Halsey - You should be sad

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Music video by Halsey performing You should be sad. © 2020 Capitol Records, LLC


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10. 01. 2020





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Komentáře 28 420
Derrick Conner
Derrick Conner Před 29 vteřinami
No. Not cuntry..wtf halsey?!
Carolyn Delenn
Carolyn Delenn Před 2 minutami
I literally got a you should be sad ad on this video
Raven Před 6 minutami
Still trying to make sense of the video, but I love the song!
Renee Shell
Renee Shell Před 6 minutami
She's killing me over here!! Ohhhh what a hottie she is!!!
ADS Bardi
ADS Bardi Před 9 minutami
This song has the same topic as 'Without me' and it makes sense when we add thse two *"Without me...You should be sad"*
cristian ald-rod
cristian ald-rod Před 9 minutami
si no fuese x ella que esta buenisima, la cancion seria malisima !!!
Loly Jeane
Loly Jeane Před 9 minutami
She did a Miley Cyrus
Jen Jones
Jen Jones Před 9 minutami
Poor G easy... lol
Jen Jones
Jen Jones Před 9 minutami
Poor G easy... lpl
Vanessa Viktoria
Vanessa Viktoria Před 11 minutami
her body is literally perfect
Carmelita Madrigal
Carmelita Madrigal Před 15 minutami
It is her story!
Willian Will
Willian Will Před 20 minutami
Song wonderful!!❤💞💛💕😍💚
Kris Santa
Kris Santa Před 23 minutami
Beautiful Voice and one of the most beautiful Women on that Planet! @Halsey: Call me ;)
juicy Dre
juicy Dre Před 25 minutami
When halsey watched to much orgies in pornhub😳
worldwidehandsome seokjinnie
halsey really makes me question my sexuality sometimes
Passion4Karting Před 30 minutami
Tune! Sexy too...
Disguised Deception
Disguised Deception Před 37 minutami
Halsey's eyes are killing at the last of this music video
Disguised Deception
Disguised Deception Před 38 minutami
So different and Uniq
Nirmahda Bertha
Nirmahda Bertha Před 51 minutou
Why Halsey wearing Shania Twain's costum in "thats dont impresse me much"?
Mjcrodot Před 51 minutou
She loves Shania Twain that's for sure. Great role model 😃 Cool video
William Samuel
William Samuel Před 52 minutami
2:00 Shania Twain outfit
Sazzad Islam
Sazzad Islam Před 54 minutami
You should be mad
WOLFENSTEIN37 Před 54 minutami
shes sexy to
Rachael Perez
Rachael Perez Před 55 minutami
Love thisss and herrr ❤❤❤💋
Veli Oskay
Veli Oskay Před hodinou
I don't know how , but why am i thinking this video not fit this Song ?
Trevor Thrussell
Trevor Thrussell Před hodinou
This is some sad porn.
Kelly DiPaolo
Kelly DiPaolo Před hodinou
like from one jersey girl from your hometown to another...…..KILLED IT! IM IN LOVE!
Pedro escobar
Pedro escobar Před hodinou
Muy fea
???? 0:56 ?? ???????
Laurzo Laurzo
Laurzo Laurzo Před hodinou
Wow just wowwww
Karla Arredondo
Karla Arredondo Před hodinou
Some scenes reminds me of love who loves you back from Tokio Hotels' video.
Dr. Hamdan
Dr. Hamdan Před hodinou
عرب وينكم ..؟ 😹👌
Trang Thuỳ
Trang Thuỳ Před hodinou
Melody is so good
Trang Thuỳ
Trang Thuỳ Před hodinou
I really like this song❤️❤️❤️
john Kirk
john Kirk Před hodinou
Damn they're probably fucking in a lot of spider webs and bugs. No thank u Halsey. It ain't worth that much.
Emily Rooney
Emily Rooney Před hodinou
I fully love and support Halsey💜
Gaurav Rawat
Gaurav Rawat Před hodinou
Halsey is most beautiful singer ever
Mountain Man Jim
Mountain Man Jim Před hodinou
When a woman is super pissed at you, but deep down, is still super obsessed and loves you... this is that!
NancyinRedHeels Před hodinou
She's too hot here 😆 queen!
yelle perez
yelle perez Před hodinou
Got damn she’s hot😝
Emmaline Halas
Emmaline Halas Před hodinou
This video doesn’t fit the song at all. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have any problem with the video, but I just don’t think it fits. It’s a pretty personal song that shows her growth, and a cowboy orgy didn’t portray that.
beyzanur yılmaz
beyzanur yılmaz Před hodinou
g-eazy'ye girdi...
MamzellePistache Před hodinou
Shanna twain
ADS Bardi
ADS Bardi Před hodinou
She fucking beautiful
diya chaoui
diya chaoui Před hodinou
Sorry pornhub, halsey uploaded new clip "._.(:
PRUSER27 Před hodinou
that dont impress me much
Kitty Taylor
Kitty Taylor Před hodinou
It might just be me but the tune sounds like that one X factor audition by We Three, but still a great song 👍
Nacho Aguero
Nacho Aguero Před hodinou
loving the fact that in the part that halsey is on a horse, it is a white mustang, which is also a song of lana del rey shading g-eazy
Jiminy Crickets
Jiminy Crickets Před hodinou
I like how she kept this about the music rather than her ass and tits
Sarah Kiser
Sarah Kiser Před hodinou
Love Halsey, Love the Song, and the Shania Twain vibes. BUT the video doesn't make sense.
mihály kassai
mihály kassai Před hodinou
She's take 4 me the best position now!!!
Clodie B
Clodie B Před hodinou
I feel like this song was written for me 💕💓♥️💞
Tornerose Před 2 hodinami
Pretty sure Halsey is referencing music videos from powerful female country artists in this video.
Cecilia L Khiangte
Cecilia L Khiangte Před 2 hodinami
MARJ Před 2 hodinami
Legends says Namjoon falling in love with her
amanda spicer
amanda spicer Před 2 hodinami
Great song, disgusting video
niobe niobe
niobe niobe Před 2 hodinami
You should be sad mayhaps be this year’s Old Town Road lol 😂
ritik c
ritik c Před 2 hodinami
I wish halsey had put on some more clothes...the song would have still been beautiful.....god i can't handle the heat
Netto Sousa
Netto Sousa Před 2 hodinami
Lembrei de Madonna em dont tell me.
niobe niobe
niobe niobe Před 2 hodinami
The music video is like the scenes when you’re singing in a kAraoke.. it doesn’t have anything to do with the song ..just boobs and all 😂
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