Fognini, Dimitrov, Evans, Karatsev All in Action | Madrid 2021 Day 2 Highlights

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3. 05. 2021





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JM Tennis - Online Tennis Training Programs
Dan Evans amazing body language!! keep it up! :-)
Sky Před měsícem
Alternate AccountG
Alternate AccountG Před měsícem
Very new to tennis, i understand how the point system works but what does the yellow arrow in the bottom left mean?
Jawher Méjbri
Jawher Méjbri Před měsícem
sucks so much to see dimitrov loosing left and right :'(
Jawher Méjbri
Jawher Méjbri Před měsícem
fognini aka the second effortless goat
Vasileios Bravos
Vasileios Bravos Před měsícem
Harris: The worst loses Dimitrov: Yes
Jeremy Alan
Jeremy Alan Před měsícem
Aslan's a BEAST!
bigrobsydney Před měsícem
Aslan has real power in his ground strokes. His backhand in particular has tremendous penetration. I'm going to enjoy watching him at Wimby this year.
Sulakshy Beniwal
Sulakshy Beniwal Před měsícem
2:50 Is he the one who made his grand slam debut in Wimbledon 2019 against federer or djokovic?
Life Goes On, Like Dynamite - 방탄소년단
Yeah against Federer and he took a set off him as well...
ray edmonds
ray edmonds Před měsícem
Karatsev is a real party pooper.....just ask Novak!
Pika Sup
Pika Sup Před měsícem
back in the old days there was no way a qualifier could beat such a top profile player 6-2
Haliç Çevre Laboratuvarı
italkcrab Před měsícem
Looks like I wasn't the only one here to only see Karatsev play. His forehand is one of the best right now. Who cares about the other players lol, wake me up when they reach the Quarters or something.
Abhishek Sahoo
Abhishek Sahoo Před měsícem
Rublev: Bweeehhh!! Karatsev: Hold my Russian Vodka..
Abhishek Sahoo
Abhishek Sahoo Před měsícem
Karatsev undergoing some Russian dope training for his calves....
Single Tennis Ho Chi Minh
Karassev is cool
Tofe Evans
Tofe Evans Před měsícem
I really enjoy seeing how much power Fognini has in his shots. Very underrated player.
Adithya Vasudevan
Adithya Vasudevan Před měsícem
Karatsev has been designed in a lab in mother Russia to topple the Big 3.
Adithya Vasudevan
Adithya Vasudevan Před měsícem
I'm super happy for lloyd harris ...
got2bharmony Před měsícem
Karatsev has found some astonishing form in past 6 months, he's not next gen but how has he turned his game around so much? Give credit to Evans, he's not as short as Schwartzman but his lack of height is a considerable handicap which he makes up for with raw talent and relentless will to win. Exciting times, Nadal and Djokovic maybe still dominant for another year or two but some of the best pretenders to the throne such as Tsitsipas, Karatsev, Medvedev and possibly Rublev (if he can add more to his game) will come through soon and will definitely win a major if Nadavic trip up.
SH Videography
SH Videography Před měsícem
7:21 Did Karatsev practice with Federer by any chance?
susharma ks
susharma ks Před měsícem
When Dimitrov playing I thought courts are very slow. But when Karatsev played well its normal only 😀
livelove6797 Před měsícem
ok aslan hit two flat one-handers in a row and one's a winner
Neil Dixit
Neil Dixit Před měsícem
Great job from Harris, taking it to a 3rd set tiebreak, and actually winning 😂😂😂
Ali Haider
Ali Haider Před měsícem
Kratsve is new world champian
Hot Potato
Hot Potato Před měsícem
0:01 what does the [Q] mean
Hot Potato
Hot Potato Před měsícem
Oh ok thanks
Ian Lance Suficiencia
Ian Lance Suficiencia Před měsícem
Asbin Zawed
Asbin Zawed Před měsícem
Humbert look so nonsense in front Karatsev
wizardthings Před měsícem
Evans is one of those guys you don’t want to face in the early rounds. No matter the player he always puts up a good fight.
Funkytrip73 Před měsícem
Sorry mr. commentator, it's not a 'brilliant' win if you 're 5-2 ahead with match points and still barely reel it in with a tiebreak. That's either called a 'an almost successful brilliant comeback' by the opponent or 'an almost fatal choke' from Harris.
Tom DH
Tom DH Před měsícem
Dimitrov losing early stages again, any day now he will live up to his potential .., any day now ...
David Gogi
David Gogi Před měsícem
Karatsev left the commentator speechless.
Vandit Khanna
Vandit Khanna Před měsícem
My calves are exactly like Karastev's, so cool
Baihaqi Firmansyah
Baihaqi Firmansyah Před měsícem
Karatsev's backhand flick is truly something special..
Arun Kumar
Arun Kumar Před měsícem
WOW... karatsev is the next big thing on men's tour right now.
ruggierojerolli Před měsícem
Someone give him Chardy something to believe in even though his forehand's been his traitor within for years
Terence Wong
Terence Wong Před měsícem
I like to watch Lloyd Harris play.
Gevorg Ghushchyan
Gevorg Ghushchyan Před měsícem
Taberner beats Musseti in qualifying
ruggierojerolli Před měsícem
So hurtful for Grigor after coming from back from so far back. Every tournament I cannot but feel sorry for Dimitrov. Such a stylistic, handbook like game and some time ago potent and demolishing tennis however a while ago it has become just a pretty median game, once had a true powerful and surprising forehand, but seems that's gone in the last times. His excellent backhand has decayed too. Lots of mistakes. Evidently there is a lack of confidence factor in one hand but another reality I see is that the younger next gen players are arriving with some extra physics and speed in their strokes and movement as well that are currently demolishing excellent top 30 players not long ago and only the Big Three (or two) seem that are the ones left to beat them for now, at least in GS. In Dimitrov's case he said in november 20' that due to Covid he got in june 20' he lost lots of fitness and wasn't prepared enough to play his best. Seems that in Djolovic's case was much milder though. Anyways I hope Grigor gets back on track with his agressive and super talented game that made his opponents spill all over the court.
Alexander Tsymbal
Alexander Tsymbal Před měsícem
A poor day for Spaniards. Only one of five got through
Нур Жусипбек
Нур Жусипбек Před měsícem
Черттар тесемго буларды коттееринди айрам черт черт черт лох лох
Andrew Před měsícem
That one-handed flick by Karatsev looks suspiciously like the one taken from Federer's playbook. Love it!
Free Bird
Free Bird Před měsícem
Fognini is on the quest again!
Tom Nguyen
Tom Nguyen Před měsícem
Karatsev and Basilashvili are the players to watch! Both have big games!!!
Edwin Paul
Edwin Paul Před měsícem
Poor humbert got a tough one in round one.... An exciting player... But will be a better player in hard courts
Championxeneixe Před měsícem
Karatsev hazme tuya.
Felix Foo
Felix Foo Před měsícem
karatsev hits the ball so pure
Phil.K Před měsícem
leetttss GOOOOO fabio! That was a good warm up game. Let's see some more of that later. You got this man.
Dipayan Banerjee
Dipayan Banerjee Před měsícem
I just want the karatsev highlights in the first then I can decide to watch the rest or not , this guys is playing out of the world the one handed flick at the start was awesome hand eye skills
zen Před měsícem
Krzysztof Bodzianowski
Krzysztof Bodzianowski Před měsícem
Two things I memorised from this highlights: a) amazing calves of Karatsev, b) even more amazing Harris's girlfriend 😎
Gibson Marwatal Manalu
Gibson Marwatal Manalu Před měsícem
fognini is time travell
Yan Okimura
Yan Okimura Před měsícem
Looks like Karatsev got a fresh shipment of his juice,this time to Madrid.
saltflyer Před měsícem
Karatsev is my new hero!
ad-rock Před měsícem
Can we take a moment for that 1st point of Karatsev?
Ajay Upadhyay
Ajay Upadhyay Před měsícem
Dimitrov vs Harris really high quality match ...really some good quality shotes...
Wahn Yoon
Wahn Yoon Před měsícem
Karatsev is like a chess master and a boxer had a baby. A baby with huge calves.
warrenwolfe Před měsícem
Lloyd Harris is playing so well lately
Adam Goepfert
Adam Goepfert Před měsícem
Yoooo Harris is making moves
Truther11 Seeker
Truther11 Seeker Před měsícem
Keep winning Aslan!!!
Shyness Breakthrough Community
Harris played great against Dimitrov! (probably could have closed it out earlier when he was up 5-2, 40-15) though
connorism6 Před měsícem
Who would ever have thought that the shot everyone would be talking about would be the Karatsev backhand? Amazing rise!
Dew Man
Dew Man Před měsícem
Karatsev is the new Safin
Ian Lance Suficiencia
Ian Lance Suficiencia Před měsícem
相馬哲士 Před měsícem
Eduardo Cherñajovsky
Eduardo Cherñajovsky Před měsícem
Nice to see an in-form Evans, without threats of violence at the end of the match.
I 99
I 99 Před měsícem
Karatsev is a problem
Ignacio Sosa
Ignacio Sosa Před měsícem
Baby Fed
Ignacio Sosa
Ignacio Sosa Před měsícem
0:06 lol that grunt from Fognini :D
DanielBoonelight Před měsícem
everyone was so excited back when that dimitrov had learned all of fed's strokes. but the only problem, he totally lacks his tennis IQ, point construction, reflexes, finesse, economy, and sheer will. i don't like having to say that, bc i want to enjoy his tennis. that said, nice job harris.
Kamizariu Vingle
Kamizariu Vingle Před měsícem
He can hit similar shots, but all his shots are worse than Federer's, like forehand, backhand, slice, serve, volley. He lacks the things you said too.
Keith Lee
Keith Lee Před měsícem
Look at Karatsev’s calves. They are ridiculous big. Even a body builder may not have that. Harris is the one to watch out in next 2 or 3 years. He got the right height. He has a decent chance to make to top 10, or further.
avtar Kahlon
avtar Kahlon Před měsícem
Dimitrov is seriously a joke! He was overhyped and still overhyped nothing else anyone can beat him
Bugatti Veyron
Bugatti Veyron Před měsícem
Fallen Devonish
Fallen Devonish Před měsícem
i guess Karatsev is not popular in spain
Pilar Barzola
Pilar Barzola Před měsícem
Bravo karatsev.
Rob Wellmon
Rob Wellmon Před měsícem
why are all the comments about Karatsev's calves...
Ruslan Botanov
Ruslan Botanov Před měsícem
Let’s be honest we’re all here for Karatsev
Arnold Hans Decierdo
Arnold Hans Decierdo Před měsícem
We are so obsessed for Karatsev
John Smith
John Smith Před měsícem
Karatsev can kickstart a Boeing aircraft with those legs
Ordinary Guy
Ordinary Guy Před měsícem
Another day at the office for Karatsev as he dispatches Humbert.
Sel Os
Sel Os Před měsícem
Great fight from Chardy
Mauricio Carrasco
Mauricio Carrasco Před měsícem
Y los otros partidos? O no importan los jugadores sudamericanos para la ATP?
Simon Butler
Simon Butler Před měsícem
Was Moutet in Chardy's box? Lol.
Ramone Alexander
Ramone Alexander Před měsícem
! LOVE LOVE LOVE me some Ugo ! Hell bounce back at his next tourney !
jennag0917 Před měsícem
Karatsev is quickly becoming one of my favorite players to watch
Paul Johnson
Paul Johnson Před měsícem
Novak not playing, or is playing later, looks like his defeat to Aslam left him shell shocked!
Paul Johnson
Paul Johnson Před měsícem
Wtf harris was 5-2 up and looses match point? That sounds like a big choke to me, barely won in the tie-break, he's going out next round, this was a fluke win!
Josue Lagos Gutiérrez
Josue Lagos Gutiérrez Před měsícem
6:36 AC Milan presente!
1995vortex Před měsícem
Karatsev has synthol in his calves
M J Před měsícem
That backhand flick by Karatsev was just filthy
hr. Doctor Løve
hr. Doctor Løve Před měsícem
I like karatsev sometimes uses a single handed backhand
pukulu Před měsícem
Karatsev has that "all in a day's work" manner. "Ho hum, I just overpowered a strong, young player. What's for dinner tonight?"
thorium222 Před měsícem
It is really strange that Karatsev has this world class cross court one hand backhand passing ball. I mean, how did that happen for a two hander?
Павел Зинин
Павел Зинин Před měsícem
check out Karatsev vs Khachanov St.Petersburg 2020 highlights, it's there. Always was there.
Sawyer Pollard
Sawyer Pollard Před měsícem
All of these videos are recorded, rendered, or encoded poorly. They are blurry at fullscreen 1080p and the ball is hard to follow. 60fps would also be nice. I wonder if it's 60fps on TV?
Jared Thomas
Jared Thomas Před měsícem
PCB strikes again!!!!
Azz Před měsícem
Karatsev, the new terminator ⚠️
João Guimarães
João Guimarães Před měsícem
Dimitrov is becoming a very average player...
Enzo Paz
Enzo Paz Před měsícem
Good video but I would have liked to see a sumary of Alcaraz vs Mannarino.
Raúl Burneo
Raúl Burneo Před měsícem
Manarinnos groundstrokes are weaker than women's. He sucks. Most boring player on the atp right now.
talastra Před měsícem
5-2, 40-15, Harris, Dimitrov wins point (or, rather, Harris loses the point, and misses winning the match by a couple of inches on a lob); next moment, it's 6-5, 30-40, and Dimitrov takes the game? Nothing happened in between?
raphael armando valor
raphael armando valor Před měsícem
That Karatsev one-handed is amazing!
Maimonides Benjamin
Maimonides Benjamin Před měsícem
Is Dimitrov going down the drain because of Covid or anyway his days are numbered?
Kevin Jin
Kevin Jin Před měsícem
7:25 the goat shot
Moeketsi George
Moeketsi George Před měsícem
The bear Russian Aslan Karastev... This guy is top 10, mark my words.
Yan Okimura
Yan Okimura Před měsícem
@Павел Зинин ,His juice shipments sometimes get stuck in traffic.
Павел Зинин
Павел Зинин Před měsícem
​@Yan Okimura tired after defeating Djokovic, loses TB to Berretini 7-0 @ Doping scandal Tell me more.
Yan Okimura
Yan Okimura Před měsícem
Top 10 of the worst doping scandals in a few years if you ask me.
Aleksey i Borsch
Aleksey i Borsch Před měsícem
@Ian Lance Suficiencia usually laver cup going in same time St. Petersburg Open. Home tournament more important than laver
Ian Lance Suficiencia
Ian Lance Suficiencia Před měsícem
I wanna see him qualify for Laver Cup
hg82met Před měsícem
I feel like Nadal, Tsitsipas, Thiem and Karatsev would be the most likely to win the French Open and in that order.
Heheh Hhohoh
Heheh Hhohoh Před měsícem
@themastroiannis no, I don’t think karatsev can beat neither Nadal or Tsitsipas in the french open. Specially after this masters title and everything
707ladytee Před měsícem
That's possible.
themastroiannis Před měsícem
agree...but reverse order to yours (karatsev, tsitsipas, nadal)... thiem would be fourth on my list.
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