Guy Throws Christmas Tree Out of Window and it Lands Perfectly on the Ground - 1169330

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12. 01. 2021





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Shivam Shekhar
Shivam Shekhar Před hodinou
Dude perfect: look at our giant trickshot video Random Guy: Hold my Christmas Tree
Jet Pilot
Jet Pilot Před 2 hodinami
*Flat earthers be like* " See i Farkin told ya "
Cant Believe
Cant Believe Před 2 hodinami
Omg someone just discovered gravity
3XSEHARI Před 3 hodinami
That tree saved by The Lord
Arnab Bose
Arnab Bose Před 4 hodinami
Jesse Pinkman: That’s science. Bitch!
YaDadsA JOKR Před 4 hodinami
Bottle flip isn't enough?
Mitesh Vaghela
Mitesh Vaghela Před 5 hodinami
New member of Dude Perfect.
sree kanth
sree kanth Před 5 hodinami
Looks like religious promotion 🤣
Normal Kid
Normal Kid Před 6 hodinami
21 Jan 2031 Meet you guys later
vamsi 8
vamsi 8 Před 7 hodinami
Strange .....a CHRISTMAS TREE is thrown ...ppl r talkingvabt physics 🙄 if u do not have much space at home left ...therz a kind way to put it aside ....n sickkk.....ppl even dnt throw trash like that .....😬
Elizabeth伊丽莎白 Před 8 hodinami
Well Duckland is following COVID rules. If not seen, search for "Keeping social distance at duckland "
Adan Lopez
Adan Lopez Před 8 hodinami
See you all in 12 years and this is randomly recommended to us
Ikram Hakimi Mohd Hassan
Ikram Hakimi Mohd Hassan Před 8 hodinami
Wow. I am impress
Eden Lust
Eden Lust Před 9 hodinami
Why am I watching this anyway 😑
Daisy Holland
Daisy Holland Před 9 hodinami
See you all in 20 years when this video might show up again on my recommended :)
sarah Jolie
sarah Jolie Před 10 hodinami
Normal people :hardly flipping water bottles That guy :-
Cole! Před 10 hodinami
I thought this was like 12 years ago due to the video quality
Shua's forehead
Shua's forehead Před 10 hodinami
See y'all in 10 years time lmao
Nancy's boring LIFE
Nancy's boring LIFE Před 12 hodinami
I was here before it became famous 🙄
W00TNW00T Před 12 hodinami
Expected all the needles to fall of as it hit the ground, just me?
Haley Rennspies
Haley Rennspies Před 13 hodinami
Imagine people start to do this 😂 just to see if they can
Insidex Před 13 hodinami
Every year the same problems...
Miguel Aranda
Miguel Aranda Před 13 hodinami
tira Před 13 hodinami
If a video is under 20 seconds I'm going to watch it no matter what it is
Ged Xavier
Ged Xavier Před 14 hodinami
The most legendary videos are always the shortest. Fight me.
이롼 Před 15 hodinami
This looks like something out of Mr bean
Nabira Fatima
Nabira Fatima Před 15 hodinami
No way am I watching a 10 year old video at just 1 week
Prachi Jain
Prachi Jain Před 16 hodinami
Wow 😮👍🏼
Beshai car designs
Beshai car designs Před 18 hodinami
We will again meet in 2030
you are my sunshine
you are my sunshine Před 18 hodinami
I was about to say "do a backflip" but it turns out the tree already did.
Anna F
Anna F Před 19 hodinami
This tree said “A tree is for life not just for Christmas dammit”
Praveen.S Před 21 hodinou
Lazy people waste less time
Praveen.S Před 21 hodinou
Lazy people have improved efficiency...!
Joanna Před 16 hodinami
Celine H
Celine H Před 23 hodinami
a short video with millions of views and it's NOT from 2014? wow
sleepy head
sleepy head Před dnem
He has superpowers guys. 🥴✋
Spiros Somas
Spiros Somas Před dnem
Yeah see ya in 12 year on random recommendation
Arnold Stephen
Arnold Stephen Před dnem
Where is the iPhone meme music ?
Allen Villafranca
May kotong ka kay santa
Nikdelstgelvon Dequito
Wow u got a mad skills 😂
CheslynTwinkle Dahan
The tree: Who says Christmas is over?
Kaz Před dnem
Who throws a christmas tree out the window
Allan Smith
Allan Smith Před dnem
?what funny a about this it's a Christmas tree being thrown out a window absolutely stupid.
Allan Smith
Allan Smith Před dnem
A will say this,looking at all yar comments yous are all fucking delinquents get a life !!
??? Před dnem
It's unusual to see this kinds of videos being uploaded just a week ago...
Sauce Anyone?
Sauce Anyone? Před dnem
Hello people from Future! 👋
Arkopriyo Banerjee
What if it had landed perfectly on someone's head? 🤣
RightBurst Před dnem
Eric Valenzuela
Eric Valenzuela Před dnem
Dude perfect
Jeddi 6970
Jeddi 6970 Před dnem
Bet that if he was trying to land the tree like that intentionally it would've taken 100 or more attempts.
ForeverAVII Před dnem
Physics exists. Christmas Tree: "And I took that personally."
Tiggster2005 Před dnem
You’d think this kind of video would only be recommended to me like ten years later, but no. It got recommended now
MeLaNiE AgUdElO Před dnem
Tree flip
Original Před dnem
Its TikTok’s turn.
DynoSkrimisher Před dnem
The Grinch: I HATE CHRISTMAS 🎄 : Well I hate you too.
Tayy Před dnem
The noise I- 😂😂😂
Ender Před dnem
I like how he dabbed at the end
dreamtby Před dnem
everyones saying this guy is a legend but its simple physics 😐
Lindsay Cohlmeyer
See people on the future I’m from the past when corona was terrible
nope not today
nope not today Před dnem
My only question. Why would the person throw a christmas tree out the window
MAGI Před dnem
Guy: Christmas' over. You're going back outside. Tree: *plant's itself back*
Joshua Waddell
Joshua Waddell Před dnem
Proof that you can't kill the spirit of Christmas.
My True Story
My True Story Před dnem
What a christmas miracle
Dreaming Fish
Dreaming Fish Před dnem
See y’all in 13 years when this is in my recommendation list🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳
Dreaming Fish
Dreaming Fish Před dnem
Something tells that tweety bird is going to have a home nearby lol 😂
Nishanthi Perera
Nishanthi Perera Před dnem
see you in 2040!
I am from the future and this is in my recommended
rashmitt Před dnem
6 days????what ???meet yall after 5 years
BENCO Před dnem
i was here 6days after post see you in 2034 🚶
Akshat Singh
Akshat Singh Před dnem
Plot twist: He is from dude perfect
Mhay Oh Mhay
Mhay Oh Mhay Před dnem
Radhalucky Kiran
Radhalucky Kiran Před dnem
In future:- Guy throws chistmas tree and it lands perfectly on a man's bald..
micoolkid films
micoolkid films Před dnem
The new bottle flip?🤔
Ronixdash Před dnem
Just came here to find 'Ray mark' in comment section
Kamal Ahmed
Kamal Ahmed Před dnem
What a legend EDIT: see all of you in 6-12 years lol
CARL ZARA Před dnem
See ya next year surely.
Holly Wilson
Holly Wilson Před dnem
Cya friture holly when this gets recommended to me in 50 yrs
Honestly thought this was a vid from 10 years ago
Said Khidir
Said Khidir Před dnem
A proud christian i would say.
Vivek Akre
Vivek Akre Před dnem
how many re takes to took to complete the video?😂😂😂
Izzy K
Izzy K Před dnem
Just marking my comment here before this video gets 45 million views 10 years later
Cassie Před 2 dny
CSvid: guy throws Christmas tre- Me: say no more... clicks
creations Před 2 dny
I am sure he was about to dab
See u in 20 years and I’m already not into these vids I will be 30
Whitney Před 2 dny
Human beings are hilarious 😄
Koushik Allu
Koushik Allu Před 2 dny
Me : Watching the tree beside my house. Tree : Don't even think of that
Xeruna Před 2 dny
The future is weird
Asiyah Eibhlin
Asiyah Eibhlin Před 2 dny
It is the nature version of toast cat.
Vermil Anim
Vermil Anim Před 2 dny
*Plot twist:* The video is in reverse. He actually used telekinesis to lift the tree to his window. That's why it looked like it stood up perfectly.
Sadique Mohammad
Sadique Mohammad Před 2 dny
Welcome to daily doze of CSvid recommendation!
kemal Před 2 dny
10 yıl sonra buralar değerlenir
BOBBY 2N:D Před 2 dny
Meninggalkan jejak
Justin Small
Justin Small Před 2 dny
We meet again
Omnia Hawari
Omnia Hawari Před 2 dny
Si Fr
Si Fr Před 2 dny
My mom : christmas is already over! put out the trees Me, still in a forever christmas mood :
Kaden Laehu
Kaden Laehu Před 2 dny
See u boys when this gets posted on Daily Dose of Internet
Tay Woode
Tay Woode Před 2 dny
Isn’t that because the base is the heaviest, like when toast falls butter side down? Centre of gravity etc
Sandra Před 2 dny
Dont worry guys this was the tree flip challenge back in years
satou Kazuma
satou Kazuma Před 2 dny
He was angry on tree so he flip out tree I hope he don't get angry on his wife
Alisha Aries
Alisha Aries Před 2 dny
Giga h
Giga h Před 2 dny
Wow what an aiming
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