Gwyneth Paltrow’s ‘Goop Lab’ Show On Netflix Sparks Controversy | TODAY

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A new trailer for Gwyneth Paltrow’s upcoming show “The Goop Lab” on Netflix is sparking new controversy about her lifestyle brand. NBC senior national correspondent Kate Snow reports on TODAY.
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Gwyneth Paltrow’s ‘Goop Lab’ Show On Netflix Sparks Controversy | TODAY

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7. 01. 2020





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Komentáře 70
Snuggles McSquishbottom
Basically she's a Satanist.
Gerb McNuggets
Gerb McNuggets Před 2 hodinami
“We’re gonna milk this vapid idiots for everything they’ve got!” Actual quote from Goopwyth
Sandra Culter
Sandra Culter Před 15 hodinami
Had a sample of goop cream and it made my 65 year old skin break out. This psycho airhead is just scamming for money, IMHO.
Maja Kezic
Maja Kezic Před dnem
Love her
Zach P
Zach P Před 2 dny
What a joke! Women are so gullible 😂
DDK Před 4 dny
shes borderline braindead, doesnt even remember which film she worked on. she's on a cloud of her own ego
Tania H
Tania H Před 4 dny
What is goop?! 🥴
Shinigami Kitsune
A (very expensive) scam
Laura Smith
Laura Smith Před 5 dny
Goop is the worst name of all time. Disgusting
PRINC Před 3 dny
Exactly, it sounds like poop (but the G of Gwyneth). It's basically the poop of Gwyneth!
Xerobox Media
Xerobox Media Před 6 dny
Anytime I hear the word "WELLNESS", my spider sense screams scam alert!!!
Jairo Romani
Jairo Romani Před 6 dny
This company has value??????!
Zach P
Zach P Před 2 dny
@Your Mother’s Lover if that's true, it just proves how gullible women are 😂
Your Mother’s Lover
Jairo Romani $250,000,000 . Yes
jwivan28 Před 6 dny
Well scammers need money too 🤷🏾‍♂️
cubeincubes Před 7 dny
Ryan Davies
Ryan Davies Před 7 dny
Gwyneth don’t care
jerry metcalf
jerry metcalf Před 7 dny
So now goop is selling ( sold out actually) candles that, according to people I don't know and really probably don't want too. Not that they are bad it's a personal choice yeah that's my story and all that.... Anyway they say gwyneths vagina smells like flowers. I'm just gonna leave that lay right where it fell.
Alejandra Fidalgo
Alejandra Fidalgo Před 9 dny
Well, people can always inform themselves and that's it
PITTALO Před 6 dny
And hurt yourself in the process
Monse Her
Monse Her Před 10 dny
Goop and the honest company is a joke. Both skin care line is a joke
shi shi
shi shi Před 6 dny
Monse Her and Poosh
Scott Morrison
Scott Morrison Před 10 dny
In one episode she shows the ladies how to take a load on the face from big shot movie producers and still feel empowered
Ocean Explorer
Ocean Explorer Před 4 dny
Scott Morrison Don’t stand for Netflix PROMOTING A KNOWN CRIMINAL / SNAKE OIL PRODUCT - Gwyneth Paltrow #CancelYourNetflixMembership #CancelGwynethOrNetflix
jerry metcalf
jerry metcalf Před 7 dny
Yeah just exactly something that's makes me say "ok... well guys I got stuff to get done, I'm out"......
phototristan Před 11 dny
I'm pretty sure it's a mockumentary.
mEdnAzz (mijkolsmith)
sure hope so
Moonshield23 Před 11 dny
Women have had 100 years of freedom and they blew it. Time to take away voting rights and make divorce illegal.
Shinigami Kitsune
@Small Shaq my thoughts exactly
Shinigami Kitsune
Not all of us are dishonest scammers and narcissists, incel.
Small Shaq
Small Shaq Před dnem
What a dumb comment
justiceingeneral Před 4 dny
Okay divorce shouldnt be illegal but I think at least child support should be mandatory for both women and men js
maka dao
maka dao Před 11 dny
Sounds like an interesting series! 😊
maka dao
maka dao Před 2 dny
You're welcome 😚
Blake Adams
Blake Adams Před 3 dny
@maka dao yes because suggesting to someone (that if they buy the product will not effect me in the least) that they might want to research something politely is self righteous. Thank you for giving me more tools to keep up.
maka dao
maka dao Před 4 dny
It's ok.. You're not the first person in history to fall prey to self righteousness and certainly won't be the last. 👋
Blake Adams
Blake Adams Před 4 dny
@maka dao you're right I should have known you don't watch tv that was stupid of me to assume considering its the 21st century and you said it sounds interesting. Clearly, I cannot keep up.
maka dao
maka dao Před 5 dny
3 questions in one comment. Your neediness is nauseating ✋
Patric Kinman
Patric Kinman Před 11 dny
Is the one guy Carson Daly?
Patric Kinman
Patric Kinman Před 11 dny
@Emily L Cool thank you.
Emily L
Emily L Před 11 dny
Yes. He got fat.
Almudena Carnero
Almudena Carnero Před 11 dny
Alo dan ejizto ya estoy yo ay d. Came uno estudia de uy lo. Que es papiros textos sagrados. Magos ya. Fan a fan. Cui cui max gracias ok saludos ciencia. Arqueologuia gracias.
LE S Před 11 dny
I love Gwyneth. I am not rich or tall or blond and skinny. I can't relate but I like her because she is herself.
TT O'Keefe
TT O'Keefe Před 5 dny
Yeah.. she’s a snake oil salesmen who would sell her own mother for money.
jwivan28 Před 6 dny
LE S a scammer....welp
jerry metcalf
jerry metcalf Před 7 dny
I just figured out..I like her movies, I like the way she looks, I'm sure I don't wanna know her, hey...2 out of 3 aint bad...
Eric Theisen
Eric Theisen Před 11 dny
She was a great actress about the controversy.
Too bad. She's a very good actor.
PRINC Před 3 dny
Exactly! I loved her in Hush and A perfect murder!
Am rose
Am rose Před 11 dny
She should just stick with acting. She really not touch of reality, privelaged white class girl raised with privelage promotes a 700.00 dollar hand bag. Selling new age products that are not scientifically proven um yeh stick a pricey jade in ya vava. Or get people to buy her pricey products like its not like proven this will work or spend money on seminars and she only shows up for 15 mins, ripoff. Lawsuits
emy Před 11 dny
Honestly I don’t understand all the rage over Goop. If obscenely wealthy white women want to get knowingly scammed, then that’s their problem.
Сергей Петров
People don't get knowingly scammed, that's an oxymoron. People trust her, thus they believe in the bull**t she slaps her name on
justiceingeneral Před 4 dny
Rich women** One of the women that supports Goop as a Brand Ambassador is black so not all of them are white but they are all rich and bored apparently
Josh Před 6 dny
If you do nothing to fight dangerous ignorance then you're no better.
Wrong Think
Wrong Think Před 6 dny
Im not ok with normalising snake oil
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