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12. 01. 2020





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Komentáře 99
wslaxmiddy Před minutou
In America the hot and cold water is from the same tap you Eurobrain. We don't have a tank of "unpotable" water on our roof, we heat that shit up on the fly.
youssef eslam
youssef eslam Před 14 hodinami
Mike Nicolai
Mike Nicolai Před 16 hodinami
Why the shoe hat look familiar? Is it from fresh prince of bel air?
Tharak Enjamur
Tharak Enjamur Před 18 hodinami
PewDiePie: kids are disgusting Me a 12 year old kid: 3:31
Asahi Azumane
Asahi Azumane Před dnem
"im a big fan of apple and Starbucks, that's my entire personality, wow I'm so quirky" every basic white girl ever
JB Star
JB Star Před dnem
Stary Włóczykij
Stary Włóczykij Před 3 dny
Hot water boils slower btw.
a Jones
a Jones Před 4 dny
As a child I need to grow up FAST ASAP
Chris Před 4 dny
Hey when it's the election cuz I'm voting with all my 20 fingers and so should all your subs.
Everything! Reviews!
Felix was a engineering student i think so he should know the black stuff in the water was actually the filter
Homi ProGamer
Homi ProGamer Před 6 dny
The thing around 12:17 is actually in the shape of a very bad disease I can't remember what disease it is but I know it's a parasite/ disease
blaster playz rblx
blaster playz rblx Před 6 dny
2014:EVERYTHING IS AWESOME 2020:everything is awful
Kaija Mannie
Kaija Mannie Před 6 dny
Start with insects then take the children. - pewdie pie
francisdapro Před 7 dny
5:00 when ur Scottish and the tap waters fine to do anything with. Hmmmmm interesting
tobias birkhofer
tobias birkhofer Před 7 dny
6:50-6:54 a woman moaning in the background? Listen closely. Maybe i just have problems.
Linett Vér
Linett Vér Před 7 dny
Pewds: Kids are disgusting, i will ban them. Marzia: So you wanna die now, or later?
Diamond King
Diamond King Před 8 dny
Bob’s Mustache
Bob’s Mustache Před 8 dny
Can someone expand on boiling already hot water bad? For research...
uNsToPpAbLe pLaYeR
uNsToPpAbLe pLaYeR Před 9 dny
Hey pewds the parasite thing is called a horseworm it mainly aims a cricket for its pray First I goes inside the body After digest the insides and gets out if finished eating Its harmless too humans so you can touch it. Little tip
Byron Purdy
Byron Purdy Před 9 dny
Time to vote minor party
Joshua Stannell
Joshua Stannell Před 10 dny
I’m ready for your plan. Because of this video I agree children and bugs should be dealt with..
אלון מנדה
אלון מנדה Před 10 dny
that australian moth is stil giving me nightmares
Jared Wolfdick
Jared Wolfdick Před 10 dny
It's nice to know other countrys make fun of Americans as much as Americans make fun of themselves.
Samurai Panda
Samurai Panda Před 10 dny
Pewds the boss
YOUR MOM Před 11 dny
i like your plan please do it
Beeritt S
Beeritt S Před 11 dny
I had to thumbs down because I’m prego
Geordie Robinson
Geordie Robinson Před 11 dny
Felix that's not an australian moth, that is a moth with 2 worms on its wings, Btw there harmless
Drying Pan Man
Drying Pan Man Před 11 dny
I was on the bus and slapped the seat for my friend to sit down and a cloud blew into his eyes and he spent 10 minutes cleaning out his eyes.
Ian Neville
Ian Neville Před 12 dny
I saw one of those parasites at boy scout camp once. I crushed it with a rock and dumped a glob of hand sanitizer on it
the toaster destroyer
Instead of killing the children, send them to a island like you said in earlier videos so I can go and finally use my boy scout survival skills to kill every child and create a tribe to kill larger groups of children and we will become adults and be sent back to the real world and meet you
Poptartz Před 13 dny
Those 7k dislikes r t series cuz there jealous
Eile Alvarez
Eile Alvarez Před 14 dny
"We start with the insects, we then take the children." My new life motto. Thank you Pewds.
Khum Dhan
Khum Dhan Před 14 dny
there is no fucking way that baby was crawling
Chase Kerr
Chase Kerr Před 15 dny
So I guess this means now pewdiepir junior
Kidoパウロ Před 15 dny
5:34 that actually happened to one old Xbox 360 controller i had.
FishingFeinds Před 15 dny
5:04 “It’s really bad it’s black”
Hannah Mckee
Hannah Mckee Před 15 dny
jfdnekgf2kjm fnbqj
Ryan A
Ryan A Před 15 dny
00:18 ''cute cropped overalls'' Me: *sees price* monkaS
yes is here
yes is here Před 16 dny
i miss when you guys weren’t assholes and would time stamp the thumbnail
Adam Jasper
Adam Jasper Před 16 dny
I cannot wait until Pewds is president of the world
PANDA KING Před 16 dny
this total video is just mxr
AFoxThatHasNo Life
AFoxThatHasNo Life Před 16 dny
my depression increased by 72%
relaxesonsand Před 16 dny
The Beanie Babies were collecters items and some were worth a silly amount of money.
Subbing to everyone who subs to Me
Who's still here? 😂 (Read my name)
oskar hontvedt
oskar hontvedt Před 17 dny
i am a kid :(
Marsutyyppi Před 17 dny
6.9 Dislikes nice
Mr Commenter
Mr Commenter Před 17 dny
Soon enough my comments will cover every corner of youtube...
V. dorigo
V. dorigo Před 18 dny
The puppet was the shape of a bacteriophage/virus
br0ken1g Před 18 dny
does anyone hear the moaning at 6:48 ???
Poe Keepsie
Poe Keepsie Před 19 dny
man i'm watching this now hearing pewds say things like based and degenerate and watching his videos now and he's very clearly hiding his power level. sad. many such cases.
Spare Beat 0814
Spare Beat 0814 Před 19 dny
pewdiepie: children are disgusting when i am world leader i will ban them! everyone: i mean pewdiepie said it so ok
Rossel Před 19 dny
11:35 It’s Chris Fleming’s final form
Onion?!? Guy
Onion?!? Guy Před 19 dny
black lives matter
black lives matter Před 20 dny
Everything is indeed awful. Fml. Fyl.
stephen banker
stephen banker Před 20 dny
the brown an black in the hot water is just excess mineral build up in the hot water tank felix JEZZ BRO GOSH
Adrian Anglemyer
Adrian Anglemyer Před 20 dny
10:53 This actually happened to me but the spider got into my ear and I had to pull it out.
Brandon Govreau
Brandon Govreau Před 20 dny
PewDiePie people have said you are a SCP creature is that true we know you have goat legs
MCcookiebreath Před 21 dnem
too many opinions in a single video felix. Remember what happened the last time you gave an opinion 😠
GGllamaking the king of all
Wow chill
Vova C
Vova C Před 21 dnem
Spiders are not insects, Pew.
† V E I R E N †
† V E I R E N † Před 21 dnem
dsyu froiu ryu ra rahl ghhhhhh faaaaaaaa d rekhyu tryu tryu trayu k wreyu ry yu ure oiwqr yewa;s yrkz hu rnd xwa nyutrcu xae ewxwa ye yreao iwo xwynunyuaw ya yu xyuxa a axny wnyxsty yttuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuys u syt u st jyu t fg m mgf f fmffff syt hjys s y jys jyjy sjy sj s jyt nyx nyux nyua yuy aynxa nya yy nxa nyrx yar nyn yu xnyunyuyun
Ben Leach
Ben Leach Před 21 dnem
Pewdiepie: children are disgusting, germ spreading creatures. Children watching: agreed. Pewdiepie: when I am world leader, I will ban all children. Children watching: ...
Bud Borne
Bud Borne Před 21 dnem
9:14 she just finished filming a waterhag scene for Witcher season 2
Mike Thomas
Mike Thomas Před 21 dnem
imperial march
Daniel Jones
Daniel Jones Před 22 dny
Is that a vape 8:55, if so when did Pewds vape lol?
BISMARCK Před 22 dny
13:00 in this never ending war against insects I'm with you ,let us come together and kill each one of them , cockroach are the biggest enemy
Nikola Max
Nikola Max Před 23 dny
WHERE DO WE VOTE???????????????????
Raheel Nabi
Raheel Nabi Před 23 dny
Felix: we will get rid of all children Me, concerned about what’s gonna happen if him and Marzia ever had kids: o h n o
Ambrose Leahy
Ambrose Leahy Před 24 dny
That puppet is supposed to look like a virus
Ambrose Leahy
Ambrose Leahy Před 24 dny
Horse hair worm
jinky jonky play
jinky jonky play Před 24 dny
Pewdiepie kids are disgusting well that was kinda harsh but I still love u not to death
Shawn Heatherly
Shawn Heatherly Před 24 dny
JacobLance Tucker
JacobLance Tucker Před 24 dny
The forbidden Oreo really hits when you’re eating Oreo’s 🤮
Lauren Coyle
Lauren Coyle Před 25 dny
Everyone was a kid at one point
NDP Games
NDP Games Před 25 dny
33 lunar seconds is 15 mins
spcy Před 25 dny
Why are there women moaning in the background music? 6:50 especially :)))
Sarah Asad Raza
Sarah Asad Raza Před 2 dny
Yo wtfffff
Jayden Sanchez
Jayden Sanchez Před 25 dny
Zombie cricket
Kelley Bee
Kelley Bee Před 26 dny
The clip with the old lady in the crazy wig looks like it was written and directed by David Lynch.
Temeculous Před 26 dny
There are 24 hours in a day, each hour has 60 minutes and each minute has 60 seconds. So one second is 1/86400 of one day. Which mean that one "lunar second" is equal to approximately 27.3 earth seconds. 33 lunar seconds are therefore slightly above 15 earth minutes.
This guy is a sellout puppet working for satan. Research flat earth.
iron Mike
iron Mike Před 26 dny
Why is pewdiepie from,
Red Wyvern Emperor
Red Wyvern Emperor Před 26 dny
10:45 It looks awful, but when you think about it a little... that spider is super tiny. Still it wouldn't see the light of day should I find it in mine. I kill spiders on sight.
Red Wyvern Emperor
Red Wyvern Emperor Před 26 dny
4:36 And that ladies and gentlemen is why our contry has such strict laws regarding pipe water.
Clara Pop
Clara Pop Před 26 dny
Every week..... Disgursting Shat...🤣🤣
joji stan
joji stan Před 26 dny
at 10:50, I had to check if there really was a spider in my earphones since I'm wearing similar ones while watching this video. God that it awful.
Jochen De Clercq
Jochen De Clercq Před 27 dny
children are the biggest environmental problem... 1. They add up to the total population (overpopulation) 2. When they grow up they usually want kids themselves 3. Overpopulation is the main source of all the consumerism that is poisoning the world... higher demand means higher production (of everything) 4. They think they are good a minecraft or fortnite but in fact they are not! Man, i hate children XD
See It 2wice
See It 2wice Před 27 dny
That gecko must've seen Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls.
Axel Lous
Axel Lous Před 27 dny
Ew gross, whose lip is that?
Lovisa E
Lovisa E Před 27 dny
Why am I re-watching this right before bed
Fili Blomnilss
Fili Blomnilss Před 27 dny
Pewdiepie: if I become a president or a leader I will ban all kids!!!! 9 year olds watching: Men vad i helvete säger han?
TunedIN SharP
TunedIN SharP Před 27 dny
1:25 no wonder we are descendants of chimp family,
Erin Beitlich
Erin Beitlich Před 27 dny
Eyelashes come out by the tear duct
Luke Payne
Luke Payne Před 27 dny
At 12:20 pewdiepie does the Ian malcome laugh
The Hd Tv
The Hd Tv Před 27 dny
I have never seen a moth like that before
Vince Před 28 dny
"We will start with the insects, then take the children" - PewDiePie 2020
엄마너의 Před 28 dny
7:15 that was the reverse of me in my weeb phase trying to come up with Japanese names for my characters
Kari M
Kari M Před 28 dny
Can someone tell me where my PewDiePie figurine is? I ordered it last October. The company that distributes them then decided to give me a false tracking number.
biscuit_butter Před 29 dny
Pewds: I will ban all children, children bad Pewds sub count: **becomes zero**
niggodraws Před 29 dny
awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww i wanna watch anime
Zaxiel Před 29 dny
2:33 sponsored by apple and starbucks
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