Escaping Minecraft's Most Inescapable Prison (hades vault) ft. SeenSven

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This is how I escaped Minecraft's most inescapable prison...
Also known as Hades Vault
Huge thanks to SeenSven for recording the lines in this video and being a splendid person in general, if you're reading this then you should go watch his videos and subscribe to him :)
SeenSven's Poseidon's Vault:
SeenSven's Hades Vault:
(yes I know I misspelled the into again but it's kinda in my brand to spell things wrong at this point)
0:00 - prologue
1:59 - intro
2:34 - safety measures
5:43 - lockdowns
6:32 - phase one: entry
9:28 - phase two: escaping the cell
I really hope that you enjoyed this video, if people are entertained then all my hard work has paid off :D
music was all from Detroit: Become Human, Kara's Soundtrack
-Prison Escapes Playlist-
-Dream SMP Playlist-
-Bedwars Playlist-
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-My First Video-
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Twitter: Mythrodak
Until next time, ladies, tootloo!


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8. 04. 2021





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Komentáře 100
SeenSven Před měsícem
WHOM'S'T'D'VE SUMMONED THE ANCIENT ONE??? I shall not rest until this monster is contained...
Us3r Panda
Us3r Panda Před dnem
Sven maybe make a glowing effect on the prisoner so h know there location at all times
Franz Gayle
Franz Gayle Před dnem
You Cant Beat H..im
Diddicus Keeninus
Diddicus Keeninus Před 15 dny
Lmao what are you gonna make now the she's vualt
Austin Bamber
Austin Bamber Před měsícem
Endless Před měsícem
CYBER PUNK Před 22 minutami
What if they build the prison in world spawn ?
mighty Před 26 minutami
69 million iq
Wither gaming
Wither gaming Před hodinou
Everybody gangster when all red stone mastermind will join and made a prison name Misson impossible prison,and you be like 😧😧😤😤😤easy peasy lemon squeeze😂😂😂😂
king papa
king papa Před hodinou
I mean if he's wasn't aloud items in he would be boned
Huzaifa Moolla
Huzaifa Moolla Před 3 hodinami
Even bill gates cant buy this prison
Huzaifa Moolla
Huzaifa Moolla Před 3 hodinami
Wait until etho,mumbo,ilmango and rays works come together to make loki's vault in 1.17
Hesus Před 3 hodinami
Now do it without dying lol
Agent Dragon
Agent Dragon Před 4 hodinami
Hands down to having the most dramatic start
Wibble Wabblezzz
Wibble Wabblezzz Před 8 hodinami
SeenSven: i have made an INESCAPABLE prison Mythrodak: *breaks out of it even faster then Poseidon’s vault*
Prescott Lorenz
Prescott Lorenz Před 8 hodinami
Mans got that good taste in music 😔👌
Soundcloud Nessie
Soundcloud Nessie Před 8 hodinami
I love this youtuber for using Detroit becole human tracks
Sargent Typod
Sargent Typod Před 9 hodinami
The ending is the best part the song fits perfectly
Moose drinks Ty
Moose drinks Ty Před 12 hodinami
How to make a innascapable prison. Do /gamemode creative then make a bedrock Box.
EPICFLYINGFALCO Před 13 hodinami
The soundtrack is very legend of korra esc
Tommy Wazelle
Tommy Wazelle Před 15 hodinami
Technically This Escape Plan Won't Work Because You Can't Smuggle Items In The Newest Version Of The Prison Because There Are Hoppers Under The First Killcheck Bed.
Neko_Punutip Před 15 hodinami
That was more easier than poseidon's xd
Kyuketsukiツ Před 16 hodinami
Imagine this guy breaking out of a real life prison.
Kiaiponookaoiaio Rezantes
Kiaiponookaoiaio Rezantes Před 17 hodinami
Your messing with a person that can escape anything put bed rock
Lithium Před 18 hodinami
this is just ridiculous now
mik1981 Před 19 hodinami
UltraEvan Rodrigues
UltraEvan Rodrigues Před 19 hodinami
I’m actually not gonna be surprised if he gets in the dream smp.
BragaFN Před 23 hodinami
only works during night or thunderstorm tho
Bruh Pham
Bruh Pham Před dnem
You guys spend all this time building this prison... but all I need is bedrock and like 6 blocks
Ronak's Fun World
your 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000iq
emailunavailable Před dnem
4:02 *ghostbur nervous laughter intensifies*
Blackbird Před dnem
pls tartarus, it look's great
Knighty Plays
Knighty Plays Před dnem
This is more of like a Netflix short movie than a escape video
maji suvra
maji suvra Před dnem
Infinite iq wowwwwwwww👍👍
Kycea Před dnem
Frederick Reynolds
Mythrodak, since you’re a master of escaping prisons, you should make your own inescapable prison.
XorpFN Před dnem
Bro for how big that is and how little he did is insane
Me making a infinite death loop prison: This... is... *R E Q U I E M .*
Shadow e
Shadow e Před dnem
Step Brat siostry cyborga
Detroit become human music i like you for it xd
zen Před dnem
you wont have a pickaxe tho
Leo ChongJC
Leo ChongJC Před dnem
This guy is like when there is a impossible place he says sike
Liz Davis
Liz Davis Před dnem
Ok but he wouldn't even be able to build in survival wayyyyyyyyyyy to much netherite
Arnoud Six
Arnoud Six Před 2 dny
Why don't they just build a prison around spawn?
Issac Oh
Issac Oh Před 2 dny
What happens when they try to save you instead of drowning you? do you just keep breaking blocks till you die? Also won't you heal if it is set to easy mode?
Irean Foo
Irean Foo Před 2 dny
He literally did the same thing from the poseideons vault
Gabriel Sebastian
Gabriel Sebastian Před 2 dny
When the sentence "killing ends all burden and pain" becoming WAY too literal...
amir Před 2 dny
What if u unluckily and unfortunately spawn in the prison again ?
Orik Bublaku
Orik Bublaku Před 2 dny
Yout so big brain man
CRYOUT Před 2 dny
This could be a prison for the doom slayer
VGamer Před 2 dny
just place hoppers everywhere the prisoner has to walk.
Aeron Gorman
Aeron Gorman Před 2 dny
Smugglers are worth their weight in gold in prisons, this guy is probably worth twice as much
Me Alizaro
Me Alizaro Před 2 dny
He deserve more than 100k sub
Bobth3God Před 2 dny
and then he employs 2 guards, 1 to watch you while the other does the levers
ProPlayz 1234
ProPlayz 1234 Před 2 dny
The cinematics and the musics are just amazing, the ending gives me goosebumps
Michele Galas
Michele Galas Před 2 dny
Hate Minecraft but Your content is making me love it.
trogen Před 2 dny
This guy could make movies
Bobfs Před 2 dny
"...unless he has a small army of like 10 withers"
Rotting Blox
Rotting Blox Před 2 dny
When the prison is a bedrock there are bed at the side and impossible to break You: Creative mode done they didnt say You cant use commands
Glaktus the amazing
Seensven watching like DAMB IT now to spend another cou0ep weeks doing this
YanTheDeer Před 2 dny
Imagine he helps with the redstone😂
My account!?
My account!? Před 2 dny
Lol... Fun fact Hades is the god of the dead so you have to die for him to be set free XD
Vėjūnė Před 2 dny
Actually The guards shoald be stupid if u break a block in 5 minutes that means u have a pickaxe with eff, so next thing shoald be them comming in to check up on u break The block and see The bed if its gone then dont let in Any visitors.
Franco Vargas
Franco Vargas Před 2 dny
Mithrodak is El Chapo's child dammit
Smuci Před 2 dny
I love the music.
Luminex Před 2 dny
I DARE You to escape "the black hole" good luck You Will need it...
Choco Loco
Choco Loco Před 2 dny
How about not letting him respawn until guard checks the bed
Blackbird Před 2 dny
Do Tartarus
ff with emon
ff with emon Před 2 dny
Me who can't escape a dirt prison :waoh!!!
NuNu_T09 Před 2 dny
I see if the bed u sleep on is obstructed you will spawn in world spawn
THE DUDE Před 3 dny
I have a prison you cant excape
Noncreative arts
Noncreative arts Před 3 dny
That Detroit music really sets the mood ngl
sam wu
sam wu Před 3 dny
XD he is unstopable
Dr. Dreamer
Dr. Dreamer Před 3 dny
Supreme Mastermind.
happy flower
happy flower Před 3 dny
why did you make it so dramatic
R.I.P CHRISツ Před 3 dny
pepe Před 3 dny
Prison : Exist. Mythrodak: And i take that personally.
Athik Sunsuntat
Athik Sunsuntat Před 3 dny
Troy Bagley
Troy Bagley Před 3 dny
I made an even better prison, all you need is 10 bedrock.
sanctus bellator
sanctus bellator Před 3 dny
Imagine how long it takes for him to make these vids props to my guy
Lyro HP
Lyro HP Před 3 dny
"And Ironically killing me has set me free" bro badasssss
Eclipse7090 Před 3 dny
The redstone tho ;-;
CodyGaming181 Před 3 dny
So you are telling me this might even be easier? rip
mr.Shgamingguy Před 3 dny
Wow that looks nice
Sam Meredith
Sam Meredith Před 3 dny
you remind me of light from deathnote the anime
Aiden Zorn
Aiden Zorn Před 3 dny
8:11 what if the guards have their FOV set to quake pro or use F5
SugarLotus Před 3 dny
Olek Pelkowski
Olek Pelkowski Před 3 dny
Adam Westwood
Adam Westwood Před 3 dny
You see this guy is insane he’s a literal escape artist
Tomahawk. Před 3 dny
This guy broke out of prisons before it was cool
Maciek oceanic
Maciek oceanic Před 3 dny
HOW you have so much iq
Beans Před 3 dny
Hol up, weren't your spawn set in the search room before the bed into the cell? So if you died you would respawn in the search room
joseph howard
joseph howard Před 3 dny
Well ggwp bro
Mr FatRat ERA
Mr FatRat ERA Před 3 dny
If he does routine checks every 30 minutes then they will know that you did something because if you break a block it takes 4 hours and they should see you trying to break it, so they will lnow that you somehow have something helps you.
The Finks
The Finks Před 2 dny
:/ hmmmmmmmm
Corapi Leart
Corapi Leart Před 4 dny
U cant escape mine its CALLED NIGHTMARE VAULT
NASIM Brousseau
NASIM Brousseau Před 4 dny
I’m trying to make a vault now
RealDonald3247 Plays
Mumbo Jumbo: A prison, inside a prison, inside a prison, inside a prison, inside a prison, inside a prison, inside a prison, inside a prison, inside a prison, inside a prison, inside a prison, inside a prison, inside a prison, inside a prison, inside a prison, inside a prison, inside a prison, inside a prison, inside a prison, inside a prison, inside a prison, inside a prison, inside a prison, inside a prison, inside a prison, inside a prison, inside a prison, inside a prison, inside a prison, inside a prison, inside a prison, inside a prison
RealDonald3247 Plays
Mumbo: how many Vaults do you want? Me: *YES*
RealDonald3247 Plays
Mumbo Jumbo: A prison, inside a prison, inside a prison, inside a prison, inside a prison, inside a prison, inside a prison, inside a prison, inside a prison, inside a prison, inside a prison, inside a prison, inside a prison, inside a prison, inside a prison, inside a prison, inside a prison, inside a prison, inside a prison, inside a prison, inside a prison, inside a prison, inside a prison, inside a prison, inside a prison, inside a prison, inside a prison, inside a prison, inside a prison, inside a prison, inside a prison, inside a prison
Mighty Mystery
Mighty Mystery Před 4 dny
get mumbo jumbo to make another prison.....
nxnja ant
nxnja ant Před 4 dny
Wait what happines if the water goes all over the redstone
Aheammax Před 4 dny
holy this was so dramatic lmao
YUVI Před 4 dny
Nice background music
Wetwhale453 Před 4 dny
i just realized one tiny flaw makes this prison easier than pandora’s vault to escape
ΨAlexshi moon
ΨAlexshi moon Před 4 dny
Very epic
useless human
useless human Před 4 dny
Killaura can hit through blocks
useless human
useless human Před 4 dny
SeenSven didn't remember that freecam exists and you can use it to slowly punch the guard to death
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