Everything Wrong With Coraline In 15 Minutes Or Less

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Coraline is creepy, endearing, original, and fun. BUT it still has sins! So we counted them.
Thursday: Spooky live-action '90s sins.
Remember, no movie is without sins. which movie's sins should we count next?
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27. 10. 2020





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Komentáře 100
Simwin Cloudscratsher
Simwin Cloudscratsher Před 4 hodinami
'' Left handers '' sin added.
Haley Delude
Haley Delude Před 7 hodinami
But he's right about number 15. Sometimes kids aren't worth listening to cuz they just exaggerate everything that they say 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️
Jim Jimenez
Jim Jimenez Před 7 hodinami
cinema sins i have tasted a mango milkshacke an its actualy good
Ysmar Vinicius
Ysmar Vinicius Před 10 hodinami
5:38 i like that shit lol
fournierman Před 10 hodinami
I take offense to the sin added for Coraline being left-handed. Left Handers Unite!
dreamer gamer
dreamer gamer Před 11 hodinami
3:49 can i just understand how the fuck thats a sin ? is it just me or is cinema sins getting a bit well over the top with sins
Gaster's Daughter
Gaster's Daughter Před 11 hodinami
All Michaganders are triggered lmao But they agree
Qolbi Muhammad
Qolbi Muhammad Před 14 hodinami
A fate worse than death... Detroit
Cyxnide Mindset
Cyxnide Mindset Před 16 hodinami
Well i’m probably slow for just realizing this but... CORALINE IS A BLUE HAIRED GIRL
Osip Vayner
Osip Vayner Před dnem
7:16 I can't find this part of the soundtrack anywhere.
Chris Adolph
Chris Adolph Před 2 dny
The Detroit Zoo isn't in Detroit. Its in Royal Oak. The should just cross Woodward and go to Jim Bradys.
Lolly Pop4206
Lolly Pop4206 Před 2 dny
I'm concerned that the vid is "15 minutes or less" but the video is 17 minutes long ._.
Fersakening Před 2 dny
Him talking about the mango milkshake was more forced than when Luke tried to pull the ship out of the swamp.
Smiley Chanteuse
Smiley Chanteuse Před 2 dny
You do realize some of your viewers are from Detroit right we get enough of the shit from Seth and family guy we don’t need it from y’all too
Beepkins Před 2 dny
I just love the smooth jazz in the cat-talk scene
VonnieToons Před 2 dny
10:09 Other Mother looks looks towards the camera and it almost seems like she's mad at the commentator for saying that about her figure.
Eddy Cabreja
Eddy Cabreja Před 2 dny
3:56 that's hand-ist
CrazyLazyNerd !
CrazyLazyNerd ! Před 2 dny
Man this movie freaked me out so hard
Marinette Dupain-Cheng
changed my name
changed my name Před 2 dny
People can have differences but why judge the *mango* milkshake..... Btw this is a joke lol but i like mangoes..
amaro138 Před 2 dny
You cant ruin Caroline for me
Purple Bean
Purple Bean Před 3 dny
"I think I hear someone calling you WHY WERE YOU BORN" -Coraline
Eli Bedard
Eli Bedard Před 3 dny
10:00 Just putting this here, don't mind me.
Isabella Holliday
Isabella Holliday Před 3 dny
Ah yes, the movie that gave me a fear of buttons
SamuraiC Před 3 dny
SamuraiC Před 3 dny
How do you remember your mom but not how she addresses you every day
Gabriel Před 3 dny
After a year and a half of recommending this movie, finally.
taaa deee
taaa deee Před 3 dny
ah yes, the ´´sponsored by skillshare´´ cliche
Connor Kiernan
Connor Kiernan Před 4 dny
I love this movie even though it scared the crap out of me as a kid and I think that is a form of stock home syndrome
Hot car Gatorade
Hot car Gatorade Před 4 dny
i remember this was my favorite movie as a kid and it still is lol
smileyman17 Před 4 dny
6:12 especially since her friends look like a discount Ron and Harry.
taylor Před 5 dny
Coraline is the only movie that I love just as much as the book even though there's many differences.
EJ Rebel
EJ Rebel Před 5 dny
You all should read “Trigger warning” by Neil. They are short stories like these but mess with you on just another level.
DJ CJ Před 5 dny
Yeah in hindsight the fact that I really enjoyed watching Coraline and Monster House as a kid definitely proves that there is something wrong with me psychologically.
Alastar Oak
Alastar Oak Před 5 dny
in the ghost part when i first saw that i got scared as F*CK i straight up had nightmares
Light_Playz G
Light_Playz G Před 5 dny
I'm questioning why the mother at that the start of the movie was using and regular computer and the father was using a outdated one
Melissa Jones
Melissa Jones Před 5 dny
Abigail Quigley
Abigail Quigley Před 5 dny
This is my favorite movie since was five 😀 if that doesn’t tell you about me I don’t know what does
Alison Gamez
Alison Gamez Před 5 dny
Yeah I did become a weirdo
Julia Marques
Julia Marques Před 5 dny
6:45 i heard that that blue dude is blue bc he was one of the first responders for Chernobyl or something (he even has a medal)
Bojangles A7x
Bojangles A7x Před 5 dny
I love the “Ohhhhhhhh”
Bruh Hurb
Bruh Hurb Před 5 dny
How dare you sin lefties
Amy Nicholson
Amy Nicholson Před 6 dny
Alternative title: everything wrong with coraline in 15 minutes or more
Emily Grace
Emily Grace Před 6 dny
This movie traumatized me for years. I still don’t like toys with button eyes 😬
Lord Of Deception
Lord Of Deception Před 6 dny
Oh wait, there's a sequel?
Rob Před 6 dny
"The Movie Sin Tally at the end of the video has a number greater than zero" cliche! *Ding!*
Swęęt_ Sqûad
Swęęt_ Sqûad Před 6 dny
10:53 She to he and boom! You have the things William Afton did to lure the missing children. SIN
Rainbow Rose
Rainbow Rose Před 6 dny
EXcuse Me good sir, but Mango milkshake is very good!
Dani Tarantella
Dani Tarantella Před 7 dny
I was watching this movie with my family, and my sister pointed out something. You know that cake the other mother gives coralline? It says “welcome home, coralline” in cursive. However, the “o” in “home” had two loops, which is apparently used to tell a lie. It was basically saying she was welcome, but this was not her home.
Sterling Solomon
Sterling Solomon Před 7 dny
7.59 “I only show up every half with another small piece of exposition before being conveniently called away before I let too much plot out.” Dawg LMAOO
Grug The caveman
Grug The caveman Před 7 dny
This movie was absolutely astonishing
TheAdvertisement Před 7 dny
3:55 Bruh.
luca prove
luca prove Před 7 dny
I watched this when i was like 7 and it is the only movie i have ever had nightmares about
Swing Swongity
Swing Swongity Před 7 dny
See there’s nothing wrong with the movie. At all
yesn't Před 7 dny
Mango good
•Itz_Kay 4692•
•Itz_Kay 4692• Před 8 dny
CinemaSins: *sins left handed writing* Me who is left handed: oh
AncientSharkKid Před 8 dny
0:38 “Everything Spoilers!! Wrong Duh.. With”
Blaze Wyvern
Blaze Wyvern Před 8 dny
Umm... this video is 17 minutes long
big penis parker
big penis parker Před 8 dny
this movie scared the shit out of me when i was younger
A RANDOM DUDE Před 8 dny
The fast sin off in the west
Jessica Emery
Jessica Emery Před 8 dny
6:51 "Bring the beet in" *Anything for you Beyonce*
Will Cough
Will Cough Před 8 dny
After the 3rd time watching i just got his rounding up joke
dani rivera
dani rivera Před 9 dny
Cinema: *which ever little kid like this movie is probably going to become a psychopath or an apple employee* *me5 years ago:my favorite movie is Caroline>:>*
NoobExtortion Před 9 dny
This movie traumatized me as a child.
The QuietKid
The QuietKid Před 9 dny
How did coralline get more sins than zootopia
Hello fellow Foes
Hello fellow Foes Před 9 dny
It took 2 years to film, there’s obviously some things that are going to be wrong with it. But the time it took to make it makes it impossible for you to make fun of it.
EpicKittenGO !
EpicKittenGO ! Před 9 dny
yeah apple store employs are fucking horrible
Luis G Mtz
Luis G Mtz Před 9 dny
I love the movie being GORGEOUS sin removal, when I first saw this I hated it because I had nightmares and now it has to be my favorite of all time next to Léon: The Professional. Recommended
TheRyottmaker21 Před 9 dny
Michigan is getting straight roasted the entire video
CircleCeption Před 9 dny
I love TheyMightBeGiants frick yeah
Trxgipie Před 9 dny
This movie is so scary I forgot to be scared
noobly nuggets
noobly nuggets Před 9 dny
The Moon Thing From FNaF
"yOu FinK VinInG GaMe Is gOoD ThINg" The Detroit Lions Why did i laugh at this?
Sarah Søndergaard
Sarah Søndergaard Před 9 dny
I watched this video just so i could finish the movie.
Some Sally Face Fan
Adele Aslan
Adele Aslan Před 9 dny
Can we get at least 10 sins off for the crazy creativity of this movie?
Gamer Dude
Gamer Dude Před 9 dny
Everyone who is watching this cinnmia sins has lied to you. He minipulates sences to get more likes and views and is kinda a dick. Go watch Th3Birdmans cinnimasins video and learn the truth. Please for the love of god swallow the red pill.
Antafire 37
Antafire 37 Před 9 dny
Did you just give a sin to left handed people
Rodante Agustines
Rodante Agustines Před 9 dny
title of the vid: "15 minutes or less" Vid: 17 minutes
Orange Wolf
Orange Wolf Před 10 dny
Video 15 minutes or less the video 17:46
Rita Patel
Rita Patel Před 10 dny
I never thought one of my favorite childhood movies would turn into a meme of the dad on the computer and it being called "Are you winning dad" lol.I still watch this movie
Sage potorti
Sage potorti Před 10 dny
"Any tween that's woken by a rogue rodent at night would be screaming their heads of by now" Me who is 12, and feeds a snake mice once a week.: looks away
Cheeze Waffle
Cheeze Waffle Před 10 dny
Favorite thing to do is eat celery watch CinemaSins
Itz _ Kawaii _ Calico
If you thought this was a nightmare factory then you should read the book
『Fizzy pop』 VEVO
It’s a fucking sin that this movie has more sins than Lorax, that shit movie was leagues below this masterpiece (seriously, Lorax has 102 and Coraline has 116)
Kareem Jalanbo
Kareem Jalanbo Před 11 dny
The "Detroit Lions" line had me cracking up for way longer than it should have
Mr.Jerry951 YT
Mr.Jerry951 YT Před 11 dny
5:56 WhAtS ShAkInG BaBy!!! Top 5 disturbing scenes
Colton Thayer
Colton Thayer Před 11 dny
19-20 I counted
The Bitter Sweet Phsycos
Wow he is really bored in quarantine. Cause he be trying to hate on a perfect movie.
שר הביטחון של אורי ורד
10:06 Childhood is fearing the antagonist from horror movies. Adulthood is looking up at porn of them or worse... Search it.
Eric Suen
Eric Suen Před 11 dny
damn this is more recent than i thought
Apollo,Adrian jay Alexander
The only thing I want to see this video is his voice
Paliden Gamer
Paliden Gamer Před 11 dny
holy hell this vid almost has 1.0 M M veiws
שר הביטחון של אורי ורד
Since that in the book the story is taken place near London then the writers had the choice to put the story wherever in the world but instead of coralina they choose Oregon. And that's a war crime.
MrDannyDetail Před 11 dny
This just came up in my recommendations, and I misread it as 'Everything wrong with Cocaine'. I guess I should be worried about my own sanity now....
orange blossom.
orange blossom. Před 11 dny
Zain64 Před 11 dny
how tf did this amazing movie get 10 more sins than trolls 2
Renai Circular Motion
Just make everything great about coraline XD
Tam Mat
Tam Mat Před 11 dny
Hey, THERE'S NOTHING WRONG WITH THIS MOVIE. Sorry it's just this movie is spectacular
Jo G
Jo G Před 11 dny
Coraline is supposed to be in 3rd or 4th grade, which makes this movie even more creepy
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