Halsey - You should be sad

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Music video by Halsey performing You should be sad. © 2020 Capitol Records, LLC


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9. 01. 2020





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Helan Hayes
Helan Hayes Před 19 minutami
Love it xx
enter your name
enter your name Před hodinou
Last time I check the comments..it was full with long haired halsey look like jefree star..
Ahmed Sami
Ahmed Sami Před 3 hodinami
Fear from the day when the singer sing and f😝k in the same time
Ellie Phoenix
Ellie Phoenix Před 4 hodinami
This song is very deep, I came over here from Halsey's collab with Marshmello and the "I'm so glad I never ever had a baby with you" bit got me. The combo of country/modern is real and sounds so good! One, if not the best break up song for a long relationship #1
Mike Anthony
Mike Anthony Před 7 hodinami
Hensley Mahan
Hensley Mahan Před 8 hodinami
king crimson
Jdf Frye
Jdf Frye Před 9 hodinami
🤩 isn't she just perfect. I mean. Head ta toe to her beautiful voice absolute devil with those angel eyes
Desiree matheny
Desiree matheny Před 9 hodinami
Anybody else get a Shania Twain feel from her clothes. I love it 💙💯
Chantel King
Chantel King Před 11 hodinami
Loving all the symbolism in the film clip, and the meaning behind the words as well.
Abdullah Abid
Abdullah Abid Před 12 hodinami
kiyowo cute
kiyowo cute Před 12 hodinami
mas zimin playlist nya bkin blg astaghfirullah : )
Paige Welch
Paige Welch Před 14 hodinami
Love the Shania Twain outfit tribute
AcuraTechMan Před 14 hodinami
The world is descending, hard.
aryanne vitoria
aryanne vitoria Před 15 hodinami
mas essa ashley é bonita ein, ce ta doido
Lalisa Kim
Lalisa Kim Před 16 hodinami
Just watched Devilman Crybaby... this fits so well
Rohan Cabral
Rohan Cabral Před 16 hodinami
Nice video..... I think I'll watch it with audio now
It's just me
It's just me Před 17 hodinami
Can we talk about how this song make me feel sad and strong at the same time?
marcelo perin
marcelo perin Před 18 hodinami
Ang Před 18 hodinami
At least they have on BOOTS
Michela Penna
Michela Penna Před 19 hodinami
i feel so sad
Lisa Fischer
Lisa Fischer Před 19 hodinami
Best song ever❗️
qu sister
qu sister Před 19 hodinami
fr Army
fr Army Před 20 hodinami
Jimin à de bon goût ;)
Nichola Jackson
Nichola Jackson Před 20 hodinami
I feel this.
태형이김 Před 22 hodinami
I think Jimin like it!
Adriana Toadere
Adriana Toadere Před 22 hodinami
i was a simple piece of halsey trash... now im a halsey trash can ( please send help OwO )
Trinity Livingston
Trinity Livingston Před 22 hodinami
Wow, I love her music!
Trey Wicks
Trey Wicks Před 22 hodinami
She’s hot
eli mentari
eli mentari Před 23 hodinami
1kemungkinan normal 1000 kemungkinan banci
Courtney Lynn
Courtney Lynn Před 23 hodinami
Halsey definitely is the winner of the heartbreak songs. Much better writer than Gerald.😛
Wolf amv
Wolf amv Před dnem
maš žltačku
Vampembrace Před dnem
Pretty goddamn sure that Halsey just dethroned TSwift as the queen of breakup songs lol
Aileen Vns75
Aileen Vns75 Před dnem
Jimin😭😂.he put this video into his playlist
Michał Zieliński
She's got clothes like Shania Twain :-)
Carrie Johnson
Carrie Johnson Před dnem
Love the song, the video sucks
Jorja Cable
Jorja Cable Před dnem
HALSEY HAS TO STOP FUCKING PUTTING EVERYTHING SO STRAIGHT FORWARD AND HAVE SOME LIKE METIPHORES BECAUSE THIS SONG IS SHIT YOU JUST TELL PEOPLE EXACTLY WHAT YOUR FEELING which isn’t a bad thing but to put it in a song? makes it feel so bland.. srry for the explosion btw. if you just say every emotion you feel and write it on paper it looks bland. you gotta try and make people figure it out.. like you don’t go “i’m too tired to do anything today i’m sad and mad” you should do something that will make things interesting like “i’m running out of breath, lying in my bed, deep in my waterfalls of tears” like it makes everything much smoother.
ceecee bee
ceecee bee Před dnem
Me and my ex spouse ended just like g easy and halsey did. 💔🙁😥🙄
Koreatreemen Před dnem
She is so creative.
Koreatreemen Před dnem
She’s so hot in this music video.
krissy connors
krissy connors Před dnem
I blame coronavirus for making this album so underrated 💔😭
Darianakookencia Před dnem
Halsey: mucha ropa :v
LooveSweetheart Před dnem
No hate, is it just me or the video can be a lady gaga song ? I mean if you put a lady gaga song over it, you won’t be shock, you’ll say ah this is Lady Gaga style
Martin Ponce
Martin Ponce Před dnem
que tiene que ver jimin con esta cancion? algn me explica pls XD
ᴊᴇᴏɴ ᴛᴀᴇʜʏᴜɴɢ •ੈ۪۫
Al parecer es por que Jimin tiene esta canción en su playlist. Sí, así de idiota es este caso que tiene que ver con MinMin.
Nataly Lefiñir
Nataly Lefiñir Před dnem
X2 :V
Alex Chinchilla
Alex Chinchilla Před dnem
jesus christ halsey is fire
missb Před dnem
Love her voice! 😍
samypm08 Před dnem
shania twin clothes!! from man I feel like a woman, and Dont impress me to much
Ruth Coronado Ceron
Este comentario se hará viral :v xd
Love Před dnem
Anyone else notice the Shania Twain references x2 both of those outfits
badlandskingdom Před dnem
Mila Chernikova
Mila Chernikova Před dnem
I absolutely love the Shania Twain inspired leopard print outfit! Shania wore one in her "That Don't Impress Me Much" music video back in 2009 and I've loved that outfit ever since. It stuck in my head for a decade. And now it's 2020 and Halsey brought it back! Bravo! Halsey you look and sound absolutely awesome in this btw!
Hyun ShiK
Hyun ShiK Před dnem
I love this song so much😍
xxglitter_ gothxx
Cowboy orgy hours
lilsunna Před dnem
Love the song but the video is not my cup of tea 😊💕
BoomBoomPeanuts Před dnem
Halsey is like disgustingly hot in this video.
MrFunjoy Před dnem
yikes, this song ripped out some dudes heart
cryptic slayer69
cryptic slayer69 Před dnem
Noice voice
cryptic slayer69
cryptic slayer69 Před dnem
She's bad😤😤😤
MedSou Před dnem
*For the 1% people who see this* . . 👇 *God bless you and stay safe. You are a smart and awesome person.*
Palak Rajput
Palak Rajput Před dnem
It was 69 then just I viewed its 70m yeah yeah ❤️🤣🌹😉
Lisa Fischer
Lisa Fischer Před dnem
Love the look at 1:58 min
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