Fables and Folktales: The Snow Queen

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Welcome to 2021! It's cold, it's been a hell of a journey, and sometimes it feels like we're being pelted by shattered glass. What story could've possibly fit the bill so perfectly?
Disney really missed an opportunity when they decided Frozen was going to have exactly nothing in common with the original story. Honestly that kind of analysis could be worth a video all on its own…
It's myth-y enough I'm still gonna put it in the same playlist, but it would've felt disingenuous calling it a myth, soooooo
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15. 01. 2021





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Komentáře 100
Lee Guo
Lee Guo Před 9 hodinami
What's the ending song!!!??
Komala Hayes
Komala Hayes Před 12 hodinami
Disney IS a towering pillar of capitalism...I'M STEALING THAT👍😍
Bo Cowan
Bo Cowan Před 13 hodinami
I feel like Disney didn’t even read the original story 🤣
Coyote Před 23 hodinami
Red: *explaining the mirror* Me: *side-eyes OUAT*
Maggie Howell
Maggie Howell Před dnem
Omg please do the story of Rapunzel next
Em Beboso
Em Beboso Před dnem
Red: If you're having problems try crying Parents:
Segev Stormlord
Segev Stormlord Před 2 dny
I mean, yes, you did just reinvent the plot of Inuyasha, but at the same time, you're right: the demon mirror would be interesting. It also has distinct properties of its own that are not the Shikon no Tama's generic "empower demons" thing. A cursed protagonist with a shard in his eye could even be something like a cut-rate Shiki: he can see the flaws in everything, and weaknesses are flaws, so he can clearly see everything's weaknesses.
Strong Wolf
Strong Wolf Před 2 dny
“It’s like Santa but backwards and also a crime” breaking and entering is a crime
Evan Butler
Evan Butler Před 2 dny
Gasp... Is this a story that doesn't force the main characters who are friends into a romantic relationship? Especially since they happened to be different genders. And they even hug!? I didn't know there was such a thing! Jk, it's really refreshing to hear.
Tom Chapman
Tom Chapman Před 3 dny
Why is this not a movie ☺️✨
Toothpaste Před 3 dny
this is a surprisingly feel good story also "if you're having problems try crying" actually do that, it helps
Shi Shi
Shi Shi Před 3 dny
i remember this fromy my childhood 💀
wratched Před 4 dny
17th century? 19th century surely.
circeowaggles Před 4 dny
Geeze even you just recapping the scene where she sings to kay made me tear up
circeowaggles Před 4 dny
I suggest the black and white russian cartoon, it's really fascinating and inspired Hayao Miyazaki to follow his passion into children's animation.
GrimSister Před 4 dny
Other people, watching this video: This isn’t Frozen! Me, watching Frozen: This isn’t The Snow Queen!
Maleah Spaulding
Maleah Spaulding Před 5 dny
I wonder, could you guys do the Phantom Tollbooth/The Graveyard Book? Although book are kids books, they are very interesting and almost humorous.
JF_ kein_K
JF_ kein_K Před 5 dny
Know this one since childhood, with slight variations here and there, and it's still better than Frozen.
Sheepalot Před 6 dny
"If you're having problems try crying" I... ok.
CJ P. Před 6 dny
Gerda has a lot of simps
Spartan501 Před 7 dny
Now I can’t stop thinking about Dwayne the rock Johnson in a luxurious white dress and wig just strutting around as the snow queen. Thank you red
Alexander Ricks
Alexander Ricks Před 7 dny
Its like Santa but backwards. I was laughing for a solid minute
Black Blaze
Black Blaze Před 7 dny
And this was frozen base off on... Seems right
That Witch Enby
That Witch Enby Před 7 dny
Wait it’s actually kinda like the movie the snow queen, they even got the names right? (Btw not talking bout frozen)
Eric Remington
Eric Remington Před 7 dny
"Don't follow beautiful women into blizzards" Tonikkaku Kawaii has taught me different.
Nicholas Schaller
Nicholas Schaller Před 8 dny
This is where the frozen heart and mind from frozen!!! Whoa
Kinia Daniel
Kinia Daniel Před 8 dny
I've seen the snow queen on DVD and I was fucking scared of that one scene, where the queen has the drawing of Gerda and makes it horrbile.
The Silent Minority
Have problems try crying lol...
koskot owl
koskot owl Před 8 dny
I come from Denmark, so the story is drilled into my brain. (Also with every other story from H.C Andersen.) So when i got told that Frozen was based on the story, w I was like.. nooooooo really?
DiaKorrus 18
DiaKorrus 18 Před 9 dny
Native American mythology is super underrated it’s like an anime But I also really like this one it’s like that new dragon Disney movie but better
Skittle Barf
Skittle Barf Před 9 dny
The snow queen kidnapping Kay reminds me of the Witch from Narnia
Alkis05 Před 9 dny
I love red's songs. They are awesome
Phobia Hell Hotline
nod my head
nod my head Před 9 dny
When I was little, I watched a live action movie about the Snow queen and thought it was great and got very dissapointed by Frozen. However, I didn't know the original story was so different from the live action movie. Still, I would highly recommend the movie to people. :) And I love the original story too.
Transuranic Elements
Love this new series...more please❣
Stephan Brun
Stephan Brun Před 9 dny
Suddenly I get where the inspiration for _The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe_ came from.
Windja Před 9 dny
Imagine having someone as devoted to you as Gerda, couldn’t be me... 😭😭couldn’t be me 😭😭
Sam Munn
Sam Munn Před 9 dny
I want to see a live action version of Frozen with Elsa played by the Rock
Vincent Torrijos
Vincent Torrijos Před 10 dny
This story is written by the same dude who once cried on the lawn of Charles Dickens for like, 2 days (or something, not sure on the length) after receiving a single bad review, which was more like constructive criticism
Lionstar16 Před 9 dny
And Charles Dickens thinking "What did I do to deserve this?! 😠"
Nevaeh Osorio
Nevaeh Osorio Před 10 dny
Loved the moral message at the end
Lydia Před 11 dny
So anyway this is my all-time favorite fairy tale from when I was young and hearing it again has been so fun. also the old lady buried the roses so Gerda wouldn't see them. It was the old lady's hat that set her off. I liked it mostly because of how l o n g it took. most fairy tales didn't have the aspect of time very relevant, and the fact that it took all their teenage years to save her friend made me happy.
Isabel Fayer
Isabel Fayer Před 11 dny
This feels like narnia with less plot and characters
TheSchultinator Před 11 dny
Playing Red at half-speed makes her sound drunk and it's hilarious
wizzaroot Před 11 dny
Wow I had no idea Frozen is pretty much NOTHING like the original tale. Damn 😂
wizzaroot Před 9 dny
@Lionstar16 yeah, good point 😂 It just feels like Frozen is even LESS like the original than the other Disney movies, and that's saying something. Lol
Lionstar16 Před 9 dny
To be fair, many Disney films take A LOT of liberties with the original source material - for example, in the original Little Mermaid story, she fails to win the Prince's love and instead turns into sea foam
Mr. McPhoenix
Mr. McPhoenix Před 11 dny
Ok but he solved the eternity puzzle. So is he gonna become king of the world or?
Gian Almiranez
Gian Almiranez Před 11 dny
That puberty part of them not knowing they got older because of being busy is what I call, "early puberty"
Lunar_ArchangelSKeTcH qwq
"Its like Santa. But backwards. And a straight up crime." Me: Santa breaks into our houses and steals our cookies, your point?
Segev Stormlord
Segev Stormlord Před 2 dny
It's not exactly theft when you specifically leave them out for him. :P
Inari Před 11 dny
This actually ended pretty good for being a Hans Christian Andersen story
MegaFafnir Před 12 dny
"Kay decides that being kidnapped is pretty cool, actually!"
Purplepoint Před 12 dny
I love that demon!! They have a GOOD attitude
Quack Talk
Quack Talk Před 12 dny
"and also a crime" I'm pretty sure an old man entering your home to eat some cookies is a crime too
Idk Před 13 dny
Austin Hoover
Austin Hoover Před 13 dny
Ok real shit, red mentions the mirror and I go ‘huh kinda like how people get pushed on to be nice, wonder if she- oh nvm I have a brain cell’
Ginger Legend
Ginger Legend Před 13 dny
wait, isn't there also a whole part of the story that talks about the snow queen kidnapping other children and turning them into ice sculptures...? i could have sworn there was a whole thing about that in this story
MG Před 13 dny
Reading the original is an absolute trip, and this sums it up so nicely! Kudos
I don't want to use my name you dick.
3:26 soooo good
wolfboy ya boi
wolfboy ya boi Před 13 dny
mm, yes, my favorite fairy tale.... that one PaTD! song...
pedro campos
pedro campos Před 13 dny
more like john cena because by the end nobody could see her
Reel Humerus Productions
2002 Snow Queen for those of you who thought you imagined it as kids and are now having a weird sense of Deja Vu.
Obadijah Parks
Obadijah Parks Před 14 dny
Watch the polarbear King. It is inspired by this story.
Jeremiah Case
Jeremiah Case Před 14 dny
7:23 I choked on my coffee
Austin Morris
Austin Morris Před 14 dny
So hear me out: Frozen 3 - Only Elsa is basically a cameo and the original Snow Queen story plays out. The thing is that Elsa is not villainous, but instead takes Kay to her ice castle to use her magic to slow down the mirror shard from going further into him (because he as one more thing he still loves, snow, and if that goes away, it will be irreversible) but it appears like he is being kidnapped to Gurda. Anna takes the place of the woman that helps Gurda because Gurda cuts through her kingdom. The reindeer, of course, is Sven. Some changes, of course, to make it fit. Gurda’s powers probably need to be defined too. 😂
Hippity Hoppity fuck you
Simping for red till dead
I haven't heard that song in so long.. so I ended up just listening to all the Everly Brothers hits for like 2 hours 😅 still know all the words.
AngelBunnyruBy Před 14 dny
I noticed you didn’t mention that the snow queen had some shards in her eye and heart as well
A GUINEA PIG Před 14 dny
Kay dickifed and toxic me: hey that’s me but also Depression and Anxiety also 8 years old and also almost died 11 times and the smartest person in my class
SA/AS Productions
SA/AS Productions Před 14 dny
This is nice, very different Hans' normal tragic endings with his tales.
Leonard Newton
Leonard Newton Před 14 dny
why ... why the heck i keep seeing this story as a different re-telling of the persephone myth .... someone got kidnap, the kidnaper is not the focus of the story but is the title hook anyway, the character who seek the other character have multiple links to nature itself and have load-some of other nature-theme characters either helping or assist with detective arc, .....Oh and the thing that end up responsible for the whole thing are only briefly mention at the start of the story (zeus and the demon). And Oh the frost queen story happen across a whole year so there's the season theme too .... it can't be that much of the coincidence can it? The only different is that they swapped who got the ice-making superpower from the seeker side to the kidnaper side PS: I have a great time imagine which character in this story linked to which greek deity, totally recommended
Selina Stos
Selina Stos Před 14 dny
Is this a Saami folktale? Reindeer and santa-esque mythology are part of Saami culture, along with the aurora borealis/elder shamans being able to communicate with animals. Lapland is way north and winter was often a very dark and sad time, even driving people to suicide. Great video, just want to know the origin of the folklore!
Luna Equinox
Luna Equinox Před 15 dny
“If your having problems, try crying” Can confirm this works
Beagle 102
Beagle 102 Před 15 dny
7:13 So... that's not how Thermodynamics work, old lady.
RantingwithRishabh Před 15 dny
Let this be a lesson to all you Resident Evil Vampire Lady Simps
Beth Bayless
Beth Bayless Před 15 dny
I clicked on the video because it said OSP
A. G
A. G Před 15 dny
Hans Christian Andersen was not 17th century he was 19th century
Sock Puppet
Sock Puppet Před 16 dny
To be honest, here, the snow queen doesn't even look all that antagonistic, she was just kinda "Oh you're cool, you can come with me" and besides, who doesn't have an army of monsters living and guarding their house?
Artrysa Před 16 dny
Teehee, I am a clever viewer. :3
colonel bipiy
colonel bipiy Před 16 dny
red: “don’t follow beautiful women into blizzards” me, nblw: ;-;
Certain Death Awaits
So! I'm named after Kay. Kay is actually an anglicised version of Kaj, and because in Danish 'j' makes and 'y' sounds, and the 'a' is like the 'a' in 'fall', the correct pronunciation is Kai.
Wolfy kunchan
Wolfy kunchan Před 16 dny
I remember reading this story in school!
Edward Red Mendoza
Edward Red Mendoza Před 16 dny
Me who watched snow queen:😃
Rosethorn Před 16 dny
" Cold & Deadly Snow Queen" who's in a sled Narnia:
Fallenblackangel Před 17 dny
I remember a movie about this I loved as a kid. But I can't remember if it was animated, stop motion or live-action. All I do know is I remember this story very vividly!
Elizabeth Streit
Elizabeth Streit Před 17 dny
crying is how I solve all of my problems
Colin Hayes-Freeman
Colin Hayes-Freeman Před 17 dny
I hope this becomes a regular series
TheAnnaShowUk Před 17 dny
Important to remember not to eat the fish the directions were written on.
RazorGames Před 17 dny
Jokes on you I actually didn't ever click on this video for either the thumbnail or the title I was watching the playlist and this eventually played
;3 Před 18 dny
I’d actually LOVE to see a Disney movie with this. Specially so I could see a happy “talking object” singing sess where it’s just gerta trying to get closure for Kai’s death but everyone super cheery. It’d be hysterical
Jazz Milsom
Jazz Milsom Před 18 dny
Uh -oh zone I am dying
Toborn the Great
Toborn the Great Před 18 dny
I forgot about the gold carriage before actually seeing a gold BMW in the wild and thinking "Dude, you are gonna get trashed"
Sara Lavriša
Sara Lavriša Před 18 dny
This was my favorite story when I was little💙
#27 Phua, Nathan Marcus S.
"Are there no parents in this town?" In typical Disney/Fairytail fashion it's pretty logical to assume they are dead
Lucas Miller
Lucas Miller Před 18 dny
I always stay to the end of the videos just to hear red singing, such a beautiful voice
Dragon Luvver
Dragon Luvver Před 18 dny
I feel like this would've been a much better Frozen Like just imagine the Snow queen and Gerta are like sisters somehow or something I dunno. Like and it's so cool
Zofia Viridis
Zofia Viridis Před 19 dny
Huh, for some reason I always thought they were brother and sister
Wishing Dove
Wishing Dove Před 19 dny
This reminded me of Narnia when Lucy's brother edmond is kidnapped by the Ice queen, so I'm pretty sure that's based off of this
Andy Hunjan
Andy Hunjan Před 19 dny
Love connecting this to Once Upon a Time
Gabriella Wrasse
Gabriella Wrasse Před 19 dny
I have that book! Yea... That’s all I have to say...
Neo E
Neo E Před 19 dny
My grandma named my mom Gerda because this was her favorite fairy tale
Everyone was letting themselves get kidnapped
imtryingto draw
imtryingto draw Před 19 dny
That would be a wayyy better story than frozen! It would have been badass to see the heroine just casually breath out a light army destroying big golems of snow🙏
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