Custom Lamborghini vs. Tesla Race - Winner Keeps Car

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Custom Lamborghini Vs Tesla Race - Winner Keeps Car
Thanks to Michelle and Rug for Participating!
@ FaZeRug
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14. 09. 2020





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ZHC Před 7 dny
Subscribe and we might surprise you at the end of the next video! Get @fazerug to 17 M and go subscribe to Michelles new channel @msmunchie
Ayan agayaev
Ayan agayaev Před 7 dny
Bor hi
Iván Cruz
Iván Cruz Před 7 dny
@UCwa-i5_JYXotWdTx9WxGRZQ me
Jerome jaison
Jerome jaison Před 7 dny
Love u ZHC
omar Al mais
omar Al mais Před 7 dny
Kanmani Muthu
Kanmani Muthu Před 7 dny
@rxgerr you are a genitic doctor I guess
Ian Durham
Ian Durham Před 43 minutami
The cars are not custom.. They are drawn on a little bit, but they are completely stock
09 Eva Vanani 8A
09 Eva Vanani 8A Před 54 minutami
Best Instagram Tool
Best Instagram Tool Před hodinou
Grow your Business and Increase Engagement on Instagram and also many more features. This app only costs $3.
David Cutbirth
David Cutbirth Před hodinou
Ay y ZHC and Michelle look like Cosmo and Wanda from fairy odd parents
Jordan Arzola
Jordan Arzola Před hodinou
Draw a fortnite drawing
Melanie Planas
Melanie Planas Před hodinou
Zhc tell me something ok
hifli danni
hifli danni Před hodinou
It’s a set up.. that’s probably his girl
Lil Tard
Lil Tard Před 2 hodinami
20 years later: suprising nasa with a custom moon
Edward Briseno
Edward Briseno Před 2 hodinami
Cusomize something for travis scott
Magic wizard fox
Magic wizard fox Před 2 hodinami
Can I has $10 on google play app
MOISES ROMERO Před 2 hodinami
And get 100000000000000000000000000000000000000 susbribers
MOISES ROMERO Před 2 hodinami
I love you channel I hope you get farther
Rhylinn Diaz
Rhylinn Diaz Před 2 hodinami
Draw my boootiful drawing of my profile pictur # Save Philip
Kimberlyn Agustin
Kimberlyn Agustin Před 2 hodinami
Hi I am your biggest fan I need a phone because I am going to school so pls can I have one it is Domaine st and Mt house number is 2734 and I live in new Orleans
tao linnn
tao linnn Před 2 hodinami
When are you going to do a face revail 😭🤣
AidenTheSaiyans SSJA
AidenTheSaiyans SSJA Před 3 hodinami
Hey I watch this CSvidr names draw it too he is pretty good
Gab Pajara
Gab Pajara Před 3 hodinami
I'm wondering where is leo?
Cole Verrall
Cole Verrall Před 3 hodinami
Mr best
William Dumontier
William Dumontier Před 3 hodinami
Do you sell your painting or drawing cause il buy one
3000 subs challenge with content
Jelly Bean
Jelly Bean Před 3 hodinami
My birthday is in 2 days!!❤
Peachy Spider
Peachy Spider Před 3 hodinami
Me beast did the same thing but 1 year before
BHAWANA Sharma Před 4 hodinami
Plz plz plz can a get a iphone...I badly need it🙁🙁
Isaac Rivera
Isaac Rivera Před 4 hodinami
I might be late but where do u buy those markers because i wanna get them pls reply
Bianca Zapata
Bianca Zapata Před 4 hodinami
Aarontrains Phillips
Aarontrains Phillips Před 4 hodinami
Hi I join
Fregals Před 4 hodinami
Zhc is basically mr.beast art style
Nel roze Patindol
Nel roze Patindol Před 4 hodinami
Hope youll notice me senpai...from philip loyal subscribers of yours🙃
Lianne Aquino
Lianne Aquino Před 5 hodinami
Zhc your girlfriend has a boyfriend
nicole lin
nicole lin Před 5 hodinami
For your next apple design, can you draw InkSans since it’s my favorite fandom plssss!! And can I have it!! I don’t have Instagram but I have Pinterest!!! Plsssssssssssss!!
Karalina Schembri
Karalina Schembri Před 5 hodinami
Hey karalina
empress forever
empress forever Před 5 hodinami
Zhc 1💯💯💯💯💯💯
Achiever Chidinma
Achiever Chidinma Před 6 hodinami
And I wish I can be part of your giveaways 😌😌. Much love from Nigeria 😘😘
Achiever Chidinma
Achiever Chidinma Před 6 hodinami
I love your works😊😊
I Make Excuses No Cap
I Make Excuses No Cap Před 6 hodinami
So this is basically mr beasts video
awu mun
awu mun Před 6 hodinami
stop wasting your money the custom trend is over
Aleaf Před 20 minutami
awu mun he is a sellout.
Obey-_- Sneaky
Obey-_- Sneaky Před 6 hodinami
Can you surprise me ZHC my bday is next week?
Autumn Siebens
Autumn Siebens Před 6 hodinami
Jake TwT
Jake TwT Před 6 hodinami
What happend to Leo :(
Squirrel Před 7 hodinami
There lives a boy named ZHC , Who lives his life so artistically. He discovered his talent in his 15s , To express it , art was his means. He loved a girl named Michelle, His art was his help for his heartfelt. He journeyed along towards progress , At every step he earned his success. His art by his side at every step , He worked even harder and earned a rep. Leo Mahalo was his buddy by his side , He drew or entertained ,none could decide. Munchie Michelle to aid his heart , His emotions were expressed through his art. He brings a smile for to his dear subscribers, He does giveaways to his heart's desire. He loves humanity and is fond of it , Turkey by his side to help protect it. Dax blazes fear in whoever unsubscribes, Such is the beauty a Chameleon can devise. Fluffy came by to satisfy all, For the tiny pet anyone can fall! Humble House is by his side , To live and love did they decide. He loves us and we love him, Hey Zach did you feel it?
Ntombifuthi Nkosi
Ntombifuthi Nkosi Před 7 hodinami
Can you do a house tour
Jayden t
Jayden t Před 7 hodinami
Should of said 30k car vs 175k car lol
Rondhall Lewis
Rondhall Lewis Před 7 hodinami
Love the Tesla and the Lamborghini I finally get to subscribe I use my dads email address could I have a Shout out in your next video
Tape Gamer137
Tape Gamer137 Před 7 hodinami
You should get a oculus quest VR and customize it👍
Rondhall Lewis
Rondhall Lewis Před 7 hodinami
Hi I'm kaylee
nyeila0 Gibson
nyeila0 Gibson Před 7 hodinami
Hi I'm a fan of you I watch all your videos when you post hope you see this nick biscuit that you mad for the hype house
Vihaan Vengurlekar
Vihaan Vengurlekar Před 7 hodinami
I want to meet you but I live in India
Vihaan Vengurlekar
Vihaan Vengurlekar Před 7 hodinami
I have watched every video
Vihaan Vengurlekar
Vihaan Vengurlekar Před 7 hodinami
I am a big fan of your video's
Roblox_kid 13
Roblox_kid 13 Před 7 hodinami
ZHC I know you you might not be reading this but I have a cousin That is a great artist and she wants to Challenge you subscribe to my channel to see her art
Robert Martin
Robert Martin Před 8 hodinami
I have an epic challenge ZHC make a custom Camelbak!
Rosy Gonzalez
Rosy Gonzalez Před 8 hodinami
I med a new ifon 11 piz zhc con You guvin a ifon
Kyle Young
Kyle Young Před 8 hodinami
Show me 512-915-0347
TimeLimit Před 8 hodinami
So basically mr beast but customised I like it 👍
Patricia Green
Patricia Green Před 8 hodinami
You should customize head phones
harry metu
harry metu Před 8 hodinami
This guy is like the next mrbeast but only more artistic
Василиса Державина
У вас офигенные видео ребят и рисуете вы классно. Хотела бы я хоть мельком попасть к вам видео(хотя бы на задний фон), но я, как минимум, живу в другой стране. (Да, вас смотрят и в России))
Xd sadowlolz
Xd sadowlolz Před 8 hodinami
I want give away I am subscribe to you for 4 years
roan venancio
roan venancio Před 9 hodinami
Hey zhcomicart! I'm your fan, I always watch your vlogs! I just can't watch it from time to time because I'm here in the Philippines. But I always support your videos! I hope you will notice me 😸. More subscribers to come bro! God bless. IG: lozanoroan6
Alexandra Sassi
Alexandra Sassi Před 9 hodinami
I am a huge fan I and would love to have something customized from you
Alexandra Sassi
Alexandra Sassi Před 9 hodinami
Hey on your next give away can you please give something away to me
Olle Bang
Olle Bang Před 9 hodinami
Can you piant the New Samsung
Hassan Baig
Hassan Baig Před 9 hodinami
Hi bro I love your drawing on phone plzz send me a mobile phone in pakistan this is my dream I love drawing mobile
Mabel Fernandes
Mabel Fernandes Před 9 hodinami
Bro the lambo is of faze rug
Vinayak Tandon
Vinayak Tandon Před 9 hodinami
Budding Mr. Beast
Rainbow Ray
Rainbow Ray Před 9 hodinami
Draw goku
Rishad's vlogs
Rishad's vlogs Před 9 hodinami
Who here because of faze rug
Short Před 9 hodinami
Wow this used to be a art channel with tutorials, now its just mrbeast who happens to know how to draw
Madaline Jabbour
Madaline Jabbour Před 10 hodinami
Nimay Udayakumar
Nimay Udayakumar Před 10 hodinami
They actually went to Carter sharers house for the basket ball shot challenge
Stewie Před 10 hodinami
Can u do a custom paint thing like on one of yo key caps for ex F you can do f for fall guys and paint it, color it, and do what u do best. So if u can do that and customize your full keyboard. That would be great. Like so he can see ⬇️
Khushi Moti
Khushi Moti Před 10 hodinami
can we get some sketch tutorials please please
Flame 17
Flame 17 Před 10 hodinami
Mr Beast lite.
Freddie Lax
Freddie Lax Před 10 hodinami
Sub to zhc crafts
Santiago Rodríguez Hernández
Esta gente tiene mucha plata
G BASEBALL Před 10 hodinami
Can you customize some thang for me please I like your art a lot
Briii Nieto
Briii Nieto Před 10 hodinami
Make a video with The Team Rar (Carter Sharer, Lizzy Capri, Stove ,and Ryan
Freja Hjorth Feddersen
Freja Hjorth Feddersen Před 10 hodinami
Hej ZHC cant you make gifts for pipper rockel and her squad Btw love your videos
Davud Uka
Davud Uka Před 11 hodinami
Davud Uka
Davud Uka Před 11 hodinami
h i
h i Před 11 hodinami
I subbed
h i
h i Před 11 hodinami
Plz can u give me a br headset
Adrian Carstens
Adrian Carstens Před 11 hodinami
You have cool vidoes
Rainbow Unicorns
Rainbow Unicorns Před 11 hodinami
Can can you do a giveaway
Saniye Güleç
Saniye Güleç Před 11 hodinami
XPERIENCED-CODM Před 11 hodinami
Dayyuumm zhc last year 800k now 15.7 mil subs
Black clover
Black clover Před 11 hodinami
Can you please make a sketch of asta's devil
Meer Aymaan shams AYMAAN
Meer Aymaan shams AYMAAN Před 11 hodinami
Did you see how he said this is a custom lambo and this is a custom tesla in the beginning proves that he took inspiration from mrbeast
Devan White
Devan White Před 11 hodinami
Can I have 1000 dollers my mom does not have a job and only one person my mom's boyfriend works
Folke Fastlund
Folke Fastlund Před 12 hodinami
Please go back to making cool art like the venom or the art challanges that you actually are really good at
Diego Olivares
Diego Olivares Před 12 hodinami
I love you're vedeos
Best Bey king
Best Bey king Před 12 hodinami
Who remember when Zhc used to draw on paper
Lucas rode 2246
Lucas rode 2246 Před 12 hodinami
Did zack know the Michel can not eat hot Cheetos
Zaid Afridi
Zaid Afridi Před 12 hodinami
Give me I phone 11plz plz plz plzplzplzplz
Zaid Afridi
Zaid Afridi Před 12 hodinami
Isabel Quiambao
Isabel Quiambao Před 12 hodinami
Isabel Quiambao
Isabel Quiambao Před 12 hodinami
Can you shout out me
Isabel Quiambao
Isabel Quiambao Před 12 hodinami
Hi zhc can you give some of apple macbook bro I really like donuts
gta,cod master 643
gta,cod master 643 Před 12 hodinami
We're did Leo go
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