Harry Styles Answers Ellen’s ‘Burning Questions’

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Harry Styles got into the hot seat and answered Ellen’s “Burning Questions.” Find out his favorite body parts on a woman, his first celebrity crush, and his surprising guilty pleasure.


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10. 01. 2020





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Isabelle Rankine
Isabelle Rankine Před 2 hodinami
The fragrance would be called ‘Piles of styles’ 😂😂
JASMINE WILLIAMS Před 9 hodinami
Is it just me or is it hilarious that he presses the button AFTER he answers the questions 😂🥰
Horváth Márkusz
Horváth Márkusz Před 17 hodinami
0:55 As a boy i undertood that laugh 😂😂
Isha Pahwa
Isha Pahwa Před 21 hodinou
First celebrity crush: Jennifer Loui: am I a joke to you
wani suzain
wani suzain Před 23 hodinami
We want this with *billie eilish*
꧁༒ Iαท ༒꧂
Hazza lou
Hazza lou Před dnem
are you dating anyone ? harry: no . louis: am I a joke to you?
Gunjan Goyal
Gunjan Goyal Před dnem
When you don't obejctify women,, character becomes a body part🤷
ROBINO! Před dnem
Ellen: what do you do in the middle of the night when u can't sleep. Me at 1 am:watch this
East Side
East Side Před dnem
Harry is the best
Retno Retno
Retno Retno Před dnem
I think Harry's celebrity crush is Jennifer Louis Tomlinson
heartbreak channel ops
Who is Harry friend like herw
Miss Styles
Miss Styles Před 2 dny
Nico Reveco
Nico Reveco Před 2 dny
Wow in after thought Ellen is incredibly passive aggressive
Taylor lover
Taylor lover Před 2 dny
Is cheracter a body part O_o
Rae Blanchette
Rae Blanchette Před 2 dny
Harry you look like my older brother And I loved it
Umaiza Riaz
Umaiza Riaz Před 2 dny
How is this man so perfect
grace sikiyan
grace sikiyan Před 2 dny
Ellen: three favorite body parts on a woman Harry: *stresses in larry* *what do women and louis have in common?* Harry: eyes, smile, chAracter
Elena Rose
Elena Rose Před dnem
Yeah ❤️💙💚
Krista Mathew
Krista Mathew Před 3 dny
Harry working out to one direction just cured the drop of sadness i had
Grayson Brooke
Grayson Brooke Před 3 dny
Ellen: are you dating anyone Harry: no me: do u mean nothing to you harold!
ellen: what are your three favorite body parts of a woman? harry: eyes ( louis has it), smile (louis has it), character (louis definitely!) ❤️
Elena Rose
Elena Rose Před dnem
Yeah ❤️💚💙
Susu Haddad
Susu Haddad Před 3 dny
guys i definitely think larry was real at some point but does EVERYTHING have to be about that? like it's a funny game and harry and louis are both great people with amazing solo careers not everything is about larry
Yesica Olego
Yesica Olego Před 3 dny
My first real crush was Louis Tomlinson y no acepto otra respuesta por válida
Foske Bos
Foske Bos Před 3 dny
I’ve scrolt down quite far and nobody is talking about his sweater like it’s awesome
Someone J
Someone J Před 3 dny
1:38 ellen: who was your first celebrity crush? me: louis tomlinson
PK Lineses
PK Lineses Před 4 dny
the longest burning question ever. oh harry. watch liam's. its so fast u cant understand it hahahahaha!!
yasmin Před 4 dny
no one: harry in the middle of the night: 👁👄👁 🙏🏼
M E Z A S 00
M E Z A S 00 Před 4 dny
Ellen: What are your three favorite body parts on a women? Harry:Eyes,smile and character. Me: 🤨😂🥺❤️
Audenim Oshea
Audenim Oshea Před 4 dny
This game always sounds like a way for Ellen to find out info about people she fancies lol...
Cheryl .M. Bhor [06]
Harry's a real Gentleman!! ♥️
Angelbert Loyloy
Angelbert Loyloy Před 4 dny
Harry so being cute😂😂😊😊
Camryn Před 4 dny
what’s your biggest fear ? Harry: *noticing he said dying and it was deep*
Alyssa Dean
Alyssa Dean Před 4 dny
i said louis tomlinosn (as those were harry's answers) on like everyone after he lied with his fake answers
Thahaani Hashir
Thahaani Hashir Před 4 dny
Reveall Reveall Larrryyyyyyyy
_wikia_ Před 4 dny
Isidor Před 4 dny
Ellen: "Who was your first celebrity crush?" Me being a 1D fan: "LOUIS TOMLINSON"
kaja skrjanc
kaja skrjanc Před 5 dny
what happened to "my first crush was louis tomlinson"
Eliška Před 5 dny
Ellen: first celebrity crush Harry’s brain: nosnilmoT siuoL
Khairul Azmi
Khairul Azmi Před 5 dny
He was clearly uncomforrable and sick of her questions
Ivet Munner postigo
His first celebrity crush was Louis Tomlinson
bea Před 5 dny
Fizza K
Fizza K Před 5 dny
Look I know this is an adult show, but Ellen please don’t ask inappropriate questions
Tea Tok
Tea Tok Před 5 dny
Harry: i would be a florist Bakery: excuse me-
Ibrahim Alzangana
Ibrahim Alzangana Před 3 dny
Abby Klink
Abby Klink Před 5 dny
Sledgehammer fifth harmony
sara magdy
sara magdy Před 5 dny
Larry break up or not ???
Amelia Niamh
Amelia Niamh Před 5 dny
Ellen: R u dating anyone Harry:no Fans: he’s dating me in my imagination
Ibrahim Alzangana
Ibrahim Alzangana Před 3 dny
fans: hes dating me... he just doesn't know it yet LLN
gemma styles
gemma styles Před 5 dny
Ellen : Who was ur first celebrity crush ? Harry : Jennifer Aniston Louis : LIAAAAAR Harry : Im not lying u were my first real crush Louis : Ohhhh...So IM JENNIFER
Claire Dunn
Claire Dunn Před 5 dny
Harry really came prepared after the never have I ever a couple years back. 😂
Paula Garcia Del Barrio
What’s your guilty pleasure? - Louis Tomlinson
Pink Ducks
Pink Ducks Před 5 dny
Who’s here in 2020
Sky Man
Sky Man Před 5 dny
The most popular name in his phone how is it spelt?
ruchita Před 6 dny
Smaayal... 😀
SAM 95
SAM 95 Před 6 dny
His shirt tho
Lara Albuquerque
Lara Albuquerque Před 6 dny
1:43 I’m not sure of that...
Krysta Clement
Krysta Clement Před 6 dny
the way he lied when he said he wasn’t dating anyone oh harry we all kno louis is gonna be a bit mad about that one
Unicorn Girl
Unicorn Girl Před 6 dny
On the second question the was so polite.
VasHappenin!its Olivia
“Working out to One Direction”💖💖🤩🥺🥺
Leonor Lima
Leonor Lima Před 6 dny
1:43 Who is your first celebrity dream crush Me: gets a flashback when he says Louis tomlinson
Auxurry Před 6 dny
He looks so freaking adorable in here😤
Kimsegii XoXo
Kimsegii XoXo Před 6 dny
Wow Jennifer Aniston... RACHEL! Loved that answer XDD
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