Equal Rights Amendment: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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There’s still nothing in our constitution that explicitly prohibits sex discrimination. John Oliver talks about how to fix that.
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10. 06. 2019





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Komentáře 11 128
Zaid Asif
Zaid Asif Před 2 hodinami
The Mississippi flag looks like Russia backed the Confederacy and a drunk governor thought it would be a funny April Fools day prank, on April 2nd
munchfacedoom Před 5 hodinami
Okay, but when Schafly shit on other women, did men finally treat her like she has value???
Akkbar Před 6 hodinami
and strangely no democrat with the spotlight will bring up this issue. why? because complaining about trump (who deserves it) gets more attention.
Pat Riot
Pat Riot Před 6 hodinami
As a conservative, there’s nothing to argue with here. I would love to see this approved! Equality under the law opens possibility for women to register for the draft, no more favoritism towards women in divorce/child custody proceedings, equal sentences for similar crimes, etc.
Pat Riot
Pat Riot Před 5 hodinami
Akkbar I assume you mean republicans? There were plenty of southern democrats as well that vehemently opposed legislation like this. You’ll find that opposition/support for this particular issue doesn’t fall so neatly between party lines. Nor between sexes. As I was trying to illustrate, women enjoy many legal advantages under that law that would be stripped away by this amendment. It’s not like people oppose the ERA cause they want to beat their wives and underpay their female employees. There are some real pros and cons for women to consider. I personally truly believe in equality under the law, justice is blind.
Akkbar Před 6 hodinami
so... you must be pretty upset with the elements within your party who opposed this in the past and continue to to this day, yes?
Artie Lange
Artie Lange Před 8 hodinami
You're retarded if you watch this and the other assclowns like Samantha, Chris, Jimmy, Jimmy. This douchebag couldn't make it in the UK so he plays for you dopes below. 😂
rogermwilcox Před 12 hodinami
9:35 : "Congress recently let the Violence Against Women Act expire." If the ERA is passed, the Violence Against Women Act could be challenged as not treating men and women equally, since it only addresses violence against women and not violence against men.
Healing Law
Healing Law Před 14 hodinami
They are already pushing to stop sex-segregated bathrooms, how is what she said outrageous?
Mair Buddug
Mair Buddug Před 15 hodinami
I dare you to do an entire program without the gratuitous use of the "F" word. Let's just see if it wouldn't still be funny.
tycho Před 19 hodinami
The American electorate voted for the first deceitful actor-playing-politician, Ronald Reagan, instead of Jimmy Carter in 1980 and then Mondale in 1984 who criticized Reagan's supply-side economic policies and budget deficits and who called for a nuclear freeze and **ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment**. Electing Trump was par for the course. Americans are too stupid to have a democracy. They fucking elected George W. Bush rather than a candidate who would've started tackling climate change 20 years ago. Inexcusable. There's no coming back from that and the rest of the world should never forgive the way America has embraced anti-education, anti-science willful ignorance, backwards mindedness, xenophobia and inequality. It's getting even worse than most third world countries like Russia.
Andreas Walter
Andreas Walter Před 21 hodinou
Why women don't leave not signing states for a day or two or three and make them show, how a state works without women.
Khaled DarCastro
Khaled DarCastro Před 22 hodinami
"Im So Tired Of Living Here" -New Florida Anthem
fukckgooogle Před dnem
discrimination is not the same thing as merely being disadvantaged.
Candy Domination
Candy Domination Před dnem
I live in MS and frequently go to AL, and I agree and confirm with everything John Oliver said.
Coleman Remington
The problem is that the arguement and stance of a loud minority posses (far left feminist) a view that equal outcome is what is needed. Equal outcome is a terrible idea and just like the "homo" comment they are trying to argue a stance that is of their beliefs and empathy yet they can't see the hippocritical nature of other aspects of their arguement. Such as if equality is important why would you disparage a homosexual in a derogatory manner?! Some fucked up thinking all around if you ask me. Any critical thinking will tear apart their position and it's not because we or I are bigots or not empathetical it's just that their position is just factually wrong and if you can't agree on scientific facts then it's hard to make progress. what is being argued is not what is being argued out on the field and unfortunately just like the scolia clip they are arguing from a bigger picture of what that would lead to if these new viewpoints are placed into law. We are starting to see the most inclusive and socialistic democracies leading the charge but they are facing some huge problems.
Shelby Paige
Shelby Paige Před dnem
I hate living in Arizona. Can it please do something positive for once?????
Hellgearone Před dnem
7:21 You're wrong. Wives are the property of their husbands, especially more so back then than now. Y do you thing women are given away by their fathers. Women go from being their fathers property to being their husbands. Do a Wikipedia search or ask google or simply look at history. Their are laws in some states that tells you how often you can beat your wife and with what. Maybe it's time we do away with the whole marriage bullshit.
Akkbar Před 6 hodinami
@rogermwilcox don't engage in discourse with idiots
rogermwilcox Před 12 hodinami
There are no laws permitting a husband to beat his wife under some circumstances, in any state. There never have been. Such "laws" are a pernicious myth. If you can point to an actual law on any state's books that does permit a husband to beat his wife, I'd like to see it.
jim cable
jim cable Před dnem
You want MO to ratify the era? Simple, just qualify, specifically, that it refers basely to gender, not statuses baised on gender, like pregnancy, so, that maternity leave can still be implemented. We're already a state that has thought of muslims as conservative religious leaders that held balls for great achievements in education by women & used to dress like the kkk. At least, that's what they've been since the VP fair started in the state. Just ensure that pregnancy ISNT specified as a status for absolutely equal treatment, this, ensuring maternity leave, &, binge. Missouri will ratify.
tori248 Před dnem
As someone who lives in Louisiana I try to be concerned about coastal erosion but it might be better for us all if the states on the southeastern coast just kinda fell off the rest of America
Danny Landrum
Danny Landrum Před dnem
Still trying to figure out what rights women don't have that men do? We know they have privileges, like dying on the job much much less, being homeless much much less, having more people in college than men, and having the upper hand in child custody court. But what rights are missing - please help me.
Borinya Thongmanee
I could be in trouble for saying this lol but please do an ep on the fake democracy in Thailand. You always make Mondays better xx
TheGameMakeGuy Před dnem
This doesnt really mean that women don't have the same rights as men that basically means that noone has the same rights as anyone else which makes no sence and probably isn't the case as the same laws apply to everyone
Captain Doomsday
Captain Doomsday Před dnem
Oh, god, call me Nostradamus, because I'm going to predict the future. We're going to have real, unironic pushback against WOMEN HAVING RIGHTS in significant enough quantities that fixing the issue becomes legitimately difficult. Somewhere in the middle of the season, when rational people are getting fatigued and distracted, those people who claim rape should be legal (and I stress these are real) are going to slither out from some gutters and start screeching something about religion mandating the oppression of women and scaring a bunch of incels into believing they'll never have sex if women have rights. Successfully.
Nicholas Reichart
Sex, not gender You can choose your gender, sex is from birth
Khalid Brown
Khalid Brown Před dnem
I thought it was W for wumbo...
eKaYTeNshi Před dnem
Arizona, Virginia, or the Carolinas FTW. I just know Georgia is trash, i live here
Prince Seokjin
Prince Seokjin Před dnem
I’m pretty sure Serena Joy from the Handmaid’s Tale was based off of Phyllis Schlafly
Robert Marrone
Robert Marrone Před dnem
Strange, he left out the ratification deadline was extended to March 22, 1982, so it would have to be drawn up again and voted on again in the house and senate. Good thing most states have already passed something like this in their own states.
Robert Marrone
Robert Marrone Před 4 hodinami
Akkbar str8 up homeslice
Akkbar Před 5 hodinami
@Robert Marrone word. stay thug
Robert Marrone
Robert Marrone Před 6 hodinami
Again, it's a legal argument that would have to be made, considering with original legislation having a sunset date, SO, I would say that it's a pretty BIG part to leave out of an already 15 minute clip. I appreciate your cut and paste, but there are still legal questions that have to be answered here.
Akkbar Před 6 hodinami
Political activity regarding ERA ratification is the result of a “three-state strategy” that was developed after the 1992 ratification of the 27th (Madison) Amendment to the Constitution more than 203 years after its 1789 passage by Congress. Acceptance of that ratification period as sufficiently contemporaneous has led to the legal argument that Congress has the power to maintain the legal viability of the ERA’s existing 35 state ratifications. The time limit on ERA ratification is open to change, as Congress demonstrated in extending the original deadline, and precedent with the 14th and 15th Amendments shows that legislative votes retracting ratifications have never been recognized as valid. (See Question 6.) Thus the 35 ratifications achieved before 1982 may be viable, and state ratifications that occur after 1982 may be accepted as valid.
I Didn't Do It And I Will Never Do It Again
This story is unresearched bullshit, the Constitution doesn't make any distinction of a person's sex in the first place. www.dailysignal.com/2018/06/22/the-false-premise-of-the-equal-rights-amendment/
José Queirós
José Queirós Před dnem
my god this man has ingested so much soy
LukkasZB Před dnem
Bla bla bla bla Orange man bad, Bla bla bla bla Orange man bad, Bla bla bla bla Orange man bad, Bla bla bla bla Orange man bad, Bla bla bla bla Orange man bad,
Akkbar Před 6 hodinami
We can always count on Trump supporters to provide illuminating feedback. You truly emulate your idol.
Vicoris Před dnem
I will never have respect for people who are “afraid women will be included in the draft” oh what’s that? You’re afraid of being sent to your death in a pointless war? Oh man, that’s so terrible, i have absolutely no idea what that feels like, have some Pity you whiny fuck
Natalie Rose
Natalie Rose Před dnem
Um, if you'd actually separated North Carolina and South Carolina, we'd consider it.
Xaro Xhoan Daxos
Xaro Xhoan Daxos Před dnem
Such ignorance. The ERA does NOT provide gender protection, it specifically says SEX, not gender. Section 1. Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of sex. Section 2. The Congress shall have the power to enforce, by appropriate legislation, the provisions of this article. Section 3. This amendment shall take effect two years after the date of ratification. Since modern gender theory claims that women can be male or female in their sex, it does not provide a protection for gender identity.
Felipe Macias
Felipe Macias Před dnem
Please make a segment on Brazil's politics, it has so much potential
Thales87 G
Thales87 G Před 2 dny
As a resident of georgia i really hope its us!.... thank god for atlanta otherwise we would just be alabama
Hamad Osuna
Hamad Osuna Před 2 dny
Sex Is A Sacred Bond Between Me & Obadiah It's Not Supposed To Be Given To Babies
Hamad Osuna
Hamad Osuna Před 2 dny
Can You Have Sex Without Me According To Definition Or Law?
Rycore XIII
Rycore XIII Před 2 dny
Honestly I want it to be Florida, purely because I think that would be funny.
Hamad Osuna
Hamad Osuna Před 2 dny
Andre Gide Wrote The 19th Amendment
Berly Kim
Berly Kim Před 2 dny
I love you john oliver, but like the video you showed earlier, you were so inspirational just to fall with the yo mama jokes. Clearly misogynistic, which is ironic since you are handling the exact issue🤦‍♀️ Disappointed man
Zentauri7 Před 2 dny
So, will women all of a sudden face penalties too, if they fail to register for the draft?
C_Schultz73 Před 2 dny
The only thing dumber than this not being a law yet is that there needs to be a law for it.
Emily Houston
Emily Houston Před 2 dny
"Alabama, it definitely won't be you," lmao
SS Robs
SS Robs Před 2 dny
What rights do women not have that men do, John?
Jody Bruchon
Jody Bruchon Před 2 dny
Equal Protection Clause. No further law required. Sorry kids, this is bull.
B. Sprouse
B. Sprouse Před 2 dny
Would be awesome if it was Florida. But the rich conservatives would probably implode.
Sum1stio Před 2 dny
Repeal the 19th ammendment.
Mr M
Mr M Před 2 dny
“Hey pig, your mom fucks pigs. Put a apple in your mouth you just got roasted” at that line I was dead! Great writing!
GABX P Před 2 dny
I like how everyone blames “privilege” for their problems
GABX P Před 2 dny
Akkbar Před 6 hodinami
GABX P Před 2 dny
Even Floridians hate Florida 🤣
swaerd Před 2 dny
I hope it's MO so we can make up for Schlafly.
Mprator Před 3 dny
Sorry, the amendment had a ratification deadline that has long since passed, you'd have to start over again beginning with getting it though 2/3s of Congress.
Erin Cobb
Erin Cobb Před 3 dny
I think that the ERA should be passed 100%. It's important to say that because I'm about to point out what might be a flaw: 11:29 Because the modern concept of gender includes transgender and gender non-conforming individuals there are interpretations of law that distinguish between "gender" and "sex". People like Joanna Cherry in the UK are trying to reference laws that use the word "sex" and use them as weapons against transgender people. This means that protecting based on sex, may not in all cases protect based on gender.
Tour Guide
Tour Guide Před dnem
You right. I personally Identify myself as a M1A1 Abrams tank, and there's not a single quote of my gender in the law. Where is equality huh? Why can't we, M1A1 Abrams tank gender, cannot be implemented by surgery a 40 rounds barrel, an Allison DDA X-1100-3B transmission and a Honeywell AGT1500C multi-fuel turbine engine ????? WHY HUH ??? This county is so unfair we need social justice ASAP.
Kimiwa Sadat
Kimiwa Sadat Před 3 dny
5:29 Actually, it took you longer than 4 seconds
Zayd Mahdi
Zayd Mahdi Před 3 dny
God damn it Virginia
Robert Walker
Robert Walker Před 3 dny
The 19th Amendment proved that the 14th Amendment does not guarantee equal rights by gender. Furthermore, the word "male" appears in the 14th Amendment 3 times. The word "female" or the word "gender" 0 times. Point to Justice Scalia. Vote ERA.
rogermwilcox Před 12 hodinami
All 3 places that the 14th Amendment mentions "male" have to do with voting rights. All of them were overturned by the 19th Amendment. The ERA would do nothing to change this part of the 14th Amendment, because the 19th Amendment already did.
Sneeki Breeki
Sneeki Breeki Před 3 dny
What the fuck is the problem with the dad getting custody of his kids if he divorces? You can't pick and choose equal rights if and when it suits you because women are just as capable of being shitty human beings as men.
rogermwilcox Před 12 hodinami
Schlafly was appealing to the fears of her female constituents. They had an advantage over men when it came to child custody awards, and they didn't want to lose that advantage.
Matt H.
Matt H. Před 3 dny
Being from Florida myself, I can attest to that young lady's statement, and will supplement it with: "That's why I moved." ;)
Baba O'Really
Baba O'Really Před 3 dny
Isn't it already illegal to pay a woman less than a man for the same work based on their gender? Also if women were a cheaper hire why would corporations pay more for men? #thereisnopaygap
SS Robs
SS Robs Před 2 dny
Baba O'Really Shhhhhh, just let them focus on nonsense....Better to let idiots fight for something they already have than for them to think for themselves and in all likelihood be detrimental somehow.
Naomi Meme
Naomi Meme Před 3 dny
He attacked Oklahoma lmfao I live here and he didn’t lie
ihatecrackhead Před 3 dny
We need this I was arrested for being raped because my female rapist turned out to be underage, anytime a underage males raped a female, the male went to jail, but it's the opposite when men are the victim. for males my rapist testifies against me, luckily she told the truth mostly, said she wanted to be with an adult. my rapist could have made anything up, she had complete control over what happened to me, yet the state still is trying to indict me for over a year. I just want equal protection, the police knew what she was planning. she gained unauthorized access to an interstate computer to lure an adult to rape, the police were informed and decided not to warn me because I am strictly liable if my rapist turned out to be underage. I want to start a gofundme, but I don't want everyone to know.
tyeo098 Před 3 dny
If you think a constitutional amendment will protect you from infringements, you should check out the 1st/2nd/4th amendments and their infringements...
gjaddajg Před 3 dny
This is pure propaganda. Incredible how gullible the viewers of these shows are.
gjaddajg Před 3 dny
Convenient of John to complain about how recent it is that women got the right to vote, without informing his viewers when men got the right to vote (hint: only a few years earlier).
gjaddajg Před 3 dny
Why is the left turning the topic of 'abortion' into a gender issue? Oh, right... they're obsessed with identity politics.
Pierce Před 3 dny
Because women are the only sex capable of having an abortion.
gjaddajg Před 3 dny
The female victim complex is so strong.
Pierce Před 14 hodinami
@gjaddajg I think you're a snowflake
gjaddajg Před 21 hodinou
@Pierce 1. No it's not. It's an observation based on reason and the facts of reality. Are you saying that 'logic' and 'evidence' belong to the 'right wing'? 2. Women have equal rights. In fact they have _more_ rights and privileges than men. What exactly are you complaining about?
Pierce Před dnem
@gjaddajg Well, that's a right wing opinion, so I don't care about #1. What if men weren't given equal rights by the constitution?
gjaddajg Před dnem
@Pierce 1. I'm not right-wing. 2. _I'm_ not the one playing victim; the right-wing is not playing victim - women _are._ So, you're not making any sense. You're just projecting.
Pierce Před 3 dny
The right wing victim complex is so strong.
gjaddajg Před 3 dny
Western women have _more_ rights and privileges than men. They're the most privileged people on the planet of all time. No one has ever had it easier. Whether it's affirmative action, diversity hiring/promotions, special programs or grants, the only form of gendered discrimination currently happening is _against_ men and _benefit_ women. Yet feminists are still whining and playing victims and everyone's buying it. We truly do live in a clown world.
Sebastian m
Sebastian m Před 3 dny
Unjust laws makes exceptions. ERA makes exceptions.
amin mohamed
amin mohamed Před 3 dny
Yah!!! Massachusetts
My pet Socrates
My pet Socrates Před 3 dny
those state maps are very curious. I wonder the history and significance behind them.
mahmoud hamza
mahmoud hamza Před 3 dny
I wish John Oliver's mom aborted him.
Nearly600 Pirates
Nearly600 Pirates Před 3 dny
The US has always been against womens rights. Women were included in the voting rights act in the 60s because an antiwoman senator thought including women would kill the bill. He sincerely believed that congress would support voting rights for people of color but would refuse if women were protected too. Thankfully he was wrong, but historical anecdotes like this show how much this country hates women.
Reeve Savage
Reeve Savage Před 3 dny
Ratatoullie makes the McRib=confirmed
Ameterasuu Před 3 dny
White people, man... JFC.
Kay Haven
Kay Haven Před 4 dny
Why am I NOT surprised at the majority of states that are holdouts?? 🤷🏼‍♀️🙇🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️
Pierce Před 12 hodinami
@rogermwilcox Yoikes. Now I totally believe that we're gonna get that honor of the last state needed.
rogermwilcox Před 12 hodinami
Note that Texas is not among the holdouts. TEXAS!!
Pierce Před 3 dny
I was shocked to see my home state, Arizona, grey on that map. We're probably one of the least conservative conservative state. We even have medical marijuana.
CantReadMan Last name
On June 5th of this year Michigan was found America’s most corrupt state with more then quadruple the amount of corruption cases of New York, California, or any other state. We get an average of 18 corruption cases a year for the past five years including multiple mayors, and we have the worst roads in the country despite we spend more then near top Ohio, and have the top three most human trafficking activity, WTF EVERYONE?!?!?
CantReadMan Last name
Oh yeah and we have some of the most heavily lobbied media outlets they throw a party every year on Makiwak island
CantReadMan Last name
I live in Michigan , we Also have the 4th largest drug problem in the county and every year some public figure is fucking up our budget or some policies every year and I’m young but it seems I’m the only one that notices please bring more awareness to this bc the police are notorious, and everyone’s probably so dumb Bc I bet money there’s more lead in pipes throughout Michigan, I guarantee it which would evidentially explain so much. PLEASE BRING ATTENTION TO THIS
Robert Před 4 dny
Yawn. And the wage gap thing is BS.
Shoeperman Butthman
Anyone knows where Phyllis schlafly is buried because I want to pee on her grave and I suggest we make this a viral challenge.
CircaBEFORE Před 4 dny
Ratify the ERA NOW!!!
Dante Ferrise
Dante Ferrise Před 4 dny
Dante Ferrise
Dante Ferrise Před 4 dny
Change is scary and some people who hold extreme beliefs or are extremely paranoid end up opposing things that will clearly benefit everyone and use scare tactics to do so!
Gibson Munyi
Gibson Munyi Před 4 dny
hoooly shit Mississippi
Ze Hot Jalapeno
Ze Hot Jalapeno Před 4 dny
8:54 Did he just call a pizzeria a pizza parlor?
rogermwilcox Před 12 hodinami
Shakey's calls itself a pizza parlor. *What do you have against Shakey's?!*
PerthTowne Před 4 dny
I've heard it called that. Old term. Maybe regional in parts of the east coast.
Peter Aguilar
Peter Aguilar Před 4 dny
Phyllis Schlafly is what happens when a masochist sub is allowed to do politics by her dom.
Girl Woman
Girl Woman Před 4 dny
chews day
Kristian Falk
Kristian Falk Před 4 dny
theoriginalshew Před 4 dny
Weird that most of the states holding out were Confederate States.
Pierce Před 3 dny
not weird at all. extremely predictable
JosephineLee Před 4 dny
Please marry me 😍
M4rtingale Před 5 dny
Speaking of equality for the law, men receive much harsher sentences than women for the same offenses. But yeah, women are discriminated against in the judicial system.
Jody Bruchon
Jody Bruchon Před 2 dny
@some internet weirdo Why is it dumb? It's true, and backed by facts.
some internet weirdo
I have been sitting here trying to reply but I just... I cannot believe how dumb this statement is.
chbrules Před 5 dny
So what rights are denied to women because of their sex? Why is the ERA necessary? It's redundant. It's nothing but virtue-signalling. By your own logic, the ERA could be taken away all the same. Scalia's commentary isn't case law nor some ruling. He's also dead.
Kazuichi Souda
Kazuichi Souda Před 5 dny
And Phyllis' son Andrew created Conservapedia. Fucking yikes.
21centdregs Před 5 dny
so much kick ass work being done by john oliver. then he allows a joke to get through comparing fast food workers to vermin. cmon john we’ve gotten used to a higher bar!
Kelp Farming
Kelp Farming Před 5 dny
Anyone else notice how angry these guilty white leftists are getting? These are the people of tolerance and love? Wow, in an abusive kinda way I guess.
J S Před 5 dny
Arizona choose not to ratify in their most recent session, even with a demonstration march. Such shame.
Kyle Stubbs
Kyle Stubbs Před 5 dny
3:56 Was that just a one-off, or did something relevant happen that day in history?
Pierce Před 3 dny
I could not find anything that happened on that day.
DeepDive Před 5 dny
How do idiots like you get jobs, you completely dismissed the other side of the argument, didn't even mention there is another side. First of all the ERA would demolish all gender distinctions, for example men would no longer be required to pay alimony, women would be enlisted in the draft, unisex bathrooms would become law, schools would no longer be allowed to have boys team and girls teams, which would greatly disadvantage women since men are (usually,) physically stronger. Imagine the national team made of boys and girls, imagine a man being able to leave a family with no consequences whatsoever, imagine women are treated the same in the workforce, no maternity leave, no nothing. In today's world women are a lot more privileged than men. Right now if a man and a women with equal qualities ran for president, most people would support the woman all in the name of feminism. You can only bring up the gender gap which is not due to male supremacy but women simply choosing jobs which tend to make less money. Like the fact a huge of teachers are women. There are intrinsic values for being a man and there intrinsic values for being a women but men and women are the NOT the same, equal opportunity is always desired but equal outcome is should never be forced, both women and men have different important things that they offer to society, for example women teach kids because they are more patient and have more self control than men, and men do construction work because they are stronger. Now if a man wanted to become a teacher, he can but on average he won't be as good as a women and similarly if a women wanted to become a construction worker, she can but on average she won't be as good aa a man.
Amanda LaPage
Amanda LaPage Před 5 dny
GOGOGOGO ARIZONA!!: petitions.moveon.org/sign/pass-the-equal-rights-3
Firebender 117
Firebender 117 Před 5 dny
Lets go Virginia
Considering Virginia's a BLUE state now, I expect Virginia to be the first out of the 13 states to ratify the ERA
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