up they'll find themselves in the middle neither American nor their real tradition.
khatib muhammad
khatib muhammad Před 10 dny
My sister goes to Yale Med and he goes to Yale Law. Hasan: ooh cool
Fadi Esho
Fadi Esho Před 11 dny
They’re all pronouncing their names wrong. It’s pronounced doctor!
Shrijita Sengupta
Shrijita Sengupta Před 11 dny
Wanna see more of Hassan interviewing Indian kids. This was so damn relatable, even for an IBCD
govind b
govind b Před 11 dny
Born and brought up in US Nothing's "desi" about them except their name
Shrey Saxena
Shrey Saxena Před 11 dny
Wow... NRIs are the most annoying people in the world!
Hawt Sauce
Hawt Sauce Před 11 dny
Desi have to learn how to be Desi?
Haseeb Kamran
Haseeb Kamran Před 12 dny
FYI Teefa in Trouble is not a Bollywood movie lol
Lazarus Arguelles
Lazarus Arguelles Před 12 dny
How’s this for a skit. Have the Billionaires do a PSA thanking all the people for risking their lives while they collect all the money and risk nothing. ‬
Jamin Stolze
Jamin Stolze Před 12 dny
When all the internet slang is just aave
rumi Shewar
rumi Shewar Před 12 dny
13:23 Isn't that a Pakistani Movie? Teefa in Trouble starring Ali Zafar and Maya Ali?
Black Water
Black Water Před 12 dny
Tejaswi Vijayakumar pronounced her perfectly, others 🙄
Capta][n Před 12 dny
everyone does has a middlename in India.
Riya Jain
Riya Jain Před 12 dny
i loved this so much
zafar farhan
zafar farhan Před 13 dny
By the looks of it, Bappu and jinnah made a mistake in 1947 by waging a struggle of independence from west. I believe subcontinent is the heavenly place on earth where every one breaths freedom.
Aasim Tahir
Aasim Tahir Před 13 dny
Hit like if you want more of Abeer in some future episode.
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