Everything Wrong With Shrek Forever After

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Well, this is a movie that happened. We counted the sins and, honestly, didn't have a lot of fun doing so.
Next week: survival sins.
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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10. 09. 2019





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Komentáře 4 721
CinemaSins Před 7 dny
Check out my new book here: cinemasins.com/strings
Ace Mc Sandwich
Ace Mc Sandwich Před dnem
We need more Shrek
richard cano
richard cano Před dnem
Ace Mc Sandwich
Ace Mc Sandwich Před dnem
CinemaSins you offend the lords beauty and might
Ace Mc Sandwich
Ace Mc Sandwich Před dnem
CinemaSins there is nothing wrong with the lord
BurntFaceMan Před dnem
Where's everything wrong with Dt. Pikachu? Sooo many things to sin in that movie. =)
MrZubber2580xy Před 4 hodinami
Why does CimenaSins sound hyped and angry in the video
Lord big big
Lord big big Před 5 hodinami
It’s empty
Im Shrek
Im Shrek Před 6 hodinami
How dare he disrespect a GOD
Spaghetti Lesbian
Spaghetti Lesbian Před 7 hodinami
How dare you?
J Lashley
J Lashley Před 7 hodinami
Now this is too far
TheBros2theend Před 8 hodinami
Jesus Christ loves you
Shelley Jackson
Shelley Jackson Před 9 hodinami
DAMN THAT BOOK seemed really funny and enjoyable how much for 13?
Dimo __
Dimo __ Před 9 hodinami
You have provoked a gang war
3myr Ryamo
3myr Ryamo Před 10 hodinami
Every frame of every single Shrek movie is bad.
PandaMan Crew
PandaMan Crew Před 12 hodinami
next is what's wrong with the OB-GYN who didnt crush my baby skull
Jaxen Fisher
Jaxen Fisher Před 14 hodinami
0:42 anytime ;)
Mariah Young
Mariah Young Před 14 hodinami
The Shawshank reference killed me lol
Camilla Beckham
Camilla Beckham Před 14 hodinami
End game
Col Před 14 hodinami
Do Hotel for Dogs
I'm sarcstic don't take me seriously
lol the guy in the vid made up a weird code in wich he said "nothing" for 16 minutes straight lmao
Rimuru Tempest
Rimuru Tempest Před 15 hodinami
Strings is sounding pretty good to be honest
Gabrielle Washington
Gabrielle Washington Před 16 hodinami
Everything wrong with k-12
Sam Spade
Sam Spade Před 16 hodinami
so, as a humble fan of the series, I have to ask......why THE HELL haven't u done any of the Rush Hour movies yet??? Da fugg???
Asveen Ramchurn
Asveen Ramchurn Před 16 hodinami
김재승 Před 16 hodinami
Please do Chef or Ted or Ted2 please I beg you
Silent UwU
Silent UwU Před 17 hodinami
Title: everything wrong with shrek- Me: *say sake rn*
Drego TV
Drego TV Před 18 hodinami
Start remaking the videos that’s like 5 mins long
The ReTaRdEd DoLpHiN
The ReTaRdEd DoLpHiN Před 19 hodinami
you should know how mapinful is for making a movie come one, make a movie and then we will know great you are
Doug Allord
Doug Allord Před 19 hodinami
You must do the Keanu Reeves "Replicas" movie - the sin total would break any previous record
Bytah ツ
Bytah ツ Před 19 hodinami
There is no sins in shriek how dare you
MR.Anonymos Memer
MR.Anonymos Memer Před 19 hodinami
cLiCkBaiT cHaNnEL
cLiCkBaiT cHaNnEL Před 20 hodinami
There is nothing wrong Shrek is perfect
Chilled out Gamer
Chilled out Gamer Před 20 hodinami
CinemaSins uploads Th3BirdMan:it's free real estate
Frost Glader
Frost Glader Před 20 hodinami
...it’s blank.
SupToadDan-mations Před 21 hodinou
Pls do 'Everything Wrong With *Ratchet & Clank* ' (2016 movie)
Michael Piekarz
Michael Piekarz Před 21 hodinou
Does anyone else remember it as “Shrek: The final chapter”?
Riley Sassafras
Riley Sassafras Před 22 hodinami
Apoplectic. Thanks for the new word!
Danny welsyt
Danny welsyt Před 23 hodinami
no u wrong as fucc
Jt Ducati
Jt Ducati Před 23 hodinami
Do final destination you’ll have fun with it
Brandan Robinson
Brandan Robinson Před 23 hodinami
Which group dances better O for ogres M for minions
Geast Hubert
Geast Hubert Před dnem
Do Steven universe the movie
Mason Lally
Mason Lally Před dnem
Please do The Convent (2000) there are soooo many sins and I think it’s so bad that it’s good. Please!!!!
Gabriel Di Angelo
How could you? Shame
Alagon 1
Alagon 1 Před dnem
At least add 69 more sins to make it 690
john hauser
john hauser Před dnem
shrek is good shrek is god
Ella Badenoch
Ella Badenoch Před dnem
J O H N Před dnem
Do the directors cut called “Shrek. The Fanfiction”
Awoken Před dnem
Soooo can we get EWW Turbo?
Twigz Před dnem
Absolutely nothing is wrong this is the best movie ever
mysticalunicorn 13
How dare you
Fireboy 372
Fireboy 372 Před dnem
I really dont like this movie... the rest are classics but I think this one kinda sucks
Antonio Escareno
Antonio Escareno Před dnem
They should have explored how shrek ties in with the entire ogre race
D4m4g3 Před dnem
Do "The assignment" 1997 version.
Elsie Eyre
Elsie Eyre Před dnem
do the new aladdin
Noah The Boss
Noah The Boss Před dnem
Movies exist Cinemas sins: I’m about to end this mans whole career
AndresCube64 Před dnem
Thank you for doing the video
Emily Grace
Emily Grace Před dnem
Everything wrong with avengers endgame please!!!
Dylan Hibicke
Dylan Hibicke Před dnem
Everything wrong with remember the Titans in 15 minutes or less
uh oh
uh oh Před dnem
You absolute pathetic mushroom, how dare you insult one of the finest pieces of our media. Please, step on a lego.
Ryan Lopez
Ryan Lopez Před dnem
But its Shrek, the ultimate move franchise?
That0neWeirdo Před dnem
Everything wrong with shrek Everyone: *TRIGGERED FAN NOISES*
veroyesenia Před dnem
YOU SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!
Sam Tamplin
Sam Tamplin Před dnem
So...why haven't they done Shrek 2?
Stefan Moore
Stefan Moore Před dnem
Cinema sins i want you to sin deascendants cant spell and react to alex meyers saying why it dosent make sense you will know when you see it
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