Everything New In Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5! - Battle Pass, Map, Weapons, & More!

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Battle Pass - 1:00
Weapons - 8:15
Colossal Colosseum - 10:15
Tomato Temple: 13:00
Zero Point - 15:30
Hunter's Haven - 17:30
Stealthy Stronghold - 19:00
Salty Towers - 22:00
Flush Factory: 25:00
Mandalorian - 29:00
In this video, I showcase everything new in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5. These include everything like the new battle pass, the new tier 100 skin that is straight from Star Wars, the new map and all the locations such as Colossal Colloseum, Salty Towers, Hunter's Haven, Stealthy Stronghold other small spots such as the Mandalorian location or the unnamed spots. I also include all the weapons that have made a return such as charge shotguns, tactical shotguns, submachine guns (SMGs) and guns that were vaulted like the pump. Many spots on the map such as the Stark Industries, and other small POIs are completely gone. Additionally, there are a ton of new and vaulted weapons. Oh and before I forget, I also show the new glider you can customize, all the new weapon wraps, skins, dances, emotes, sprays, music, v-bucks, banners, and everything you can possibly think of from the Battle Pass for Season 3. So, if you're looking for everything new in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 as well as all the new changes, then this video is definitely for you. On top of that, this video will show you the new chapter 2 Season 5 map, the new locations, and everything new so you can have more fun and be more knowledgeable for the new season. If you read this far then drop a like because I am tired as heck and I stayed up all night for this.
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Jahangir Kazi
Jahangir Kazi Před 5 hodinami
*itsJerian* secret map 2526-8405-4603 (:
Ellie Xxx
Ellie Xxx Před 6 hodinami
*itsJerian* we made this creative map for you 2526-8405-4603 (:
Sarah Xx
Sarah Xx Před 7 hodinami
*itsJerian* secret map 2526-8405-4603 (:
Good Man
Good Man Před 9 hodinami
*itsJerian* best creative map with hacks 2526-8405-4603 (:
OS Sumo
OS Sumo Před 10 hodinami
*itsJerian* why is your name on this map 2526-8405-4603 (:
Jahangir Kazi
Jahangir Kazi Před dnem
*itsJerian* map with zapatron but only works in creative fill 2526-8405-4603 X
OS Sumo
OS Sumo Před dnem
*itsJerian* secret map 2526-8405-4603 X
Farnandez Xavi
Farnandez Xavi Před 2 dny
*itsJerian* why is your name on this map 0898_0357_4654 ;)
Mahamud Hossain
Mahamud Hossain Před 2 dny
*itsJerian* secret map 0898_0357_4654 ;)
Drink Water
Drink Water Před 2 dny
*itsJerian* secret map 0898_0357_4654 ;)
Mind Overall
Mind Overall Před 2 dny
*itsJerian* map with zapatron but only works in creative fill 0898_0357_4654 ;)
Shoe_tug_ayys Před 3 dny
*itsJerian* map with zapatron but only works in creative fill 0898_0357_4654 ;)
Toast My Breadsticks
*itsJerian* anyone who tells me whats on this map i will sub 0898-0357-4654
Yajkam Asim
Yajkam Asim Před 5 dny
*itsJerian* this map has hidden gift cards 9456~2211~6706
Mike Dorhan
Mike Dorhan Před 5 dny
*itsJerian* this map has hidden gift cards 0530~1485~4359
elijah Scholl
elijah Scholl Před 5 dny
Gigra Lara
Gigra Lara Před 6 dny
*itsJerian* hay could you try out my map 9456_2211_6706
Gaming Fortnite
Gaming Fortnite Před 6 dny
*itsJerian* i wonder how many people play this map 9456_2211_6706
Hanna Před 6 dny
*itsJerian* map with guided missile but only in creative fill 0530_1485_4359
Green Slushy
Green Slushy Před 6 dny
*itsJerian* this island has the zapotron but only in creative fill 0530_1485_4359
Micheal Edge
Micheal Edge Před 8 dny
*itsJerian* try this map please 0530-1485-4359
Sunny Island
Sunny Island Před 8 dny
*itsJerian* omg this map has the Zapotron 9456-2211-6706
Fortnite 2020
Fortnite 2020 Před 8 dny
*itsJerian* fun creative map 9456-2211-6706
James Loony
James Loony Před 8 dny
*itsJerian* try this map please 0530-1485-4359
Saito2akeno Před 13 dny
I found those to henchmen bill and ted they were at misty meadows
шет Před 20 dny
I wish fortnite had a fresh start and everyone forgot how to play So i can get some memories
Andrej Dagevos
Andrej Dagevos Před měsícem
Fortnite gay
Erskain a
Erskain a Před měsícem
Why does ur face look like that
Scott Hugel
Scott Hugel Před měsícem
Go back to the first building you will see pealy frozen in carbonite
Slayerkid 7
Slayerkid 7 Před měsícem
I was watching some MrBeast, he donated to a streamer playing in some pink place. So MrBeast sent me.
Leen Alrefaai
Leen Alrefaai Před měsícem
Sothea Sambath
Sothea Sambath Před měsícem
That thing at 0:31 pls help i cant play fortnite becuase of it pls tell me how to fix this jerian
Sarah Spivey
Sarah Spivey Před měsícem
323 her Ian making the famous anime sound ooooo
TigerDragon 1219
TigerDragon 1219 Před měsícem
You could talk to him and get bounties on enemies for 70 gold which is for buying exotic weapons from the NPCs he would not kill you on sight of you like the mandalorian and ruckus will
TigerDragon 1219
TigerDragon 1219 Před měsícem
It wasn’t a boss the only bosses are ruckus and mandalorian
the elrussiano
the elrussiano Před měsícem
Who remembers chapter 1 season 0
zander Hackenberg
zander Hackenberg Před měsícem
Half the people watching this don’t even remember the old jet pack. Just bring me the old map please
1OnE1 isnoqueso
1OnE1 isnoqueso Před měsícem
please grow up and play a good game
official. ace0
official. ace0 Před měsícem
Bro get some sleep my friend you undereye looks really bad
Hyped22 Před měsícem
I thought there were mythics to but all I got was death
Holiver Paixão
Holiver Paixão Před měsícem
💔👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎 😠
Diablo wtf
Diablo wtf Před měsícem
Jerian do you get enough sleep man ?
Brandon Před měsícem
Alright time to go home.
Tubigg Před měsícem
is the double barrel actually in the game or is it just the dub shotgun???
Jerold Boy
Jerold Boy Před měsícem
Has anyone noticed that the OG Locations that came back are in the EXACT Same spot they were on the old map?
Xane Stokes
Xane Stokes Před měsícem
Your not supost to kill them , you talk to them and its cool you didn't get scammed you scam yourself they don't kill you
Sir Jiffy
Sir Jiffy Před měsícem
So the new Salty is the only location I don’t like on this map
Neb. CLAPY Před měsícem
O mave mave shes shes a cool character
Cxphz Před měsícem
valk Před měsícem
If they add the old map and the pump back, maybe ill come back to fortnite.
Tanveen _
Tanveen _ Před měsícem
22:48 did he just say wallahi 🤣
kahmik Před měsícem
30 minute vid with no midroll ads... jerian’s the goat
Narges Ahmadi
Narges Ahmadi Před měsícem
Man said walahi at 22:49
Sycle Gaming Curkoski
Sycle Gaming Curkoski Před měsícem
Or taks
Sycle Gaming Curkoski
Sycle Gaming Curkoski Před měsícem
I love tacs
Nova Jenil
Nova Jenil Před měsícem
I actually dont enjoy your videos now. I WANT OLD JERIAN BACK!
tareisha murphy
tareisha murphy Před měsícem
You not Black
Před měsícem
Lexa is the best fortnite skin.
Dumpy_73 Před měsícem
You can move in the quicksand ball
amber 220x
amber 220x Před měsícem
2 mithytic bosses left from mysti in hydro 60 i geus
Santi Segura
Santi Segura Před měsícem
Did you not notice that the zero point gave you 50 shield
Chris Aldape
Chris Aldape Před měsícem
Do you want to know what this reminds me of these guys ones are you go to whatever it’s called what is a bunch of chugs Nash and slurp sure Prius long story remind me of those guys who would run around with those animal costumes on
Chris Aldape
Chris Aldape Před měsícem
Oh and I also get play Jurassic World bikes from the forest world thing
Chris Aldape
Chris Aldape Před měsícem
Cares that the pump was Mom removed anybody like the tax because the lip cooler and I was sad because it was in here for so long and then it was taken replaced so who cares plus there’s a new shotgun that’s even better probably
Alex Lee
Alex Lee Před měsícem
It’s Jerian so I play Kbm on my Xbox and for some reason the sens feals super weird do u know why
SnoobGoob Před měsícem
danm your face you okay?
toxic skeleton
toxic skeleton Před měsícem
Get some more sleep my guy😂
TheMojaveRanger Před měsícem
You look like you haven't sleeped for days
Rxses From Discord
Rxses From Discord Před měsícem
Lol RIP epic made him sign in so many times
Mason Mills
Mason Mills Před měsícem
No hate but you look like you haven’t slept in 58 hours.
Ortiz Vlogs
Ortiz Vlogs Před měsícem
They removed turbo build 🥺
John Reid
John Reid Před měsícem
Jerian can u plz tell me how you fixed the thing at the begining, i think that i am having the same problem but i cant fix it plz help
August Před měsícem
👈👀😴 (U look tired)
inferno xd
inferno xd Před měsícem
They fucked up the sensetivity on console kam worst season ever
Fly Eagles
Fly Eagles Před měsícem
Anyone think they should do a season for the ogs and next season say bring the map back from season 3"when fortnite took off" or earlier . Would be cool and maybe bring some old players like me back.
Fly Eagles
Fly Eagles Před měsícem
Good idea is They could say have kevin locked up in a museum or somewhere and the cube starts to glow activates and brings us back I'm time to an older map🤷🏾‍♂️🤔
Fallen Před měsícem
His eyebrows 🤣🤣
Itmekyle1234 Hello
Itmekyle1234 Hello Před měsícem
I’m on mobile and yet I’m still watching fortnite
Joshua Adams
Joshua Adams Před měsícem
Pancakes are good 👍
FadedPixL Před měsícem
This guy seems like if a 9 year old was in a 20 year old body
Avia Rasberry
Avia Rasberry Před měsícem
“And then we got maven. Wow😏 SHES😏 SHES a cool character 😁
Avia Rasberry
Avia Rasberry Před měsícem
Hey thanks man I was like what is gold how did you spend it thanks again I’ll like
Bryan Nguyen
Bryan Nguyen Před měsícem
Is a MPC
Lurky Wtf
Lurky Wtf Před měsícem
You good bro? You seem exhausted
TYG_Dripzz Před měsícem
ElipzzFN Před měsícem
I made a montage i like feedback
Kvon games
Kvon games Před měsícem
same map i dint think i will ever come back to this game
Clck Před měsícem
Idk what it is but the building is laggy. I’m on console and even in creative the building seems laggy. Idk if they changed it but my builds look like they are on 100 ping. Anyone else have this problem?
Connor Donahue
Connor Donahue Před měsícem
I had a glitch to where when ever I jump out of the battle bus it would kick me from the game and back into the lobby but epic fixed it
TheDroneGuyGr Před měsícem
Can you please make a video about the best graphic settings to reduce input lag and increase fps. Also I bought a 3070 and an i7 10700k with 32gb ram but I only get 350 fps in creative and 200in match
asimioso Před měsícem
Part 2 now please. And stop giggling like a girl at everything.
zxvann. Před měsícem
people who disliked probbably miss clicked
Quinn Oxarart
Quinn Oxarart Před měsícem
hey anything about sensitivity, on console keyboard and mouse? my sensitvity is like a million lmao
Donsta7 Před měsícem
That dude u shot at coliseum was a mpc
rain Jr
rain Jr Před měsícem
Let’s go more Jedian
Cool_man9964 Před měsícem
My dude go back to sleep u got rags under your eyes
Cool_man9964 Před měsícem
@itsJerian lik u know u got no sleep at all like your eyes have droopy it’s not mean I just think u tired my dude and also I subbed and turned on notifications
itsJerian Před měsícem
Boomy CS
Boomy CS Před měsícem
I was in calcs chat trying to aggravate ppl. It worked
faisalashrafa karim
faisalashrafa karim Před měsícem
Its jerian do be getting scammed doe
AntShortNose Před měsícem
7th Grade Lunch Tables Be Like: 16:25
AntShortNose Před měsícem
7th Grade Lunch Tables Be Like: 16:25
ethan_.38 Před měsícem
“This is the way “ The Mandolorian
DEMON REACTS Před měsícem
Yo jerian can you check your dms on Instagram I sent you a montage I want you to watch. I’d like to see your reaction
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