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This should be interesting? XD
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26. 07. 2016





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creepypasta and undertale fan101
Non Binary is meaning you dont identify with male or female, like on a scale being male to female, nonbinary can be somewhere in the middle because you dont identify with what is associated with each gender if thats helps. Like a number binary between 1-0, nonbinary people can be like 0.5 or 0.25. When they use They/Them pronouns they use gender neutral pronouns so they feel comfortable in their body and mind
Hot coco does stuff
Hot coco does stuff Před 23 hodinami
I an offended I identify as a attack helicopter
Jake On Crack
Jake On Crack Před 23 hodinami
6:51 there is a guide to being non binary... well I’ve never seen such bullshit in my life.
GG Boys
GG Boys Před dnem
Non binary people want to be identified as turtles
Nadia Doukkali
Nadia Doukkali Před dnem
Ahem. Im gender-fluid. I wanna be a boy, but i adore my feminine side. So im a femboy. But i cant decide what i wanna be called
Harmøny Před dnem
I’m late- but explaining non-binary- so, when you’re transgender, you know you’re the other gender, right? You feel like the gender you transition to. But imagine not feeling like either completely, but a mix of both. That’s what most non-binary people feel. They feel a combination of both.
HatterMan Před 2 dny
Good morning easily offended millinials Dax: fuck off
HatterMan Před 2 dny
If you want to be gay be gay just you don’t need to make it a big deal
HatterMan Před 2 dny
Listen no one cares you can be proud and not say anything, being proud and being quiet about it is called humility. So keep it to yourselves we really don’t want to hear it.
Leah Kennedy
Leah Kennedy Před 2 dny
I think it’s just like a confusion on your exact sex
WolfIshElm Před 2 dny
My brother applied for a construction company and to be more lgbtq+ friendly they asked for his gender. They said he can put anything. Completely off topic my brother is an AC130
Kendall James
Kendall James Před 2 dny
daz games non binary does not really mean to be no one its someone who doesn't want to be called girl or boy, them they means girl to boy or boy to girl or either sex to non binary.
Emory Sears
Emory Sears Před 2 dny
Some people just don’t feel as if they are a boy or a girl. But I think everyone should except each other for they are. Sorry that sounded cheesy.
Roberto Storey
Roberto Storey Před 2 dny
You dropped this king -> 👑
lps lemons
lps lemons Před 2 dny
non binary people are aliens
IdentifiedYT **
IdentifiedYT ** Před 3 dny
This video reminds of a skit Daz made when Billy wanted to be called: Nothing or WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT when he didnt identify as a boy or a girl or anything else Edit: *WHY IS NOONE TALKING ABOUT THE SPIT BOUNCING AROUND HIS MOUTH THAT BOTHERED ME SO MUCH THAT I WAS SCREAMING AT THE SCREEN SAYING YOU GOT A LITTLE SOMETHING THERE DAZ CLEAN IT UP* loved the vid tho
Doubleshot Před 3 dny
Random person: *breathes* Milo: *TRIGGERED* I never disliked a person so fast before. Milo is insufferable, entitled and acts like nobody else can have their own opinions, or they're HATERSSSS.
Ragnar Rökkvi
Ragnar Rökkvi Před 3 dny
Zzzzzz ded
Alicia Bumgardner
Alicia Bumgardner Před 3 dny
NON-BINARY in a nutshell is when a person doesn’t feel feminine nore do they feel masculine either . Some non-binary people may even feel like both genders , They will dress up in both woman and/or men’s clothing back and forth over time . Not really giving themselves a specific Label of M or F . There pretty much in a limbo of self identity. I’m transgender, and even I don’t understand how you can be both transGENDER AND non-binary 🤷🏻‍♂️. But hey , you do you milo 👀.
R5 Ghost
R5 Ghost Před 3 dny
It’s a girl tho not a he
Christian straum
Christian straum Před 3 dny
Fun fact you can sexualy identify as anything I'm a loaf of bread and I am actually transgender
Cohen Moffitt
Cohen Moffitt Před 3 dny
I wanna d
barry b benson
barry b benson Před 4 dny
Basically, being non-binary in just not identifying as either male or female. The simplest way I can explain it is this: most transgender people get extreme discomfort called gender dysphoria when being referred to as, presenting as, or doing things associated with their birth sex. So a trans male who is born female might get very upset when referred to as she/her or when wearing a dress. It's like that for people who want to exclusively be called they/them, but they get dysphoria when referred to as she/her OR he/him, so they/them is just the easiest alternative that's not gendered. I hope I explained it well lmao
Hisoka Irl
Hisoka Irl Před 4 dny
Im gender fluid, in my brain, Sometimes i feel female and feminine and preferred pronouns are she/her, sometimes i feel male and masculine and preferred pronouns are he/him, sometimes i feel non-binary my preferred pronouns are they/them. I prefer they/she most of the time tho.
Gacha.Creator. Anya
More than two genders its a thing daz 😑
Pip BS
Pip BS Před 4 dny
3:29 I’m going to fucking kermit deathspacito, what has the world come to
The VideoNoob
The VideoNoob Před 4 dny
I identify as a Forkin Helicopter Just a joke, no offense But I am a Helicopter
LeftyTheBear_78 Před 5 dny
no no Daz.. Unicorns have genders to
LeftyTheBear_78 Před 5 dny
"hitler did it and look where that got him" *me* : "yeah 6 foot underground"
Liltori0 Vlogs
Liltori0 Vlogs Před 5 dny
Plz look up intersex
Lylah D
Lylah D Před 5 dny
Kirito The Tea cup
Kirito The Tea cup Před 5 dny
Kirito The Tea cup
Kirito The Tea cup Před 5 dny
Remembers Milo* Oh shit not her again..
Drew Wilson
Drew Wilson Před 5 dny
Daz: everyone knows your a guy Also Daz: she. She. She
French Fry cat
French Fry cat Před 5 dny
It’s funny how all the responses he made the youtuber he talking about deletes their video
Zox_Ninja Před 5 dny
I’m straight but I play video games and know people that are non binary and it means they don’t feel love that often
Chloe Bell
Chloe Bell Před 5 dny
I identify as a wheel of cheese
Henry the beast
Henry the beast Před 5 dny
I identify as an attack helicopter thud thud thud thud thud
Keira Cole
Keira Cole Před 5 dny
So she basically saying my BLACK dad married my WHITE mum and my mum is racist 🤦‍♀️
David Davies
David Davies Před 5 dny
Daz your either a man or a woman. Me:I identify as an attack helicopter
Braygan Massey
Braygan Massey Před 6 dny
Milo whatever it is she called me racist and she can’t even just say sorry I called you racist like bra it’s shit
Chuck E. YEET Gaming
y e e t
Maximillian Pfeiffer
I won’t go on milos channel and leave hate because I don’t care enough to do so
little rock!!
little rock!! Před 6 dny
I kinda feel bad for the non binary's here
little rock!!
little rock!! Před 5 dny
@Oliver O'Donovan no sorry I hadn't watched the full video at the point when I commented that and I inferred the wrong thing :)
Cam Becerra
Cam Becerra Před 6 dny
She took your advice and zoomed out😂
Ace Mach
Ace Mach Před 6 dny
Daz doing research to find out more about Non-binary people is really comforting to me. Hes willing to learn about new things about LGBT. Coming from a non-accepting family that part makes my smile get about 100x bigger ngl.
Serena Shinon
Serena Shinon Před 6 dny
your ignorance is irritating but understandable daz i highly reccommend talking to a transgender person
Daniel Garamendi
Daniel Garamendi Před 6 dny
Milotick aka milodick 🤦🏼‍♂️
Not_a_potato s
Not_a_potato s Před 6 dny
10:52 close your eyes and listen
AZR_Valor Před 6 dny
Young women*
FX editz
FX editz Před 6 dny
transgender is an umbrella term for anyone who doesn't identify as their original sex. they and them are not just for 2 people. "their shoes are nice" "their phone is good" "their fav food is...". just just dont feel like male or female, some non-binary people just don't feel comfortable with male or female pronouns and they also have body dysphoria. non-binary isnt just nothing, its like in the middle, or dont feel completely male or female. agender is no gender
Flakoe Před 6 dny
I noticed the camera angle got better
Banna Fam2047
Banna Fam2047 Před 6 dny
I love him so much thought it was just me who couldn’t call people they 😂 I would never hate on someone like you do you but I’m not calling one person they. We call babies it before you find out the gender so it’s it or your name I’m sorry but I can’t get behind it 🤷🏻‍♀️ and I’m glad it’s not just me!
Lyric 724
Lyric 724 Před 7 dny
If her iq was as high as my blood pressure while im listening to her she would have enough common sense to know how fucking stupid she is. I keep calling her female because the made up words dont mean anything.
Cason Tigrett
Cason Tigrett Před 7 dny
A f unicorn
sg. LYNX
sg. LYNX Před 8 dny
11:56 😂 “what is this! What is this” 😆
Sue Carter
Sue Carter Před 8 dny
"Do they get half a breast?" Killed me 😂😂🤣🤣
I’m confused about how can you be non-binary and transgender at the same time
ILikeCookie’s Před 8 dny
8:31 Did she really say that? To be honest she is just blaming everybody else but the truth is she brought the harassment on herself I’m not be racist or against the LGBTQ. Its just a little thing called “The Truth”
Sleepy Amy
Sleepy Amy Před 8 dny
My mum said you sound like James Corden-
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