Guy Dumps Girlfriend For Being Too Tall, Lives To Regret His Decision | Dhar Mann

Dhar Mann
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00:00 Guy Dumps Girlfriend For Being Too Tall
06:27 Recommended Video To Watch Next

Writer: Kat Davila and Dhar Mann
Idea: Dhar Mann
Director: Rushikesh Bhadane
Editor: Grant Swanson
Casting Associate: Daniel E. Carrera, Lauren Parsons
Project Managers: Nix Villarubin, Hope Mueller
Production Assistant: Carlos Orellana, Byrrh Bryant
Sound: Noel Palacios
Matt - Mikael Mattsson
Gina - Ella Steel
New Girl - Courtney Fortner
Rosa- Sarah Owens
Friend 6 - Eric J. Black
Friend 1 - Jeffrie Favianny
Friend 2 - Jasper Boykin
Friend 3 - Maggie Gagliardi
Friend 4 - Ashley Park
Friend 5 - Faye Jusay
New Boyfriend - Adam Welton
Receptionist - Melody Wan

#LiveYourBestLife #Inspirational

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25. 02. 2021





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Dhar Mann
Dhar Mann Před 2 měsíci
Hi #DharMannFam! Did you know you can text me at 213-212-4550 or click this link bit.ly/2xXgraR and I’ll add you to my texting fam for daily inspirational messages! Also, for exclusive giveaways & more inspirational content follow me on Instagram here: bit.ly/2Kcbgs2 ★ RECOMMENDED PLAYLIST FOR YOU ★ - Love & Relationships: bit.ly/2W3MlLe
RainbowJellysFam Před dnem
Dharrr mannnnnn UwU new name Xd
samriddha Halder
samriddha Halder Před 3 dny
Its invalid number
chanta lester
chanta lester Před 3 dny
Hi your videos are so inspiring and it changes people's lives and teaches them lessons
Neil Thompson
Neil Thompson Před 5 dny
You're a hack.
Hanly Wijaya
Hanly Wijaya Před 10 dny
@AFC 2w Waqar
Adriana Smithee
Adriana Smithee Před 23 minutami
What’s wrong being tall?!
Tina Erkfritz
Tina Erkfritz Před 2 hodinami
I am **** years old and I’m very very tall so I appreciate this video
Chrisette Valsin
Chrisette Valsin Před 2 hodinami
I wish I had a British accent
Chrisette Valsin
Chrisette Valsin Před 2 hodinami
She kinda has a British accent and It sounds so cute 🥰
Benji Před 6 hodinami
The girl gins was Australian I could hear it because of the accent
Una Bellissa Rivera
Una Bellissa Rivera Před 7 hodinami
Y can i kinda relate to this...im tall and it kinda sucks ;-;
Sasha The Fox
Sasha The Fox Před 8 hodinami
I am literally the shortest
Mr. Worldwide Hi
Mr. Worldwide Hi Před 8 hodinami
Wait how tall are you? I’m 4’4 and 14!
mimi lili
mimi lili Před 8 hodinami
Arianna grande
Gio Barrientos
Gio Barrientos Před 11 hodinami
Yo everyone chill on the insults there’s a real person behind that character. He’s just an Actor playing a role
Zianca Jackson
Zianca Jackson Před 11 hodinami
I have this same problem as a tall girl. I’m thirteen and I’m 6 feet three inches. I just had a growth spurt and I’m still growing. Doctors have estimated ill be six seven when u stop growing which means I get bullied a lot for my height
Mr. Worldwide Hi
Mr. Worldwide Hi Před 10 hodinami
Wait I’m 14 and 4’4, literally we need to be pen pals omg
Lee Powers
Lee Powers Před 11 hodinami
I'd have been the guy going, "Hey,Babe,show em how to do this." I'm barely 167cm btw.
samiyah moore
samiyah moore Před 12 hodinami
Now your video get picked up and read
Bearbear .
Bearbear . Před 13 hodinami
‏أي سوي ‏عربي/wow why’s he so rude ?
Addison Martin
Addison Martin Před 13 hodinami
Gina could do better😌
Pablo Vagnor
Pablo Vagnor Před 13 hodinami
Why does he look like he's been strong out on crack for the past 3 weeks.
Jachelle - MJ
Jachelle - MJ Před 14 hodinami
It’s better that I don’t really post what I think.
Richard Schiffman
Richard Schiffman Před 15 hodinami
I'm a short guy but I absolutely love tall women. It's just genuinely sexy to me.
Moozand Před 16 hodinami
What's dormanfam?😒
pablo gastino
pablo gastino Před 17 hodinami
:( i feel bad for matt but hes the one who betrayed gina so. if ur reading this: ur a goregeus person nobody will take you down
Sophie Hatch-arfeldt
Sophie Hatch-arfeldt Před 17 hodinami
He gives me Draco Malfoy vibes 😂
Meme Cat
Meme Cat Před 18 hodinami
Your videos are the only short videos that don't annoy me because of how short they are
Bunny’s Are adorable
Bunny’s Are adorable Před 18 hodinami
The way her accent changes🤨
TIKTOK AMAZON FINDS Před 18 hodinami
Please do a small version :((
The Punisher
The Punisher Před 19 hodinami
how do these cringe ass videos have so many views?
Andres R
Andres R Před 20 hodinami
Yaady Thommo
Yaady Thommo Před 20 hodinami
Short Man complex !!
kezha noho
kezha noho Před 20 hodinami
Okay ..this is just lame ... Two versions of the same video 😪 ...I really use to love your videos Dhar..I think you're running out of ideas.
ThatNorwoodGuy Před 20 hodinami
I like tall girls and she’s gorgeous the way she is 🖤
Qasim Khan
Qasim Khan Před 21 hodinou
this was very predictable but still had a good lesson to it
riseuplight Před 21 hodinou
Oh god my favorite, I’m so attracted to tall women
Javon 223
Javon 223 Před 22 hodinami
It is not about hight it is about love you should alway's be gratefull for each other
Butain Před 22 hodinami
I bet matt loves resident evil 8
Emma Craft
Emma Craft Před 23 hodinami
His GIANT is beautiful
Augusta lucia Grau kristensen
Its funny i have it the same way. I am 179 cm/ 5,10 and i am 12 (i am a girl).
Mr. Worldwide Hi
Mr. Worldwide Hi Před 9 hodinami
Wait are you actually?!
Hamza Hafeez
Hamza Hafeez Před dnem
GX_ arialalaXC
GX_ arialalaXC Před dnem
I remember yandere simulator when ayano aishi goes near to senpai or kills somebody infront him It says heartbroken so i guess that was the same with that tall girl gina and the guy called matt
Brigida Meullo
Brigida Meullo Před dnem
•Mxnly• Před dnem
She looks lovely
Haiyi Zhang
Haiyi Zhang Před dnem
Well, good luck finding a shortie girlfriend
Haiyi Zhang
Haiyi Zhang Před dnem
khenji dsn
khenji dsn Před dnem
This is like the video in dhar mann girlfriend dumps boyfirend for being to short
Ø Susie Ø
Ø Susie Ø Před dnem
Guy Dumps Girlfriend For Being Too Tall And Girl Dumps Boyfriend For Being Too Short 🤔🤔🤔
paris gurl
paris gurl Před dnem
she deserved SOOOOOO much better than him!
anime freak demon slayer fan
He's a stubid boyfriend and everybody loved her
Sophie _Swissmiss
Why do they look like they have like a 30 year age gap
Anthony Luna
Anthony Luna Před dnem
how u bean ?
Son of pope Kyrollos Vl
What goes around comes around
me salgado
me salgado Před dnem
Im obsessed with this video
Leslie Salas
Leslie Salas Před dnem
her boyfriend looks like the druggie version of tom Felton
mystery hacker
mystery hacker Před dnem
I love your videos dar man the characters feel so annoying but then they're not in real life interacts you a nice person
Charity Cooke
Charity Cooke Před dnem
Im so sad Im am tall to I get bullied for it
Mr. Worldwide Hi
Mr. Worldwide Hi Před 9 hodinami
Wait how tall are you? I’m short at 4’4 and I get bullied the same sadly.
bella _ gacha
bella _ gacha Před dnem
I have watched this a million times and in school we found out studies show wemen grow faster than men
Axzell Vaughn Lising
Yo I bet that the tall girlfriend must be like: ''ez'' when it comes to reaching the glass LOL
Yarilex Santiago
Yarilex Santiago Před dnem
my dad's tall and my mom is short they still love :>
Jacob Gonzalez
Jacob Gonzalez Před dnem
wow what a idiots. But he was worselesss and she was to beautiful for him any way ..
RLeeDeadpool Před dnem
Jaylen Mark
Jaylen Mark Před dnem
I would of been lucky enough to have a beautiful tall girl in my life.
Chloey Pleasant-Williams
@/dharmannfam @/liveyourbestlife @/inspirational ^^ inspired by/Dhar Mann
Amanda Ramos
Amanda Ramos Před dnem
I feel so awful for Gina and the way Matt treated her
Daryl Bringas
Daryl Bringas Před dnem
i have a cousin that is tall
Nick Před dnem
✨toxic masculinity ✨
。*「CharlieChan」* 。
I’m y’all and I honestly wish I was short so I can do my favorite character from danganranpa but doing y’all is also fun cus u can be like ya present or I’m like that at my friend cus we do insult jokes
sufiah bibi
sufiah bibi Před dnem
1:45 wtf his face looks so evil-
The Gamer Girl
The Gamer Girl Před dnem
I love this video so much it was so sad
cvt507 Před dnem
This is like the one where the boyfriend fat shames his girlfriend
cvt507 Před dnem
He should be called Matt the meany
cvt507 Před dnem
He just doesn't care about other peoples feelings does he
exey Zurst
exey Zurst Před dnem
For me it’s opposite I’m small
Pitch Black
Pitch Black Před dnem
WhatsApp dhar man fan ireally loves you message please give me you giveaways
The thing is the girl ain’t tall the boy is just small
Hot Chocolate
Hot Chocolate Před dnem
Me thinking the whole time He is calling her giant bc she is tall but me calling him a dawf bc of him being small 😂😂
Great Peace
Great Peace Před dnem
LOVE your videos!
domn mac
domn mac Před dnem
Woo I liked that one
Sunshine Film
Sunshine Film Před dnem
I used to be so insecure about my height but man as i grew up btw i m 17 My friends literally want my height like they say i look good in clothes and honestly i wished i would've confident back then Cause nobody really call me tall tall i was just tall from most of them
Sbsrijay Před 2 dny
Shorty the Guy
Shorty the Guy Před 2 dny
It's not her fault he's 4"11
Abdullatif Abdulmajid
I love her british accent its so cool hit the likes and are you a weeb if u are comment
Richard Ukadike
Richard Ukadike Před 2 dny
Jayden Zhao
Jayden Zhao Před 2 dny
They have such a British accent!
rashidah hussain
rashidah hussain Před 2 dny
Is better being tall than being short and get bullied everyday
Iona Mariae Reburiano
The giant girlfriend kinda looks like celine dion
Bevan Borges
Bevan Borges Před 2 dny
The actress playing Gina sounds British.
michael pas
michael pas Před 2 dny
I like my women like I like my drinks Tall 😉
ajay anandh
ajay anandh Před 2 dny
Im a short(er) guy... 5'4 ... I want to love a girl who is elder and taller than me😂.... I know it's a fantasy thing😂😂😂
S Stevens
S Stevens Před 2 dny
You know what's "wrong" with these videos? It completely lacks any real compassion for the "bad" guy. Instead of intelligently helping the "faulty" individual see their error, it relishes on their suffering at the end, as if we are not guilty of the mistakes where we may have looked down on someone ourselves. It literally is all about revenge, getting back at the person who clearly doesnt see the error their doing.
Elijah P
Elijah P Před 2 dny
Gorgeous tall goddess Gina
GG tube
GG tube Před 2 dny
Why would a giant date a old man🤨
JENNIE Před 2 dny
Gina was a tall angel and this guy is a worm
Hassan Pawan
Hassan Pawan Před 2 dny
Dont judge the book by its cover only...
Nancy Chira
Nancy Chira Před 2 dny
He is ungratefull she s such a big beautiful woman
I wish there was a scene on the car and her legs are to long
Mya Perkins
Mya Perkins Před 2 dny
U know what funny even if she is tall has he ever thought he might be short and she’s regular size and he’s small
blaze Před 2 dny
Giant it’s just a person of Different people at my school I saw a China people he was just nice
_Sleepy hollow
_Sleepy hollow Před 2 dny
She is so beautiful. It nothing wrong with bein tall. Problem that is him being Hobbit. He just needs foot stool
Janie Paul
Janie Paul Před 2 dny
My mom is taller than my dad but he donsent care
yarii Zayas
yarii Zayas Před 2 dny
😢😫 I sorry 😣
Mireya Burns
Mireya Burns Před 2 dny
Are you serious right now 🤬😡
Mary Murray
Mary Murray Před 2 dny
The smoggy trunk regionally flower because pendulum biochemically belong off a stupid lily. eatable, obnoxious watchmaker
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