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With the Green New Deal sparking a national conversation about all the ways to combat climate change, John Oliver looks at a few potential solutions.
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Komentáře 100
Eoin Doyle
Eoin Doyle Před 5 minutami
18:45 with sound off is a perfect metaphor. Boomer lights globe on fire, makes smallest possible effort to fix it, then when that fails he gives up and leaves.
Rayne SG a.k.a. inkyrayne
Yeah, and those PLASTIC ties wasted in a world with way too much plastic waste as it is make so much sense... eye roll.
Fankaara Henna Diaries
Fankaara Henna Diaries Před 3 hodinami
5:51 that guy to the right of Rep. Alexandria nodding in sync with her every word...hehe
Richard Land
Richard Land Před 4 hodinami
What a joke this guy is. 50 to 90 trillion dollars in spending over 10 years. Thats the estimated cost of these proposals in the green new deal. The exact verbiage 'farting cows' was in the original FAQ regarding the green new deal. AOC blamed it on a staffer having a bad day. I would love to see a late night host attempt to have a shred of independent thought, but it doesnt seem likely. Instead, i get to watch all these 'comedians' contort into pretzels trying to defend the stupidity that is AOC.
konata izumi
konata izumi Před 4 hodinami
Billie Nye is fucken going off and I’m here for it
uhadme Před 5 hodinami
www.ssd.noaa.gov/goes/west/weus/h5-loop-vis.html explain how that VISIBLE satellite shows a perfectly flat line between daylight and nighttime.. looks like a sonar screen. light comes from the North 'pole' at a 45 degree angle (Pyramid shape) how can you not see that? that line of light/dark isn't curved
TRVCTS Před 5 hodinami
TheReck Před 5 hodinami
Idk what the Canadian equivalent of cspan is but they need to get a new camera. At least Cspan is 1080 now
aiko ponce
aiko ponce Před 5 hodinami
Everybody trying to hold in their giggles behind Justin Trudeau HAHAHA
Ezana Taddese
Ezana Taddese Před 5 hodinami
What if God was one of us?
Nathan Lerud
Nathan Lerud Před 7 hodinami
I need to address the public. I already proved the earth is flat. The surface of the earth gets its shape from gravity and gravity has a tendency to make things flat so if you look at the cumulation of all the angles of the earth it might be close to flat if not if you look at it by square foot it might be. regardless the surface of the earth is pretty close to flat.
RansomeStoddard Před 7 hodinami
To quote Stalin, "Robble, robble!"
R. B.
R. B. Před 7 hodinami
"Fine particulate matter - the tiny, deadly particles that can penetrate deep into the lungs and enter the bloodstream - is linked to heart attacks, strokes and respiratory disease. "NYT www.nytimes.com/2019/05/20/climate/epa-air-pollution-deaths.html
pjohn56 Před 7 hodinami
Your impending doom alarmism about 2040 and "devastating consequences" could be cut straight out of the late 90s when they said we'd be dead by 2020. The Green New Deal was so reprehensibly stupid, no Dem was willing to put their name on a vote for it. Enjoy sharing AOC's fever dream over this crap lol. It must suck to wake up every morning, absolutely certain we are facing an existential crises and everyone else has just lost their minds. NPC conspiracy theorists...you ppl are all the same lol.
Sikandar Singh
Sikandar Singh Před 7 hodinami
“It’s a little weird to see a grown adult that excited by come garden hoses tied together by some zip ties” Gets excited by come mentos thrown in soda.
J T Před 8 hodinami
Thank god I watched this episode, I had no IDEA Ser Davos was holding that Pringles can.
Kay Před 9 hodinami
10:21 10:56 18:33 for the people who cant stand the guy
Marcos Paulo
Marcos Paulo Před 11 hodinami
Carbon taxes are a huge mistake. We can all agree that large companies are not so fond of losing profit right? What will happen is that they will polute as much as they want and the tax will be added to the product value, so prices will go way up and gas emissions will not drop in a relevant manner. And we can also agree that politicians are not too bright, with low results they will double down and increase said taxes, fucking the poor during that process. I'm from a third world country with politicians with a massive bonner for taxes. I pay 80 dolar in half a gas tank, and its not a SUV it's a nissan versa. Hope you can see my point of view since I've been fucked by that kind of policies my whole life.
David Canatella
David Canatella Před 11 hodinami
The world was more dencely populated with grassing animais before civilivation than after so, that's not a thing. Secondly, a carbon tax would be implemented by the super rich just like all laws and this means that there will either be no affective law or an affective law that will be made to affect the poor in its execution
country city
country city Před 11 hodinami
as oliver's been smokin 🚬 to much (green) grass 🙄🤪 that circus 🎪 side show 🤡 been nothin but full of dead air / hot air since day 1 🙄
CLINTON JONES Před 11 hodinami
When did you become a mouthpiece for the thumb suckers ...I used to like you ...NOW, not so much
some beach
some beach Před 11 hodinami
Except ya know. The earth hasn't risen in temperature in the past decade. So uh...where's the climate change?
Doug Evans
Doug Evans Před 11 hodinami
They can't properly roll out their proposed plan "Green New Deal", but we should allow these people total control over the economy? Mistake.
can we convert cars we have already to electric? I kinda love my jeep.
timmy timmytimmy
timmy timmytimmy Před 12 hodinami
no csvid.net/video/video-8E3c_JxEQWk.html
snacko30 Před 12 hodinami
Hey, Suits was and is a great show.
Johannes Kingma
Johannes Kingma Před 13 hodinami
just like if you did
Johannes Kingma
Johannes Kingma Před 13 hodinami
and who stopped doing domestic flights?
Johannes Kingma
Johannes Kingma Před 13 hodinami
so who sold their car after seeing this?
C Před 13 hodinami
Good episode, but I wish he didn't frame the solution to this with neoliberal market incentive BS. Why can't we push for carbon regulations and publicly fund green technology? I get that he said it's just one tool in the arsenal, and that it's become a point of contention recently, but I think these bills should be criticized. They don't do nearly enough, there's a more straightforward solution that would be harder to mislead people on, the word "tax" never has to get brought up, and it might actually give some of the 100 million odd people who don't vote something to care about. Regulations and spending look a whole lot more like the government actually doing something than tinkering with the economy to try and maybe make companies want to pollute a little bit less. I don't hate John Oliver, but even on issues that should be a small dunk he finds a way to get extremely worked up over a very boring, ineffective idea.
R Schmitty-2Ts
R Schmitty-2Ts Před 13 hodinami
Building cities more densely? Like Tokyo?
James Middleton
James Middleton Před 14 hodinami
What the hell do people think came out of 250 million american bison for tens of thousands of years? The north american great plains are SUPPOSED to be populated by millions of ruminants that get eaten on a regular basis by whatever predator is available. Stop saying cows are problematic in any way on any scale it's just not true.
firstname lastname
firstname lastname Před 14 hodinami
17:00 yall aint have to do that to my man, he just wanted to become a law 😔
Henry Meyer
Henry Meyer Před 15 hodinami
We're all going to die
Joe Broadhurst
Joe Broadhurst Před 15 hodinami
I suggest we make a massive commitment to a international project of carbon processing to build a carbon nanotube tethered space station.
Joe Broadhurst
Joe Broadhurst Před 15 hodinami
I'm trying to tell everyone.
Joe Broadhurst
Joe Broadhurst Před 15 hodinami
In addition I would want us to also make a solar orbiting photon collector because a carbon web would be useful for shielding and power storage.
Joe Broadhurst
Joe Broadhurst Před 15 hodinami
With a laser refracting orbital array. We of course have to account for the balancing of masses and give it detach capability. Then you have a massive solar power cable that can boost any country needing power or orbital access.
CancelTeenTitansGO Před 15 hodinami
Tell that to China, India and Africa
Luigi Vercotti
Luigi Vercotti Před 16 hodinami
To quote John Connor from Terminator 2: -We're not gonna make it, are we?
MP197742 Před 4 hodinami
It’s in your nature to destroy yourselves.
Peter Akal
Peter Akal Před 17 hodinami
How dare you talk about suits?!
Jerry Julius
Jerry Julius Před 17 hodinami
This has become my fav.go to for a laugh. Spot on topics thanks mate. Bill Nye awesome. From an old dude.
Carolyn Grinberg
Carolyn Grinberg Před 18 hodinami
Fake your own death in a falafel cart collision? I laughed so much I spit out my falafel. Pass the pita bread please. And have some effing Mentos and fiddle while Rome burns.
scrikki Před 18 hodinami
"...you dream at the white Sardinian sands..." you nailed it John!!!
orcalite1 Před 19 hodinami
No nuclear
Brian Před 11 hodinami
orcalite1 How do you eliminate nuclear without dramatically increasing CO2? And is it really worth building enough infrastructure to replace nuclear for zero carbon benefit?
ogEvanAlmighty Před 19 hodinami
John Oliver and his team are literally mocking his audience while simultaneously believe the bullshit they spew under the guise of comedy. He's a paid for actor which relinquishes him of any personal morals or beliefs because he's just playing a character. This kind of propaganda makes me sick.
Gilder von Schattenkreuz
Gilder von Schattenkreuz Před 20 hodinami
Except we dont need more Insane Targets and more stupid conversation about the topic which is pretty much blown out of any proportion anyways and which by now is more omnipresent in everyones mind than the Chance of WW3 with Russia or China...... What we Actually need. Would be actual Suggestions for Programs and Solutions as to how we are supposed to reach even halfway to these ridiculous Targets. And if Possible. Without Destroying Society and causing Hundreds of Thousands People to Starve as a Result of these Programs and Solutions. And for that. We dont need Carbon Taxes or more attempts to somehow Kill whoever causes Emissions. What we need for that. Is actual Solutions and New Technology to actually be able and Sustain our Society without the Emissions. Unless of course your from Greenpeace and your Officially Declared Target is to Save the Planet by Annihilating Humanity from its Surface. In which case the current course of Action is absolutely right and what you should do.
Gilder von Schattenkreuz
Gilder von Schattenkreuz Před 18 hodinami
+Silver Two Problems with that. 1. The Guys most Interested in New Technology to make more Money with. And thus also the Guys who are currently pouring the most Money into that New Technology to make Money with. Are the Guys currently Earning Money with Coal and other Powerplants. And what happens when you take Money away from the People that Finance the Research of New Technology ? Yep. The Research for that New Technology gets it Budget Cut because there is less Profit from the old Technology. 2. The other Fundamental Problem is that we do not yet Have that New Technology to actually Sustain Civilization without massive Emissions. Solar and Wind Power Depend on Weather and Day Cycle. And other Options like River Dams and Pump Seas are limited by Geography because they Require Mountains, Rivers etc etc which we do not have in even 1/10 of the Quantity that would be needed to Sustain current Civilization. But you know what. These 2 Problems in your Vision are not even the end of it. Because Carbon while being the Greenhouse Gas which Humans are Emitting the most. Is actually the most Harmless out of the 3 Major Greenhouse Gasses we Emit. Because while we Emit like 10 times as much Carbon Dioxide as the other Gasses. The other Gasses are up to 20 times as Potent on a Per Ton basis and thus actually cause more Greenhouse Effect than the Carbon stuff. Yet Nobody bothers Talking about it. What we need is not a Goddamn Tax on Carbon Dioxide. What we need is Incentives and Funding for Fucking Research of Green Energy Technology to actually Replace the old Stuff. You think any Big Company thats more Horny for Money than a Grown Guy who didnt have Sex for 10 Years is when he Sees a 21 Year old Playbunny, would still be wasting his Money on hundreds of Coal Miners where you Spend 60% of the produced Power on getting the Coal and thus can only Sell 40% of your Production with a Profit when he could instead Get his Hands on a New Green Technology Power Plant which costs not even Half of the Maintenance and which on top of that allows him to Basicly Sell 100% of his production at a Profit ????? The Reason they dont. Is because currently the Green Technology is unreliable and basicly Requires Old technology as Backup at all Times. Thus not being Profitable for most part as you cant get rid of the Expensive Coal Miners in the rear. Taxes wont change this at all. All Taxes do is Reducing the Funding of new Technology even further. Instead we need to Promote Research of new Technology and we need to Incentivise Building that Technology to Develop it further.
Silver Před 20 hodinami
But the problem is forcing people in big business to implement solutions and new technology which costs money. There are people ON THIS PLANET who literally look at spread sheets that contain people's livelihoods, cost of product productions, and carbon emissions, and see nothing but dollar signs. They aren't worried about climate change. They want to make the bottom numbers small so their numbers on top are bigger. PERIOD. the only way we change that is by making it financially beneficial which is where the carbon TAX comes into pay. And seriously, those 1-5% fuckers need to pay their fair share.
Silver Před 20 hodinami
I would like to say that a lot of these conservatives sit under the "surely" rule. The surely there will be exceptions to the monstrous things we are doing and proposing. BUT the truth is...no there isn't. Get your head out of your ass and stop worrying so much about your damn bank account.
S G Před 20 hodinami
Good things we have our honest governments and fake ass "scientists" to tell us all to be scared of...otherwise we'd just be living our lives and paying LESS in taxes. Global Cooling!!! Oh wait Global Warming!!!! oh wait, Climate change!!!!
Spydr331 Před 20 hodinami
pies are awful! the only good pie is a pizza pie! but not a deep dish pizza. that's a pizza cake and thats not pizza
Jessica Weakley
Jessica Weakley Před 20 hodinami
Pie forever
Marko Polo
Marko Polo Před 21 hodinou
In this system IF there is a tax it will just be passed on to the consumer as "cost of doing business".
Myo Htet
Myo Htet Před 21 hodinou
Thanks John Oliver people from tropical region can feel the heat and our country has blackout twice a day from electric shortage and we are suffering and we are not emitting a lot of carbon
RomanoChedda Před 22 hodinami
Bill Nye is the G.O.A.T
Farah Batal
Farah Batal Před 23 hodinami
so crazy how self aware this show is
Rasta Phil
Rasta Phil Před 23 hodinami
13:30 it was at that moment when Justin knew... he fucked up!
Đức Hồ Việt
#aFaOaXaNaEaWaSa aFaOaXaNaEaWaSa
Treefrog Johnson
Treefrog Johnson Před dnem
Why do dems say the world will end in 10-20 years every 10 years...
Rabies Babies
Rabies Babies Před dnem
TRICKLE DOWN TAXES DO NOT WORK LEFTARDS! TAKE TAKE TAKE the gov crooks will never spend it right. Have they ever? Look at Oakland CA Look at the leftard states.. collapsing and overtaxing people..
Rabies Babies
Rabies Babies Před dnem
LEFTARDS STILL THINK TRICKLE DOWN TAXES WORK WTF!!!!!!!!!!! You can't tax the economy to end... uh.. climate change AKA the seasons of the year.. It's so cold this year.. Leftards still crying to tax your wallet more.. Lefties are fascists remember that. I used to vote lefty NEVER again..! if you over 25 years old and still voting left you're probably homeless and a junky or a pedo or only voting cuz you think republicans hate gays or blacks.. which is nonsense brainwash we got lots of black republicans.
Fake Noose
Fake Noose Před dnem
ohh thank you john! I'm a dumb american so I had no clue about any of this! durrrr....
Rabies Babies
Rabies Babies Před dnem
With Stalin your hamburgers are made out of nothing and if you complain you become a hamburger for Stalin because under communism and democratic socialism (NAZISM) you are forced to vote the leftist liberal socialist party line or you're de personed like the fascists did to conservatives in the past.
Regonal Před dnem
DAAMMMM! Bill Nye the savage guy!
Federica Marchionni
The green new deal was voted down because it was ridiculous. Not sure if it made it into the version that was voted down, but the first version released on an official website included a guaranteed income to those unable or unwilling to work. I am 27, never owned a car, lived most of my adult life in apartments with solar panels, try to be plastic free as much as possible. I have nothing against legislation to slow down and hopefully stop climate change, but I read the green new deal and it sounded like it was written by stoned college kids. P.S. setting goals before figuring out how to reach them sounds incredibly stupid to me. I don’t think this is a left wing/right wing issue at all.
Chick Sage
Chick Sage Před dnem
You can see the contempt, in his eyes, when he shoves the basket off of his desk. He hates it! Actually, if that was any indication, I think I would really enjoy seeing John shove other objects, of his disdain, off of his desk, in a similar manner :)
Tyler Brackman
Tyler Brackman Před dnem
Yeah! Let’s put a tax on the volcanos too! Wait I have a solution.. you all should run into the volcanos, that will save the planet.
itzBlaze Před 15 hodinami
Humans emit 100 times more CO2 than humans
KC Guy 88
KC Guy 88 Před dnem
We really must start acting fast..
Jessie G
Jessie G Před dnem
vm.tiktok.com/d9ydfo/ a genius on tiktok playing improv piano behind Bill's words to really bring out his point!
gwg5640 Před dnem
5 million views? OMG! This must be Jon's highest rated segment ever!!!!
NaThan turnbow
NaThan turnbow Před dnem
I can't think of a subject I care less about. My name is Nathan, and yes, I AM part of the problem..
NaThan turnbow
NaThan turnbow Před 20 hodinami
When every nation on the planet agrees to follow an agreed upon set of rules and regulations, I'll be far more interested in using my tax dollars. The way it stands right now, I already have two toilets I can use to flush my money, I don't need to send it to the gov.
NaThan turnbow
NaThan turnbow Před 20 hodinami
+AnArchaicSoul Why thank you! Appreciation is always welcome.
AnArchaicSoul Před 21 hodinou
I'm glad you recognize that Nathan.
Logan Sloan
Logan Sloan Před dnem
John, this is by far the most misleading, lie-filled segment I have ever watched. Fuck you for causing so many idiots that watch you as if you are the truth to think they are correct in their absolutely wrong understanding. I used to think you actually thought for yourself, but it seems you're just towing the party line. Fuck you!
Philip Frandsen
Philip Frandsen Před dnem
Here's the real problem: too many people buying and discarding shit they don't want.
Taylor Phillips
Taylor Phillips Před dnem
This right here is why no one trusts main stream media. She put in socialist policies into something she stated was entirely about the environment. Plus absolutely no one voted yes on her green new deal... democrat or republican
PringlesKing William
This shit is full of lies.
PringlesKing William
If the US eliminated all carbon emissions, India and China would completely erase that progress with their current projected carbon emissions. Us carbon emissions is already decreasing, if you want to fight climate change just look at India and China.
itzBlaze Před 21 hodinou
China is ahead of the USA in terms of combating climate change
Shawn Boekhoff
Shawn Boekhoff Před dnem
principia-scientific.org/climate-science-what-doesnt-work-and-why/ This paper is really a great understanding of how we measure thermal increase, but how we can confuse it. Since it has come out, I have yet to hear any dispute that works for it. csvid.net/video/video-YrIaGNRXGf0.html And this Video has a basic oversight of what a scientific mind decisively discerns about the understanding of how a base can impact that data. BTW: Global trade and transportation are the primary cause global CO2 factors rising. So if your really worried about it, stop buy stuff from global companies and buy locally. And support more Nuclear plants. Its not the 50's and we know much more about nuclear fuels, ever heard of Thorium or Helium 3? it might be a while, but this path at least looks better for us.
Courtney Frank
Courtney Frank Před dnem
I actually have been watching Suits since it premiered in 2011. P.S. Seasons 2 and 6 are by far the best
LikeAPro42 Před dnem
10:13 I honestly thought MatPat was gonna be a guest star
Keith Hoffmaster
Keith Hoffmaster Před dnem
. The exact same people who just a few years ago blared, "Climate Change is an invention!", are now blaring, "Climate's change, there's nothing we humans can do anything about it!" And yes, I'm speaking very specifically to the absolute loudest of loud Conservative Christians because the thought process goes like this: "God made the planet, God put humans here, He made sure Humans can't really truly affect the Climate like HE can, ergo, Humans really have no responsibility for the changing Climate and really can't do anything about it." The same thing, just substitute God with "Free Market" or "Freedom" or just a general "everything I don't like is 'Socialism' (their twisted understanding of the term) or 'Communism'. To both of these groups, pose them the same following question: Here's what you ask them: "Ok, so you're willing to run a little experiment where Human History is condensed down to the same scale *Your House* would be vs. the "livable" surface of the Earth right? And have that space filled with the closest analogy to "human industriousness" (ie, Ants of _all_ strains) in the same pace as that scaled length of Human History, right?" Watch the massive backpedal of how dirty ants are and how they will NOT have their house defiled in that way, blah blah blah. Then watch as no lesson is learned and they still think that everyone but them is wrong.
abcdemily Před dnem
10:11 to 11:41 18:15 to 19:10 (keeping these as notes to show my friends tomorrow oops-)
Matthew Thompson
Matthew Thompson Před dnem
That litter analogy is spot on.
Vox Terra
Vox Terra Před dnem
Our economy is basically subsidized, we are currently subsidizing the poisoning and super heating of our planet, we could instead subsidize some type of Green New Deal. csvid.net/video/video-wBOUlyUIgO0.html
Bill Nye should know better than to take safety glasses off before extinguishing fire
Isaac Fig Newton
Isaac Fig Newton Před dnem
*Hamburgler = Stalin*
Tyler Zobel
Tyler Zobel Před dnem
"I didnt mind explaining photosynthesis to you when you were 12, now grow the fuck up, this is a real crisis"
Hectic00 Před dnem
The planet is made of molten rock. Few extra degrees might keep the core from freezing over time :P Earth will be fine. It's us who won't be. Maybe the earth will be better off
Rex Black
Rex Black Před 18 hodinami
yaaaay then we wouldn't go extinct ray kruzweil predicted that we would make ASI by 2045 and that could solve all our problems
Hectic00 Před 18 hodinami
+Rex Black Any projection I've seen that's about 20-25 years out, are not for extinction. Just that we could start seeing effects. Rising water levels might make some areas of the planet not as inhabitable as they once were. But I promise you, it would be a looooong time before our atmosphere becomes unlivable. Even if we do nothing. That's not to say we shouldn't do something. I just dont like fear mongering. Not saying you are. Media is.
Rex Black
Rex Black Před 18 hodinami
+Hectic00 not him some scientist said that on RT
Hectic00 Před 19 hodinami
+Rex Black Nobody says we'll be extinct by then. Most predictions on when we "Might" experience some effects are 80-100 years out. Are you citing Bill Nye?
Rex Black
Rex Black Před 19 hodinami
+Hectic00 some scientist says we will be going extinct in 2030 it's happening faster than what u think bro it could happen in the coming decades that's why im scared
Capreso Před dnem
yes bill nye
Daniel Maurice
Daniel Maurice Před dnem
Who else cringes when they see Bill Nye because they recall that awful special he had a 2-3 years ago.
Anthony Badessa
Anthony Badessa Před dnem
Btw, (POPULATION CONTROL) will have to be part of the Solution! 10 Billion people by 2050! Not sustainable, if ya need a little Replica of yourself, try Adoption Instead, the Earth will thank you for it Later, so "GO GREEN & PULL-OUT".
Anthony Badessa
Anthony Badessa Před 13 hodinami
Yeah, except there's not even 8 Billion people yet, & half if not more of the Earth's population lives in absolute Squalor! So there's quite a problem with the Allocation of these Resources isn't there, most people are making a Couple of bucks a day if that, so adding another 2 Billion + will not be a good idea! Btw there's more then enough Coal & Oil to burn for the next Century easily, but it probably wouldn't be a good idea to Burn it all, would it? Point is, just bc you can, doesn't mean you should!
John Slop
John Slop Před 17 hodinami
there is more than enough resources for that amount of people.
Anthony Badessa
Anthony Badessa Před dnem
Let's face it, this Dumb Species is so "FUCKED" no way Humans are gonna make it out of this Century! Especially Judging by the people they Elect to Run Governments! We'll be lucky to make it past 2050! & Whenever it happens, it'll be well deserved!...
CREEPER 125 / TehVegasSpartan HD
everyone came for 10:21 and 18:33
G Sterling
G Sterling Před dnem
Many, maybe most Americans don't really believe that the Left's embrace of climate change is for real. There is a growing realization that the Left will say and do anything to seize power and control. Climate is but one of many ploys that they will use.
Lesley Palomar-Cruz Granger
I'll pay my tax for saving this planet. But also make it fair.
Ethan Hess
Ethan Hess Před dnem
Bill Nye made a great video on big think where he explains how to store energy in a very large hydraulic piston the size of a city block where a big hole is dug then lined with a waterproof retaining cylinder. Then we can build the piston end and fill it with soil or rocks or whatever you want and develop on top of it. Solar and wind power overflow will be used to pump water into the piston chamber lifting the piston end. Once it comes to night time, the piston gates are released an it pushes water through a turbine
Musical Sith
Musical Sith Před dnem
Fact: Cows belch more than they fart!
Survivor Turley
Survivor Turley Před dnem
How does he get his head up his every night?
jorgeq Před dnem
this clown is getting old and boring... I mean trying to defend the green new deal, really? pfff
timevampire83 Před dnem
Gnd is a joke. Even Pelosi shat on it
Young guru
Young guru Před dnem
Well I was hoping to make it to my 60s but I geuss I should've been born before dumbasses ruled the world.
Mark Dolan
Mark Dolan Před dnem
Republicans are for Green as in MONEY.
Das Snek
Das Snek Před dnem
It's not called the Green new deal because it's about the environment. It's green because of all the money needed for new taxes. Aoc told me to just tax the rich and get zillions to fund it.
Tommy Kiara
Tommy Kiara Před dnem
He is as dumb as AOC ....
Tyler Richardson
Tyler Richardson Před dnem
So...Canadas' "climate tax" is really a wealth redistribution plan. They take money from any one doing anything and redistribute it back to their friends and families I mean the poor, give the money back to the poor, yeah that's it "wink wink"
OHexpat12 Před dnem
IPCC. 2040???? Give us the version not from the 1%! Compare Guy McPherson
ThePopushi Před dnem
I was screeching at Bill Nye. SCREECHING. OH my god. That was so funny. I really hope this video is viewed more. And I firmly believe that progress is inevitable. Even if it's slow as hell, we as humans continue to progress. In a few more years our cute little millennial will all have big open hearts towards literally everything and all speak in "same, omg i wanna die, and lmao's". Then we'll work together to make our country like say, Switzerland.
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